Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kids and Critters

One night I had a little photo shoot idea . . .
it involved my kids and all of the creatures that live in my house.
Well, except the fish in the aquariums! I am pretty sure they would not have appreciated being in the backyard 
held up by their little fish tails for photos!

I gathered the kids and instructed each one which critter they needed to take to the backyard. Soon everyone was there, including Daddy as back up support. Daddy helped keep the critters in the photo . . . the ducks decided they didn't want in the photo and waddled out of the camera view a few times. The hedgehog decided she was anti photo as well. Bless Daddy's heart he corralled each of them quickly so photos could continue.

I took about two hundred photos, but then accidentally deleted the individual ones . . . I thought they had all been uploaded to the computer. I was a bit irritated with myself about that as I knew I had some pretty good pics there. Oh Well!

Here is a little peek at what our little photo shoot produced.

It was quite a challenge . . .
everyone had fun, I think!

Lovin' this one

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time Gets Away . . . Keep Memories in Pictures

Time certainly has a way of getting away from me, how about you?

This past week I had a great time taking photos . . .

We were thrilled to welcome six beautiful baby ducklings!
The ducklings are Cayuga and native to New York.
I purchased the eggs from Metzer Farms online ~ I ordered six and received 7. We kept 4 eggs at our house and 3 eggs went to our niece and nephew's house for their girls to hatch.
The hatching process is amazing and if you have never experienced it, I highly recommend it . . . especially if you have kiddos ~
even better if you home school!

 Our eggs began their incubation on June 1 and each day we would count down one more day. We candled the eggs once a week and could watch them grow and wiggle around inside the egg.

Finally the day came . . .
the little ducklings began their hatch.

We love the first glimpse of each baby duckling!

First little one out . . . Draken.
Poor little fella . . . hatching is hard work.

One by one they hatch . . .
completely exhausted.

They quickly learn to love one another.

Sullivan was peeking in on the babies.
Sullivan is only about 5 weeks old . . .
hard to believe the difference in their sizes.

The new hatches aren't the only babies!
Sullivan like a sweet cuddle.
(notice her beautiful feathers)

Herridan also loves a good snuggle.

The two eggs hatched at Aliyah's house too!
They struggled a little, but are doing well now.

Morning brought beautiful fluffy ducklings . . .
what a difference a day makes.

Finnigan, Aidan, Higgans and Drakan

Introducing Aliyah's ducklings:
Jinx and Motchie


I also had the privilege of taking my sister and her daughters' pictures. They are all so very beautiful!

Aren't they simply Gorgeous?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life is Keeping Us Busy!

Life has been busy in our little corner of the world. Raising kids, running a business, raising critters and more life doesn't leave a whole lot of free time.

The ducklings went for a little swim and now we are all outside.

Daddy has a container of crickets.
The ducklings LOVE crickets!

As you can see, they spot the crickets in the container right away.

Herridan thought should could get more crickets herself . . .
rather than waiting for Daddy to give her some.

The kids LOVE the ducklings . . .
Beckett . . .
Well, she is a bit undecided!

Beautiful growing ducklings.
They stay close by Randy and I at all times outside . . .
they never stray far from us.


The city approved our land purchase last night . . .
Randy signed a few things today and this afternoon he was ready to dig up some field . . .

Fun with the Bobcat!

BIG ditch!

Daddy and one of our boys.

The boys LOVE this type of "adventure"!

Into the corn field in search of "corn monkeys" . . .
o.k., not really . . .

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I saw a cute little blog post tonight that spoke of "What I Learned on Summer Vacation". It was a cute read and the writer asked the question, "What Have You Learned So Far?"

  • Boys generally loathe and actually procrastinate in cleaning up their room. However, when the boy is fully looking forward to Camp each day, the boy can actually be quietly persuaded to clean it up or miss out on camp for the day. Mom will be shocked to see the boy's bed made as well. Guess he didn't want to leave anything to chance. Mom Scores!
  • Pinterest is quite helpful during the summer months. There are great ideas to keep the hands and minds of little boys busy. Flubber making took up a few minutes of time, however the Flubber kept those little boys busy for hours. Daddy even noticed how quiet the boys were while playing with Flubber.
  • Boys think Twizzlers are actually "snacks" instead of treats. The question, "Mom, can I have a snack?" Actually means, "Mom can I stuff my face with something fruity? (meaning Cherry or Strawberry Twizzlers) 
  • Can't get your boys attention? Start frying up some bacon . . . brings them to the kitchen every time.
  • Boys climb on everything they can even though they have been warned time and again it can be dangerous. When I hear a scream, it almost always stops me in my tracks. I try to remember to call out and ask if everyone is alright prior to assuming the worst. Boys can actually scream as much a girls even though nothing is wrong.
  • Time outs are especially effective when the child is instructed to sit inside the "square". My kitchen has tile floors . . . shapes of the tiles include rectangles, little squares and big squares. My boys do not like sitting "inside" the square during time out because it limits their movement. Even though there is only grout lines on the floor, my boys know to sit still within the boundaries of the square. If the boys are a bit out of sorts or disobedience a quick question, "Do you want to sit in a square?" is asked. It generally gets their attention.
  • Boys eat more in the summer . . . they think they need to eat ALL DAY LONG. Making sure the pantry has plenty of snacks for the kids can be a full time job. I take care of that by purchasing in bulk supply through I am a Prime member and get free shipping 90% of the time. 
  • Boys love to help their mama do just about anything. When they do help, I try to keep things positive and not discourage them if they don't quite do something right. This summer, two of my boys sneak into my bedroom while I am getting ready in the morning and make my bed for me. I walk into my bedroom and exclaim, "Oh my goodness, the bed making fairies were here!" I usually hear little giggles from my two youngest.What I see is a bed that is made lopsided and wrinkly across the top. It is important for them to know I appreciate what they have done instead of crash their accomplishment with negative comments that they didn't get all the wrinkles out or one side is hanging lower than the other. It is much easier to help those bed making fairies and show them without saying a negative word.
  • Boys do not like to hear these words, "Did you brush your teeth this morning? They look like they have fur on them, go brush." They usually will say . . . I don't have FUR on my teeth. I tell them . . . I see fur . . . better take a look. They usually run off to the bathroom to check and then brush their teeth.
  • Boys will stuff themselves into their little brothers clothing because they don't want to look for their own in their closet.
  • Boys can walk past something laying on the floor all day long and never even notice it . . . even when you ask them why they didn't pick it up. They claim to have never noticed it.
  • Boys actually CAN sleep in from time to time.
  • Boys can never find things, but expect Mama to know where everything is at all times.
  • Boys can be funny, even when they are trying really hard not to be. It is really hard at times to keep a straight face.
  • Boys . . . they live by the seat of their pants . . . keeping mom and dad on their toes.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Tonight we arrived home a little later than normal and a few minutes before Daddy came through the door. The boys were all chatty about their days and no one could get a word in . . . I was hoping they would calm and catch a good breath of air! 
They are so excited about the new movies "Monsters University and Despicable Me 2". Of course, they know each date they begin playing at theaters and have asked if we can go.

We had a quick bite for dinner and headed outside for the evening.
The breeze was gently blowing . . . it was so comfortable!
The boys were outside playing on the play-set while Randy and I watched the ducklings play in the yard. Three of the dogs - Emma, Mia and Beckett were on the scene keeping watch as well.

Ryan fed the ducklings crickets (the same ones we use for the Bearded Dragons) and the LOVE Them! They actually jump for them to get them from Ryan's hand.

The sun began to set and the ducklings were beginning to snuggle together in the grass . . . it was time to head in. I actually think we wear the ducklings out each evening. We take them inside to their pen and we usually don't hear much out of them the rest of the evening. Good little ducklings.

Things are calming here for the evening . . .
time for coffee and a book or movie.

BTW . . . Last night we watched The Book of Esther and it was a good movie! This is the version we watched . . . click Esther below.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day in Pictures

Father's Day 2013 is almost a memory now. We had a great weekend and lovely Father's Day. Our days revolved around outside play, movies, fishing, naps and baby ducklings.

Here is a recap in pictures . . .

Rain Delay . . .

Time to make FLUBBER!

Homework too!

They LOVE Flubber!

More outside fun . . .
Duckling time!

Assembly time . . .

Beckett is guarding the ducklings!


As you can see, our weekend was full and fun.
Everyone had a great time . . .
including the ducklings!

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