Sunday, March 30, 2014


I decided to sit down and write a little post before I head upstairs to soak in the tub. 

The weekend has gone well and we have accomplished quite a bit. My cold has finally gone and my back is feeling tons better. In fact, I washed, dried and folded almost all of the laundry today with a little help from EJ. Only a few dryer loads to go. Hallelujah!

The ducklings had their first visit outside and loved it. Katelyn took them out while I was busy inside. It felt good to actually accomplish a lot instead of laying on a heating pad all weekend.

Spring break is over and the boys are back to school in the morning. This mama is ready for them to be back in the classroom.

Roasted chicken, green bean casserole and ? are in the works for dinner. Katelyn also made up a few batches of cookies. Yummy!

Randy took the first boat ride of the year in search of our other five Cayuga ducks . . . sadly, he reported he did not see them. Never again will we allow our ducks to roam and swim freely. We firmly believe the snowmobile rider had something to do with their disappearance. They were doing just fine at the base of our yard where they had houses, hay, food and water. We may never know what happened to them. 

Well, that is enough for now . . . time to head upstairs for a long, long, long soak in the tub. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pictures and Update

Jellybeans . . . the Starburst Jellybeans! Oh Yeah!

Cody and I made a little Jellybean song . . . he is dancing around and singing it. lol

Oh Dear, I do believe THAT boy needs a hair cut!


In other news . . .

After nearly a month, I actually feel like a person again. My cold has pretty much gone, although I do cough a bit from time to time. Woo Hoo!!! It has been a l-o-n-g road baby!

I finished up my week with Doc C our "Back Doc" and I must say, I actually feel good tonight. I went in for my third visit this week with pain in my lower left back and Mr. Magic Fingers as I call him made the back feel so much better! Three weeks ago I could not even stand up and tonight I feel so much better. Thanks Doc C!


Last weekend Katelyn brought home three little orphans . . .

Twizzler - (she is my favorite)

 The ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds.

Three pictures from last week are above.

And now from today:

Sorry for the poor quality of these quick on the fly photos.

and photos from tonight:


I cooked a HUGE dinner tonight - I called 1-800- Pizza! Yum!

Now to begin enjoying our weekend.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

a Bit of a Catch Up Post

I feel a bit disconnected from my lil' blog . . . I have never gone so long between posts!

My life has been turned upside down for the past three weeks or so. I came down with an awful cold around March 4 or so. So many people have had it and I don't recommend getting it if you haven't had it, you aren't missing anything!

Several days after I was hit with the cold bug, I hurt my back. Stubborn me decided it would "fix itself" so I basically tried to ignore it, but it revolted resulting in bed rest for several days because I couldn't stand up. I really didn't mind the rest, but after two weeks with the cold and ten days with my back literally killing me every time I sat or stood, I had enough and called the Chiropractor.

I have completed four days of treatment with Doc C and feel TONS better. After the beginning assessment, Doc C found degeneration in my spine along with disc trouble in my L4 and 5. I also have arthritis in my shoulders. Personally, I feel I am too young to have these issues - My Dad said "Life Begins at 50" and I have several more months before I am actually there! Of course, he was joking, but said, "Yep, 5 minutes of wonderful and straight down from there!" Love my Dad!

Katelyn joined in on the visits with Doc C and is following in her Mama's footsteps. She is a mirror image of me with the addition of a neck issue but minus the arthritis. She too has enjoyed feeling better with the adjustments that have been made this past week.

Katelyn and I are encouraging Randy to go and visit "the Man" for what ails him, but he shrugs us off, at least for now.


Spring has finally arrived and today was beautiful. Thank you God for such a warm day . . . high of 63 degrees! However we drop about 20 degrees for tomorrow and a little more on Sunday. (Insert unhappy face here!)

Sunday brings our youngest son's birthday - he will turn EIGHT! He has been counting down the days for a while now! It is hard to believe our baby is going to be eight years old. Where has the time gone?


The newest Disney movie Frozen has become a favorite in our home. The music and animation are wonderful! Such a cute movie the whole family can enjoy!

Ryan was thrilled to be invited to the God is NOT Dead movie tonight and absolutely loved it. He wore his shirt to the movie -

 We have not gone to see it as a family yet, but I am sure it will be on our list to either go see or purchase when it becomes available.


The boys are on spring break next week, so I hope the weather and my back cooperates. It should be fun!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring, Deception

Spring, Where are you?

I am sure many people in the Midwest are asking the same question. This winter has been l-o-n-g and hard. Children, Dads and Moms are all stir crazy and have cabin fever.

This past week I have been at home with a nasty cold and hurt back. I have had plenty of time to rest and am feeling a bit better. Hopefully this nasty virus will leave our home soon! A girl can hope right???


Do you ever wonder about people? Do people ever disappoint you? I am pretty certain everyone can answer yes to those two questions, including myself.

Not a day goes by that I realize someone has not been exactly honest with me. I have to tell you, it gets to me some times. Why do people make things so hard? 

In all honesty, I know the answer to these questions - SIN, straight up. What I don't understand is . . . how can a person be less than straight forward and honest with another that is trying to help them?

I will never, ever understand people. Animals I understand!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Petri Dish is Growing Rampant!

We had a lovely weekend,  except for . . .

Sniffling, Sneezing, Stuffy Heads, Coughing, Sore Throats, Headache and all around feeling yucky x 5. Add to that a mama whose back decided to take a vacation and you know what our weekend was REALLY like! lol

Today I am home with EJ who coughs and sounds like a seal. The others decided to go to work and school. EJ also has a sore throat.

These two furries joined me on the bed . . .

The humidifier is blowing full force and we are resting. The temps are close to 60 and I would love to be outside.
Hoping to be up and moving tomorrow!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behavior Contract and Chores for My Boys!

This winter has been an extremely long one in our home. The boys are all keyed up and NEED to be outside to run off their energy. Instead we have had fussing, fighting, disobedience, carelessness, disregard for others, hatefulness, etc. I sat for a long while today thinking about how to address my boys to change their way of "action and reaction".

I came upon this:

After school this afternoon, I sat down with my boys and we read through the Behavior Contract. I explained each and every paragraph and asked if there were any questions. Of course, there were several and I was happy to hear them. 

The boys all agreed to the Behavior Contract and happily signed them. Of course, I already had written in the blank the privileges they would gain. Further down the page I listed the consequence if they did not abide by the contract.

After the contract business I sat down and designed a chore list for each of the boys. They will rotate the caring of all pets by week. I also listed the daily items expected each morning, after school and before bed. 

I am hoping the above will help our mornings to run more smoothly. The boys will rotate each week having a different pet chore for the entire week.

This evening we had our first "learning" curve . . . dissension in the chore ranks. It was quickly resolved as soon as I mentioned "Contract" Minus 1 point and I am sorry to say you will not have a 100% for the bonus at the end of next week. Then a second "learning curve" when one of my cherubs decided to throw a little attitude at his brother because he didn't want to take the dog out. I repeated "Contract" and Minus 1 point . . . the message was received loud and clear. 

The house has been relatively calm tonight - which is a HUGE plus! We shall see what tomorrow brings . . . I am letting them ease into it today, tomorrow and Saturday before we actually begin on Sunday, but don't tell them! 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Concealed Carry for Four

I am sorry it has been so long since I last posted! Our days have run together this past week and it has been so hard to sit down and post. 

We were blessed this past weekend to be able to attend an Illinois Concealed Carry Class in Morton, Il. My sister Janeie stepped up and watched the boys for us on Saturday. She brought her helper girls . . . beautiful Kendra, Alyson and Jenn, plus furry daughter Lucy. The boys had a fabulous time!

Saturday found Katelyn, Randy, my Dad and I learning the basics of Pistols, Pistol Safety, Pistol Shooting and actually shooting a pistol for the very first time. I surprised myself . . . my knees were shaking so hard at the beginning of the shooting portion! It also was pretty cold outside at the range.

Katelyn quickly caught on and accomplished the practice without a hitch. Randy, Dad and I didn't do too bad either! Of course, you could tell we were a bit *ahem* GREEN! I must confess . . . the very first time I shot, I screamed and almost dropped my pistol. I knew there would be a BANG, I knew I was supposed to be surprised . . . and I definitely was. After the first few rounds, I felt more comfortable with the grip, aim and trigger. We began with paper plate targets and ended our shooting with silhouettes. The four of us passed our Illinois qualification and were thrilled. I even did a little HaPpY dAnCe!

 Katelyn's Target Silhouette

 My Target Silhouette

 Sunday was day 2 of our training. Mom and Sophie came to be with the boys for a VERY long day. The boys told me they had a great time . . . although I am pretty sure Mom was exhausted!

Our class was full to overflowing with information. Notes were taken like crazy on both days. We had written tests both days and all passed! We were thrilled!!!

Now, applications have been filed and paid for . . . now we wait for the Concealed Carry Licenses to come in the mail and THAT may take a while!

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