Monday, March 23, 2015

There Is A BIRTHDAY in Our House!

Today, our youngest son Cody turns NINE years old! Where has time gone?

Photos of photos - not so digital 9 years ago!

Our precious baby . . . a few days old.

I am fairly certain he is not going to love this photo 
when he is older, but I always will.

Always loved bath time!

Another favorite of mine . . .
wish it was digital!!

 On to the digital pictures:

Mess maker by nature.
 He learned to swim with Daddy holding on.

Easter - One of my favorites!

Helping Mommy!

Our own little cookie monster!

Hangin' with the brothers.

Watering plants

What is a ball game without food?
Our little cowboy is teaching Mia the ropes.


Listening to Grandpa's version of Happy Birthday!

I swallowed a bug . . .

He is growing up quickly.
Love those eyes!

He is full of energy, destruction, noise, big words, adventure . . .
and love.

He loves to hang out with Daddy!

He loves to build Lego.

He can fall asleep anywhere!

I can't imagine life without our Cody!



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