Monday, July 30, 2012

All in ONE Day . . . Really???

Has it hit you yet  . . .
July has only ONE more day left to it?

Although it seems our summer has been ultra long due to an EXTREMELY mild winter, I don't know that I am quite ready for summer to be over. Yet, I open a door to the outside and hear the locust singing their back to school song. Hearing them always reminds me . . . school is on its way.


Two days ago we were enjoying a beautiful evening on our deck. Beckett found herself a Locust and was playing with it.
She had it in her mouth and then would flip it . . .
pick it up again, flip it and then paw at it.
Here is a photo ~ taken with my ipad:

She loves those crazy bugs.


The boys were crazed the moment their feet hit the floor this morning. Cody ended up in his room for a while because he chose to play the "my tummy hurts" card when he was supposed to write sentences of "I will obey." He came out of his room and found that those sentences still needed written. He FINALLY complied and wrote them . . . even though he didn't much appreciate it, I could see the look of accomplishment and satisfaction he had 
once the sentences were done.

Emma gave us a bit of a scare this afternoon. Apparently, there was a BEE in our house and she decided to "catch" it. Truth be told, I am not sure who actually caught who . . .

We were all in the family room watching Star Wars III when Emma jumped up and began shaking her head from side to side. She began foaming at the mouth a few seconds later. I thought she was choking on something! Randy grabbed her and turned her so he could see in her mouth when he noticed she had a BEE caught in the foamy cover fur right at her mouth. He flicked the Bee out of her hair and the crazy thing was still ALIVE!
I don't know how many times poor Emma was stung, but I do know she was hurting and her muzzle was swelling a little.
Katelyn looked up Benadryl dosages in dogs on the internet.
We all figured the dosage from mg to ml . . . 
I held Emma and tried to soothe her as Katelyn measured out the Benadryl. Then I held her on her back so Katelyn could drip the medicine into her mouth. Of course, Emma didn't like the taste, but we managed to get it into her. I held her for several minutes to make sure she was o.k. Within a reasonably short time, she relaxed and the swelling of her muzzle went down.
I told her she was our HERO ~~~
to catch a BEE and protect us all like she did! 

Tonight she is curled up on a blanket and is snoring.
(She usually snores . . . a lot!)

This photo of Emma was taken last week.


Today we received a box . . .
delivered by UPS.
The fact that I ordered something is NOT unusual . . .
I prefer to order ~ generally with free shipping ~~ as opposed to actually going out and about in the stores where the grumpy, pushy crazy people are. Besides, online ordering helps to have a bit of free time that would otherwise be spent in a car, in a store . . .
dealing with grumpy, pushy and crazy people.

Anyway, the boys brought the box into the kitchen and sat it down on the floor. All of a sudden, ants were coming out from under the flaps of the box . . . not one, not two, but hundreds.
I quickly grabbed the box and headed outside to the deck.
I put it down and then opened it . . .
I truly was not prepared to see hundreds of ants.
They were everywhere!
They were pouring out of the box . . .
I picked up one of the bags - Blue Dog Food and it spilled all over.
Of course, it was covered in ants . . .
the bag had broken in the box during shipping.
I have never had that happen in the many years I have ordered.

 What you aren't seeing is the ants all over my deck, the outside of the box and what we killed on my kitchen floor.
It was GROSS!
Even my boys were grossed out . . .
We sprayed down the box, the bags, the deck and my kitchen floor with ant spray . . . 
I hate using that stuff, but we needed a VERY fast solution!
I have an email into the company I ordered from about the situation and will await their reply. We sprayed the entire box and contents . . . won't be using those!


Before dinner we let the guinea pigs out of their cage to play with the boys. Katelyn, Cameron and I were cleaning their piggie condo so EJ and Ryan were playing with the piggies. EJ began scratching around his neck . . . itching like crazy. He had been holding Gibbs and he let him climb around his neck onto his shoulders.
EJ told me he was itchy . . . I asked him to let me look at where he itched . . . he had hives. Well, the Benadryl made its second appearance of the day . . . the children's liquid AND some topical cream. Katelyn had a few little welts/hives one day when she was holding the guinea pigs and one of their nails scratched her a bit.
We have had a guinea pig for years . . . with no problem.
I looked it up on the internet and found welts/hives to actually be a bit more common than I would have thought. Apparently, some people are sensitive to the hay. We are changing types of hay and not allowing the guinea pigs to walk on the kids' bare skin.
The Benadryl took affect pretty quickly and the welts/hives disappeared. I am also going to trim their little pig nails and give them a bath . . . that should be fun.


The hour is late and tomorrow is just minutes away.
Good night to everyone . . .
have a great sleep and Wonderful day tomorrow!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today we didn't have a "schedule" of things to accomplish.
We simply did WHAT ever.

Round about 2:00 p.m. the boys asked when we were having lunch.
I actually forgot about it ~ besides, they ate breakfast pretty late.
So I made what I called: Slupper . . . Lunch + Supper.
We began eating about 3:00 p.m.

Randy was tired, so I told him to go up and take a nap . . .
he did, which was pretty rare for him.
The boys, Katelyn and I stayed on the main floor.
The were quite wound up and I didn't want them waking Randy, so we all laid down too. I turned Turning Point on and we all chilled out. The next thing I knew . . . it was 6:00 p.m.
I really wish I would have taken pictures of my crew spread out all over the family room . . . it was a sight to behold!

I was the first to get up . . . next was Katelyn. Before long the boys began waking too. That nap was just what everyone needed.

I went into the kitchen and began prepping green beans.
Katelyn bought some fresh green beans at Kroger the other day and they needed cleaned and prepared.
Cody came into the kitchen and wanted to help . . .
I put him to work on green beans . . . he was happy.
Before I knew it I had another helper and then another.
They were all chomping at the bit to eat again . . .
so, I put them all to work.
We had a pretty unconventional dinner/supper.

Fresh green beans and corn on the cob.

We love the taste of the local harvest!

While I was preparing the green beans and corn, three of my boys were busy with the other part of our meal . . .

 Cody and EJ were busy making "ants on a log" - Peanut free.

We use:

We have grown to LOVE it!

They were having a blast!

Cameron was in charge of cheese and crackers.

Busy at work . . .
such concentration!
They have been playing "Order Up" on the Wii!

EJ served the first plate of "ants on a log" to Daddy.

After a little switch up of "cooking jobs" Cameron joined EJ making the "ants on a log" while Cody took over cheese and crackers. I had quite the crew working in my kitchen.
So did they!

Such Cooking Skill!

I have to laugh . . .
Cody decided to make Daddy a SPECIAL treat . . .

Cheese and Crackers - Colby and Hot Pepper with butter, Wow butter and raisins. Randy is quite fortunate I overheard the giggles  ~ they weren't allowed to "serve" that SPECIAL to Daddy!

As you can see, Dinner was a success!

and because I know you are wondering . . .

the cooking mess wasn't too bad!

The boys helped clean up and dry dishes.
Katelyn washed the dishes but told me I couldn't take her picture because she was in her jammies!


Mia really liked the green beans.

Beckett had green beans too.
She curled up under my desk after dinner.

The dishwasher is running . . .
the boys have had their baths . . .
this post is written . . .
time for coffee.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Weekend in Photos

This weekend began with a BANG! lol

EJ and Cody were COWBOYS!
They asked me to take pictures of "their moves"!

Twirling the gun . . .
I was hoping he didn't hurt himself!

Of course, little brother Cody got in on the ACTION too.

Cowboys with LIGHT Sabors!

With the BIG SPIN moves!

I received a few pretties for my birthday from my sister Janeie and her husband Eric . . . plus my nieces Kendra, Alyson and Jenna.
The vase and the candle . . . both Scentsy and BEAUTIFUL!
They sit atop Aunt Darlene's beautiful Keepsake chest.

Today, Katelyn and I stained our entry door and side-lights.
It took us quite a while, but I love the difference the Walnut stain made. The color before was an orangish color - no, we did not choose the orangish color, it was supposed to be more oak like.

I scoured the JuJu photo archives and found a photo from 2008 . . .
BEFORE the color of the door FADED horribly.
See the orangishy look?

BIG difference!

Anyway, tomorrow we apply the TOP coat and let everything dry.

It feels good to get a project almost done . . .
tomorrow I can cross that one off of my JuJu To Do list!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raising Boys . . . Not for the Faint of Heart

Randy and I consistently teaching our boys about telling the truth.
Not a day goes by without a "telling the truth" lesson.
I have listened to Randy tell them,

"You MUST be a Man of your word!"

People will remember what type of person you are.
Always make sure you are what you want people 
to remember about you.


There are other things, of course, to teach boys and the list could go on and on and on. Here is a little list of the teaching that occurs in our home on a regular basis.

Brush your teeth . . . 
What do you mean do you have to use toothpaste?

Time to take your shower . . .
Son, there is no way you can shower in 30 seconds time. It takes longer than that for the water to get warm.

Put the garbage in the garbage can . . .
not on top, not behind, not in the neighbor's yard . . .
IN the CAN!

O.k. who pee'd all over the toilet seat and floor?
(all boys answer NOT ME! - more truth training needed)

No, you cannot have a chocolate bar for breakfast.

Do not call your brother Doo Doo head!

Do not call your brother stupid, idiot or butt head.

Go and put a clean shirt on . . . you have plenty in your closet.
What do you mean your closet is empty?
WHY are they under your bed?

Why don't you have any underwear in the laundry?
What do you mean you forget to wear them?

Who just walked past me and made it smell bad?
(no one EVER confesses to that one)

Do NOT pee in a water bottle and hide it in your room EVER again, do you understand?

How in the world did you hurt yourself? You were in the basement alone! How did you hit yourself in the eye with your knee? Where you jumping around and/or off the couch again? How many times have we told you NOT to jump from couch to couch or dance around like a fairy? We try to tell you so you don't get hurt.

Throwing a note in the garbage from your teacher does not make a problem go away. It simply makes the problem bigger.

The room is not clean and tidy when you stuff everything into your closet because you don't want to put it away.

Ewe . . . o.k. maybe I won't share that one.

You get the picture . . .
Our lives are never dull and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

I want to add . . . we have plenty of fun and laughs too. It is just that this post is about Raising boys . . . Not for the Faint of Heart.

I truly believe God laughed aloud when he created little boys!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's The Little Things!

This morning we ALL slept in . . . it was WONDERFUL!

I should note . . . 
Randy was up and out of the house at normal time for work.
He is such a great Husband and Daddy!
I am so thankful for HIM!

Breakfast was slow and easy . . .
in fact, it was so slow it was almost lunch time.
That didn't stop the boys from eating lunch at normal time ~~~
I think they could eat 24/7.

The boys were thrilled to find our order had arrived.
Inside those blue and white boxes . . .
favorite cereals & yummy snacks
They were bouncing with excitement . . .
Yep, it is the LITTLE things!

We marked another item off of our Summer Bucket List . . .
For many of you, this will be a blast from the past:

Mork & Mindy

The kids were glued to the back to back episodes of Mork & Mindy. Me, not so much . . . but . . . it is the LITTLE things.
(Ear phones and Ipods/ipads come in VERY handy!)

I had all of their attention . . .
I put on my ipad and began playing little songs about the Presidents of the United States.
Before I knew it, they were dancing and trying to sing along.
It is the LITTLE things!

Left Overs for dinner . . .
they love them . . .
especially PIZZA!
Happy Boys!
It is the LITTLE things!

Planning for our school year 2012-2013 . . .
I am letting them help plan out our classroom.
They are so excited!
Yep . . . those LITTLE things!

Being a Mom to FIVE, four of which are boys under ten I find it is the LITTLE things that make a huge difference in our day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today has been one of those LONG kind of days!

I am tired . . .
one of those "tired to the bone" kind!

The kids are whining . . .
they must be tired too!

We are going to go with THAT!

Time for BATHS and BED boys . . .


YES . . .

I know it is only 8:08 p.m. and summertime!


A Few Highlights of the Day

The hour is late and this post will be short.

Although today had a few "glitches" ~ (nothing major) ~
it was a descent kind of day.

A few highlights of the day:

Cody took a nap

I was able to get Ryan's entire year of assignments into my online grade book . . . although it took a while.

The air conditioning is running very well.

The heat continues = VERY good for business.

Everyone is healthy.

I had a little time to take care of a little updating on my blog.

Now . . .

I bid you good night!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tonight in Pictures

The boys are getting their baths . . . my Mi-Ki girls are chasing each other around the house. The guinea pigs are chattering away. Katelyn is showering and I have just sat down to make my post for the day. 

This weekend was RELAXING to the MAX. We did a few little things here and there, but nothing major big. This evening we all went outside to the pool and had a family swim . . . all seven of us PLUS the three furry ones. It was nice and VERY refreshing! 

Some photos of our swim adventure:

Mia, Beckett, Randy and Cameron

Randy and Cody

Beckett - not so sure she wants to swim tonight.

Ryan jumped and and sunk down to the bottom.

Ryan loves the water.

EJ loves being under the water.

Mia watched closely to see if the float would go near the side so she could escape!

Cody has really taken to the pool this summer.

Look Mom . . . I am not covering my nose!

Shooting a few hoops.

Cameron watching Beckett on a surf board.

Mia is swimming.

Beckett's turn to swim.

Swim baby girl, swim!

Oh Dear . . . not a good look for Mia!

I am sure they are thinking . . .

Ryan chased down Emma . . .
so she could join in the fun.

I don't think she was thrilled!

Emma fell in and went under twice.

Katelyn and Mia

My lil' Shark boy.

and as the sun begins to set . . .

Our family wishes you a good night and great week ahead!

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