Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plumber Butt

Yesterday I wrote about my Bad Hair Day and Nose Waxing . . . I had almost 80 reads on that post! Wow!!! Inquiring minds REALLY want to know! lol

How do I top that one?

Maybe a post about the Crazy Things My Kids Say!?!

Here goes . . .

  • Ryan was in trouble and I really wanted to impress upon him NOT to do what he had done ever again. He looked at me and said:

"Don't forget, I am sensitive!"

  • "Mom, when are we going to get our hair cut?" Well, not until next week. "Oh . . . said with disappointment." So I said, If you want it cut, I can cut it for you. To which I hear . . . "O.k." I guess he must really want a hair cut if he doesn't care if I do it
  • Cody just finished up dinner and said, "I am reeaaalllly stuffed!" I smiled and said, "Good"! Then he looked at me and asked, "Can I have a snack?" (translation - Can I have something not good for me like junk food, chocolate or dessert?)
  • It is the beginning of May tomorrow, but one of my boys want to know if they can have "Spring Break". 
  • Poor little Joseph was sitting on the floor of my office when one of the boys came in to read to him. All of sudden one of them starts giggling and announces to everyone . . . "Hey, look at Joseph . . . he has Baby Plumber Butt!"
There you have it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Horrible Hair Day & Nose Waxing???

This morning I got up as usual, took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on my makeup, dried my hair and began styling it. Needless to say 45 minutes later my hair looked H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.!!! I couldn't do a thing with it and it looked like I had been hit in the side of the head with a board . . . yes, it was that flat!

Prior to pulling out of my drive, I dialed my stylist quickly and left her an URGENT message that basically described my hair AND mood for the day. She could tell I was having a crisis and scheduled me for 4:00 p.m. 

I headed into the Salon . . . have gone there for years and years! She laughed when she saw my hair . . . add wind blown to the already mess. I was a sight!

I sat down in the chair and she began evaluating my hair. I had enough product in it for ten people . . . I almost apologized! It wasn't long before she quickly exclaimed how long my hair had gotten. It literally grew 2+ inches in three weeks! (It couldn't be my Isagenix Protein Shakes, Could it?) Anyway, between the quick growth and the humidity I needed a hair cut and style. While we were at it, throw in a facial wax! Hey how about a nose wax? Well, never had one . . . sure why not!?!

We were having a blast when we decided to text Katelyn and share a little fun with her . . . so we sent her some pictures and a video! I will spare you the video, but here are a few pictures!

Under the dryer with a foil head!

Hair just rinsed . . .
time for a wax!
Check out the brows AND no gray!

Now for a nostril wax!
Yes, they do look like big Popsicle sticks.
As you can tell, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect!

I have to tell you . . .
it DID hurt!
But, there is a plus side . . .
it is amazing how much clearer I can breathe!

This is the picture I received from Katelyn after I sent her pictures:

I think it kind of freaked her out!

Tomorrow will be a much better hair day!

Thank you Stacie!
Love you!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

a Sunday at Our House in Pictures

We began our Sunday be enjoying Grace Pres on television this morning. It was a lovely time of worship. 

I wanted to begin taking photos again around the house something other than my iphone. I plugged in my small point and shoot only to find the battery was not taking a charged and had actually expired in December, 2012. So, the pictures were once again taken with my iphone. 

We have been busy around the house. Kitchen and pantry were tidied . . . always a good thing! We also cleaned the fish tank . . . we now have happy fishies! I will be cleaning out the guinea pig cages . . . nasty job but someone has to do it.

This is Petunia Pricklebottom . . . this tray keeps her from getting below with the guinea pigs.

Miss PB is now in her pink house.
She loved it outside . . . 
her little nose was breathing all of the fresh air in.
She is funny.

This is the backend of Gibbs . . .
not so flattering, is it?

Alfalfa was hiding for a little while in his house.

Until he and Gibbs smelled Guinea chow!

This is Alfalfa . . .
poor guy has a ruptured eye - the right one.
You can see how it doesn't quite look right.
He is having surgery on Tuesday.

Gibbs was hiding.
Our Guinea Pigs are kind of hefty and weigh in at 2.86 lbs.

A little bird family has taken up residence.

Isn't it pretty?

The sky was overcast most of the day.

We did manage to tidy up the deck and vacuum the rug.

Then we went fishing.
Last week the water was OVER this dock.

Seeley is just learning about fishing.

Daddy caught a twig!

Seeley was giving Cody some moral support.

Cameron had a little worm guts on his hand.

Cameron did catch two fish!

Seeley got up close and personal with the fish.

Then he sat back and took it all in.

Seeley Booth our fishing dog!

Ryan had been at a concert with Katelyn.

Afterward she bought him a DQ.

another little one for Cameron

The sun decided to finally show up.

Three of the boys . . .

AND the bobber is UNDER!

Ryan caught a fish!

Not too bad in size.
It swallowed the hook, so daddy cut the line and threw it back before Mom could get a good picture.

Cameron's fish

Another for Ryan!


I came across another of those FB posts that just say it all.

It certainly works this way in my house!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update and other Tid Bits, Plus a Silly Story

Update about my last blog post . . .

Today, Randy and his sister were relieved of their Power of Attorney status with their parents. They have their car back and fully acknowledged they are on their own. They thanked Randy and he went on his way.


Please pray for a Dear Friend . . . she will be undergoing a procedure at the hospital tomorrow. Please pray for calmness, peace and comfort.


Works is busy and things are moving along. We are thankful for God's amazing provision and grace! Things are coming together and I can't wait to share!


The flood waters remain . . . in fact, our area has become National News. Apparently, Meredith Viera was in town and checking out the flooding, As was Governor Quinn.


My kiddos are winding down their school year. They will be done right on time with all of the other kids in the area. They are excited and can't wait for summer and all of its fun to arrive.


Do people actually use the word Tid Bit anymore?


The classroom had a discussion this afternoon.
Apparently, Baby Joseph had his shirt off because of a mess and the boys were teasing that his lil' "boobies" were showing.
Mrs. P told the boys that boys do not have boobies . . .
I laughed when I heard the subject, but tend to disagree with 
Mrs. P. We have always told the boys they had tiny boobies.
Well, I have been corrected . . .
men/boys do not have boobies . . .
they have moobies.

There you have it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Manipulative Older Parents

Last night I became irritated . . . maybe even a bit angry . . . it carried into this morning and I woke in a really bad mood. I tried to basically stay by myself, in my office away from everyone . . . but work and life found me.

I am sure you are wondering by this time 
"Why were you irritated?"

Older parents (Randy's) that choose to MANIPULATE and hurt those that love them and have been TRYING to care for them.

We are continually made aware they want to be "on their own" to live how they want to live. They cancelled the in home care we had set up for them every week day about a month ago. We had no choice but to either pay the company even though no one could get into the house or cancel the service. Randy cancelled the service.
Which led to . . . "We have no one to take us where we need to go."
Which actually meant . . . we want our car back.
Of course, they did have people to take them where they needed to go, however the real issue was . . . they didn't have their car and the privilege of driving where ever they wanted to go at any time.

The car had been removed from them because we felt they were not responsible enough to have their car. We were fearful of poor choices while driving that would end badly and we didn't want anyone hurt or even killed.

The return of the car had been denied since January.
Today, we received a call that they were trying to purchase a vehicle. They actually called a car dealership that knew us and felt something was not right and was courteous enough to give us a call. We cannot believe the manipulation of the circumstances.

Today, Randy told them he would bring their car to them, against better judgement Randy feels he cannot deal with them anymore.

All of the above makes me irritated and angry.
Hurtful, cutting remarks have been made by two elderly parents to two of their children and even their grandchildren.

Randy's mother has the beginnings of Dementia.
She has good days and then really bad ones.
We thought Randy's Dad had mental issues going on too . . .
we discovered over the past months that he "pretends to have issues" to gain attention. He was caught in the act while pretending to have a stroke/seizure about 6 weeks ago.
After he was found out, he admitted to "pretending" for years.
He has been told "normal people" do not pretend to be dying 
just to get attention.

Randy and his sister are taking a step back and giving their parents the freedom they are demanding. I simply cannot see any good coming from this entire situation. I have expressed my opinion to my husband but I also know he and his sister are the ones that need to make the decision and not me.

I am sure Randy and his sister are both hoping that their parents will finally calm down and stop the incessant out of control rants.
I hope so too . . .
but I am not overly optimistic . . .

Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Days . . .

If your life is anything like mine, you have SOME Days that seem to go on forever. Today was one of those days for me.

Off to the office/school this morning . . . we took a little stop along the way to assess the flooding in our area.

There is supposed to be a road to the left under all of that water. You can see the road signs poles are underwater up to the sign.

In Peoria, more flood photos:

Please remember to pray for flood victims around our Nation!

After our little detour, we went back a few blocks and into the office/school parking lot.

The boys got out of the car and headed right in.
I stayed in the car for a little longer chatting with my mom on the phone . . . a weekday morning ritual!

Eventually, I headed inside and visited with each of the girls in the office for a few minutes. Randy eventually made his way in.

Soon, I headed upstairs to my office, fed my little fish and began working. Dad came up a few minutes later as we had a few thing we needed to attend to.

Before I knew it, it was time to take EJ to the Orthodontist.
Off we went - an hour later we were finished there and headed to PetSmart to pick up a few things. Tomorrow morning, the store may be inaccessible due to flooding. A little too close for comfort is what the staff of PetSmart is thinking!

After PetSmart it was back to town to pick up the remainder of my crew. It took us a few minutes to get back out the door, but for them . . . it was pretty quick.

We headed home from there . . . 
the boys immediately headed outside.
I had a few things to take care of before 
I headed out to watch them play.
Katelyn was making Tacos so she could easily see them from
her spot in the kitchen.

Randy came in the door and we chatted a few minutes.
Things are moving slowly on our business building. We are waiting for drawings and other such business from the insurance as far as replacement costs go. 

We have a few more iiii's to dot and tttt's to cross prior to knowing if the avenue we are pursing with our business will work out.
We continue to trust in God's Ultimate Plan, but find there are times we do become a bit frustrated and we must remind each other to turn everything . . . even the tiniest detail over to God.

Just as Satan was trying to get under my skin,
I came across this on Facebook . . .

God NEVER ceases to Amaze me!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures . . . Long one.

We have had a nice weekend . . . at least for the most part.
The boys played outside for a long, long time yesterday.
They had a great time simply being boys.
A few neighbor friend came over which brought 
the male count to six.
SIX little boys in our backyard is amazing to watch.
They begin by hanging out and catching up.
Then the challenges begin.
A little Testosterone kind of dance.

Once challenges the next and the wrestling begins.

If one doesn't have the other pinned down,
they circle.

They "stalk" one another . . .
they either growl or giggle.
They tease one another . . .
and then down they go.

Daddy and I cheer them on . . .
we also watch to make sure no one gets too rough.
Yes, there are bumps, scratches and at times a bloody nose . . .
(during a wrestling match bloody noses are 
almost a medal to these guys).

Seeley Booth keeps a watchful eye . . .
he will bark at them if he thinks they are getting too rough.

Seeley is a BIG boy . . .
Tomorrow, April 22 Seeley turns ONE year old!
He was SO small when we brought him home . . .
he was 16 weeks at the time.

 Seeley has really grown . . . and so have the boys!

Seeley Booth has grown into a wonderful friend to the boys.
He also loves Beckett and they play all the time.
Happy Birthday Seeley Booth!
We LOVE You!


The sun is setting . . .
the boys are all inside now.

We have soaked three Bearded Dragons.
Their aquariums have been cleaned.

We have done four loads of laundry.
The kids put theirs away.

DVD's/Blue Ray videos have found their cases . . .
Is our house the only one that dvds don't get returned to their case?
Are we the only house that Momma finds dvds/Blue Ray movies stuffed here and there?

We did manage to get videos put away properly.
While we were at it we tidied up the game drawers too.

I made up another batch of Cheerio Marshmallow treats ~ simply can't keep them in the house!

This afternoon we all sat down and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.
The house was bursting with laughter!

I don't know that I am ready to begin a new work week . . .
I am really enjoying my weekend.

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