Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flying, Growing and Beauty

Sullivan . . . our little duck rescue . . . took flight twice this weekend. We were actually witness to the first flight that was about 15 feet up and about ten feet forward. We were so excited, we cheered and cheered!

Way to Go Sullivan!!! Big Duck . . . almost all grown! (sniff!)

Sullivan is a BEAUTIFUL duck!
(BTW, although we have noticed a bit of green on Sullivan, the jury is still out on if Sullivan is a he or a she.)

Mia is our "Guard Duck Dog" . . . she actually tries herding them.
Good Girl!

Herridan is very inquisitive.
I had left a tiny bit of water in the bottom of my glass and
Herridan decided he/she needed to help herself!

Lil' Smarty Pants!

The Cayuga ducklings are a month old now . . .
where has the past month gone?
They were so tiny . . .

a short four weeks later . . .

The ducklings are so fun and have tons of personality!
We love them.


I also wanted to show you some of our garden containers that are in full summer splendor!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Are Boys and Ducklings Alike?

We have had ducklings at our house for a few months now. It has been long enough to notice similarities between my boys and our little ducklings.

  • Boys and ducklings LOVE to eat . . . pretty much non-stop!
  • Boys and ducklings are MESSY!
  • Boys and ducklings tend to be STINKY!
  • Boys and ducklings love to SWIM, a lot!
  • Boys and ducklings have the same instincts - "monkey see, monkey do".
  • Boys and ducklings never seem to do anything in a direct route. They find other things that distract them . . . SHINY!
  • Boys and ducklings all TALK when someone or everyone else is talking. There do not seem to be any listeners.
  • Boys and ducklings love to ACT SILLY.
  • Boys and ducklings love to SHOW off!
  • Boys and ducklings love to HANG out with Mama. (Katelyn or I for the ducklings.)
  • Boys and ducklings GROW quickly!
  • Boys and ducklings love to POKE one another.
  • Boys and ducklings are LOUD.
  • Boys and ducklings love BUGS.
  • Boys and ducklings require a lot of attention.
  • Boys and ducklings cause people to stop and watch them.
  • Boys and ducklings are adorable.
  • Boys and ducklings may or may not try to poke you in the eye.
  • Boys and ducklings are AMAZING to have around.
  • Boys and ducklings are inquisitive.
  • Boys and ducklings are LOVED by this Mama!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School Count Down? Really?

After taking a week off from work to be home with the kids and to accomplish a few things around the house, this week is kicking my hiney! I came home this afternoon absolutely wiped out, so I took a snooze on the couch this evening. My week has been a whirlwind so far . . . I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring. 

Counting down to the weekend! How about you?

Today, I was thinking . . . school begins in less than a month for my kiddos. I am totally NOT ready for the boys to head back to school. (Home School). I want to continue to enjoy the summer months and long days. I am not ready for assignments and spelling lists!

For those of you who know me, you will be questioning the paragraph above. I have always been one who is ready for the kiddos to head back to school! I ALWAYS put the Staples Commercial on my blog . . . you know, the one with the Dad dancing through the aisles and the kids are dragging behind with their heads hung low? I always have looked forward to the end of summer and beginning of school. Can you imagine my shock when I found myself thinking . . . "I don't want them to go back to school yet"? 

We do have their curriculum all ready. Mrs. P is working on getting our little classroom ready. I have a few odds and ends to gather, but overall, we are ready . . . just not to head back to the classroom!

I would rather be with the kids and hang out down at the lake. Enjoy seeing my kids interact with nature and God's little creatures. Now don't get me wrong . . . life is not all fuzzy and calm around here! My boys do their share of fussing with one another, bossing one another around, complaining to me about the tiniest little thing . . . but they are buds . . . and they are becoming more compassionate and I love watching it happen.

The countdown to school begins . . . so we are going to make the best of the time we have left! How about you?

Sunday, July 21, 2013


My Birthday was so fun and simply the BEST Birthday!!! I was spoiled so much and loved, loved, loved!

Pictures . . .

My Birthday lunch - burgers on the grill!

I received a BEAUTIFUL Tres Leche cake from Alice and her family . . . it was delicious!!!

Randy gave me a beautiful crank up umbrella for the dock, a side table, love seat and chair to expand our existing set.
I love it!

This umbrella weighs over 600lbs with the weights.

Cody enjoyed himself in one of my new chairs and ipad while Randy and I fished for a few hours.

We also watched the ducks!

Katelyn baked me a Sugar Free cake that was ultra yummy too!
All of the boys enjoyed the frosting, but I actually got a picture of Ryan with the bowl.

The cake Katelyn made.

Time for presents!
From EJ
(Hey Mom, did you notice the paperclip?)
My Mom always paperclips money in our cards!

This too!

This is from Cameron . . . another paperclip Mom!

Plus a drawing!
Me - the fishing Queen!

Cody was explaining this card.
Apparently, the Woodstock birdie he is pointing to is him.

Beautiful orchids from Katelyn.

This little cutie is from Cody.

This Lego design was from EJ.

This is a picture from the Lego Book Cody gave me.
He knows how much I love design.

The Mom mobile . . . from Cameron.

A Beautiful Kitchen from Ryan!

Then onto more fun!

Glow sticks and glow bracelet fun.

Then we all headed outside for fun with the ducklings.

Seeley, Beckett and Emma were excited!

Ryan herded the ducklings from their pen to where we were.

They are REALLY growing quickly.

The LOVE rose petals.
Emma doesn't mind hanging out with the ducklings.

They were interested in Beckett's little tennis ball.

They also tried to help Katelyn with her homework.

This little duckling decided to check out Beckett.

She looked at me as if to say . . . Really?

The boys were helping us teach the ducklings how to go to the lake. They are really great helpers!

They LOVE the water.

They also are great at fluffing up after their swim.

I end with two cute videos of our silly baby ducks.

I am all ready to celebrate my 49th year to the fullest!

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