Monday, April 30, 2012


Life has resumed normalcy once again . . . at least as normal as it gets around this house of 2 parents, 1 college student, 4 grade school boys, three furry barky babes, 2 goldfish, 2 froggies, 1 bigger than normal guinea pig and three bearded dragons. Some days I feel like Dr. Doolittle as I talk to the animals!

Cody returned to school today . . . he is doing much better, I am happy to say! He finished up his make up work last night . . . there was a lot to do.

Ryan has ONE subject left to his school year . . . and I dread it . . . Math! Yes, we saved that one for last! I am thrilled we are finishing up . . . for those wondering how we could be finishing up . . . Ryan worked really hard and completed several lessons each day for a few weeks with the wonderful VACATION goal on his mind. Tomorrow we will complete Math.

The rest of the boys have three weeks of school remaining. Katelyn has a week and a half of college and her Freshman year will be complete. In some ways I wonder where in the world this school year went!

Randy installed our new coffee machine on Saturday. It is up and purring like a kitten!

Mother's Day is coming . . . I am thrilled to have the Mother's Day gifts already taken care of! Can't wait to post a picture!

Pioneer Woman's Spicy Pulled Pork in the oven. I received RAVE reviews when the kids got home from school on the aroma in the house!

Better get going - kids are hungry and I don't want them to eat the table! lol

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Heart is Sad . . .

One hour is left to this day . . .

The house is quiet as I write . . .

My heart is saddened tonight . . .

Our long time pediatrician Dr. Tosi passed away today. We began seeing him 19 plus years ago. Dr. Tosi ALWAYS put the children's health first! He would see as many patients as he could each and every day. We never had to wonder if we could get in for an appointment with him . . . we always did. Rest in Peace Doc Tosi . . . We Love You!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slept In!

Good Morning everyone! Can you believe it is Saturday? We are enjoying a slow and pretty quiet morning . . . the boys even let us sleep in!!!!

I am enjoying a yummy cup of coffee, while writing, as I sit in our sitting room that ajoins our master bedroom ~ my little retreat this morning!

The skies are pretty yucky this morning ~dreary, with a chill in the air and breezy.

Cody is feeling a little better each day. He only had three breathing treatments yesterday . . . compared to the every two hours he had endured the days before. His oxygen levels are improving as well . . . last night he actually reached a 99. Although the 99 only remained for a short time, we can really see his improvement.

Last night we took the kids for a FAMILY date to Granite City. Three of the boys had the pepperoni flatbread pizza . . . they each had their own and two of them almost ate their entire flatbread pizza. Ryan had a bit to take home. That was after TWO appetizers! Yes, those boys have HUGE appetites! I have a feeling they will eat like BAM BAM from the Flintstons or Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies when they are teenagers!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Our Little Buddy

First, I want to thank everyone for the prayers for our Cody!
After arriving home yesterday morning, we were pretty worn out.
We tried to rest, but it was hard as I was trying to keep track of his breathing and oxygen levels. He remained on nebulizer treatements every two hours during the day and also took oxygen levels with our little Oximeter (great little gadget to have)!

When Cody was released from the ER yesterday morning his oxygen level was between 93&94. Last night at bedtime the level was still bouncing in the 93-94 range. Before I went to bed, I gave him a nebulizer treatment and took another reading . . . t
he gadget read 98.

Praise the Lord!

This morning upon waking Cody was quite congested, but once moving around and coughing he cleared his bronchi and we achieved a 96 reading. Tonight we achieved another 98 and were quite thrilled! Cody continues to cough quite a bit and has a ton of "snot" . . . I encourage him to blow it all out and he complies with my request ~ almost a little too much! He has to "check out" the tissue when he is finished blowing and then report his findings to me . . . NASTY . . . I know!

This morning I spent a while helping Cody with his Lego set. He really didn't need my help and basically had me help him seperate and locate pieces. He put 99% of it together by himself. I loved watching him . . . he has Madd Lego Skills!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Early Morning Emergency Room Visit

Seeing your SIX year old on OXYGEN is a terrifying experience!

We experienced it first hand very early this morning.

Approximately 2:30 a.m. Cody came into our bedroom a little upset because he had a bad nightmare. Cody NEVER has nightmares.
He snuggled into our bed and as he settled in I was listening to his breathing. His breathing simply didn't sound right to me.
I woke Randy and asked him to listen to Cody breathe.
He agreed Cody was breathing too fast.
I immediately dressed as Randy put Cody's socks on him.

We arrived at the ER a few minutes later.
The staff got right to caring for him.
Temperature, pulse, oxygenation levels.
Cody was immediately put on oxygen.
My poor lil' guy was wiped out!

Chest Xrays
The Doc listened to Cody's lungs ~ wheezing!

Nebulizer treatment . . .

Nebulizer treatment x 2

Doc listened again to his lungs ~ between
treatments, taking blood, etc.

After the second nebulizer treatment Cody perked up a bit . . .
in fact, he even played a game of Angry Birds Space!

We were finally dismissed about 6:00 a.m.
Before we left, Cody told the Nurse that if he watched closely, he would teach HIM how to play Angry Birds!

I picked up breakfast for the kids.
It took a while but Cody decided to take a nap.

He had a nebulizer treatment at home
and we are monitoring him carefully.

Today is going to be a S. L. O. W. day!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Ryan is beyond thrilled tonight! He finished up three subject of 4th grade for this school year . . . and he ACED them! Today he finished up Health, Penmanship & Reading. He will continue to work on Penmanship (because he really needs the practice) however the papers will not be graded. Tomorrow we will work hard to finish up History and his last book report.

Home school for 1/2 of this school year is almost finished . . . It was a bit of an adjustment for Ryan and I, BUT it was exactly where God wanted Ryan and I to be. We had our ups and downs ~ our challenges and easy times ~ we had our days when Ryan just couldn't seem to concentrate. Then we had our days that were amazing.

I love seeing my boy learn! I love watching him zip through a test and know the answers PLUS the bonus questions! I love spending time with him (although there are times we need our own space)!

I have been asked many times, "How do you like home schooling?"
To be completely honest . . . there are days that I LOVE it and days I am frustrated. However, the good days outweigh those frustrating days.

We have tremendous support and love surrounding us throughout the year and that even includes our home school endeavors.

Ryan will be in 5th grade in the Fall . . . and will be a home school student once again. Cameron wants to attend home school too. We are still praying about whether to bring him home for 4th grade. It should be pretty easy since Ryan is just finishing up 4th grade.

Next year I would love to add a class for Ryan and possibly Cameron concerning reptiles. Since we have three Bearded Dragons, we should have great examples. I just need to find a bit of curriculum ~~~ Christian Curriculum. Throughout the year Ryan is enrolled at Abeka Academy and studies with the Abeka curriculum. I don't think they have anything on reptiles! lol I guess I have a bit of homework . . . find a suitable curriculum for this venture.

Home School is not for everyone . . . I am Thankful it works for us!


Have you ever wondered when it is that your little boy loses the ability to find things? How is it the male gender does not posses the ability to locate this or that?

We train our little ones to find things when they are old enough to understand. "Go get Mommy the ball" or "Where is the car? If you get it, we can play.

Insert the scenario that has been common in your home . . .

We are always to excited when our bitty ones learn to listen and follow those requests of "finding" things. The child has learned a new skill and shows it off frequently. Then, all of a sudden your little one cannot FIND anything . . . a most times the item is within arms reach . . . right under their little noses.

After going through the learn and then lose it phase with three of my boys, I was determined to be diligent in watching for the time when my fourth son ceased finding things.


Cody was fabulous at locating whatever you asked him to find.

"Get Mommy a diaper"

"Find your shoes so we can put them on"

"Go get your yellow car"


He learned early and happily "found" things and brought them to me or Daddy without fail.

Until 18 months of age . . .

It was at 18 months of age that our little "Finder" was unable to locate toys, diapers, wipes, shoes . . . etc.

I was amazed at how early the Finding skill evaporated
from his little body!

I often wondered why the finding skill is lost and realized it goes hand in hand with the remembering/not remembering skill.

Boys have difficulty remembering to stay on task.

Yesterday I was tidying cabinets and I needed a step stool to reach the high shelves. I asked my almost 8 year old to get me a step stool from the main floor. I also gave him a cup to take to the sink.
I waited about 10 minutes before I asked where my stool was.

The answer I received was, "OH I FORGOT!"

I could hardly believe my ears . . . I sent him to get the stool and gave him a cup to take to the kitchen sink and he forgot the stool?!?

Oh Dear . . . Houston, we have a problem.

This morning I sent the same child to the kitchen to get a bag of dog treats . . . would you believe he couldn't find them?
I told him specifically where they were.
He couldn't find them, so after ten minutes or so I asked my almost 9 year old to get them.
He actually found them within seconds.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Maybe the ''I can't find it syndrome" is short lived!

Maybe they lose the finding ability at 18 months, but it returns around the age of 9!

Or maybe my almost 9 year old brain was clear from all clutter and he simply wasn't quite awake enough to think of other things.

I truly believe our little boys have other, "more important" kid stuff on their minds and finding or getting something for Mom, Dad or their siblings is simply not on the agenda.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This weekend was a bit busy . . .
and even a bit productive!

I LOVE being productive, don't you?

Yesterday we were busy out in the yard.
We tidied up planters - emptied the winter foliage out of them.
Six or Seven lawn and leaf bags later
we were ready to burn.
I began burning in our fire pit . . .
I was taking it slow and steady.
The fire was burning well . . .
soon, my hubs caught the "firebug" vibe and joined me.
Well, maybe I shouldn't say joined . . .
it was more like took over the job.
It was definitely fine by me!

What is it with Men and Fire?

By the time all was burned we all smelled a bit like
we had spent the weekend around a campfire.
The boys would have loved that . . .
in fact at one point Cody brought out the mini marshmellows and
Ryan brought out the hot dog forks.

Sorry boys, we cannot roast mini marshmellows on the hot dog forks! It really was HYSTERICAL!

Katelyn spent all day Saturday with Grandma and some of Grandma's sisters. They headed "down home" to Southern Illinois to the old family cemetaries. It has been a tradition for years and years to jump in a car, van or suv for a day of visiting the graves and leaving beautiful flowers on the "Great Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncle and even Cousins" graves.

Katelyn loves history and ancestry . . .
all together, she loves visiting the cemetary.

Katelyn and the girls found family . . .
and Service Men

Family stones with nature growing on it.

 Dorthy ~ died after consuming grapes.

 Simple without a date.

 Relatives that died very young.

 Worn and ragged . . .

 Beautiful Words

 a solider from the Black Hawk War

Ornate stone and simple stones . . .
strange differences . . .
same family

 I had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Thelma years ago. Aunt Thelma was Grandma Fischer's (Mom's Mom) sister.

You are probably thinking . . .

This is a really STRANGE post.

To me, not so strange.

 To me it symbolizes family . . . remembering . . . history . . .

so much has happened in between the years
represented on these stones.

I am especially drawn to the stones that "tell a story"
a daddy, a mommy, a child, a baby
a banker
a soldier

Did you know that many stones have "stories" carved into them?
The various carvings . . . have meaning.
It is very intersting.

If you have a few minutes to spare sometime,
take a walk through the cemetary.
It is a beautiful and calming place . . .
a place that provides a history lesson.

I wonder what my relatives that I never met were like.
What were their stories?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blame Game

The BLAME Game

You know the one I am talking about . . .

I didn't do it

It wasn't me

"_____" did it

"______" thought of it

"________" made me do it

"________" was in there.  I wasn't even around.

I am not sure if girls take part in the BLAME game,


Can I tell you????

The BLAME Game is . . . 







As a parent to FOUR blame game participants we must always be aware, alert and consistent!

Aware of what the boys are doing at ALL times.

Alert to choices the boys are making ~


good/not so good


productive/non productive


Parenting is hard ~ hands down.

Consistency is hard ~ for everyone.

Moms and Dads must agree and be consistent in raising children ~ in our case, BOYS.

The boys need to know what is and isn't acceptable!

They need to know if they BLAME others for something they did ~ there are consequences.

They need to learn there is a consequence or ending result for everything they do ~ good or bad.

They need to LEARN to make good choices and it is OUR job to teach them HOW to make good choices.

Not a day goes by that one or all of the boys choose to make a bad choice. Yes, I said CHOOSE. They are old enough to know right from wrong and not a day goes by they CHOOSE to make
a bad choice.

I realize my children are still children and will make mistakes.
However, I also know a mistake ceases being a mistake when a child repeats the same "choice" time and again without regard to the consequence . . .

It is vitally important for Mom and Dad to be on the same page regarding discipline. You may have cringed as you read that word.
Discipline is a "naughty" word in the world we live in.

Discipline = training that corrects, molds, perfects

We must train our children to choose between right and wrong.
We must be responsible and teach them.
We must provide guidelines.

Our children need to know that we LOVE them unconditionally.
We must LIVE by example.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world.

Parenting is the most important job you will ever have.

Parenting brings you to your knees.

God hears you.

Seek Him and Raise up your children together.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday ~Time for a Snuggle

The winds are howling and the skies are gray . . . the positive . . . everything is GREEN and GROWING! Everything is ALIVE again!

Last evening we were outside playing baseball. We have four baseball loving boys and three furry babes that like to run with the kids. There are even two DUCKS that love to watch the boys play and chase the ball themselves from time to time.

I am thankful it is FRIDAY!!!  This past week has seemed EXTREMELY L--O--N--G! Maybe it is from the many hours spent on achievement testing followed by regular schooling. I am grateful AA offers the achievement testing for the home school kids ~ however it does make for a long week.

Ryan is down to TWELVE lessons in each subject for the school year. I am beyond THRILLED! He has put in some extra hours to get to this point . . . and we are both excited that he did. Today, he wants to finish up reading . . . he is set on achieving that goal and I am pretty sure he will.

Katelyn received news this morning that she is tied for the THIRD highest ranking student in one of her classes. She was thrilled with the news . . . and so was I!!! She has worked hard this year . . .  being a Freshman in college has tedious, but rewarding. I asked her how many students were in the class and she said . . . 20 . . . give or take a few. This college year will be ending within a few weeks ~~~where did this year go?

The three youngest are counting down to summer vacation too! They have a month remaining and then they will be FREE!

I am thrilled to be done with office paperwork, household paperwork and online orders for the week. TIME for puppy snuggle time ~~~ a NAP WOULD BE NICE TOO!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The other day I was chatting with someone my husband and I know when he told me that he wanted to share something with me. Then he told me something that BLESSED my heart and soul.

He said, "I have never, ever known a man that loves his wife like Randy does."

I cannot even describe how hearing that bit of information made my heart jump!







I am amazed . . . Amazed at the timing of this bit of information! In the midst of a hectic day . . . you know the type of day when you feel as if you have given everything you have and it isn't even noon!?

That evening Randy and I were in the kitchen after dinner . . . I decided to tell him what was shared with me. As I was sharing, Randy's eyes filled with tears . . .  he shook his head yes . . .

"I love you with all my heart!"

That man of mine . . .








This morning as I was checking Facebook, I came across this:

A man came home from work and found his 3 children outside, still in their, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn around garden, The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house and no sign of the dog, walking in the door, he found even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked over, the throw rug was against one wall, In the front room the TV was on loudly with the cartoon channel, the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing. In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, the fridge door was open wide, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife. He was worried she might be ill, or that something serious had happened. He was met with a small trickle of water as it made its way out the bathroom door. As he peered inside he found wet towels, scummy soap and more toys strewn over the floor. Miles of toilet paper lay in a heap and toothpaste had been smeared over the mirror and walls. As he rushed to the bedroom, he found his wife still curled up in the bed in her pyjamas, reading a novel... She looked up at him, smiled and asked how his day went. He looked at her bewildered and asked, 'What happened here today?' She again smiled and answered, 'You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what in the world do I do all day?.. ''Yes," was his incredulous reply.. She answered,. 'Well, today I didn't do it. :)

How many days have you struggled through the day only to be asked, "What happened here today?"

How many times have you wanted to do what the
lady in the story did?

You know you have wanted to!

(me too!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Beadies

A few pictures of the beardies.






Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Happenings at Our House

God woke me early this morning . . . before the alarm sounded.
I was able to enjoy my quiet time in the still of the house ~
(before the eight feet and 40 toes hit the floor running).

After my quiet time, shower, hair drying and getting dressed,
I headed in to Ryan's room to wake him.
I have to tell you, that boy is getting closer and closer to being a teenager ~
even though he is only 9 1/2!
That boy loves to sleep in every morning!

I flipped on the lights to the Bearded Dragon tanks . . .
Apollo, Zeus and Artemis were all ready for the day.
I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the two tanks
and then it was feeding time.
I love it when the Beardies smile!
They really do!

Once the Beardies were clean and fed, I headed to the main floor . . .


Day 2 of Achievement Testing.

Yesterday the testing was on Math Procedures.

Today the testing was on Spelling and Word Study Skills.

There are several home schooled children that are in the same session as Ryan.
Yesterday, it was interesting to hear each of them on the conference call.
The teacher was very calm and patient with each child . . .
even when she repeated herself many, many times.
I am sure she will be happy when the testing week is over!

Ryan LOVES taking the Achievement Tests!
I was really surprised he liked it so much.

Three tests down now . . .
SIX tests to go!

Reading Comprehension and Social Science tomorrow.
Math Problem Solving and Science Thursday.
Language and Reading Vocabulary on Friday.


Today our Easter Shutterfly book arrived!!!

I am THRILLED how it turned out!

If you are interested in taking a look . . .
click on LINK to EASTER below.

Monday, April 16, 2012


 My morning began shortly after 6:00 a.m. this morning.
I am making a conscious effort to get up before the boys so I can have quiet time in my Bible.
This morning, I was up BEFORE the alarm sounded ~
in fact I turned it off before it could sound in an attempt to keep things quiet
and not wake the boys.

I gathered my Bible, Devotional by Ann Graham Lotz and my first cup of coffee for the day and headed into our master sitting room. I would love to head on out on the deck for my quiet time, however it was a bit brisk this morning . . . 50 degrees and WINDY!
Instead, I snuggled up in the chair and got into my Bible.

It wasn't TEN minutes before Cody headed into my bedroom . . .
I am NOT kidding!
Generally, school days are a struggle to get the boys out of bed!

I told Cody he had to be extremely quiet and respectful as I was trying to read my Bible.
He was compliant and went to his bedroom to dress.
Within mere minutes, two more boys were up and walking into my room.
I shooshed them immediately and instructed them to get ready for school.

I am thankful . . .
I did get my quiet time in and it made the entire day easier.


Achievement testing began this morning . . .
Yes, even our homeschooled son must take achievement testing.
I love seeing the results of what the kids have learned from these tests.
This is the first year Ryan has taken his on the computer through Abeka Academy.
I am thrilled with the skill and attention the teachers of Abeka Academy devote to their students.
The students in their classroom and the online students receive the very best education!
They are extremely thorough!

Today was the achievement testing for Math and Ryan thought it was a blast!


Cameron's goose egg looked much better this morning!
He has a bit of a bruise, but it doesn't look too bad.


The house is all quiet and it is time for this Mama to head for bed.
Morning comes a bit too early!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today, April 15 ~ Fishing, Baseball and an Injury

Our Sunday was filled with fun and relaxation!

Lego, Baseball cards and Baseball entertained the four boys this morning.

This afternoon we watched the Cubbies lose to the Cardinals.
The boys and I cheered the Cubbies on as Randy chuckled as he was cheering for the Cards.
The boys were good sports about the Cubs losing and said . . .
"Well, someone has to lose and we need to be good sports!"
This Mama was very proud of them!

After the game we had burgers on the grill . . .
compliments of Daddy!

After dinner clean up was finished, Randy and I snuck down to the lake
to try fishing . . . our first for the season.
It wasn't long before the short peeps of the family found us!
The furry ones had joined us for the fishing adventure and enjoyed sniffing
the fish as they were reeled in.
Randy was catching bluegill left and right.
I was simply drowning worms . . .
until all of a sudden my pole tried to get away from me.
I was sitting with Beckett snuggled on my chest
hen the pole took off.

I grabbed it . . .
it was bending . . .

Still holding Beckett, I managed to wrangle the fish all the way to the dock.
The boys heard all of the excitement . . .
(Randy told me I was yelling . . . Oh MY, Oh MY, Oh MY!!!)
they came running!

Just as the boys reached the dock and Randy was reaching down to pick up the fish from the water,
my fishing line broke, BUT not before we got a good look at him.

I was not excited to see that I had reeled in a CARP . . .
I was thrilled that it was BIG . . .
I believe it was the biggest fish I have EVER
ALMOST caught!

Randy saw it and was laughing his head off . . .
he said, "Watching you trying to reel in that fish with Beckett on your chest
and screaming Oh MY was a sight!"

Thanks Babe!

Then he added  . . . the fish had to have been 4 or 5 lbs.

Cameron saw the fish and was jumping up and down with excitement.
Ryan, EJ and Cody were disappointed that they missed it.
Emma watched each fishing pole and line each time it was reeled in . . .
she loved seeing the fish!

We each calmed down and the boys went back to playing baseball.
(No, we did not let them fish tonight . . . just Randy and I.)
Randy and I went back to fishing . . .
listening to the boys play ball.
I love hearing that sound of the baseball bat hitting the ball!

It wasn't long before we heard . . .

"Cameron, I didn't MEAN to!"
(repeated over and over)

Then I heard . . . "Man UP Cameron!" said by EJ.

I don't remember if it was Randy or I that asked what was going on . . .
but the boys all came to the dock where we were.
(Note: Randy could see the boys the entire time we were fishing ~ they were not unattended.)

I turned to see the four boys walking up to us . . .
Cameron had his hand on his forehead.
Cody immediately said, "I didn't MEAN TO . . .Really I didn't!"

I asked Cameron what was wrong and he took his hand down from his forehead . . .
I dropped my pole and jumped out of my chair.
Cameron had a goose egg on his forehead!!!
Randy yelled for one of the boys to RUN and get ice.
EJ ran up to the house.

I told Cameron to sit down and then asked what had happened.

You know how you tell your kids over and over and over and . . .
well you get the picture!

Do Not . . .
go behind someone on the swing!

Do Not . . .
go behind someone batting!

Stay Clear of Moving Objects!

You know, those important Safety instructions.

Well, apparently it was Cody's turn at bat and Cameron was the catcher.
Cameron got too close to Cody's bat . . .
the two came together . . .
Cody's bat and Cameron's forehead.

We watched Cameron for any signs of concussion . . .
dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, eye irregularities of the pupil . . .
We looked at the goose egg . . .
we are thankful it came out and had not gone in!

The ice helped tremendously and took the bump down quite a bit.
Tonight he still had a bump though it looked much better.
I think it will bruise . . .
but only showed a little bruise before bed.

I will be checking him in the night . . .
just to make sure he is easily stirred awake.

Life with kids can certainly be hard on a Mama and Daddy's heart, nerves and hair color!

Praising God Cameron is o.k.

We are fortunate it was only Cody swinging the bat and not EJ or Ryan . . .
it would have been much, much worse.





As Mom to five I hear that word a hundred times a day ~
if not more.

They can be standing right next to me, and although I have asked them what do they need, the still feel the need to utter M-O-M several times over . . .

maybe they simply want to make sure they have my
FULL attention

or maybe

they aren't listening for a response

or maybe

they are just calling my name as a warning to their brothers . . .
"I am telling Mom"

Whatever the reason, as a boy Mom, I need to be aware of everything that is going on around me. I never know exactly what "the boys" are going to do next!

God laughed when he made little boys . . .
I am certain of that!

God knew all of the silliness ahead.

God knew little boys live in the moment ~ without regard to safety, rules or end results.

Many times I wonder WHY God gave me FOUR boys.
I had never thought myself a BOY mom . . .

I had given birth to One daughter and she has always been very compliant, obedient and eager to please.
I saw myself as a "girl" Mom . . .
I KNEW how to be a GIRL Mom!

Then it happened . . .
My husband and I prayed for more children.
God heard our prayer
and answered it . . .

I do believe whole heartedly that God laughed outloud when he answered our prayers . . .

Our answers to prayer each have a name . . .

Ryan, Cameron, Evan James and Cody.

They each have their own personality, quirks and out of the box thinking abilities . . .

Ryan is our oldest son ~ at 9 1/2 he loves anything electronic and is very good at it. He also loves Legos. He can keep himself busy for hours and hours building little contraptions.
Ryan is short tempered.

Cameron is our second son ~ he will be 9 in May. Cameron loves to color and draw . . . art sets are fun for him. He also like Lego . . . pretending to be a super hero and reading. Cameron is extremely impulsive and doesn't "think" before he does something.

Evan James ~ our third son ~ second from the youngest.
EJ will be 8 in May. EJ enjoys everything SPORTS and he is good at it! Give EJ a ball and glove . . . he is busy for hours. Of all four of the boys, he will be our "sports kid". EJ is our "sensitive" one and tends to wear his feelings on his shoulders.

Cody ~ the baby of the family just turned 6 in March. He likes Lego and pretend . . . especially pretending to be a super hero. Cody runs by the seat of his pants. He likes everything his older brothers do and is always "chiming in" where they are concerned ~ whether they like it or not.
Cody thinks everyone should do what "he" wants.

A typical day in our home . . .
anything can happen
and usually does.

~ rough housing
~ running
~ baseball
~ chasing one another
~ irritating one another
~ wrestling
~ dirt
~ bugs
~ whining ~ yes boys whine too!
~ running in and out
~ scooters
~ boo boos
~ blisters
~ carefree
~ adventures
~ eating ~ lots of eating
~ barefeet
~ messes
~ laughs and giggles


this Mama receives:

hugs and kisses

"I Love You Mommy"

and snuggles.

Each of my children are different . . .
not one of them are like the other.
There are some BIG personalities in our home . . .
and I wouldn't change a thing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party Link Up ~ Our Lives UNSCRIPTED

This is my first post to the Ultimate Blog Party Link Up . . .

I LOVE meeting other Moms,

so. . .

Hello, my name is Julie and I am a mom to FIVE blessings ~

19 year old Katelyn - freshman in college

9 year old Ryan - 4th grade and homeschooled

almost 9 year old Cameron - 3rd grade at Christian school

almost 8 year old Evan James (EJ) - 2nd grade at Christian school

and our youngest

just turned 6 years old Cody - kindergarten at Christian school


My blog revolves around my family which seems to be ever growing:

ONE husband

FIVE kids

THREE furry babies - 1 Lhasa Apso and 2 Mi-kis

ONE furry guinea pig

TWO goldfish

TWO froggies

THREE bearded dragons

I guess you could say we LOVE creatures!


Our home is always full of adventure . . .

you never know exactly what will happen next!

I feel as if we must have a ghost or two living in our home . . .

things tend to happen around our house, but no one ever does it!

I call those little ghosts:

Ida Know

Not Me


We like to have fun . . .

the boys are into baseball, fishing and ice cream!

My boys can eat and eat and eat and eat!

I hate to see how much they will eat when they become teenagers!


As for me . . .

I LOVE taking photos and post tons of them on this lil' blog.

I work from home and homeschool my 4th grade son.

I LOVE decorating.

Cooking is relaxing for me . . . I love to see the smiles of my family as they eat.

I shop online for almost everything, love a great deal and loathe going to the store.

I blog, facebook but haven't gotten "into" twitter.


I would love for you to leave a comment . . .
and check in to see what is happening in our lives . . .


Mama to FOUR boys

Kelly is hosting a Mom to Boys day over on her blog HERE. So, I thought I would write a post because I am a mom to FOUR boys (and one 19 year old daughter.)

My boys are basically stairsteps . . .

Ryan is 9 1/2

Cameron is almost 9

Evan James (EJ) is almost 8

Cody just turned 6

Life is never dull in our home . . . what one doesn't think of the others will!
NOT kidding!

My kiddos like baseball and plenty of it . . .
they are CUB fans all the way.

Life in our house is NOISY . . .

Boys do nothing quietly!


I homeschool Ryan . . .
he is in the 4th grade.

The other boys attend a local Christian school . . .

Cameron is in 3rd grade.

Evan James is in 2nd grade.

Cody is in Kindergarten.


Our boys are adventurous and love unique ideas . . .

one night we had Cowboy night.

The boys all put on their cowboy hats, grabbed some fishing line and caught fish from our lake.

They ate: rattlesnake and beans (hotdogs and beans)

along with a little bread.

We all shared stories by the fire.

Read Bud and Me . . . at least a few chapters.

They slept in a tent . . . with Daddy.
(Mommy and Katelyn slept inside with the air conditioner.)

If you would like to see pictures of the Cowboy camp out click HERE

You can also check out the remainder of my blog . . .
totally about our family life . . .

Our Life Unscripted!

Beckett's Birthday, Healing

I want to thank everyone for the great comments that have been left on my blog . . . I love hearing from you all!

Today is Beckett's 1st Birthday . . . She began her morning receiving "Happy Birthdays" from everyone, played peek-a-boo with Mama and is now snuggled with me as I write.

The house is quiet as the three youngest boys are off to school. Ryan is slow to move in the morning, guess he is like his Mama! lol

Next week we begin our Achievement testing . . . all week. I am thankful he can take the tests online! Regardless, it will be a l-o-n-g week.

It has been almost eight months since my Beautiful Ding Ding passed away and four months since Uncle Sam passed away. I had been unable to remove their email, address and telephone number from my computer. Yesterday, I finally took that step. Although I continue to miss them both terribly, it was time and I feel as if my heart has healed a little bit. Don't take me wrong, not a day goes by that I don't think about them . . . or "hear"one of their sayings. I am blessed . . . even though they have moved to Heaven, there are times each day when I am reminded of them . . . many times it is simply a memory, but there are times when I can actually "hear" them or something that they said regularly. A few weeks ago, we had taken the kids to dinner. There was a lady there whose skirt was much, much too short and when she bent over, she bared her behind to our family. I am thankful the boys were much to busy eating to notice, however I saw and immediately said, "That lady just took my picture!" Aunt Darlene would always say that when a bare behind flashed her . . . which was usually one of the kids after bathtime. Memories . . . I am thankful for them!

We all watched "War Horse" last night . . . it is an amazing movie. One of the best we have seen in a long time! If you get a chance to see it, you should.

I must finish this post and my coffee so I can jump in the shower, get dressed and then motivate Ryan to get started on his schooling this morning.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family Fun Night

After school today I took the boys for hair cuts -
boy did they need them!
Stacie did a FABULOUS job on the mounds of hair ~
they are now sporting their "summer cuts".
I took these photos with my phone, sorry for the red eye.





After hair cuts, we headed out to dinner and a movie.
The boys have been wanting to see "The Lorax",
so we finally took them.

The movie was cute and totally had their attention the entire movie.

I took some photos with my phone:

We all had a wonderful time.
It was good to simply enjoy each other and a good movie.

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