Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have a small book that sits on a shelf in our bathroom called, Dear Jesus by Sarah Young. Sarah is also the author of the popular book Jesus Calling. I want to share the devotional reading for tonight.

Trust in Me with all your heart and mind, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Me, and I will make your path straight.

Dear Jesus,

Trusting You with all my heart has been my goal for years, but I seem to be making little progress. I suspect the culprit is my mind's ravenous appetite for understanding. Behind this impetus to understand, there lies strong desire to feel in control of my life. I want to trust You wholeheartedly, but I feel stuck.

Beloved, your desire to trust Me wholeheartedly is a worthy goal, and it is pleasing to Me. I am providing training through your life experiences. Allow Me to do this supernatural work in your heart. Recognize that many of the difficulties in your life are designed to help in this endeavor.

I want you to trust Me with all your heart and all your mind. The Holy Spirit will help you think trusting thoughts, but He requires your cooperation. Instead of relying on your own understanding to help you feel in control, ask My Spirit to control your mind. Then, wait confidently to see results. As you look to Me, trusting Me and talking with Me, I straighten out the path before you.

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.
Romans 8:6 

Scary Creatures and Finnigan Shananigans

I took a little time today to catch up on a few things at home. I have had a big stack of filing needing to be tackled for a few months . . . today I conquered it and it feels great! 

While sorting papers at the kitchen table this morning I saw this in our back yard:

Two muskrats . . . contrary to popular belief, I do not want one! lol These creatures FREAK ME OUT! Our lake association needs to be contacted so they can figure out who to call to humanly relocate them. 

Meanwhile, inside Finnigan decided to tackle a pile of papers I had placed on the floor. He scattered them all around and waddled away . . . three times. I did take a video - it is on my Facebook.

Late this afternoon Finnigan began quacking and quacking. I sent EJ in to check the food and water bowls . . . Finnigan followed him quacking and quacking. Apparently, he had emptied the food bowl and it needed to be refilled. After the food was filled and the water refreshed Finnigan happily quieted down. He really is a very smart duck!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grumpies, Spring We NEED YOU

I am thankful this weekend is coming to a close. Today has not been the best day in our home . . . it was full of the GRUMPIES!

It began with our oldest son and his negativity toward his brothers. He decided to get "into" each of their business and express his opinion over if what they were doing was being done right or wrong. I corrected him twice and then decided it was time for him to sit down and do his school work.

Katelyn caught the grumpies second and was grumbling about this and that. I asked her to stop, but it was too late . . . Randy caught the grumpy bug. We were trying to install a beautiful cornice in our library to go with the new blinds, needless to say in this instance we did not work well together. After that I caught the grumpy. 

I am thankful the three other males in our home stayed clear of the grumpy bug! However they have been a bit trying this weekend which helped those grumpies along.

Yesterday I headed to the main floor and found three of my boys doing a "gross science lab" on the floor of the family room. I generally don't mind them doing something they can learn from, except that they didn't ask and they were doing it on the wood floor of the family room. In their defense, they did lay down a towel on the floor to "try" and protect it. The real kicker, when they saw me heading down the stairs they immediately began cleaning up. Randy and Cameron walked in as I was explaining WHY they should not have had the "lab" in the family room and WHY they should have asked to use it first. Cameron looked at the boys and asked how the experiment turned out but quickly said "never mind" after I shot the MAMA look at him. I have to commend him  . . . he has learned what the MAMA look is and decided the outcome of the experiment was not important at that moment.

Our library has drawers for dvd and blue-ray storage. I try to keep the videos by Genre, not by title for easy locating. Imagine my joy when I opened up a drawer to find no less than 15 movies without a case and no less than 10 cases without movies - none of them matched. I decided to go through each drawer to tidy things up a bit . . . this took over an hour even though Katelyn and Cameron helped. Needless to say, until the boys can learn to put the movie back into the case and to the drawer from which it came, our library is off limits to them. 

The boys are learning in other areas and I am thrilled. Cameron has taken it upon himself to wash dishes. I questioned it at first, but he really does a good job. Ryan has begun cleaning up after the dogs and duck without grumbling - a "Christmas type" miracle. The other two boys try their best to get out of chores and helping. They tend to disappear when things need to be done. I try to encourage the "everyone help to make lighter work for everyone" but it doesn't always work.

We have had some really great weekends . . . this one, well not so much. I know everyone has this type of weekend here and there . . . it just wears me out. I really think we are all ready for some fresh air, warmer temperatures, sunny skies and time outside!

Come on Spring WE NEED YOU!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sunday Morning . . .

As I write, I am sitting in our Master Bedroom Sitting room. It is quiet and I am listening to Matt Chandler of Village Church. He is an amazing man of God and he tells it just like it is. I love that I can download Podcasts and listen to him.

Outside is covered in WHITE . . . at this point, I am at a loss of the total of snow on the ground. I am sure it is well over a foot of snow now . . . we received another three inches yesterday.

I received a beautiful gift the other day . . .
The Praying Woman . . .
Whoops - sorry about the water bottle!

So ready for spring! Bet this guy is too!
However . . . spring isn't anywhere in sight!
It has certainly been a snowy winter.
Stay safe and warm!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is it Like Having a Finnigan in Your House?

People give me the funniest look when I mention we have a pet duck. After the initial bewilderment, the questions begin.

What kind is he?
Is he nice?
Can you pet him?
Is he house trained?
What does he eat?
Where do you keep him?
Is he social?
Does he bite?
What about swimming?
Do the dogs bother him?
What does he do?

I happily answer their questions and may even pull out my iphone and show them a few pictures. A smile comes over their face and they remark how they never knew a duck could be a pet.

Finnigan is a Cayuga Duck. According to Wikipedia, Cayuga Duck is a medium-class domesticated duck breed that has been a popular variety in the USA since the mid-19th century. They are used for egg and meat production, as well as an ornamental bird. The Cayuga name is taken from Cayuga Lake, one of the lakes in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, where the breed was popularized.

 Finnigan is quite a character. He is an inquisitive kind of guy - yes, we know without a doubt he is a boy . . . but this blog is rated G, so you will need to google it if you need to know more. 

Ducks are social creatures and are generally not loners. Finnigan has made himself at home and has decided we are his flock. If we are in the family room, Finn is in the family room too. If we are having dinner, he is at the food bowl eating his dinner too. If the dogs hear the doorbell and begin to bark, Finn begins to quack. He also jumps up from where he is, stand and walks about half way to the door to see who it is. (Not kidding.)

Finnigan is a nice duck and allows gentle petting and cuddles. He will quickly let you know if he is not in the mood to be cuddled by pinching you gently with his bill and attempting to move away from you.

House training and ducks do not go hand in hand. Ducks simply are not able to "hold" their poo and let it go where ever it needs. We deal with the poo with pee pee pads. When Finn is laying and relaxing, there is always a pee pad pad around and under him. Saves a bit of clean up! We also have hospital grade disinfectant for those uh oh clean ups. I did order Finn some Duck Diapers - no I am not kidding, there is such a thing. I received them, only to find I need to go up one size for Finn's comfort. 

Here is a picture of what they are like, this photo is from the etsy shop I ordered from:

Finnigan eats cracked corn but loves dog food. He helps himself the the dog bowl of dry kibble - Science Diet. He also loves to eat pebble type ice from the water bowl. Silly duck!

Finnigan has a medium sized dog kennel that he calls home inside. It is lined with pee pee pads, has a water bowl and food inside. He is content to be inside when he needs to be, but if he sees or hears you let the quack begin!

Ducks do not have teeth, but they can bite if they choose to. Finn doesn't bite, but he does love to "chew" on fingers. He can also get hold of your skin and give it a pinch, nothing really to worry about though, it isn't bad.

The dogs do not bother Finn, in fact it is usually the other way around. Finnigan tends to get a little bored some days and decides it is time to follow Emma, follow Katelyn, try to get into Beckett's bed or simply wants to poke at the dogs. Other times, he is content to sit and watch the guinea pigs or watch television. He does think he can be anywhere he chooses in the house - and that includes the dog beds and on top of the couch. The couch is a no no although he tries here and there to sneak onto it.

Finnigan will climb up the stairs so he can watch the fish swim in the aquarium.

 Finn love to lay by the fireplace.

Finnigan chatters to us all the time . . . and we love it.

Finnigan swims in the bathtub. In fact, he loves to take a swim/bath every day if we let him. Generally every other day works best for him.

Finnigan also like to take walks - yes, we have a harness and leash for him. I do have to tell you, people driving by do turn to watch as Finnigan walks by.

Finnigan cuddling . . .
 Sweet Finnigan!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Happenings

Snow is falling in big flakes as I write. I think they are beautiful and it seems so serene out there. 

I took the opportunity to soak in the tub this morning, it was amazing and very relaxing.

 I LOVE our soaking whirlpool tub!

 After my bath, I gave Lil' Beckett a bath.
She was not amused.
I gathered the blow dryer, the dog combs and brushes.
Katelyn had Beckett in a towel ready for me to blow dry and comb her out. Once again, she was not amused.
She does look so pretty and smells so nice!

Beautiful Beckett!


 Beckett seems to be giving me the "stink eye". She doesn't want to pose for pictures.

Our house is so dry this time of year.
One of these humidifiers help out in the bedrooms - hopefully this will help cut down on the dry nose syndrome and 
the nasty bloody ones too. 

 Found this cute hurricane type globe.
I was going to put a little flame less candle in it, but this little bird caught my attention (I already had the bird) and I thought it would be cute . . . I like it. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Girl's Birthday Evening

. . . and she turned 21.

Yesterday, as you may know, was Katelyn's 21st Birthday! In fact, she told me it was her best birthday yet. 

Pictures from her Birthday:

We began our late afternoon / evening by going to one of our favorite restaurants. The Mozzarella Cheese Sticks are divine and devoured quickly by our boys.

The owner knew it was Katelyn's birthday and treated our entire family to a HUGE dinner. Talk about surprised! We were served so much yumminess! Bluegill with butter, beer battered cod, coconut battered cod, fresh fries . . . oh my goodness! Then we three adults were treated to a Guiness, Irish Creme Shooter. It was so delicious. 

We had already ordered prior to finding out about our Birthday Treat, so we had them keep the order in and box it up to go for today.

So many NEW 21ers go out on the town with their friends to "live it up", however our girl told several of her friends that she would rather not get hammered. That's my girl! Anyway, Randy and I had told her long ago that we would take her for her first official adult type drink. She decided to order a Cranberry with Bacardi Rum. It was tasty (she gave me a lil' sip). 

 Katelyn with her little Guiness Shooter (she thought it was cute).

Evan is all smiles after his appetizer.

 Ooops, caught Daddy by surprise.

 Katelyn is checking out the menu.

 Ryan loves the rootbeer.

I caught Cameron off guard too.

Cody ate all of his appetizer.

 Katelyn with her Cranberry and Ryan is photo bombing!

 My water with lemon and Kellehers version of a Margarita.

Katelyn took a sip and didn't care for it. Can you tell?

It was a lovely evening . . .
we took our time and then ventured out into what had become 
a snowstorm to head home.

 Cody helped me to wrap Katelyn's gifts.

 Camera Bag and New Camera

A therapy mitt for her sore wrists and hands.

 Gifts from the brothers -

I had a picture of EJ, but it blurred badley.

Katelyn was thrilled with all of the Birthday Wishes from family and friends. She loved each of her gifts. 

So hard to believe she is 21. 

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