Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update on Sickies, Pinball, Tidy and Bearded Dragon Gender Mistake

Good Sunday to you all!
I trust you are having a great day.

Today I am catching up on what I missed yesterday with all of the sickness & emergency vet visit.

The girls seem to be doing better today. In fact they both enjoyed a little white rice and chicken broth. They have kept it down  . . .
which is fabulous news! They continue to have the diarrhea, but it is definitely not like it was yesterday ~ every few minutes.

We have been working on those little things that creep up on us today. I have to say, I enjoy my lil' family working together to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time!

We tackled the pantry today . . .
had a bit of organizing to take care of.
I must say, I love a nice and tidy pantry!

Looking in toward the right.

Shown with the overhead lights out and the under the cabinet lights on.

To the left.

Again, overhead lights off and the under the cabinet lighting on.

Looking in with the door closed.
I LOVE my pantry!


Seeley Booth

Cameron reading to Seeley.

So adorable!

This past week, the kids learned what a pinball machine was.
Randy had purchased the one on the left about a month ago and then Batman machine on Monday.
After a few adjustments, she was up and running.

The memories of the arcade!

Randy, Ryan, EJ and cousin Keirah.

Ryan taking a turn.

The kids were THRILLED with the pinball machine and want to play it all the time. We are using it as an incentive to get their school work completed for the day.


Well, Mia has been bathed and blown dry . . .

the main floor is tidy . . .

bearded dragons are being cleaned as I write . . .

Speaking of Bearded Dragons . . .

Would you believe Artemis is a BOY and Apollo is a GIRL?

We could FINALLY determine their genders.

Ryan is bummed that Apollo is a girl!

He asked me a little bit ago . . .

"Mom, can I just keep thinking Apollo is a boy?"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sick Furry Ones, Today

Last evening before bed I heard EJ tell Randy . . .
"See ya after school tomorrow Daddy!"
(Hallmark moment . . . right?)
That was until DADDY decided to tell him . . .
"There is NO school tomorrow it is Saturday!"

Now all Mamas know that you NEVER, EVER tell your child the next day is Saturday!!! Telling the child it is not a school day is like telling them tomorrow is Christmas or something . . .
the kiddo will be up and atom EARLY!

As predicted . . .
he was up early! In fact, all four of the boys were up 
BEFORE 8:00 a.m. this morning . . . 
Saturday . . . which is known to be SLEEP IN day!
I am thankful Randy got up with them ~ I stayed in bed until
8:15 a.m. before dragging out of bed.

We did a few things around the house and I had intended to do more, but we have two sick furry babes. They have been sick since Wednesday and it escalated in Mia today. I walked into the laundry room about 12:30 p.m. or so and noticed a saucer size circle of something nasty on the floor. It was bloody diarrhea. I almost freaked out. I quickly asked the kids if all of the dogs were inside or were any out on our deck. Well, Mia was in the house and Emma out on the deck. Upon inspection of Mia's behind we knew it was Mia. I called our wonderful vet . . . however, their office was closed at Noon. I tried calling the cell number and only got the answering machine. So, I got myself together and headed to the Animal Hospital in Peoria with my two furry ones and two tag along sons ~ Ryan and Cameron. I was thankful they went along as they kept the girls on towels in the car.

After all of the necessary procedures - weight, temperature, listen to their heart, lungs, respiration the doc examined each of them and then ran some tests on the . . .
ahem . . . 
little sample I brought in a ziplock and paper bag.
The vet was thrilled . . . lol.
No bacteria, no nasty things, no parasites ~ all good news.
It was determined they both ate something that did not agree with them . . . "Taste of the Wild canned dog food". From there, their intestines and colon became irritated and inflamed, resulting in:

Gastroenteritis - the vomiting
Colitis - the bloody diarrhea in Mia
diarrhea in Emma

They were given subcutaneous fluids, anti nausea injection, anti inflammatory injection plus prescribed two meds to take beginning tomorrow. If Mia is not doing better by tomorrow, we are to take her back in.

Since we have arrived home, neither of them have thrown up.
They have both had more diarrhea, but it isn't explosive and every few minutes . . . instead twice in four hours for Mia and once for Emma. So far, an improvement! We shall see what tonight - tomorrow morning brings.


The kids seemed to have a pretty good day today.
They were building things together and for the most part, 
enjoying themselves.


What is in store for tomorrow?

Who knows! Totally a free for all!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Women, Mamas Wear Many Hats

The week I was listening to my husband talk about the difference between men and women. He compared thing men typically purchase against a woman's purchase. 


Men like to purchase things like pick up trucks . . .

Woman like to purchase shoes or handbags.

Since that conversation, I have thought about choices woman make which led me to think about the many hats a woman "wears".

God certainly made women to be versatile . . .
a woman has the ability to multi-task in a mighty way.

Mamas are designed to wear an unlimited number of hats . . .
juggling many of those hats at the same time!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching Up

Question . . .
are these early days of autumn/fall kicking your booty?
'Cause they certainly are ours!!!
Seems like we are all ready to hibernate!!!

This morning we woke to rain . . .
I wanted to pull the covers up over my head and stay there!
I didn't want to get up, let alone "go to school"!
I did drag my raggedy self out of bed and am glad I did ~
we had a nice school day.

Seeley Booth is beginning to actually alert us that he needs to go outside. To say I am thrilled is an understatement!!!
He is a good boy and just turned 5 months old.
He stays pretty active with the boys and even likes to curl up by me.

Randy has been on the search for Pinball machines and a Juke Box.
Needless to say, he now has his Juke Box and not one, but two pinball machines. They all work, although one pinball machine is not nearly as old as the other and Juke Box. Today I sorted through 45 records and chose a few for the Juke Box. It was crazy to hear it play some of the songs I grew up with.

The boys took to the pinball machines like a bee to honey.
It was very sweet to see Randy with a big ol' smile as the boys made the pinball machine work. He asked me if I thought the pinball machine would replace the nintendo or the wii for them.
At this point, the boys are intrigued with the pinball machine . . .
not sure they always will be.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Today . . . 

a confession.

I am a keyboard/mouse snob.

At least that is what my daughter told me.

My computer on my desk in our classroom came with a regular keyboard and mouse . . . you know, the kind with the cord!?

Well, I have tried to get used to using a keyboard and mouse with the cord attached, BUT I have failed.

I simply could not stand it any longer . . .
the cords get in my way . . .
I ordered myself a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I was thrilled when it arrived late Friday afternoon . . .
I was even more thrilled this morning when I hooked it up.
It is a TRUE thing of Beauty!

I guess Katelyn is right . . .

I like it how I like it and I loathe corded keyboards and mice!
I simply have no patience for them.
I am a keyboard snob.

Whew . . . I am glad I came clean about it.

W Family Wiener Roast!

Whew . . . the weekend is OVER!
It was certainly a busy one . . .
Saturday we were busy around the house.
Tidied up the DVD/videos . . .
Cabinets, game drawers and Randy worked on the boys' bathroom.
The boys played outside for quite a while and then came in to take care of their chores. We had a bit of a battle with them . . .
they didn't think they needed to actually do their chores, instead of just telling us they did them without actually doing them.
I received a lovely gift on Saturday evening . . .
a beautiful HUGE Mum.
Thank you so much Melissa, Josh and girls!
I felt so special!
Sunday Randy and I took some time out alone.
We vacuumed the school room and I tidied up.
We checked on the hedgehog and filled her water.
Randy "snuggled" her a while as I tidied up.
Once we were done, we washed my car and then drove to my Mom and Dad's house to drop of an Anniversary card.
Katelyn had remained home with the boys . . .
they were watching a movie.
After lunch, we all lay down for a nap, before heading out to a wiener roast.
We actually arrived early . . .
unheard of for us.
Pictures of our evening:

Our beautiful hostess and three of her kiddos.

The ZIP LINE was a HUGE hit!

Our host and a few of his bumpkins.

I love the glow of the fire, the silhouettes of friends and the sky.

Hi Bryce! 
Hanging out and chatting.



I LOVE this photo of Mom and Baby!

Olivia and her bag of rocks!


Cameron and the zip line.

Love this little "Hillbilly"!

Silly Olivia!


Daddy and Son!

Ryan and the zip line.

Cody on the zip line.

Thank you so much W family!
We had a FUNTASTIC time!!!

Your family is a huge BLESSING to us!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ZERO Brain Cells

Here at home, I was amazed at how many times my boys either said or did something of which Zero brain cells were required.
I am seriously NOT kidding.

~ Today after school we were wiping out my car. I asked one of the boys to use the vacuum on the floor of the car. I was wiping the front seats when all of a sudden "misc. dust and stuff" was blowing all over my car. Immediately I asked my son if the vacuum was vacuuming or was it blowing. Immediately I heard BLOWING. It was then I asked, "Did you not think it was important for the vacuum to be sucking up instead of blowing?" His answer . . .
"Well, yea" To which I asked, "Well, why didn't you say anything to me about it blowing?" No answer, simply a BLANK stare ~ 
absolutely ZERO brain cells being used.

~ Son, are you wearing your little brothers shirt? 
answer: No
Well, it looks like it. (child wears an 8-10)
What size is that shirt?
answer: SIX
Can't you feel that the shirt is too small for you?
answer: yea
Well, why are you wearing it?
answer: 'cause it was in MY closet

~ Who pee'd all over the toilet seat?
answer x 4: NOT ME!

~ Did you make your bed?
answer: I didn't mess it up.
How did you sleep in it and not mess it up?
answer: I slept on top of the covers, so I didn't have to make it.

~ Son, it doesn't look like you have a Goodnights underpants on.
answer: 'cause I ran out.
O.k. don't you think you should have told me?
answer: I didn't want to because I didn't want to wear them.
What are you wearing under your pajamas?
answer: nothing
What about underwear?
answer: no . . . I am not wearing them
Why not?
answer: because I am suppose to be wearing pull ups 'cause I pee the bed.
O.k. but you ran out of them and didn't tell me, right?
answer: yes
O.k., so then you should wear underwear right?
answer: no, I am suppose to wear pull ups 'cause I pee the bed.
Yes, I know that . . . but you ran out of them.
(around and around and around ~ getting no where)
Said child has not had any accidents since and wears undies to bed like he is supposed too.

I am not teasing . . . sometimes I have to shake my head!

Then there are the completely random, funny things they say or do:

~ This afternoon the telephone rang. The boys raced to the telephone to see who could answer it first. I listened to see who it was and heard: Hello? Who IS this and Whattaya want? "My name is Jack". Well . . . WHO is THIS and WHATTAYA WANT? Are you a SPY like I am? Who is THIS and WHATTAYA WANT? WHO? I DON'T KNOW NO JACK!!! All the time, the boys were laughing and giggling. YEP, Jack hung up and didn't call back.

~ Every time we are out and about lately it seems we run into traffic. The boys have it all figured out. "Mom, why are we in rush hour traffic all the time . . . it isn't even RUSH hour!"

~ While in the car wash today the kids were deciphering each step of the car wash process. EJ stated the spot free rinse was in progress . . . however, Cody disagreed . . . Nuh uhhhh . . . it is the RAIN X one 'cause I smell BUBBLE gum!
(apparently, Rain X smells like bubble gum)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring . . .
especially from MY boys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It is so hard to believe . . .
my RyRy turns TEN today!
Where have ten years gone???
He is such a joy!
Here are TEN things you may or may not know about Ryan:

1 ~ Ryan is a sensitive kind of guy!

2 ~ Ryan is our "gamblin" man.

3 ~ Ryan is very good at wrestling.

4 ~ Ryan has HUGE blue eyes . . . I remember seeing him for the first time . . . His eyes were the first thing I saw.

 5~ Ryan is very passionate about things he cares about.

6 ~ Loves creatures . . .

Introducing . . . Mr. Pinchers . . . Aka Solar Crabis.

7 ~ Ryan is a great snuggler. He used to snuggle with Aunt Darlene all the time . . . she loved it!

8 ~ Ryan loves encyclopedias.

 9 ~ Likes to help Mom cook.

10 ~ Ryan is proof of God's Miracles!

AND one Extra . . .

RYAN is an answer to our many, many prayers!


Pictures from Ryan's Birthday:

wii anyone?

Goofy Dad!

Blackmail photo for later years!

This boy was ROCKIN the tunes . . .

He's got him some moooves.

and jeans DESIGNED by RYAN

He had an audience.

Brothers to share with.

and ONE audience member that wasn't so certain she liked guitar
noise songs!

Our BOY . . . growing up!

a Yummy and Beautiful Cake from "Alice"!

Happy Birthday Ryan Matthew!



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