Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snuggles, Appointments and Poop

This week has been full of appointments! Teeth, Eyes and Nails!
So glad to be finished with Eye appointments for all, Nail appointment fore me (although I do love them), Vet appointments for three girls and Dental for Cameron, Cody and myself. We still have orthodontist appointments and two more dental appointments.

This week has literally flown by . . .
I almost feel like asking "Where did it go?"
BUT, I won't . . . 
I don't want to be wrong we we backup a few days!

My bitty girl Beckett is VERY snuggly/clingy tonight.
Maybe she thinks I am going out . . . I am not.
So, she is laying between my arms as I type.

Sweet girl!


I found the cutest little Brush Your Teeth Timer!!!

Click HERE for the link.


It has been quite "the Day" . . .

I know you are on pins and needles to know about "the day" . . .

This morning we were up a little bit earlier than normal since I had to take the furry girls to the vet at 8:30 a.m. 
I had everyone moving and headed out the door.
Katelyn was taking the boys to our little school room and Randy took Cameron to the dentist.
I was at the vet getting the girls weighed in when my cell phone rang. I quickly answered it and found a distraught Katelyn on the other end. I finished the call and then helped with weighing my furry ones. 

Beckett weighed 3.4 lbs - AFTER she ate her breakfast.
Mia weighed 6.8 lbs - AFTER she ate her breakfast.
Emma . . . I believe weight 21 lbs . . . or was that 23 lbs?

anyway . . .

Back to the telephone call . . .

Katelyn and the boys cleaned the guinea pig cage/hedgehog cage:


The "Condo"

The cage is all decked out with Veterinarian grade fleece for small animals. The poop and etc. was whisked into the garbage and the fleece was pulled out - we rotate the fleece from a stack of fleece we have for just such a reason. The fleece is washable and Cameron was told to take it to the washer. Apparently, on the way to the laundry room, Cameron pushed the fleece into Cody's face.
Cody is a "smell" kind of kid and hates nasty smells. 
Immediately he threw up all over the floor . . .
Kix with milk.
Nice, Right?
Now you know WHY Katelyn was distraught.

The mess was dealt with and all was better when I talked with her a few minutes later . . . our phone call ended by informing Katelyn that Emma promptly deposited poop on the floor in exam room at the vet . . . Katelyn did manage a little laugh about Emma's  . . .
ahem . . . deposit!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Early Morning on Sunday . . . Really?

Sunday Morning . . . the boys were awake at 6:30 a.m.  . . .  no I am not thrilled. They have been LOUD and CRAZED all morning. They have been outside already to play (sorry neighbors) and are still full of energy. So . . . instead of wasting all of the energy THEY have, THEY are cleaning their rooms. 
I know . . . I spoil them!

Yesterday was pretty laid back around here . . . 
movies, chilling out and naps.

I wrote my Compassion children yesterday . . .
all 14 of them . . .
I love writing them and also reading their letters to my family. We received three letters on Friday . . .

Some of my favorite things from their letters:

"Please pray I do well in my studies."

"We are praying for you."

"She likes your pet, a puppy, but she is fear of the small lizard."

In Nicaragua we call the game BINGO . . . CHALUPA.

"We are praying for you. Have a great harvest, of thousand by one."

With their letters, I also receive photos and drawings.

It is such a Blessing!

God Bless Compassion International!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Life is FULL of the UNEXPECTED.

Especially with boys!

Boy Mamas never know what to expect minute to minute or second to second some days.

BOYS ARE . . .

Exhausting, Exasperating, Exhilarating, Exciting,
Energetic, Eager, Emotional, 

In an effort to explain the words above . . .
a few examples of our week:

  • My youngest comes down the stairs from his bedroom every night at approximately 9:20 p.m. "Mommy, my belly hurts." I immediately know that he thinks he needs a little snack. A few crackers with cheese and his belly is cured.
  • The snow had been falling approximately 5 minutes when Ryan asked if he could go outside and play in it.
  • EJ was taking a test the other day (3rd grade) when he looked over at his cousin and asked her for an answer. Of course it was noticed immediately. I asked EJ if he was cheating on his test . . . his answer, "No she answered the wrong question."
  • All mamas to boys know to LOOK carefully before sitting in the bathroom. Last night I went into the bathroom and the seat to the toilet was sprinkled on. I asked who had been in the bathroom recently . . . would you believe no one? Not me struck again!
  • I asked Cameron why he didn't complete a chore he was instructed to do . . . his answer, "because EJ said I didn't have to do it."
  • We have approximately 4,999,999,999,999 Lego pieces in our home. Would you believe at least two of my boys want the exact same piece at the exact same time? 
  • Randy noticed a horrible smell each time Ryan passed by him. He stopped him and asked, "Ryan have you been wearing your boots without socks?" Ryan answered yes. Randy reminded him that his feet will get very stinky as will his boots. Ryan replied, "my feet don't stink". At that very moment he brought his foot up to his nose and took a sniff. Without a word, he went and got his boots and took another sniff. The look on his face was priceless . . . yes indeed Raunchy Stinky Nasty Smelly feet and boots. The boots will be washed tomorrow - he hasn't been allowed to wear them.
  • The boys were helping me in the kitchen . . . EJ was using a kid knife and chopping carrots . . . He looked at me and said, "I feel like I am on CHOPPED!"
  • Did you know that a nine year old boy can take a dog out to go potty in less than 30 seconds and actually expect me to believe the dog actually had a chance to take care of business?
  • Boys lose track of what they are supposed to be doing quite easily. In fact, they can walk from one room to the next and not know why. A gentle reminder usually gets them back on track.
  • Boys love sticker charts . . . especially the green star stickers. 
  • The brain of little boys is always in motion . . . beware of too much quiet!
  • I have found Lego in the oddest places . . . the fruit and vege fridge drawer, my make up drawer, in my spot of the bed, in my shoe, in our book basket . . . my bitty Beckett even finds those crazy Lego pieces. She hoards them!
  • Boys can take a shower in less than 30 seconds . . . and claim they used soap! They tend to take a little longer if promised a little help in the scrubbing department from Dad.
  • Brushing teeth . . . Do you really mean the toothpaste NEEDS to be used and actually scrubbed in little circles on the teeth?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Even Home School families LOVE a SNOW DAY!

The past few days we have been keeping up on the weather forecast . . .


has been issued for our area!

We are THRILLED!!!

We can't wait to see those first flakes of snow.

Randy is ready with his plow . . .

The kids are ready to go out and play in it . . .

Seeley Booth will love it . . .

and we just might have an official SNOW DAY!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This morning Katelyn and I each received a beautiful floral arrangement from "Daddy".

He also included beautiful cards of love!

Upon waking this morning I received many Happy Valentine's Day Mommy from my boys. They were thrilled to experience a fun and exciting Valentine's Day with Mrs. M today.

The boys were thrilled to have a day they called . . .
Sugar High Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cupcakes, Penthouse and

The kids have headed to bed, Randy is upstairs working . . . he is available to assist customers around the world for a few hours each night. Katelyn is catching up with Facebook, etc. The dogs are sleeping . . . hard day at the Beauty Parlor.

Katelyn made cupcakes for our little school kiddos for tomorrow. 

I have my cup of coffee in front of me as I type. It is delicious.

The Hedgehog and Guinea pigs are sporting a new "hotel" of sorts. A three tier cage . . . they are getting used to things and exploring a bit. Hedgie is a bit disgruntled and has been huffing and puffing, although she did come out and nose around a little tonight.

They are safely located by the dog food and water bowls. Our furry babies can check in on them too! They love to watch them scurry around. Our Guinea Pigs are pretty social . . . the Hedgie, not so much!

When Hedgie thought no one was looking, she was out and about checking out her new Penthouse. I grabbed a quick photo . . .

There is her little face and eyes!

If you haven't caught on . . . we are creature lovers!

I haven't let Randy off the hook yet about chickens!
(I really don't think he is going to give in!)
but . . . I still LOVE him!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This morning I headed out earlier than the rest of the gang . . . I had a hair appointment . . . it was WONDERFUL & Quiet!

After hair, I headed back to our classroom and worked through classes until 2:30 before we headed toward home. 

Once home we headed upstairs to clean out the Bearded Dragon cages. We began with Artemis's Cage . . . he had really grown and when he climbed his tree branch it fell over. We were afraid he would get hurt, so we took it out and added rock instead. 

Lazy Beardie!

After Artemis, we cleaned out Apollo's cage. We added a new bridge for her . . . I think she really likes it.

Apollo really likes her hammock and is headed right for it.

Finally, we were on to lil' Zeus. 
He is a little fella . . . and very sweet. He was up high on his tree branch and loving every minute.

This is Zeus's cage . . . it is more vertical.

Nice little Beardies . . . full tummies and clean houses!

Monday, February 11, 2013

29 Plus International Shipping and Handling

Just when I think the Mucinex Sinus has cleared my head . . . it fills again. I really should grumble, but I could feel so much worse. Crazy germs! We have really be fortunate not to be dealing with influenza or some other nastier illness. I guess there is always something to be thankful for.

Cody is still awake. He came downstairs about an hour ago . . . his tummy hurt . . . second night in a row. I had him snack on some saltines . . . it did the trick. He told me he would take Seeley to his "bed" kennel for me and I thought, "How Sweet". Well, not so fast on the how sweets . . . Cody tried to sneak Seeley up to his bedroom. I caught them going up the stairs together. I asked them to come back down to me . . . I asked Seeley if he wanted to sleep with Cody . . . no, I am not kidding. When Ryan wants Seeley to sleep with him, he tends to come and hide by me. I figured he would do the same if he didn't want to go with Cody. He didn't seem to mind, so I let Cody take him upstairs with him to bed. Hopefully, he will settle in the for night.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying a bit of relaxation . . . I have a hair appointment! My roots are HORRIBLE WHITE . . . my Stacie can work wonders though! I was thinking, I just might have to start going every THREE weeks . . . just sayin'! Don't believe me . . .
Take a look . . .

Katelyn just came over and looked at my roots.
She immediately laughed and said that is PURE white Mom!
Thanks . . . sweetie!
Katelyn continued laughing and said, "you know, if you didn't have it colored every month your hair would be totally white!"

Yes . . .
I know!

Only 29 plus International Shipping and handling . . .
and I am going gray!

(But not for long!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The weekend has been long . . . maybe because my head is clogged with . . . well, I don't think I need to describe it, you get the picture.  My tolerance level has been about a negative ten. I am thankful the boys have been fairy cooperative. 

We did manage a few little items . . . we tidied through our library and removed the "younger books." Of course, some of them made their way back to our library as we were separating them. It always amazes me when the boys have nothing to do with books for months . . . until I decide to purge. lol

The boys were able to get outside and run with Seeley Booth this afternoon. They ALL needed to let off some energy and we are all better for it!

That is it for tonight. Have a good evening!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Delivery Guy . . .

Tonight I am a bit tired, it has already been a long week for me. Our morning began at 5:00 a.m. when the Oberweis guy rang the doorbell for the second week in a row. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  For those who wonder, Did you call Oberweis and let them know he shouldn't ring the bell? Well, Yes . . . Yes I did! In fact, here is the little note I wrote them:


I know your delivery guys are excited to be up and about early in the mornings, but we like to sleep in until at least 6:30 a.m. Would you please ask our delivery driver NOT to ring our door bell at 5:00 a.m. unless it is an emergency? We would certainly appreciate it!


I wonder if they will respond. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

According to . . .

I think it is fun and interesting to write a post about trends, things happening, fun stuff . . . I have received my March 2013 Real Simple magazine and have some good ones for you!

  • a trend worth trying . . . the color TANGERINE 
  • open-air terrariums are easy . . . or so they say
  • there is a new app that allows you to scan on your iphone - It is the Digimark Discover app from itunes or google play market. I played around with it and it really does work! 
  • there is a new iphone app that uses the camera to display an image of whatever is in front of you as you are walking. It is called: Type N Walk . . . if you do a lot of texting, this one may be for you! I downloaded it and like it.
  • Did you know Traditional Etiquette does dictate that you should send notes in response to condolence cards if you are able.
There you have it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Katelyn is 20 Years Old Today!

No matter how many ways I think about it . . .

I still cannot believe our girl is 20 years old!

In true fashion on Birthday's in our home . . .
a Tribute of 20 things you may or may not know about our Birthday Girl.

  1. Katelyn loves to read.
  2. She is great in the kitchen and REALLY knows how to cook.
  3. She is just like her Mom and Dad . . .  she lives OUTSIDE the box!
  4. Katelyn loves earrings.
  5. She loves to make little concoctions she finds on Pinterest.
  6. She stands up for what she believes in . . . even if she must stand alone.
  7. Katelyn is the FIRST Grand Daughter on Mama's side and the third on Daddy's side.
  8. Katelyn loves impromptu short trips, especially with mom.
  9. She loves to shop with Grandma.
  10. Ryan says, "Katelyn is a walking encyclopedia".
  11. Loves color.
  12. Talks to lizards and guinea pigs.
  13. Katelyn's favorite restaurant is Kellehers.
  14. Her favorite movie is Ferris Buehler.
  15. Has two Majors . . . Drawing and Graphic Design.
  16. Katelyn loves school
  17. Has become a night owl like her mama.
  18. Loves to tease her daddy.
  19. Katelyn is the most beautiful person inside and out that I know.
  20. Katelyn is a BLESSED gift from God!
Happy Birthday Katelyn Elisabeth! We LOVE You!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Talking from the Backseat

Kids are so funny . . . there are times I simply LOVE hearing the chat from the backseat as I drive. Yesterday, there was some pretty deep conversation going on back there!

The conversation went like this between the boys,

  • Did you know the streets of Heaven are made of gold?
  • I sure hope there are no poor people there!
  • Why do you think there are poor people in Heaven?
  • I don't . . . I just hope there isn't cause that makes me sad.
  • Kamie is in heaven . . . I wonder what she is doing. (our Sheltie that passed away a year and a half ago.)
  • I think she is bouncing a ball off of her nose.
  • I think Aunt Darlene is tossing the ball to her.
  • I think they are having a good time.
  • What else do you think Kamie is doing?
  • Well, she is probably sleeping.
  • There is NO sleeping in Heaven!
  • Mommy, is there sleeping in Heaven?
  • I think we will like Heaven . . . we get to see God every day.
  • I think we will see Jesus everyday. We can go see him every time we want to.
We then arrived at our destination and the conversation changed. I simply sat, listened and soaked it all in.

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