Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Post

Picture Post!

This is Petunia Pricklebottom ~ our Hedgehog.

I think our Hedgie is so funny ~ sometimes she is out and about and WANTS someone to notice her, but MOST of the time she thinks she is invisible! 

Cody was laying on the couch while Seeley Booth made himself comfy on the floor below him.

Happy Fish.

Uh Oh . . . the doorbell rang!
Beckett is ready to defend Mama!

Hi Emma!

Mia was sitting pretty and I couldn't resist taking her picture.

Gibbs was enjoying his freshly cleaned cage.

Alfalfa was busy making a hay mess. The hay was inside the tube behind him, but Al thinks he needs it all out so he can see it.

Lil' Beckett was checking out the guinea piggies before I interrupted her. She loves that she can see them at her level.

Rain for our area until Saturday . . .
the weather is only good if you are a duck!


Tonight Katelyn and I attempted once again to get a good video of each of our lil' duck eggs. We succeeded!

Although you cannot make out distinct body parts, you can definitely watch the little ducklings move around inside their egg! (sorry no 4D sonogram)!

Duck Egg #1 . . . estimated 17 days incubation

Duck Egg #2 . . . estimated 17 days incubation

Duck Egg #3 . . . estimated 17 days incubation

Round about this time next week we should start seeing evidence of hatching.

So exciting!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home School, Crazy Tuesday, Ark

Home School is winding down for this year . . . I am excited for summer time and no school work. EJ and Cody have basically finished up . . . Cameron and Ryan will finish up tomorrow. Then if there are any papers that they didn't finish up, 
they will take care  of them.


Today began like a Monday . . .

The boys didn't get Seeley Booth outside this morning . . .
so, he chose to poop in our Master Bathroom.
After that, he chose to stand on Randy's side of the bed and pee
while I was in the shower.

The nasty messes got cleaned up and while I was getting ready, I dropped my curling iron onto my hand.

If you are not counting, that was THREE bad things BEFORE we headed out the door for the day!

Tonight, Katelyn found laundry soap suds coming out of her toilet and all over the floor in her bathroom. It was about a foot deep throughout the entire bathroom. Apparently, a little too much soap has been used in the laundry. Katelyn walked into her bathroom in the dark and met a lovely smelling foam bathroom.
She is traumatized! lol


Our lol' duck eggs are doing well . . .
we checked them tonight and they are all wiggling around.
We are thrilled and have watched them move around every time we have checked them ~ a little ducky sonogram right at home.
We are patiently awaiting for their little bills to pip through the air sac and then the shell. Hopefully be next weeks end we will be tending to cute and fuzzy baby ducks.


Stormy weather hit our area once again tonight.
We are water logged and the water squishes out of the ground when you walk on the grass.
Yesterday we had 3" of rainfall,
plus we had more rain today and tonight.
Local flooding is expected once again.
Tonight we are expected to have strong thunderstorms and isolated thunderstorms tomorrow.

I have heard many people say,
"I need an ark!"

That statement reminds me of "The Ark Encounter" 
at the Creation Museum.

Here is a link to see a video about The Ark Encounter AND the
Creation Museum!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

The hour is late . . . or maybe it is early . . . depends on how you look at it. I am sure my mama will ask why I was up LATE . . . I took a late snooze on the couch and haven't gotten tired yet.

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

We relaxed and enjoyed a bit of down time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Today, we had a smallish cookout - impromptu with family and had a great time!

Dad with the three Mi-Kis . . .
He seems to be the "Mi-Ki Whisperer!"

The kids played well together ~ even though we were inside because of rain for the most part.
The adults enjoyed conversation and laughter.

Lunch was yummy . . .

Hamburgers, hot dogs, vege tray with cheese and dip, baked beans, homemade Panera mac n cheese, chips/dip, popcorn and a berry trifle for dessert!

I tried to be good and only eat one serving size portion . . .
however, I think the angel food, pudding, cool whip and fruit trifle put my blood glucose a little higher than it had been running.
Over the past few weeks I have been learning what sets off higher than normal readings . . .

of course item with sugar or high carbs
I must remember to limit the number of grapes I eat!

Here is a picture of our yummy trifle - Katelyn made it!

Tonight we check our little ducklings and they were all wiggling around and moving their little wings. It is so fun to watch them wiggle around inside of those eggs. We estimate hatch day in 
11 - 13 days. We are watching for a few things and will stop the incubator from turning the eggs in about ten days.

Can't wait to watch them hatch!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Little Ducklings are Growing!

We are just past the 1/2 way mark on our little duck egg incubation. We have candled the little sweeties and tonight we have two smallish duck sonograms! lol Click on the arrows.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

a Duckie Sonogram and Homemade Fruit Slushies

Tonight we candled our little duck eggs . . .

Actually, I used the flashlight from my cell phone as it is the brightest and we can see really good. I hope to be able to video the ducklings movements in a few days.

 The kids also enjoyed a fruit slushy dessert after dinner tonight . . .

I purchased these cute little flushy makers here: Williams-Sonoma.

Scraping down the sides . . .
making the slush.

I used pure Cherry juice . . .
poured it right into the "cup" that had the insert placed into the freezer over night.

We put the insert into the colored base cup and the kids began their "work".

As the juice begins to freeze . . .
yummy goodness!

Kind of a science type experiment!

Lots and Lots of slushy goodness!

Which hit the spot!

Can you tell he liked it?

The cup holder that the freezer cup inserts into . . .
this one is holding extra spoon/scrappers.

I HIGHLY recommend this fun product!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Day in Photos . . . PUPPIES

Today we had the privilege of watching this little gal . . .

My Mom and Dad's baby Sophie!

A great time for a photo shoot!

Little Sophie wasn't so sure about this whole picture taking ordeal!

I brought in the more *ahem* shall I say, EXPERIENCED ones?

 Beckett and Sophie

It is funny how their little heads would turn the same way, at the same time.

 Time to add in Mia . . .

There . . . they are all looking the same way!

Sophie girl!
The angel was my Aunt Darlene's.

Mia looking shy.

Now, Mia and Beckett

Then we headed inside . . .

Sophie and Seeley Booth!

After pictures, Sophie quickly headed to her little carrier.
She was D.O.N.E. with the camera craziness!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid Week Pictures

Mid Week . . . I have to say, I am really ready for the weekend!
These past few days at work have been a bit . . .
hmmmm, let me put it this way . . .
People can be out of control and many times don't think before they speak! It is absolutely CRAZY!

I was happy to head out of the office today!


Mia received her new suitcase bed today . . .
She is such a princess!
This suitcase is a bit smaller than the one I have in my office for Beckett and Mia when they are together at work.
Most of the time Beckett sleeps in it alone.


Katelyn and I moved our 6 gallon fish tank downstairs to her bedroom and installed a 12 gallon fish tank in place of it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the night blue light!

A lighthouse in the back left side.

 The bubbles are happy in the aquarium tonight . . .
Eventually they will all disappear, but for now they are fun.

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