Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a Day Off?

This morning Cody was in a horrible mood and would not cooperate . . . at all! Please say a prayer for his teacher Mrs. S as I am certain he is going to have a bad day. It is never a good sign when we have trouble getting him out of bed and then he won't get dressed. The house is finally quiet . . . too much rukus this morning with the boys' nonsense.

I am home this morning as I went in to the office a short time yesterday and finished up any/all paperwork. I am going to stay home today and enjoy a little solitude . . . my furry babes are at beauty today, the boys will be at school and Katelyn will be headed into classes a bit later.

Katelyn has had many compliments on her art at the university. She is wowing the professors with her realistic drawings and has received a bit of praise! I am thrilled for her and she is absolutely thriving! Each new assignment opens her up a teeny bit further in her knowledge and abilities. I am praising God for his mercies as far as college is concerned! Katelyn has always attended Christian School, so a secular college is a bit different than she is used to.

I have a very special prayer request . . . one that has been weighing heavy on my heart and soul. Although I cannot explain the situation, but I ask you to pray . . . God knows and understands the request and I am certain He will answer . . . although the answer may not be what I would choose, I know He has a special reason for His choice of answer.

We have yet to put up our Christmas tree. I need to take the time to sort through 29 years of Christmas ornaments, decor and all that has accumulated. Purge and downsize is the goal. We have a few Christmas items out . . . the kids are loving that Max (the Elf on the Shelf) has returned.

Here is Max just hangin' around!


Remember that lil' Lego village we painstakingly put together as a family???

Well, it appears Santa's Village has had a hurricane . . . or maybe it was a tornado!

Guess I will have to get the books out again to fix it!

so much for a day off!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dreary, but Accomplished

It is 1:18 p.m. and I have just finished lunch . . . The turkey is still yummy!

Randy just walked in on Katelyn in the bathroom . . . she is now complaining that she cannot have any privacy. Yes, the door was shut, but not locked. Hmmmm, Welcome to my World!!! lol

Our day has been busy . . . plenty to catch up on since the Thanksgiving holiday. I FINALLY have laundry almost tackled! Don't tell my family . . . the last load of laundry is washing!!! It felt WONDERFUL to throw in that last load!

The hard floors have all been scrubbed with our floor scrubber, the hardwood floors have been wiped (main floor only . . . ). The main floor bathrooms have been cleaned and I tightened up a toilet seat that shifted when anyone sat on it. A shifting seat can really get your attention!

Dishes are done, counters have been wiped, my desk has been tidied, the pantry has been tidied after our order was unpacked.

The kids are now playing with Lego. They are really into the games now!

We will be putting in a Christmas movie a bit later today . . . the boys are excited . . . as am I.

Ryan's bedroom continues to look like a meteor hit it . . . definitely at tornado or maybe even a hurricane. Needless to say we continue to insist he clean it himself . . . I have cleaned it multiple times so Randy has insisted I not intervene this time.

I have Christmas cards all in envelopes waiting to be addressed and sent out. I am saving that job for Tuesday as I will be home. If you want a Christmas card, please email me your address or leave it in the comment section! Each card has pictures of my kiddos and they would be great to place outside in your garage to scare away mice! lol

The temperature has turned cold and we were supposed to have had snow last night. Of course, the weather peeps were wrong again. The kids were sad and I was a bit too.

The kids are fussing with one another, so I must close for now.

Enjoy the remainder of the day.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tonight we are gathered in our Family room watching a Christmas Carole  . . . . the newest one with Jim Carey as Ebenezer. Amazing! The boys are quiet except for a few ewes and ahhhhhs here and there. This begins our Christmas movie extravaganza which consists of a Christmas or holiday type movie each night. We have so many favorites!

My camera has been busy . . .

The day after Thanksgiving with Uncle Sam . . . at our house.

Randy is working on the solution to "solitaire" it is kind of hard.

 Cody and EJ are playing the Lego Pyramid game.

EJ is not a happy opponent. 

Close your eyes EJ . . . no peeking!

 Ryan decided to watch the game.

 Emma is wearing her new Angry Birds sweater.

 Mia in her Angry birds sweater.
Today is Mia's Birthday, she is five!

Beckett is a bit upset with me. I tried putting her Angry Bird sweater on her and it didn't fit. I put her second sweater on her and she pouted. It was hysterical!

Today I worked on laundry . . . I was a bit behind with the holiday and all. I am down to a towel load and a blanket load. I feel pretty good about getting it done that far.

Although Thanksgiving 2011 is now a memory, my heart remains Thankful! I am Thankful to God for my sweet family! I am thoroughly blessed indeed! I am Thankful for my WONDERFUL husband Randy . . . even though he gave me a "Christmas goose" yesterday! lol I am Thankful for my children . . . they make my life crazy and thoroughly Blessed! For my Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brother and their families . . . it is amazing when we all get together! For Uncle Sam . . . he is a true delight and we love him so much! For my furry babies and their sweetness plus kisses!

Tonight as we watch the Jim Carey version of the Christmas Carole, I am thankful for the lesson it teaches! I am very excited for the next month of movies  . . .   reflection and fun a tradition at our house.

Soule Mama's This Moment . . .

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

I missed this yesterday . . .

So hear it is:

Thanksgiving 2011

We have had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday . . . we actually celebrated two days in a row. Today's post will be Thanksgiving Day . . . Pictures!

Dad found his "spot" in the living room.

Thanksgiving Feast preparations were in full swing!

Randy and Beckett were chilling out with Grandpa.

 Eric and Lucy


 Shame on You Uncle Eric . . . giving Katelyn bunny ears!

Getting in a family circle for prayer.

 after dinner relaxing
 Randy and Beckett after dinner.
 a beautiful sign over Janeie's stairway
 Cameron and Alyson playing air hockey
 Cody is surfing on the gamer chair, Ryan, EJ and Jenna
 Kendra . . . chilling out
 Katelyn Grandpa and Beckett

 Grandpa and Lucy



 Jenna is posing . . . I know, goofy huh?

 Alyson and Jenna

 Jenna, Ryan and Alyson

 Jenna and Lucy

 Jenna and Mia

 Ryan, Alyson, Jenna and Beckett

Lucy still isn't sure about Little Beckett!

We had a really great Thanksgiving!!!

How was yours?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving morning

Thanksgiving preparations are done . . . all that is left is to put the corn casserole and mac n cheese in the oven. Then we head out to my sister's house for our family Thanksgiving lunch. We are all excited and the kids are crazed! We always watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but not my boys! They would rather play wii . . . the sound of cheering, screaming and carrying on from my family room makes me smile! I love that they are all "into" the game.

I have my camera all ready to take amazing photos for the day . . . at least I hope they will be amazing!!! The photos will jar our memories in years to come will be welcomed.

Tomorrow a full on Thanksgiving meal at our house . . . the kids are looking forward to the yummy smoked Turkey cooked outside in our Green Egg, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc.

Have a Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving Day!!! Enjoy your families!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful!

Little boys with fresh haircuts . . . Puppies with sweet kisses and happy tails . . . my smiley girl with her new sassy hair style . . . Life's sweet and special moments . . . one word THANKFUL . . . or maybe one more word . . . BLESSED.

I am both Thankful and Blessed . . . no, things don't always go the way I think they should or want them to be, but I am Thankful and Blessed.

If you are reading this, you can be thankful too . . . God gave each of us another day to enjoy our family, another day to show others the Love of Jesus, another day to be a blessing to someone, another day to experience the love of a child.

There are hard days in the life of an adult . . . today as I sat waiting for an appointment, I watched people . . . a lot of people. People never cease to amaze me . . . people from all walks of life fighting horrible disease . . . it doesn't matter where they came from or where they have been. It doesn't matter what they have ór haven't accomplished in life . . . not one person, regardless of race, social or financial status can guarantee a life free of life threatening disease. Many of the people displayed smiles, while others were worn out. Some of the people stayed quiet to themselves and others chatted quietly. Life is hard . . . life is uncertain.

Tonight as I think of the little bitty children that are struggling with illness. My heart is heavy . . . so many families are burdened and giving their all for their children in hopes of complete healing. As the holidays approach, I urge you to pray for the many children suffering from childhood cancer and other horrific disease.

This Thanksgiving, take time to enjoy your family . . . your husband/wife, children, grand children, nieces, nephews, moms and dads. Take the time to Thank God for blessing you and yours . . .  Enjoy each moment, each little mess your children make, all of the dirty dishes . . .

 . . . be Thankful . . . be Thankful  . . . be Thankful!

Prayer Requests

The boys were WAY to REVVED up this morning . . . sheesh!!! Especially before I have had even ONE cup of coffee! lol

Today would have been the perfect day to sleep in . . . the skies are dreary and it is raining and cold.
That nice warm bed was really enticing me to stay under the covers this morning.

I wanted to get a quick post out this morning, Prayer Requests . . . Please pray for:

  • Little Parker has been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. He is really struggling this morning. This little guy is adorable and just had a birthday . . . he has down syndrome and uses a ventilator to keep his oxygen at the right levels for him. Pneumonia is not a good thing for him! 
  • So many lives are devastated by cancer . . . little Colton is fighting leukemia. Kate McRae is taking chemo treatments and her recent MRI scans show no new cancer and no changes in an area they are watching. Little Jada's scans came back clear ~ Praise be to God! And others . . . please pray for those that have cancer, those affected by cancer and the doctors who treat the cancer.
  • Randy's Dad is having some health issues.
  • My Aunt is having surgery on her eye.
  • Our neighbor ~ headed to Mayo for a second opinion on his health.
I have a full day today  . . .  I am taking my Uncle to the doctor this morning. Lunch with Katelyn and then hair appointments for the boys and I this afternoon. I must make a grocery list to get what I need for Thanksgiving and the days after.

I will have plenty of time to focus and pray today . . . will you join me?

Monday, November 21, 2011

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO and Christmas decorating has begun . . . PICTURES

I must apologize that there wasn't a post yesterday . . . I was a bit wiped out. Our weekend was wonderful, but wonderful sometimes takes the energy right out of you!

We tidied up the house and then onto more important activities . . . we had another Lego village to build!

Take a look:

 Cody loves, loves, loves to build the people. Since he is only five, the people are the easiest for him.
EJ and Cameron were totally HANDS on in the Lego building expedition. I tried to rotate whose turn it was to build a section so not everyone was grabbing Legos at once.

 Ryan was busy building the Christmas Tree.

The concentration in this pictures is hilarious! 
I have to say . . . you really do need to make sure each step is right . . . or you have to disassemble!

Bricks waiting to be snapped together . . . oh the anticipation!

Not sure what Cody has his mouth open for.

So many steps for the Christmas Tree, but Ryan has it well under control.

Not sure how Cameron can see through these glasses! Sheesh!

The tree

Cody wanted his picture taken with "the tree".

Part of the Christmas scene.

Now, I am sure you are just waiting on pins and needles to see the finished scenes . . .

The end result:

Plus, we put out a few Christmas items yesterday . . . just a touch!

I must get ready . . . the boys have eye appointments this morning.

Have a great day!

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