Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brisk, Photo, Dog Rules

The days are now brisk and the nights are cold.
Everyone grabs up the blankets during evening television.
The boys are back to wearing blue jeans 
or sweat pants and long sleeve shirts.
Socks have even made their appearance.

Lil' Beckett enjoys warm baby blankets to snuggle in.
My little bitty tends to chill easily.

I saw this on Facebook today  . . .

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pictures, Updates, Prayer Requests

The weekend is in its final hours . . . I must say, it has been extremely full and possibly even overflowing at times. 
It has been good.

Saturday found me in the park with a beautiful Senior for pictures.
Her name . . . Maria.
She is our Alice's daughter.
It was brisk, but profitable!

Take a look:

After taking photos  . . .
we headed back to my house.
I immediately plugged my camera into the computer and began the upload . . . 1204 shots.
I processed through them and eliminated all but a little over 200.
Maria absolutely LOVED them!


Sunday was pretty busy around the house.
We stayed inside all day . . .
it was quite BRISK today and will be tomorrow as well.
Freeze WARNING tonight!

Katelyn, Cameron and I worked on putting up our canvas photos from last Saturday's photo session with my kiddos.
They are gorgeous . . .  at least in my opinion!
Take a look:

Fall also brings a change out of my stairway "decor". 
I am loving the basket and fall botanical arrangement!

a few extra views.

I realized tonight I have been a bit forgetful to include a picture here and there of Katelyn's artwork.
The photos below are of art pieces she did for one of her classes:

Turtle . . .
three words to make up a picture.
Swimming, geometric, wheels.
She received a 93% on the turtle project.

Her most recent project is the one above.
This drawing is Johnny Depp portraying Tonto.
It is displayed inside a shadow box.
Feathers and beads are not normally used atop her drawings . . .
therefore those objects are unconventional, but pertain to her depiction of Tonto.


In closing, many families are on my mind tonight . . .
families who have lost loved ones in the past weeks.

Please pray for:

The Masterson Family . . . 
Leslie's dad passed unexpectedly this past week.

The Conover Family . . .
Alesia Conover passed away this past week from cancer.

The Doud Family, Allen Family and Woll Family . . .
Bruce ~ Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa passed away October 18, after a long battle with cancer.

The Goranson Family . . .
daughter Lynn (59) passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday.


I also request prayer: 

for friends and family awaiting test results.

This past week, Randy's older sister Dee was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Please pray for her as she undergoes more testing and scans to determine the severity of her condition.


Also . . .

Please remember to pray for: 

our Nation

those within reach of Hurricane Sandy

the Election

Goodnight all!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have MADE it once again to Wednesday evening . . . 
the weekend is coming!!!!!

Today was hair color day for me . . .
I think my hair grays faster since Homeschool has started!
I am seriously not kidding!!!
I just may have to move to every THREE weeks instead of four!
It was very relaxing to sit in the chair and get my hair done!!!

While I was busy with the necessities of getting the white my hair color beautified . . .
My sweet hubs was taking our three youngest boys to get their flu shots. I was THRILLED!
The boys were excellent about the shot . . .
not even a tear!

Randy has NOT had his flu shot or Pertussis Booster . . .
the boys are staying on top of him about it though!!!

Tonight I am ready to chill out . . .
my shoulders have had enough for the day and are achy.
Chilling out with my furry baby is just what I need!

Monday, October 22, 2012

the Big M

Tonight I feel cranky. Nothing is wrong . . .
 I just feel cranky . . . short of patience.

Last week I decided to look up a description and symptoms . . .

Yep . . .
just as I thought . . .

I do believe I am entering that Big Ole "M" part of life.

I am not bothered by the word menopause ~
other than it makes me feel OLD.

The symptoms haven't been bad . . .
although I know I am noticing some changes.
Nothing particularly bad . . .
just noticeable.

One day at a time . . .
the good news - no birth control! lol

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today, a Fall Photo Shoot

We headed out early this afternoon . . . Four boys, Four dogs, One daughter, One Mama and the camera.

I learned a long time ago . . . poses do not work well with children, or pets . . . So, in between the chaos, this is the end result:

1181 photos . . .
I narrowed down to my favorites . . .


Immediately after beginning the "shoot", Emma decided to slip her collar and run off. The boys quickly captured her. 

Cody and Katelyn watched the "show".

Add in a few MOVEMENT shots . . .

Make one a little vintage looking.


EJ and Seeley, Mia and Cody

 Of course, Fall Photos would not be complete without LEAVES!

and while the leaves were flying,
Katelyn held onto the furry babes.

 I never, never, ever allow my children to stand atop a table . . .
unless I am trying to get a great photo!

Notice, their fingers seem to be counting . . .

on THREE . . .

Thanks guys!

This park has a gorgeous gazebo/trellis area!

It was a bit difficult to get all of the kids PLUS the dogs to look forward . . .

Dog behinds seemed to be the theme!


Seeley Booth

Cameron Michael

Evan James 

Cody Alexander  

Ryan Matthew

Katelyn Elisabeth 

Beckett Bryn

Cody and Beckett

Mia Grace and Beckett Bryn
(Grandma calls Mia . . . Mia MYA)

Emma Elysse 

 This photo makes me shake my head.
Seeley Booth . . . Really?

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