Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Have Babies!

I probably should have titled this post - We Have Ducklings!, but what is the fun of that? I guess I like to keep people guessing what in the world is that family doing now?! lol

Last night before bed Katelyn and I checked the duckling eggs that my sister's 2nd grade class was incubating. We had noticed that there were three bills inside the air sac and one was not. We waiting until this morning and the ducklings' bills were totally inside the air sack and they were getting ready to pip the outer shell. We check egg 2 - "Hector" and did not see a pip, so I gently poked a little hole in the air sac to peek in. Well, low and behold little Hector was breech. His little duck bill was on the other end. I located a little area on the small end that was discolored from the rest of the shell and gently made a small hole. There it was! Hector's little duck bill. Boy was he happy!!! I gently took loose the shell of the area of which there were no more veins which allowed him to peek out. After a bit I check again and this time the egg was very brittle. You can see the cracking as the egg dried out. See little Hector's bill inside?

 This is Hector once he was out of most of the shell.

This little fella is almost out of his shell. I took him out to show you how small he is.

As the day passed, the little ducklings became a bit more aware they were out of their shells. Hatching is a long and tedious chore for the poor little babies! They are exhausted and sleep most of the day away.

Every once in a while you will hear them peep peep peep. It is so adorable! I am sure the kiddos in Mrs. G's 2nd grade are going to be thrilled when they see these little guys!

Duckling Video - click on the Link "Duckling Video"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring and DUCKS

Spring has finally arrived and we have been enjoying the outside. Our poor neighbors know without a doubt my boys are outside . . . boys are such noisy things . . . don't you think?

A few days ago, we spent a lot of time outside with the ducklings, Finnigan, the boys and dogs. We had a great time! Katelyn took pictures of the ducklings.

 Finnigan in the water bowl.

 Skittles, Jellybean and Twizzler

Beautiful Twizzler turns more white each day.

 Skittles looks like he has a little mohawk on top.

 Who, Me?

 Ryan has their attention.

Finnigan had been a little testy with the ducklings prior to this week. He would grab duckling fluff and pull. Of course, he ended up in ducky time out and told "NO! That was Shamie!"
We were curious as to what his behavior toward the ducklings once outside . . .
We were pleasantly surprised. Finnigan began herding them.
He walked with them, walked circles around them and simply "hung out" with the ducklings - that are almost as big as he is now. 

A little loving from Daddy! 

 Silly Mia

 Finnigan and Twizzler.
Finnigan has begun protecting and defending the ducklings.

 Finnigan is showing off again!

Did I tell you that Finnigan went to school the other day?
He did so very well!
The kiddos and teachers all loved him.
He was certainly in an element he didn't mind.
The children all pet and talked to him.
He stood still and let them "love" him.
He visited three second grade and one first grade class.
Finnigan was pretty tired when we got home.
He slept for the afternoon.
Who would have thought a Duck would be such a wonderful
show and tell?!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mish Mash Post

After a few beautiful days here in Central Illinois, it is snowing. I, like most other Central Illinois Residence are growling a bit tonight. I am trusting the cold snap and the snow will be short lived!


Things are going well in our little area of the world. The boys are doing well in school and are down to their grading period of this school year.

Business is going strong . . . To God be the Glory!


I am working with my sister Janeie's 2nd Grade class. They are learning the fun and facts of Duck Hatching. Wednesday will mark two weeks! The kids are thrilled and thinking up names for the little ducklings. So far, we have four little Mallards growing. Prayerfully, they will make it all the way to hatch. Wednesday, we will be candling (think baby sonogram) each egg to get a glimpse of each duckling's activity and growth. Should be fun!


Finnigan continues to do well. He has even enjoyed some beautiful days outside in his pen. The three Pekin ducklings have joined him outside, but enjoy safety from Finnigan in the smaller duck run we used last year. Randy put it inside the big dog run/pen so they could be together, but separate until the ducklings can defend themselves.

Right after I took this photo, Finnigan decided to pull some duckling fluff/bitty feathers from one of the ducklings. We don't tolerate any of the ducks picking on another, especially the babies. Finnigan received a few minutes of quality time alone in Ducky Time Out. He sassed a little bit, but is behaving himself now.


Randy's Mom and Dad have moved into assisted living. It is very close to us and a beautiful place. His Mom seems to have made the transition very well. His Dad has put up a bit of a fuss, but seems alright for the moment. We are thankful they are in a lovely place and have immediate assistance if they need it.


I have been collecting some fun new recipes through Pinterest. Now to make them!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Time to Catch Up

It has been a while since I have sat down to write a post. Life has been busy, busy.

The kids are down to their final weeks of school. Around 40 lessons are left for them. They are excited . . . maybe too much!

The ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds. Here are a few pictures:

 Our little fluff balls are turning white and weigh over 2lbs now. 

Finnigan is doing well . . . He is living large inside. We have taken him outside for little walks and sun, but he manages to head back to the door and wants in. 

 This is the first time Finnigan has tested the ducklings. He decided to take a little drink from their water bowl. The little duck on the far right decided that wasn't going to happen and went after Finn. Finnigan simply looked at little Skittles like he was crazy. Cameron was right there to protect whomever needed protection. lol

Little Miss Twizzler decided to sit down  . . . we have never noticed a duckling sitting like this and we think it is hysterical. We call it the dog sit.

The ducklings are beginning to get their little quacks. They have been peeping since we got them, but are now beginning to give little quacks. It is so very cute.

Finnigan continues to rule the roost, so to speak. He loves to be the center of attention and doesn't miss an opportunity.

Everyone else is doing pretty well, of which I am thankful. 

We are ready for a nice weekend. This week has been ultra busy and I long for the slower weekend pace.

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