Sunday, December 30, 2012

Prayer Requests . . . Treading the Seas

I am finding it hard to write tonight . . .
struggling to find just the right words.

These past two days have grabbed our hearts and squeezed tightly.
Yesterday morning my Mom took/rode with Dad to the Emergency Room . . . he was short of breath.
The Emergency room checked him out, he had tests, etc. and was kept overnight for observation and a stress test this morning.
I picked Mom up early and we headed up to the hospital . . .
(Mom and I always tend to have "adventures" when we are together!) so I knew we would make a bit of fun during our day.
We arrived quite some time before Dad was finished with his stress testing. We enjoyed coffee and chit chat . . . it has been a while since we have had time to be alone together.
Finally, Dad was returned to his room and then we waited.
Dad's stress test came back normal . . .
BIG relief!
The Doc said the MRI Dad had yesterday revealed he did have some gallstones and a hiatal hernia. With Dad's other symptoms of bloating, burping and feeling icky the Doc decided it was probably the hiatal hernia causing the shortness of breath as well.
Dad is to follow up with his doc within a weeks time.
I dropped Mom and Dad off at home early afternoon . . .
they were wiped out and ready for a bit of rest.

Just before dropping Mom and Dad off at their house, I found out that Randy's Mom and Dad (Paul and Jean) were involved in a fall after church today. Randy's Mom was in bad shape and suffered the brunt of the fall. She was hurting everywhere and couldn't pinpoint any one place. The ER people gave her morphine and eventually she went for xrays. There were no broken bones detected on the xrays, however Randy's Mom could not sit or stand. She is in a LOT of pain. Since the fall, she has also been disoriented and has us concerned with that as well. Tonight, she was admitted and given a room. Tomorrow the docs will assess if she requires an MRI to determine why she is in so much pain. Randy also feels that it is possible she needs transferred to a larger hospital that can assess her injuries in more depth. That has yet to be decided.

Tonight, Randy's Dad is staying here with us . . .
he has trouble getting around and we were afraid he would fall while being alone and no one would know. For now he is all tucked into bed and sleeping soundly.

Life definitely has a way of changing and turning your world upside down, Doesn't it?

I am truly thankful God is right with us as we tread through the billowing seas of life! 

I am so thankful for all of your prayers . . .
they can be felt each step of the way. 

Please continue to pray dear prayer warriors!

I also ask you to pray for Randy's sister Dee . . .
she wants to be beside her mama during this time, however she is undergoing chemo treatments that began this last week. Many of you know how hard chemo is on a body and how mentally drained you become. Dee is a strong person, but it is hard to be strong during the storms!

I do not understand all that is happening right now, but I did hear my husband say . . . God is with us. God knows what he is doing. He will not give you more to handle than you are able. This will makes us all stronger . . . we have to trust Him.

Thank you prayer warriors!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Chapter 1

Phew, finally a time to sit down and write. 
We have had a great time celebrating Christmas!
We had two family parties to attend . . . one at Melissa's 
and one at Jeanette's
then our own Christmas at home. 

Christmas Eve's Eve was a lovely party at our Niece and Nephew's house . . .Melissa and Josh.
Randy, Katelyn, Ryan and Cody attended and had a great time.
I stayed home with Cameron and EJ . . . 
another story for another time.

Although I wasn't there to take photos . . .
Katelyn was able to get a few.

Katelyn took these photos with her iphone camera . . .
guess Randy and Katelyn forgot there regular cameras.
Many of the photos were blurry . . .
there was a lot of action going on there folks!

They also took two trays of these:
They were a HIT!

Thank you Melissa and Josh for the great time!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We all waited and waited for Christmas Day 2012 . . .
Everyone was excited and we counted down for weeks, 
days and hours. I wondered if my kiddos would sleep in this morning or be up with the chickens . . . (no, we still don't have chickens . . . Randy still says we can't have them where we live, even with a really cute chicken coop!)

I was up and in the kitchen at 7:30 a.m. mixing together everything for Breakfast Casserole - my boys requested it.
They love breakfast casserole and request it often . . .
Thanks Marva for the yummy recipe you posted a few years ago!

My Mom and Dad joined us for breakfast . . .
lil' Sophie came too!
We all enjoyed breakfast together . . .
it is a very special breakfast for us.

The boys helped clean up . . .
as did Grandma and Katelyn.
Thanks everyone!

The boys were chomping at the bit to dive into the presents,
so after breakfast we finally gave them the go ahead.
This is the first Christmas we all set back and watched them dig through the gifts and open them all up . . . no order, no open one at a time . . . just DIVE in! Daddy and Grandma reminded the boys to throw away their wrap in the garbage bag. Wrap was flying and boys were jumping up and down. Katelyn enjoyed watching too . . .
we both remarked how Christmas changes a bit once you are an adult. Kind of sad, but nice in some ways too.

Cody opened one of his gifts that contained a Hex Bug . . .
he turned it on and promptly placed it on my head.
Of course, the rotating legs promptly gathered my hair and wound it up tightly. I quickly asked for help . . .
(Stacie, if I have a small bald spot on the top of my head . . . )
Mom came to the rescue . . .
thanks Mom!

It wasn't long before Cameron did the same thing . . .
to himself!
His Hex bug took out a bit more hair!
Once again Grandma came to the rescue!
She told Cameron, I will hold the bug . . .
you pull! I don't think Cameron thought it was a good idea, but he complied and soon he was free of the Hex Bug.

Our day was full to overflowing . . .
this was only a small bit our happenings and I will
share more AND include pictures tomorrow.

Time to head to bed.



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Day in Pictures!

Today we begin our first of Christmas Parties! We are excited and say  . . . Let the PARTAY begin!

We slept in slightly  . . . thank you boys! Then up and at it at a chilled out pace. Our second batch of Pioneer Woman is now chilling in the fridge. Two trays to the party, two trays to deliver and the remainder for my family . . . they won't last long!

First rise for the Cinnamon rolls.

Second Rise

Proofing/rising in the mini oven.

and now . . .

The finished product . . .
total yumminess in a pan!


Randy and Katelyn are hanging my new clock. Thanks guys! You Rock!

Isn't it pretty?
Thank you K girls!


Eggs are boiled and ready to be refrigerated. I don't dare peel them ahead because the kids will find and devour them. 

Seeley Booth decided to chill out while Mama and Katelyn bake.
He has really grown and is so beautiful! He is such a good boy!

Lunch today was Ham and Cheese Panini! They were a hit and I was thrilled to finish up the ham from the beginning of the week.

Please ignore my . . . ahem . . . fine china!

Cody was the first one to the table.

It is now 1:00 p.m. and the last of the Cinnamon rolls are coming out of the oven. It is time for a little rest before we begin getting ready for our first Christmas party!

Have a great Day!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today, we baked . . .
a lot . . .
you can probably smell the yummy goodness at your house!

We began the day by preparing the dough for Pioneer Woman Cinnamon rolls! Her recipe makes quite a few pans . . .
great for sharing at Christmas time.

Then we started the dough for home made bread.
Oh yea!

We let the bread rise and rise again.

The result . . .

Pans and Pans of yummy Cinnamon rolls are cooling on my counter now. One pan was already eaten . . . not much gets past my family! The bread wasn't even cool but my husband was carving into it . . . he had the butter out and was chomping at the bit when I pulled the loaves from the oven.

We will be delivering Cinnamon rolls to a few neighbors . . .
we have one batch going to a friend . . .
more cinnamon rolls need to be made for Christmas.
Guess that will be a job for us on Monday we will get a batch ready and in the fridge before our Christmas Eve party with my family!

Baking for the evening is complete . . .
deliveries are being made . . .
spreading yummy goodness joy!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Today, we stayed home . . . inside! It was super cold outside and although the boys wanted to go outside, Mama nixed that idea!

We spent the day WRAPPING, WRAPPING & WRAPPING SOME MORE! You know what??? Wrapping is COMPLETED! Woo Hoo, so now we can spend the weekend having fun, baking and chilling out with the kids. (Something about chilling with four boys ages 10 and under doesn't exactly seem to be right! Four boys + chaos = chilling? hmmmm)

Mom stopped by with little Sophie today. She had gone for a check up and is now 2.6 lbs! Sophie is totally adorable and the boys immediately fell in love with her.

Isn't she adorable?

a Beautiful Price ornament

Pretty mini ceramic dish and Hot cocoa

See how pretty it looks on my counter!

Fluffy moisturizing scuffies, hand cream, yummies and a smell good for the car.

I have received a gorgeous clock too . . .
however, I haven't removed it from the box yet.
I want it to stay safe until I can get Randy to hang it!

We, as a family also received this beauty:

Such a Precious and Loving gift!
It is truly breath taking!

I feel so blessed to have wonderful people that LOVE me!
I am spoiled . . .
and smiling!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today, December 20 started out as a gloomy rainy day . . .
light rain and 50 degrees.

Then the temps began dropping.
Yesterday we were in the maybe snow area . . .
probably a dusting or so.

Then the new forecast came in.



Temps are to drop into the teens tonight and if you factor in the wind chill . . . it will feel like the single digits!

How do we feel about it?


We are staying home tomorrow from school . . .
but learning here at home.
We will be baking a bit and having some fun with math.

Daddy will be out plowing driveways!
Yippee for a plow on the truck!


Today was such a fun day!

The kids went bowling with Mrs. M and had a great time!
Pizza was for lunch.

Went to the pet store for a few little items to go with a gift and I decided to surprise my family with this:

It needs a little tweaking, but will be gorgeous once I have added a few decorations to the inside for color.

Isn't it cool?
It kind of looks like it is floating and it is relatively small.
The boys enjoy watching the little fishies swim around!

"just keep swimming . . . just keep swimming"


The past few days I have received some lovely gifts!
I LOVE them . . .

tomorrow I will post pictures!


Be safe and stay warm!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today and Photos

Our "Alice" is on Vacation for a few weeks . . .
our house is cringing!
Alice gives our home love and care each week day . . .
now it is up to us . . . 

TODAY'S CHORES: Many hands make light work!
Everyone worked together to accomplish much today.

laundry X 10 loads,  tidy up each room - check
dust mop all wood floors, damp mop all wood floors - check
hand wash all hard floors and tidy pantry - check
vacuum kitchen and clean main floor bathrooms - check

Emma needs a bath . . . whew! - check

cleaned out three cabinets  and restock toilet paper - check
put Christmas photos in frames - check
clean and renew scentsy wax - check
wipe down wooden staircase - check
scrub up nasty doggie doo from the front walk- check
put rings on shrinky dinks for school tomorrow - check
tidy desk, update ipad, cut out and bake Shrinky Dinks - check

give the Beardies a soak - check x 3

Our largest Beardie Artemis - wrongly named as this lizard is a boy. . . hard to tell which they are when they are little.

Zeus is the little dude . . .
he just doesn't seem to grow. We purchased Zeus and Artemis
at the same time and they were the same size. Now, Artemis would try to eat Zeus if they were in the same aquarium. For size comparison, look at the drain.

Apollo is our first Beardie . . .
She is much smaller than Artemis . . .
she was named wrong too!
Guess we aren't so good at determining 
gender when they are young.

Randy replaced the light bulbs in pantry . . .
Those LED bulbs are BRIGHT!

Ryan took these photos - sorry for the blur!

Self portrait!

Well, it is time to enjoy a movie with my kiddos and a snuggle with my furry ones too.

Have a great evening.

Sunday Morning

Weekends, who doesn't love them?
I always look forward to those two little days . . .
the end and the beginning of a week.

I love being home with each of my loves . . . 
big ones and the littles.

This morning found all but Katelyn and Mia in our bed.
It was a bit "overloaded" to say the least!
Randy and I have come to expect the pile on each Sunday morning.
There are giggles, puppy kisses and wiggly boys.
Randy makes the same statement each Sunday morning . . .
"Boy, I hate to have the bed break from overload!"

Ryan headed to the main floor to make breakfast.
It wasn't long before he arrived upstairs with two plates of toast . . .
for Mommy and Daddy . . . breakfast in bed.
He was all smiles as he watched each bite we took . . .
I made sure to comment on each delicious bite.
Ryan then returned to the main floor to make toast for his brothers.
Being TEN he is the official toast maker . . .
old enough to use the toaster safely ~ of which he is thrilled.

This morning the skies are gray outside . . .
but inside our home it feels sunny with the kids enjoying one another's company. Christmas music is playing and all is calm.

As I write, I think of those precious families whose homes are filled with mourning and broken hearts. I remind my children to pray for these families. We stop the chaos and each of the children lift up the families in prayers and then Daddy prays. Tears fall.
May we never forget to pray for others.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The house is silent . . .
with the exception of Emma's snoring.

The hour is late, but I find it is the time I can relax 
and clear my head each day. Katelyn is still awake and enjoying her time of decompression as well.

Do you ever look at your children as they sleep and smile?
They are so peaceful and QUIET!

Lil Beckett is asleep between my arms as I write.
She is my snuggle bug.

Cameron is all tuckered out from studying hard.
Not sure why he doesn't snuggle under the blankets . . .
guess his jammies are warm and cozy.

He sleeps . . . and is QUIET!
This boy may be the youngest, but he can keep everyone hoppin'!

EJ likes his snuggly animals.
I just realized that he is sleeping on top of his bed quilt but has his blanket over him. Who can figure out boys?

Ryan doesn't like to sleep under his blanket . . .
because he will have to "Make the bed" in the morning.
Instead, he lays on top of the blanket and tucks himself under the bed quilt. That is "boy" thinking for you. lol

Three out of four of my boys are tummy sleepers, like Daddy.
EJ tends to sleep more like Mama.

Emma is snoring and the only one I hear . . .
besides the guinea pigs ~ they are eating.

Mia was sleeping until Katelyn tried to take this photo.
Sorry for the blurr . . .
hard to get pictures in the dark.

Seeley booth was under the bed . . .
Katelyn didn't get his picture.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12 for Ding Ding

The minutes just ticked into tomorrow . . . 12/12/12 . . . My Aunt Darlene's Birthday! This is actually Ding Ding's second Birthday celebrating in Heaven. 

In honor of Ding Ding's Birthday . . . 

Ding Ding always sang this song to my Ryan! 

We LOVE you Ding Ding . . .
a bushel
and a peck,
and a HUG around the neck!

Happy Birthday Ding Ding!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One of THOSE Days . . .

My boys . . . who shall remain nameless . . . have been a bit ~ ahem ~ out of control these past several days. 
All of them, including Seeley.

Can I just say? Shamie on them!

So what have they been up to?

Nonsense . . . and a lot of it.

~ Fussing and fighting over a SINGLE Lego piece . . .
they have thousands of pieces but all seem to want the same piece.

~ Fussing and fighting over a SINGLE Nintendo game - of which they have FOUR of the same game, but didn't put them away so now they cannot find them.

~ Pooping in his kennel (inside for when we go away) - Seeley - yes, he had been outside.

~ Peeing on his bedroom floor - Cody - no I am not even remotely kidding!

~ Arguing over the smallest thing . . . he LOOKED at me or he SMILED at me, or he SMELLS bad!

~ Dumping water on each others head - no, I don't know why.

~ Ignoring Mommy and Daddy if they don't get their way.

~ Breaking things (sorry, not going to list them).

~ Simply being ugly to one another.

~ Lying

~ Peeing on the Master bathroom toilet room wall - nice, Right?

~ Partying at 3:00 a.m. - three of the boys - the youngest three.
No, this didn't go over well with Mom and Dad.

This is a SMALL portion of the nonsense . . .
the list could go on and on, but I will spare you the details.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last night Katelyn, Ryan, EJ and I along with my sister Janeie and two of her girls, Kendra and Alyson went to the Nutcracker Ballet.
We had a blast!

Katelyn and I had been to the Nutcracker Ballet when Kate was little ~ like 5 or 6. The boys, Janeie and nor her girls had been before. Janeie said the only thing she could compare the Nutcracker Ballet to . . . Barbie Nutcracker.

We were a few minutes into the ballet when EJ leaned over to me and asked . . . "When are they going to talk?"
I chuckled and told him . . .
"They aren't . . . just watch and you will know what is happening.
I snapped this photo during the ballet . . .

He was intrigued with the dancers and beautiful costumes.
He giggled at the boys in tights.

My phone lens must have had a smudge . . .
sorry for the blur.
Left to right - 
Alyson, Ryan, Kendra, Katelyn

Ryan was really into the story when the nutcracker and the mouse began their battle. I am not sure he even blinked.

After a beautiful ballet, we headed out to a very late meal.
Granite City was or destination!

We all had a great time of togetherness and eating.

This morning I asked the boys to tell Daddy about their evening.


Not exactly what I meant . . .



"There was a BATTLE with REAL swords! It was AWESOME!"

I will take that one!

Guess they DID have a great time!

What more could I ask for?

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Good Morning!

This Saturday morning finds each of us in our own "happy place" as we decompress from the week. FFH is playing in the background and Shrinky Dink ornaments are melting in the oven.

Randy and I were enjoying fresh brewed coffee and discussing . . .
No One can EVER Out give God!

We have found this to be SO VERY TRUE!

There are so many families in this world that need a little 

Are you teaching your children to share the Love of Jesus?

Sharing what God has blessed you with.

Sharing of yourself.

Your time.

Your talents.

Your money.

I know it can be hard. 
Living day to day or week by week.
You cannot see how you can share anything.
Guard yourself . . .
Don't put God in a box.

God promises . . . 

Luke 6:38
38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Philippians 2:4

not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Hebrews 13:16
16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

To this I challenge You . . .
Open your heart and listen . . .
listen for the urging of God!
Then, give with your heart!
God will bless you abundantly . . .
He promises!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mom's New Baby!

Tonight . . . Katelyn, Ryan and I were privileged to deliver my Mom's Birthday present . . . from my Dad.  A TOTAL surprise!

About 8:30 p.m. we arrived at Mom and Dad's. We rang the bell and Dad answered the door. Mom was ready for bed in her jammies and robe. We told her we were there to wish her a 

Ryan was the last to come in the door.
He had the Birthday Surprise!

Ryan sat the bag down on the couch and unzipped it . . .
out popped this lil' beauty . . .

At first Mom had a bit of a puzzled look on her face . . .

I said, Happy Birthday from Dad!

Mom looked at Dad and said, "You got me a dog?"

 Mom couldn't stop smiling and laughing!

She was so happy!

Mom and sweet little . . . no name ~ she is working on it though.

Little Miss took right to Mom . . . 
she was listening to every word. 

Such a sweet baby!!!

We Love You Mom/Grandma!!!

Have a Super Duper Happy Birthday!!!!

Remember to watch out for small tootsie rolls!

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