Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Windy but Beautiful Day for a Baptism

Saturday afternoon, we were honored to attend the Baptism of our daughter Katelyn and a new friend Amber. Plans have been underway for several weeks now and Saturday was the day.

We were a little concerned because rain was in the forecast, but God held it off until after the Baptisms were complete.

The Baptisms were done here at the lake. As you can see, the first of the guests have arrived.

The ducks were a bit curious as to what exactly was going on.
Definitely unique!

The families arrived and all headed to the lake.
Katelyn was first up . . .
Pastor Sean (a long time family friend) said a few words.

He explained the purpose of Baptism.

The brothers sat on the shore . . .
they were very well behaved.

After Katelyn was Baptized it was Amber's turn.
Her family was there and took pictures.
I took one of Pastor Sean and the girls.

Grandma and Grandpa with Katelyn.
Love this photo!

 And finally a photo of our crew . . .
It was a lovely Baptism!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

He Loves You

This week has been long and hard. We have had many things to tend to and then sickness hit me. There is a crazy horrible headache, sinus pressure virus hitting everyone in our area and it really knocked me down. Thankfully, I was up and back at it today.

I thought I would post a little update on our lives as of late . . .

  • The ducks are self sufficient now, although we do give them a little something each day. We love the ducks . . . they make us smile.
  • The boys are growing like weeds and they are eating us out of house and home. 
  • School is going well and we are thankful. Mrs. P is working with them for the second school year and things are going much better - that first year of home schooling all four was pretty hard, but they finished and we all survived.
  • The new Enviro-Safe facility is coming along. It certainly takes time to get everything in order . . . there is so much to taking care of each and every little step. Randy is doing an amazing job of keeping it all together and running smoothly. I hope to get a few pictures in the next weeks of progress that you can actually see. These past weeks have been full of those details that you really can't see once the buildings are up. Setting up, laying out, reading plans, verifying plans, marking land, surveying, digging trenches for piping, footings for the walls, cement floors, etc. 
Our weeks have been full to overflowing with training for our employees. Hours and Hours have been spent and there are many more hours ahead. It is our goal to have our employees finished with all training prior to moving into the new Enviro-Safe facility. No one can ever have too much training. 

We are Thankful to God for seeing us through every step of the way. Believe me when I tell you . . . we couldn't make it through a day without the Love, Grace and Guidance of God! Seventeen years ago, Randy I and started our business . . . we immediately gave it to God . . . still today, we give it to God daily. There are definitely rough patches, but God never leaves our side. Don't get me wrong, there are days when things aggravate, irritate or even make us angry. It is at those times I think we need God the most . . . we have to always remember it is God's Business, let him lead. 

Some people question, "Is there a God?" To those people I have a definite answer . . . YES! We have witnessed the Hand of God in so many ways! There have been times this past year we have been stopped in our tracks . . . seeing the Handiwork of God. Most times all we have to do is to REMEMBER to stop, be quiet and look ~ it may be right in front of us.

The other night I was reading and came across a little message. When praying TALK to God . . . just as if you were having a cup of coffee with a friend. God wants to hear from you and I. We don't have to be formal or anything like that. We can simply Talk to Him . . . he wants to hear from us.

God isn't only there for business owners. He is there when:
  • The kids have been making you crazy all day long.
  • The bills are piled up.
  • The car has broken down.
  • You and your spouse aren't seeing eye to eye.
  • Your teenager is giving you a run for your money.
  • You have lost your job.
  • Life isn't being fair.
  • You have lost your best friend.
  • You feel all alone
He is there and He promises He will Always be there. 

Hebrews 13:5 - I will never leave you or forsake you.

Friend, take a few moments tonight to simply TALK to Him! He Loves You!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can You Smell It?

I don't know about you, but I love Fall!
Don't get me wrong, each season has wonderful moments that I love, but Fall . . . it just speaks to me!

There are so many amazing things about the season called . . .

(a.k.a. Autumn)

I love the cooler days - summer gets too stinkin' hot
and winter gets too stinkin' cold!
Fall . . . it is just right.

Just right for one of my favorite things . . .
I love making my house smell delicious!
I love that it brings my family to the kitchen . . .
from every corner of the house . . .
EVERY time!

Today I had two helpers . . .
we are baking bread!

EJ was reading the recipe.
(Cameron was re-reading it to make sure he was reading right!)
don't tell them . . . but I double checked anyway!

Bread baking . . .
totally from scratch . . .
not to much of a mess!

Go ahead . . .
take a little whiff . . .

Can I say . . .

Oh My Goodness!!!

Tomorrow is Grandma and Grandpa's 52nd Anniversary!
Cameron is busy making a little something for them.

Beauty . . .

a delight to the senses . . .
beauty to see
yumminess to smell
a lil' party to the tastebuds!

Love timeless photos . . .

It is so hard to wait . . .

But, it will be worth it . . .

Warm bread with butter, honey, jelly or jam.

Apple Pie Season is also upon us . . .
a trip to the Orchard is in our near future!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It is HARD to Believe . . . Ryan is ELEVEN!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today, our RyRy turned Eleven years old.
It is SO hard to believe eleven years have passed since we first set eyes on our little gift from Heaven, our first son!

Ryan's special day was SCHOOL FREE!

He was thrilled!

Katelyn, Ryan and I head off to Funk Grove this morning.
We had a great drive and even a bit of a "treasure hunt" when we were a bit lost. Funk's Grove has quite a few visitor attractions and we began at one of them (and asked directions from there) and were only about four miles off. We had fun and have decided that it is more fun to NOT exactly know directions full because we feel that half of the fun is finding your way.
It has become a family tradition!

We spent a few hours soaking in gems, crystals, minerals and fossils at the museum.

 Then next door to the Prairie House - Funk's House.

Ryan was checking out the bathroom.

Ryan in the foyer of the home.

The sun was pretty bright.

We had a wonderful time. Before we knew it, it was time to head home. We traveled on Old Route 66 . . . 
and then hit McDonald's for lunch.

We dropped Katelyn off at her car that was at the office ~ she headed off to school.

We picked up the boys and the dogs from grooming.
Onward to home we went.

 Present time!
This guy already knew what all of his gifts were,
He had picked them out.

He gave me a kiss and hug a few minutes ago and told me that 
HIS day was AWESOME!
He then thanked me.

Melts My Heart!


Eleven Things About My Eleven Year Old!

1. Ryan loves to BUILD electronic things ~ 
and he is really good at it.

2. Ryan is an avid rock, mineral, gem and fossil collector.

3. Ryan hates spiders!

4. Sometimes Ryan forgets to wear underwear.

5. My boy is going to have HUGE feet. He already wears a men's size 8. I do believe he is going to be tall.

6. Ryan LOVES reptiles!

7. Ryan can be very sensitive.

8. Ryan loves to stay up late and sleep in ~ just like his mama.

9. Ryan loves the ducks and has always helped take care of them.

10. Ryan's eyes are beautiful.

11. Ryan is constantly curious - asking questions and expanding in knowledge. I love seeing him light up when something "clicks".

My boy is growing up quickly before my eyes.

Happy Birthday Ryan Matthew!


Friday, September 13, 2013

A Long Week, Pictures of Construction, Ducks and Beckett

Phew, we made it through another work and school week.
It was a long one and I am thankful for the weekend to relax.
My week has been full of "training and testing" - actually the past three weeks have been. We have instituted and new "Training" regimen at work . . . how to handle just about anything is being addressed. Each employee - including all staff, is being trained and tested . . . hours and hours and hours worth. No one is exempt.
To say my brain has turned to mush is a bit of an understatement!

Today I stayed home and worked a bit.
I finished up four training sessions and tests.
Afterward, I took a little nap.
Before I knew it, the kids were home.
Everyone took the opportunity to unwind a bit.
It was a long week for everyone.

There has been much accomplished at our new Enviro-Safe "Complex"! The crews have been supper busy!

Footings have been poured and the floor is going in one the first building to go up.

This big truck of pipe was delivered a few weeks ago.

Pipelines are being ran everywhere.
So glad the guys know how to read those plumbing plans!

Great work everyone!


Tonight, we began by going outside with the ducks.
We love watching them all together.

Lil' Beckett joined Randy, the boys and I outside.

She is a lil' Diva and loves to pose for me!

After being outside, we all joined in the family room to watch Star Trek, except for Cody. He came down to the main floor, gave me a huge hug and told me, "Mom, I am not going to watch "Star Trek" because I am watching a "One hour event" upstairs. He was watching "Jessie". He must have really been into it because we didn't hear from him until Star Trek was over.

Tomorrow is SLEEP IN day for all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

a Monday of All Mondays

Our morning began a bit out of sorts, You know how MONDAY'S can be!

Katelyn had an early class and was out the door before the boys and I made it to the main floor. She is usually in the kitchen to help keep a little order when the boys head down for breakfast. She is such a blessing to me . . . albeit a bit of a drill sergeant for the boys, but secretly they still love her! lol

The boys began their nonsense pretty early . . . you know how boys are:

  • I'm tellin'
  • M-O-M!!!!!!
  • Mommy, did you know that . . . 
  • Don't take MY stuff . . . I am tellin' Mom . . .
  • M-O-M
So then I intervene - "Boys get your teeth brushed we are leaving soon. Did the ducks get fed? How about the guinea pigs? EJ did you feed the dogs?"

We finish up so we can head out the door . . . once again a few minutes late. I walk through the kitchen and over to my desk when I catch something move out of the corner of my eye. I turn to see this:

Even Emma knows something is not right.
When Cameron was adding food and hay to the guinea pig cage, Gibbs apparently decided it was time to eat "OUT". He was perfectly content to be eating the dog food.

I quickly snapped a few photos and then called Cameron back inside to take a look at what had happened. He came back in and I said, "look at this and tell me what is wrong". He took a look and said, "I didn't get the cage clipped all the way." He started to walk over to the cage to clip it but I stopped him. I said, "Besides that, what doesn't quite look right to you?" Would you believe he DIDN'T notice the guinea pig out of his cage and eating the dog food? I am not kidding!

Gibbs decided enough of the photo taking . . . he headed back to his cage and waited for Cameron to open the door so he could get back in.

I have to say, that whole guinea pig thing made me chuckle all day!


The day went by pretty quickly . . . the boys made it through another day of school and I accomplished much. Randy was working out in the HEAT all day . . . We are close to record temps for this time of year and tomorrow is to be even hotter!

We arrived home to find Daddy had already cooled off in a nice tub of water. The kids decided we should go out to eat, so they asked him if he wanted to. He did, so we headed to Bob Evans to eat as we had not been there in a while. We were promptly seated and had a lovely waitress. We were beyond thrilled when we learned the kids eat free! BONUS! Everyone ate until they almost couldn't move and then we headed to our safety and shelter . . . our home. Don't you think every home should be considered your safe shelter? A place where you know all is well within!

The house is all quiet now as everyone is snuggled in bed. I will wrap this up and head to bed myself. It has been a long day . . . and it all begins again tomorrow morning. At least we have Monday done!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Our day has been full of busyness within the house. There are plenty of those chores to do that aren't those every day kind of chores.

Tidy the pantry. It isn't a secret that I LOVE a tidy AND organized pantry. Today was my once a month tidy and organize the pantry . . . and boy did it need it!

Our little fishy tanks x3 needed the filters replaced, water added and the algae scrubber need used on all three. Happy little fishies!

I picked up some of those Bum wipes and have dispersed them into our bathrooms. Now to teach the boys what they are for! Maybe it will encourage them to make sure they get "things" nice and clean.

My Scentsy candles all need wax changed out. Love getting them all refreshed.

The dogs needed their monthly meds for fleas, ticks, heart worms . . . easy job there x 4.

Lizard soaking is now underway . . . a once a week endeavor.

Cage cleaning . . . all cages - Guinea pigs, Hedgehog and Lizards.

Made Lego order for Evan . . . he had earned money and it was burning a hole in his pocket.

Of course, like almost every other house in the world, my kitchen counter seems to "catch" everything. So, everyone will collect their belongings and put them away, at least that is the plan.

The family room needed a bit of tidying from Family movie nights - yes x2. It isn't horrible, but needed done.

The kitchen floor needed a fresh mopping - lots of running inside and out this weekend.

We have accomplished much . . . I love that everyone helps!

Now for the second half of the day.

Festival, Ducks, Rain

It is Festival Weekend in my little corner of the world. Our lil' city has been overtaken by people from all over the Country. Katelyn went with Grandma and the red headed cousins this morning when it was nice outside, but by the time they returned to our house the heat was on.

As for the boys, Randy and I . . . we stayed home ~ were it was cool and safe from throngs of people and craziness. We took the day nice and easy . . . enjoying simplicity. The boys played with their Lego sets and had a great time simply building. Randy and I relaxed out back with the ducks for a while. I took my small camera out and did get a few photos. Initially my flash was on and caught the duck eyes funny . . . 

I have to say, my first impression of this photo . . .
they look like zombies . . .
duck zombies.

The ducks weren't wasting any time getting their lil' treat. I laugh when I see food on their bills that make them look like they have a little "milk mustache".

We aren't sure exactly WHO opened their little duck bills to the others, Sullivan, Herridan, Skipper, Gilligan or the Cayuga ducks,
but the word is out around our lake . . .
nummies at JuJu's house.

They do eat from the lake, but our Cayuga's grew up eating what we gave them plus lake food. Well, someone decided to "leak" a little information and it wasn't long before we began having ducks stand in line for a lil' snack.

Skipper is doing well and has fit in well with the others.
He really seems happy.

Gilligan is still a bit small, but is beginning to fill out a bit.

Sullivan now has his beautiful Male Mallard coloring - he is absolutely gorgeous! It makes us so happy to see how well he is and that he is all grown up now.

Herridan has grown up too and continues to look like a female. Who knows, maybe next spring Sullivan and Herridan  will have little ducklings to show us!

The Cayuga ducks are pretty large now. Their coloring is gorgeous and they have wonderful personalities! People that boat on our lake slow to watch them swim or just hang out. Several of them have stopped to ask us about them. They are definitely attention getters.


There is a possibility we will get rain tonight.
It will certainly be welcomed.
We have not had rain in months!

However, Our friends in Utah are experiencing flooding conditions all around them. Please pray for the residents of Utah County.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Really, Seriously and Home

You know those days when you just want to ask . . . 


Those words seem adequate to sum up our holiday weekend.

Saturday Randy asked one of our boys to go outside to the drive and water one of our big flower containers. It is on the drive and doesn't have irrigation, so it must be watered daily. We have instructed the boys many times that it takes patience and several minutes to water this container since it is large, full of dirt and it has been very hot in our little corner of the world.

Within a few minutes, our son was back inside claiming to have the watering done. However, Randy and I both knew better as we have watered it many times and it takes like five minutes.
So, we sent him back outside . . .
this time with a brother to help make sure the job is done.
After a few minutes, we decided to check on them.
We have a camera system that we can access through our telephones to "check" on the outside.
Katelyn took a little peek to find the two boys outside watering the driveway around the container. Very little water had made it in the container. We waited for them to come inside and then asked them if they had gotten the job done. Of course, they both answered
"Yes". I immediately asked if water had come out the bottom of the pot, to which I received another "Yes". I then asked, so . . .
how did the plant get watered well if the water was not going into the pot but around it? The look on those two faces was priceless!
I know the words, "How in the world did SHE know?" came through their minds, so I let them in on my "secret". They were then allowed to go back outside and water the potted plant.

That episode = Seriously???


Sunday I decided to make everyone a homemade Vanilla/Blueberry milkshake on my little handy dandy milkshake maker.
I scooped in the ingredients and then turned it on.
I had a few drips on the counter, so I walked to the sink to get a washcloth. As soon as I walked away from the machine, the metal milkshake cup flew from under the machine and onto the floor.
Needless to say, I had "milkshake" all the way across the kitchen, on the cabinets, on the walls, on the floor and in the adjoining 
mud-room. I immediately looked at the HUGE mess and then at Katelyn who asked, "Mom . . . why did you walk away from that?"
In as calm a voice as I could muster I said, "Well, I never had a problem the last time I used it." We both looked at the mess as our four furry babes decided it was "snack time"!

This lil' accident = "Seriously???"


This evening Katelyn was filling up the dog water jug in the bathroom when it slipped and splashed water everywhere.
Katelyn looked at me and asked, "Are you kidding me?"


If you were to visit our home on any given day,
I am certain you would leave with memories sure to stay with you for a while. I am not talking about a life changing event,
but the little things . . .

Upon ringing the door bell you:

 will immediately realize there are several furry 
creatures ready to welcome you. 

will hear the running stomps of EIGHT growing boy feet
and possibly a tussle between them over 
who is going to answer the door.

Once you are welcomed in, you will probably be led to the family room or even possibly the kitchen. The boys will generally ask if they can get you something . . . ice water or coffee. They are excellent at getting both . . . the coffee is fresh ground.

I recommend you keep you shoes on your feet.
With four boys, dogs, etc . . .
water, ice cubes, sand, guinea pigs, dog treats, Lego . . .
I am just sayin ~ you just might want to keep them on.

While you are visiting, you just might meet:
Zeus, Apollo and Artemis
(the Bearded dragons)
Never turn your head quickly if one of the boys say . . .
"Hey look at this!"
Unless of course you have brought a change of clothing!
(most people aren't expecting to turn to see a lizard eye to eye)

You may be invited to help feed the ducks.
They love Cheerios!!!
The boys will lead you outside to the dock . . .
feel free to take your shoes off and dangle your legs over the side.
The ducks are usually right there as soon as they are called, so you will get to meet them up close and personal.
They may even nibble at your toes ~ it really doesn't hurt, but may startle you a little bit.

After visiting the ducks you just might get invited to fish.
Just know, the rules at our house involve baiting your own hook.
No Sissies here!

Life at our house is unpredictable and you just never know what the day will bring our way. We try to spend our weekends without many plans . . . it is much easier to just "go with" 
whatever comes our way. 

Life . . .
it happens each and every second of every day.
You never know from one second to the next . . .
What is going to happen next?

Will it be . . .



Are you Kidding Me???

Oh My!

Oh Dear!

I Love You!



That is Great!!!


Whatever it is . . .
We call it home!

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