Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dads and Diaper Changes

I am thankful we are way past the baby diaper era in our house. Don't get me wrong, I love babies . . . but I am rejoicing that my babies are growing up.

I came across this funny video of Diaper Changing by dads.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Do you ever have "One of THOSE days"? Today has been one, a day FULL of excuses from my boys.

Here is how it has gone . . .

Boys, get started with your schooling.

  • Boy #4 ~ I would but I can't find my computer.
  • Boy #1 ~ My computer needs to charge.
  • Boy #2 ~ I was . . . but I . . . was . . .
  • Boy #3 was already on task.
Who fed the dogs this morning?
  • Boy #4 ~ I fed Knox.
  • Boy #2 ~ I thought someone else did.
  • No comment from boys 1 and 3.
Why are you talking, when you are supposed to be schooling?
  • Boy #2 ~ I aaaaa, aaa, I am doing my math. (Me: no, you are talking)
  • Boy #4 ~ Talking?
Why is your cubby in the mud room a mess Boy #3?
  • Boy #3 ~ I don't know.
Why are you drawing shapes and laughing Boy #3?
  • Boy #3 ~ Because Boy # 2

There also seems to be an ear problem running through our home. It is called the "I can't hear you because I don't want to" bug.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tuesday has come and almost gone . . . my family is 100% grumpy at this point. The slightest thing can will cause irritation for sure. Even a few of the furries were sharing the grumpy.

The brightest point in the day . . . our delivery from Amazon. Yes, we know how to rock our day! The ugly brown cardboard boxes came with granola bars (Tanabars from Vermont Nut Free), paper plates, shaving supplies, dog food and bath oil. 

Everyone seems to be getting better, albeit very slowly. Two of the boys have begun arguing ~ a sure sign health is returning. 

Eating has been strange. We have been ultra careful about what everyone "thought" they wanted to eat. Although eating has been very limited, by everyone's choice, it is resuming slowly. It is really crazy what a person craves after being sick. 

A few of the "cravings":

  • baked potato
  • toast (sugar)
  • cereal (Cheerios, Life)
  • soup (chicken noodle)
  • saltines 
  • Cheetos (crunchy)
  • Potato chips (Pringles)
  • Gatorade (blue)
Hopefully, everyone will be back to *ahem* normal, soon. Not that anyone ever accused us of being normal! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Typhoon Stomach Bug Update

This stomach bug hasn't missed a beat! Five of the seven of us has had vomiting, diarrhea, headache and body aches. One of us had vomiting and body aches and the last of us body aches and upset stomach.

Five of us have been located in our Family Room Infirmary. One stayed in his room. The newest member to the petri dish cast - Daddy. Poor guy came home and headed straight for the upstairs grabbing one of the all ready made up throw-up bucket.

Meals (if you want to call them that) have consisted of chicken noodle soup, saltines, toast (sugar and plain), Cheerios, Gatorade, Sprite, water and tonight - baked  potato for those who wanted one.
Most of the time, no one wants much of anything.

No one has been up and about for too long. Little bouts of "accomplishments" and that is about it.

HGTV and Nickelodeon have pretty much been the extent of our viewing entertainment ~ we are so exciting, aren't we?

A suggestion for those who have not been graced with this stomach bug . . . 

  • Stay at home
  • Stay at home
  • Stay at home
  • Do not treat your children to breakfast or any other meal in a restaurant around other people!
  • Do not let anyone in your home - they could have the stomach bug and not know it.
  • If you feel great but all of a sudden feel a rumble, do not assume it is simply gas . . .  just sayin'!
  • Have chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, Gatorade and Sprite on hand.
  • Have plenty of toilet paper on hand too.
If you do contract this nasty virus, be prepared to rest, drink plenty of fluids and do nothing.

Advice? Keep the germs at home ~ don't go out and about and share with other families! 

and ONE more thing, I don't want to be rude, so . . . 

Thank you so much to the individual(s) who shared with us at Bob Evans. (No, I am not making assumptions, this was the only place we were all together outside of our home.) The experience has been *ahem* enlightening to say the least.

Stay well my friends.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Last Twenty Hours

The last twenty hours in our house would make a petri dish cringe. 

The stomach flu hit quick and hard, beginning with our youngest and then hitting all but two of us. I was asked if I thought it was food poisoning, I don't think so. I truly believe our beautiful breakfast we enjoyed on Friday had been in the midst of someone ill. Six of us went to breakfast and five of us were struck down within minutes to hours of one another. 

Randy was a trooper and was nurse maid to the masses. I was up and down with the kids besides dealing with my own stomach bug. I don't think we have ever had a bug hit so hard and be sick from both ends for about 12 hours.

Although two of us continue to visit the bathroom, the vomiting has ceased. Praise the Lord! We do continue with body aches and headache, but we are looking forward to being rid of those soon as well.

Blankets, sleeping bags and towels are washing/drying. OnGuard is in the diffusers running on the highest setting.

Randy had been tiling, painting and laying new flooring in one of our main floor 1/2 baths. Of course, the inevitable happened when we only had one potty on the main floor and five people needed it. So, we tried to spread them out - Randy had two upstairs, I had Cody, Katelyn and myself on the main floor. Katelyn eventually went to her room - she has her own bathroom connected to her room.

Poor Seeley Booth didn't quite know what to think - he went to the basement and hid there until this morning. Smart Guy!

Beckett stayed snuggled with me most of the night. Knox stayed upstairs with Ryan - the only one of our Friday Breakfast Outing that did not get sick and I hope he doesn't.

Well, that is as much update as I have. Everyone stay well.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

21 Brave

During this time of unrest we must be on our knees. The world is in turmoil and Christians are dying for their trust in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the families of the 21 brave men that were recently killed for their faith.

Click here! to watch a short video

I came across the following video several years ago . . . 


May we all stand up for the Sweet name of Jesus.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Early Morning, Neuter, Blood Work and Bob Evans Breakfast

I had an early start to my morning . . . I seriously do not like my alarm going off prior to 7 a.m. Yes, I know I am spoiled . . . most likely spoiled rotten if I were to be totally truthful about it.

This little guy had an early morning appointment to have his *ahem* de-manly surgery.

After dropping little mister off, I headed to my doc's office to have my yearly blood work. I was in and out of there pretty quickly, to which I was very surprised! So, I invited my kiddos to breakfast! I made a quick call home to let them know I would pick them up. Ten or so minutes later we were on our way to Bob Evans.

We were waited on promptly and our order was on our table within fifteen minutes. The boys were "starving" near to death and dug right in! Caution - never put your arm, hand or fingers anywhere in the vicinity of their mouth when they are eating!

Nice big omelets, biscuits, hash browns and juice.

My almost teenager was still trying to "wake up" as he is certainly not a morning person! He wasn't in a bad mood, only working on getting started for the morning.

Hotcakes, sausage and eggs.

Our girl is feeling more herself . . .
and this mama is feeling pretty good about that!

We were enjoying ourselves and eating an amazing breakfast. This little girl was at home singing the blues . . .

Poor baby!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Adventures of the Furry Babies in Photos

This is the 1,609 post on this little blog, and it seems almost impossible!

While the boys were studying, I had my camera busy catching furry baby photos.

Knox and the corduroy monkey.

Beckett is keeping her eyes on things. 

Seeley Booth and Beckett 

Our Old Girl Emma 

Wanna Play, huh, huh, huh? 

Beckett seems to be posing, and squinching her nose up! lol

Beckett and Knox playing. 

 Flaggy happy tail.

Knox swiped Seeley's toy fox.

Back to the monkey. 

I love it when he makes his eyes so big. 

Knox, you DO want to share that toy, right? 

Psych! I took the fox instead!

Wow, Beckett . . . your hair!

Life is certainly not dull with the furry babies!
We Love Them!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Valentine's Day Gift of Memories!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Randy!

I gave this to Randy for Valentines 2015. You know how he was head over heels for West Campus . . . A local photographer had some GEORGEOUS photos, so we worked out a "deal" and he went to work.

Thank you Scott Sternberg of Scott's Fine Art!!!

Randy was beyond THRILLED and can't wait to hang it! He looked at it for a very long time and then took photos of it on his iphone. This gift made his day!

Thank you so much Scott!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Out

Happy Valentine's Day!

We began our morning at the oral surgeon's office to have Katelyn's four wisdom teeth out. Katelyn was very talkative, (even more than usual) so I knew she was nervous.

We arrived a little early, but were taken right in. A quick pre-surgery consult and off she went. While Katelyn was off on her adventure, I enjoyed coffee, magazine reading on my ipad and people watching.

Within an hour, she was done and in the recovery area. The sweet nurse came and asked me to come back. Sis was sitting and looked a little drugged. She was given IV anesthesia, had four wisdom teeth out, one of which gave the surgeon a bit of a hard time. One did have an infection under it which was a bit of a surprise. He also repaired a tear in her front gum which occurred several years ago during an orthodontic visit with our former orthodontist.

Katelyn was a little sad that she didn't act loopy, as was I. I was a bit surprised that she was testy and grumpy as that is so unlike her. 

Here are a few photos:

In the Recovery room.

Once at home, she settled in on the couch.
I am thinking she resembled a chipmunk, so much swelling.

Little Brother Cody and the furries were pretty concerned at Katelyn's condition.

After sleeping for the afternoon, the swelling of her face has gone down. She is enjoying her pain meds and has informed me that her right side doesn't really hurt, but the left side hurts a lot.

We are both excited to see how her gum looks, but she hurts to much and there is gum swelling so we cannot take a peek.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Great New Diabetic Testing Supplies Case and Meter

If you have diabetes, are you looking for a cute bag to put it all in? I had been looking for a while since every time I opened my little black testing supplies and meter bag the contents tried to escape.

I finally found one and I love it!

I am THRILLED with this bag. It has a place for everything including a few extras to take along. Little zippered bags and elastic supply holders keep everything in its place.

BTW, check out that cute little meter by Bayer. It is a Bayer Contour Next and it is amazing. 

I found mine on Amazon . . . if you order, make sure you get the test strips. Mine looks a little finger printed, sorry for the icky picture. This little baby hooks up to the computer by a built in USB and gives you a little report graph to show your readings. Report printing is also an option.

I also recommend the little Microlet2 "vampire". I barely feel its needle prick when testing. Yay!

There you have it . . . a little diabetic testing supplies LOVE. Since you HAVE to do it, why not do it in STYLE!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Challenges and Teaching moments

I am in awe tomorrow is Friday once again. The weeks seem to pass quickly, but there are times the days tend to drag.  I fully believe we are suffering from cabin fever. 

Home-school tends to be easier when the boys can get outside and run until they can run no more. They love working on their studies in the sunshine and it really helps with attitude.

For now, we continue to change it up every few days or so. Some days we stay at home to school and other days we head into our classroom at my office. 

I look forward to the weekends so we can actually accomplish something on our To Do list. It always feels so good to mark a little task off the list.

This past month I have struggled with my home/work computer. Did I mention that my one year old computer's hard drive had to be replaced? I sent it off to the computer guy and was without it a few weeks. I decided to order a new one then I would have a back up computer once the computer with the new hard drive was returned. My new home/office computer was promptly delivered and I have been using it for exactly nine days now. When it first arrived, I started it up and it had an error . . . I suppose that should have been my first clue. I noted the error and went on about my day. Several times now I have encountered the error - Windows unexpectedly shut down. Tonight I decided to put the computer through a few hardware checks with the company I purchased it from. Once the diagnostic checks were complete, I received a report. The new computer's hard drive has a glitch, a new hard drive is being sent out and a technician will be contacting me to install it. 

Nice!?  Grrrrrrrrrr

I suppose I should be thankful this problem was detected nine days in and not six months from now. I suppose I should be thankful a computer technician will be installing the hard drive. However, I am not thrilled that once again I will be installing software and updating files. Did I mention that I will be the one installing the Windows and other software that came with my computer? That is where the Grrrrrrrrr comes in. I also made sure to have a back up of my files, plus I took pictures of the application page so I can verify each software that needs to be installed.

All in all, it could be worse. . . I am thankful it isn't. 

There have been challenges this week . . .

  • 8 year old antics
  • 10 year old cheating on Spelling Test
  • Lack of studying for tests 10 and 11 year old
There have also been teaching moments . . .
  • teaching my boys that cheating is never acceptable
  • teaching one of my boys that just because something appears free, it often comes with a cost
  • studying for quizzes and tests is a must . . . no excuses
  • it is much easier to take a dog potty outside than to clean up the results inside
  • be careful where you step if you have NOT taken the dogs out to go potty
  • The dogs ALWAYS need to go outside every few hours to potty.
  • Mom still has eyes in the back of her head and always will
  • Mom also has spidey senses
  • every action has a reaction
  • be careful when running through the house, there may or may not be a hedgehog out roaming the main floor (she wasn't stepped on, but it was close)
  • one should always use toilet paper after using the potty for #2, even if you are a boy
  • if you choose not to use potty paper you should be prepared for someone to notice, wrinkle up their nose, and say, "something stinks"!
  • Always use potty paper after #2
  • Always wash your hands after using the potty 
  • Always use the necessary courtesy spray after #2
The kids are now heading to bed, the house is quieting and it is time for this mama to relax.

G'night all

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our Katelyn is 22 Today! Tons of Pictures

It is so hard to believe twenty two years ago you entered this world on your own terms. You have always taken my breath away from the moment I knew you were growing inside me.
The pictures below are not in any specific order . . .
just photos I love of my girl!
 Radiant & Beautiful

 Twizzler loves to snuggle, Katelyn loves it too!

 Conversation with Grandpa and Beckett
 A little Christmas photo fun!

 Mallard duckling love.
 Lizard lovin'

 Katelyn's Baptism - with Grandma and Grandpa

Katelyn and Daddy building a snowman. 

Last year's Marigold Festival Chalk Art Competition

 I think she has cooked and baked since she could stand on a stool.


 The Rescue of Finnigan

 The Love for Feathered Friends began LONG ago! 


Katelyn, God truly BLESSED us when He CHOSE US to be your Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
We LOVE YOU . . .
To the Moon and Back . . .
A Bushel and a Peck  . . .
Forever and Always

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