Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Day

We had a pretty nice day today . . . Day three of School, came home and watched a movie, then we headed outside to cook hot dogs over an open fire. The hot dogs were a hit!

After our easy dinner, we took the ducks and ducklings out to the lake to swim for a bit. The boys swam too! We enjoyed watching them and laughing at the antics of the boys and ducks.

I took the pictures below from videos Katelyn took tonight.

 Finnigan is enjoying the bushes.

 Twizzler too!

Gwen likes to try and escape while swimming, so we harness her. Ryan was holding the harness and Gwen was pulling him!

Now the boys are all upstairs and ready for bed. It was a good day!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 2 of School and a Visit to the Park

The day has come to an end and it is now tomorrow. The house is dark and quiet . . . well, except for Emma who is snoring away next to me as she sleeps on a doggie pillow. 

We had a pretty good day . . . Day 2 of the 2014-2015 school year. I must say, it went infinitely better than our first day. The boys started right up on their Math lessons and worked from there. Everyone finished by 1:40 p.m. which was about an hour and a half earlier than Day 1.

Ryan gave all he had today to his studies. In fact, he is enjoying his Logic class a bit more now. Math is not one of his favorites, but he is trying to accept that it will be a MUST in his life . . .
although he isn't quite sure he will EVER use it!
The first day, Ryan actually asked me,
"When in life will I use Logic?"
I kept my answer simple and let him know that he actually uses it already in his daily life . . . especially when arguing with his brothers! I also explained that it does help when trying to make decisions in life. To my shock, he accepted it and was fine with it.

Cody finished up in good time today . . .
he even asked Katelyn if he could read aloud to her.
He aced his comprehension checkup . . .
and he was THRILLED.

Cameron finished up second and had a little free time to build a few things. I love building toys!

EJ finished up next, but was a bit too busy to stand or sit still long enough for me to snap a photo.

Ryan read his Logic class to me . . . he thinks the class goes better if Mom is involved in his class. He was calm and in a much better mood today! Praise the Lord!

Katelyn read more of Ryan's Literature . . . she loves to read!
She also helped me with questions and checking papers.

After school today, we headed to the park . . .
the boys headed straight for the monkey bars!

EJ is quite strong and literally pulls into chin-ups.
Cameron, Cody and Ryan try hard, but EJ has them beat.
Cameron tried and tried, but only ended up with blisters on his hands.
I clean his broken blisters, put a little Watkins salve on the wounds and then wrapped his hands. He looked like he was ready to head out to the boxing ring! Before his bath, he removed the bandage and commented that his hands felt a lot better. Then the boys all had a discussion on the "why" hands get blisters.

All in all, we had a pretty good day.
School structure helps them thrive and keeps their minds busy . . .
too busy to fuss with one another.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 1 School and We Survived

Wednesday was our first official day of the 2014-2015 school year. I was a little intimidated as I had chosen a NEW curriculum for the boys this year . . . something they weren't quite used to.

Our day began with a little excitement . . . new books, tablets, pencils, pens . . . I love new school supplies and the boys do too. I was thankful to have Katelyn assisting in our classroom, as well as my Sister Janeie and her girls too. 

We had a few "what are we doing next" moments, but for the most part everything went o.k. The tone of the classroom has been set and the boys know what is expected.

Would you believe this mama/teacher actually knew her eight year old didn't read his chapter in Charlotte's Web?!?! Oh My . . . Gasp! 
Yes my eight year old was found out on the very first day of school and he knows it. Tomorrow, he will read his chapter aloud so I can hear him read . . . (comprehension follows).

My two middle boys didn't fuss with their school work today. I think they may have enjoyed it a teensy bit, but don't tell them I said that.

My oldest is on a whole new learning season . . . Logic class is one that he wasn't sure of and struggled against it immediately. I told him to work through it and we would talk about it afterward. Katelyn tried to help him with it, but he just wasn't "into" it. So, we took the book home. He and I went through the entire first chapter and I demonstrated how fun it could be. He is looking forward to it in the morning. 

As for the remainder of the day . . . we came home rather late and had dinner. After dinner, I lay on the couch to ease my sore muscles and fell asleep for a few hours. After my refreshing nap, Katelyn and I watched a little television and then it was time for me to get my office work done. I did finish what I needed to for the day and I am pretty happy about that.

After my work, I checked in on Facebook, emails and now I am writing this post. It is a little after 2:00 a.m. and I am heading to bed. Busy day tomorrow with Day 2 of the school year.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tonight I Took A Stand

Tonight, I took a STAND.

School has been out a little over two months and it shows. Our summer vacation was supposed to be pretty much carefree and fun, the keyword here is "supposed".

This summer has been quite challenging . . . my four boys have taken just about every opportunity to make Daddy, Katelyn and I crazy. Tonight I took a STAND . . . 

I took a stand against:

  • consistent bickering
  • poking
  • smacking
  • pinching 
  • taking one another's things
  • messing up one another's rooms
  • lying
  • tattling
  • ignoring house rules
  • disrespect
  • disregard for one another
  • manipulation
Tonight at dinner I asked the four boys a question about who had damaged our new air conditioner . . . all four simply stared at me as if I were speaking . . .


So, I asked again. Once again, no answer. It was at that point in our one sided conversation (because no one would answer me) that I had endured enough. It was then I clearly stated:

"Summer Vacation has officially ended! Tomorrow you will return to school." 

To say I had everyone's attention is an understatement. Randy and Katelyn stopped chewing and stared at me, my four boys' mouths had fallen open. Words began trickling from little boy mouths that sounded like this . . . "but, Mom . . . "but, but, but". Tomorrow we return to our Homeschool schedule, let the 2014-2015 school year begin.

Our homeschool classroom is all ready to greet us in the morning. My teacher planner has been filled in for nine weeks, books are separated for each of my boys, school supplies are on our shelves and learning is ready to begin . . . I hadn't planned to start until August 20, so we are a bit early in starting. There is a little PERK to starting a bit early . . . we can have some four day school weeks and still finish school on time in May, 2015. Of course, that all depends on how the boys do on their schooling.

Homeschooling is flexible - which I love! Many that homeschool their children do so without a planner and set goal for the school year . . . that is NOT me! I have been planning for this school year since school ended in May. Our classroom will be studying in the 
"Classical Christian Education" utilizingVeritas Press Curriculum.

Classical Christian Education: (Description from Veritaspress.org)

Young children (K–6th) are naturally inquisitive and both willing and capable of memorizing lots of material. This is the grammar stage. It’s when we help them absorb lots of information and master language and math basics.
As they get older (7th–9th), children become pert or argumentative. This is the dialectic or logic stage. That’s when we teach them how to think and how to argue. We teach them how things relate to each other—cause and effect.
Teaching a child who is prone to argue a better way to argue may seem dangerous. Thankfully, they grow out of that stage and move into the rhetoric stage (10th–12th) where they become more concerned about how they are perceived. Here we teach them rhetoric and how to communicate winsomely and effectively.

I am excited to see my boys learn in a whole new way. In fact, I am sure Katelyn and I will learn some new things along the way as well. Katelyn has already took a dive into Ryan's Literature reading for the year and is thrilled with them. I have gone through the various subjects and think the boys will really enjoy their hands on learning classes.

Say a little prayer for us . . . We are at countdown . . . T minus 9 hours and counting.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Simple Times . . . Living Life in the 70's

This afternoon our family all curled up next to one another and watched . . .

I recommend this movie for families of all ages! Such an amazing movie and message!

This movie got my mind to thinking of more simple times . . .

I was a small child in the sixties, born in 1964. I was a CHILD of the 70's, things were much different then. 

Crochet ponchos

 TV dinners

We LOVED Highlights for Kids

I think I actually had a pair just like these.

A locking Diary . . . a must have.

 Our ONLY electronic game.

 We too enjoyed colored toilet paper.

Loved my Crissy Doll . . . her hair grew!

 I had a pair of these too!

We enjoyed wholesome television shows like the Waltons.

My Mom carried a straw purse!

Our after school television favorite!
Gilligan's Island

Mood Rings

Feathered hair . . .
bending over and flipping your hair back was IN.

Rain Bonnets came in little tiny tote cases.

Who could resist?

Old movies with little kids shading their eyes from the ultra bright movie camera lights.

 Tupperware Coasters

Rotary telephone with 90' cord!

Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath

Oh the choices!

Like I said . . .

Simpler Times!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Angels Playing

My Grandma Fischer used to say "When babies smile or giggle in their sleep, the angels are playing with them."

Grandma, this is for you!

This is adorable! You MUST watch . . . click on the word Baby.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday and Stories Written By My Boys

It is tomorrow already - 1:10 a.m. as I write. The day had been long and I am tired, BUT too much in my head to sleep. I have been working on my homeschool planner and am very excited to see it coming together. Tuesday we headed into our little classroom that is adjacent to my office and accomplished a few things. The Katelyn and the boys helped a bit. 

I had a bit to tend to while I was there, so I already had a plan for the boys when they finished up helping. First they each read a few chapters in a book that is required reading for Literature in the upcoming school year. (Trying to get a little head start without them catching on.) So, Cody began reading Charlotte's Web, EJ and Cameron began reading Old Yeller. Once they had read a few chapters, I asked them to write a little story about their summer so far. Here is what they gave me:

First, Cody:

Evan James:


Well, there you have it! It appears we have a bit of penmanship, spelling and grammar to work on! lol 

Some of my FAVORITES from their stories . . .

  • He swimmed
  • played with our nighbors (neighbors)
  • our neibore (neighbor)
  • Alixzander (Alexander)
  • I thought my head was going to explode
  • Aunt Jainie - (Aunt Janeie)
  • sparkalers (sparklers)
  • Vacasion (Vacation)
  • mole berries (mulberries)
  • Aunt Dorus (Aunt Doris)
  • stadiun (stadium fireworks display)
  • Aunt Jeinie (Aunt Janeie)
  • Mia (Mya)

I am thrilled that Cameron's penmanship is pretty good! I think it is funny that Cody numbers his lines! I am certainly glad that Evan's head didn't explode because he was so happy!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Today was one of THOSE days in our home. Two of my boys have been after each other for days, but today was far the worst it has been this summer. 

Late this afternoon the boys headed outside to wrestle. The wrestling didn't last long before they were running races.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the classroom to get a bit of work done. While we are there, it certainly won't hurt them to do a bit of refresher school work . . . of which I am sure they will object. I plan to tackle more "Planner" work. 

* * * * *

I have been wanting a BLT the past few days. Tomatoes are becoming ripe now . . . I LOVE BLTs.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Five Little Ducks . . .

The newest hatch of five ducklings came home last night from their first family that hatched them. The Lindahl Family hatched these little fuzzy babes a week ago. Their "people" loved them so very much . . . there were plenty of hugs, snuggles and bedtime stories.

The ducklings were given cute little names . . .

Florida, Bibbles, Waddles, Quackers and Tyler.

They are sweet little ones. We love hearing their little peep chatter!

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