Sunday, October 30, 2011

900th Post ~

This is my 900th post . . . not too shabby if I do say so myself! 900 is quite a lot of sharing!

This weekend has flown by, seems like it just began. 
We were going to head out of town for a family drive and fun time today . . .
it rained and was cold and nasty.
Katelyn is sick with a cough, congestion and fever.
Three of the boys were coughing . . .
that is what I get for telling them we were having a family fun day.
(insert sad Momma face here)

Instead, we stayed home and enjoyed each other this morning and then took naps after lunch.
I worked on laundry . . . with only one washer working, this chore seemed endless ~ in fact, I still have another full day of laundry tomorrow ~ that is if I decide to stay home from work tomorrow.
We shall see.

Late this afternoon I went into the boys' rooms . . . we were out of hangers and so I needed to take summer shirts off of hangers and store them  . . .  which turned in to sorting their clothing, because they had them all messed up and organizing them. While all of the sorting was going on, I set aside clothing for Cody for next year and the ones we aren't keeping we will donate.  I went through Cody's closet as well and noticed I had clothing atop the shelf in his closet, so I pulled them down. They were last year's clothing and all had been outgrown but were still in good condition . . . more donations. 
All dresser drawers were tidied as well.
Whew, that was quite the job for a Sunday afternoon!

Cameron and Cody ran into the kitchen tonight and asked, "MOM, do YOU KNOW who won the World Series?" They really thought they had me on this one and was ready to push the newspaper up in my face. Yes, as a matter of fact I do, was my reply.
"Who?" they asked while chuckling to each other.
I smiled and said, "The Cardinals! "
They looked at one another in a bit of disbelief that I, their Mom (a girl) would know such information.
Then they said, "You are . . . . RIGHT!"
Goofy boys! lol

It never ceases to amaze me how I seem to be the only one that notices lights are on all over the house.
I tell you, it doesn't matter the time of day . . . the lights are on.
I make it a habit of turning off the lights and remarking to the boys that it sure would be nice if someone else would notice that a light needs turned off.
Well, we have been receiving these little "newsletters" from our utility company for the past several months that let each customer know where they stack up with energy usage compared to the neighbors.
Each time we get one of those little newsletters I flip out because they rate us much higher than our neighbors. Why they send these out, I do not know . . . because, of course we consume more energy in our home than in the homes of our neighbors! First of all, most of our neighbors are retired and only one or two live in each house . . . compared to the seven people, three dogs, three fish, two froggies and one FOUR lb guinea pig! Secondly, I doubt the neighbors are running two washers and dryers several times a week. Then there is the very large generator that takes a test run each and every week just in case our power goes out . . . it uses gas to run the entire house in the event we need it.
Anyway . . . I spoke to our entire family about the "energy consumption letter" and told them I would like to lower our energy consumption so we look better on the little graph we receive from the energy company. Of course, I figured what I was telling them would go in one ear and out the other just like with all kids, so I didn't expect much. Well, to my great surprise, one of my children has started going through the house after everyone to make sure the lights are all off if they are not needed!
That is such a blessing!!!
I am so proud of EJ!

So, we are making sure lights are off when not in use AND I have lowered our thermostat to 68 degrees.
The kids have remarked that it is a bit chilly in the house ~ when they are watching television, so I tell them . . . each of you have your own sleeping bag . . . you can go and get it to cover with OR I can find you something to do . . . keeping busy will also keep you warm!
The furry ones aren't enjoying the cooler temps . . . each time they find a blanket, towel, freshly washed and dried clothing (in piles as we are folding it) they snuggle right in. I can't tell you how many times I had to shoo them off of the laundry today! If they all snuggled together they would stay warmer!!!
68 degrees isn't THAT chilly . . . I know lots of people that set it even lower than that.

Where do you set your thermostat?

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The smallest child in our home has decided today is a good day to rebel. He is unhappy . . . life isn't fair and he didn't get his way . . . daddy had some errands to run and didn't take him. Insert whiny, grumpy, fussy child here.

Our newer front load washing machine has a tear in the seal . . . apparently some laundry, most likely jeans go caught in the door by some unsuspecting laundry lady and the zipper ripped the seal. So, it is out of commission until the seal comes in . . . estimated time of repair ~ two weeks. Praise God we have TWO
washers! Anyway, Randy told me he needed the extended warranty before he could call for the repair . . . so I grabbed the file tote box and looked in the warranty papers. Well, the year we bought the washer I didn't have a separate warranty file, so I had to look in the year we purchased the washer. After looking through 2011, 2010, 2009 ~ just in case we transferred the warranty to one of those boxes . . . I asked Randy if he remembered what year we purchased the washer . . . 2008. Plus he added . . . it was in a blue envelope that had all the papers and the sales lady's business card in it. Hmmmmmm, I thought . . . and grumbled a bit. How in the world can he remember the year, color of the envelope, what the envelope contained and remember the business card as well? I was grumbling along when . . . there IT was . . . just as he described . . . CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Just after I told Katelyn . . . "You are NOT going to believe THIS!" Randy walked in the door. I took one look at him and said, "I just don't get it! You cannot remember where you put your phone, keys or what you wore yesterday, but you remember all of the information concerning the washer we purchased in 2008! He simply chuckled and went on his way. I suppose I should learn something from this little episode . . .  what do you think? lol

Since the file boxes were out, I took time to file papers that seem to grow constantly . . . seems like I just filed them all. Sheesh! EJ and Cameron both helped me at one time or another. I was grateful! After the papers were filed, I cleaned out two desk drawers and one of the upright cabinets of the desk as well.

Now, I should get to figuring out dinner . . . those boys will be asking what is for dinner soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Everyone in our home had a great day today . . . such a great feeling to know everyone had a happy day.

This evening the boys and I headed out back to the patio by the lake and started up a wood fire. We swept up the leaves and added them to the fire and restacked the wood pile once again. Once it was dark, we had Daddy come out and join us for stories around the fire and song time. We started with some camp songs and would you believe we ended with Christmas carols? We had a wonderful time and the fire was wonderful and cozy! Which was great because it was very chilly out there!

As i write our little Beckett is plastered to me . . . she is such a Momma's girl and this Momma left her little Beckett in the house while we were down by the lake. Beckett was not thrilled and fussed quite a bit. Now . . . she is snuggling close. No, she is NOT spoiled . . . simply VERY LOVED!


An update on Prayer Requests . . .

Please continue to pray for Bruce. He was transferred to ICU during last night and is not doing well. He has been intubated and sedated. Please pray for Bruce and his family.

Pray for little Colton . . . he is battling leukemia. Colton is three years old.


Katelyn and I did not watch the World Series . . . are we naughty?

Tomorrow morning I think I will be able to sleep in . . . I hope, I hope, I hope!

Have a great sleep everyone!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tonight and Prayer Requests

The temperature in our little neck of the woods has dropped . . . and baby it is quite chilly out there! I am thankful for a warm home . . . we are blessed!

This afternoon when the kids got home from schooll, the smell of Italian meatballs immediately caught their attention. "I smell GARLIC" were the first words out of their mouths! The boys were thrilled that we were having Italian Meatballs for dinner. They could hardly wait. Before long, Daddy was home . . . so dinner was served. They ate and ate and ate . . . it makes this momma smile!  Cooked apples alamode was served for dessert . . . the giggles and then quiet were fun to listen too . . . it was quiet when their mouths were full.

Our evening was fairly quiet after dinner . . . the kids all hung out doing their own thing.

Now, as I write the boys are in bed, the furry ones are also asleep, Katelyn and I are watching Sweet Genius. Interesting people and desserts. A guy actually hacked apart a Bonsai tree for his dessert . . . definitely NOT Sweet Genius!


Tonight so many people are hurting . . . sick . . . lonely  . . . there are so many prayer requests on my mind for others.

Please Pray for:
  • Bruce . . . he is battling cancer and was admitted to the hospital for a large kidney stone and infection
  • a sweet friend of mine has many family members going through sickness
  • Kate . . . she is seven years old and battling brain cancer
  • Three year old Autumn is sick with fever, cough and vomiting
  • Marsha, a long time friend of our family is not doing well and began having seizures
  • Lil' Priscilla born prematurely by two months and under three pounds
  • Baby Lisa that is still missing (Baby Lisa disappeared from her Kansas City home)
Isn't it wonderful that we can reach God any time of the day or night and NEVER get a busy signal?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knitting, Today and Did You?

I am learning to knit . . . I got some supplies and headed to BINGO!!! I found a teenage girl teaching teenagers how to knit . . . and she is teaching me too!  It took a little bit of trial and error, but I finally got it! I now have seven rows finished and ready for the next part of the video series . . . but that will have to wait until tomorrow . . . tonight I will just rejoice that I AM LEARNING! Woo Hoo . . . ugly sweaters HERE I COME!

Aunt Darlene used to knit . . . I wish I would have asked her to teach me! Now, I am on my own as Ding Ding is in Heaven enjoying its beauty.

I had a lovely day today. I woke, took a shower, got ready, had a cup of coffee and then ran up to Uncle Sam's house to drop something off. Next I dropped my furry ones off at their day of beauty and headed into the office. Plenty to catch up on there, but I really enjoyed my morning.

Uncle Sam dropped by the office and chatted with Dad a little while. Lunch time arrived so Randy and I invited Uncle Sam to lunch at one of the local small diners.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch and conversation.
Back to work after lunch and returned calls . . . one call involved being interviewed for an article in a magazine about family owned business. The magazine wants to feature our business . . . kind of crazy, but fun!

Our Japanese Maple Tree has turned brilliant red. It is BEAUTIFUL! I hope to get a picture of it this weekend.

How did you do today? Did you do something for someone? Did you make s difference in someone's life?  I would love to hear about it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Why is it people don't see other people in need?

Why is it people try to keep their eyes straight ahead not even a slight look to either side or up for fear of making eye contact with someone that so desperately needs a friend?

My heart is weary tonight . . . there are so many people . . . family, friends, neighbors . . . even those we do not know . . . hurting.

Loneliness, illness, elderly . . . people you may see sitting in a chair in their front yard. Sitting there just for a chance . . . a chance to talk to someone.

People don't go out of their way to "DO"  for someone these days. Isn't that just plain awful?

There are so many ways to help someone . . . and it seriously does not take much time or effort, but the results may just make some one's day.
  1. Offer some help . . . mow their yard, rake leaves, get their paper and mail 
  2. Simply ask if you can sit and chat a while
  3. Maybe their eyesight has diminished . . . even a child can read to someone
  4. Offer to run to the store
  5. Maybe they would like to send out a card or two but their handwriting is illegible . . . offer a few minutes of your time to write out the card.
  6. Take a meal . . . not hard at all
  7. Send a card . . . just so they know you are thinking about them
  8. Pray for them
  9. Show them the love of Jesus
  10. Listen . . . the stories, memories
There are also children that are in need. Children all over the world are suffering . . . can we all try to help in some way or another?
  1. Check in with local agencies . . . maybe they have some children that need someone   . . .  someone to let them know they are special.
  2. Christmas is coming ~ there are many children that have no hope of a gift  . . . maybe you can help supply a gift
  3. Homeless or abandoned children . . . maybe you are that home they are waiting for.
  4. Orphanages and agencies are overflowing with children that WANT and NEED a Mom and Dad. Could you be the Mom or Dad they are waiting for?
Sure, it is easier to simply look away . . . but in your heart, you know the right thing to do. Step out of your comfort zone and be a BLESSING . . . just because!


I am thoroughly wiped out tonight . . .  after a very busy day at work, picking up the boys from school, being homework commando, making dinner and cleaning up, plus scrubbing the kitchen floor . . . I am exhausted!

Tomorrow is hair appointment day . . . Gonna wash that gray  white those roots right outta my hair! lol My stylist is awesome and really rocks! I love hair salon day!

I am letting the boys hair grow out from their summer cuts . . . no hair appointments for them tomorrow.

The kids brought home their school pictures home today and I must say they are better than they have had in a while. I bought the simple basic package . . . go figure. The boys got into the car after school and promptly told me they had their "license". They flashed their new school IDs that always come with the school photos. I assured them the cards were not driver's license cards, but identification cards, but they preferred to tease me and carry on about having a driver's license.

I have decided to learn how to knit . . . I found a youtube video all about knitting . . . and I actually understood what the girl was staying. Yep . . . I am going to make UGLY sweaters to give away as gifts! lol Not really . . . I just really want to learn how.

I recently switched the boys' bathroom from toddler toothpaste to Crest for Kids. The boys are thrilled and came into my room boasting "we used the toothpaste that fights cavities!" I thought it was really funny! Now if you wonder WHY I had not switched them previously . . . well I had tried previously, however my children were sucking the toothpaste out of the tube. Yes . . . you read that correctly. So, rather than having my children poisoned from too much fluoride, I chose to withhold the older kids toothpaste and simply purchased the toddler toothpaste. I know, I have strange kids!

At the orchard last week, we purchased pumpkin spice beans. Can I just say . . . YUMMY!?!?! Wow!

Katelyn has been drawing various projects for her college classes . . . Really out of the ordinary for her, but she has received quite a few great compliments on them.

First, a Burmese python skeleton. . . she named him Bertram.

and next . . . a piranha she named Herbert:

Herbert is extra credit.

This morning, my grade school principal Mrs. Ohlman passed away. Rest in Peace Mrs. Ohlman.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap . . .

The weekend is now officially over . . . it is 12:01 a.m. Monday morning. I wanted to get in a quick post as I don't know what tomorrow will bring or if I will get a post in.

Our weekend was busy  . . .

Apple pie baking on Saturday  ~ NINE pies in all, followed by a visit from Mom and Aunt Doris. We had a great time chatting and the boys were very excited to have company. As they were heading out, I had a couple arrive for a photo session . . . I was so excited to have my first official Engagement Photo Shoot! The photo session went well, although I am quite certain it was extremely obvious they were the first couple I ever took engagement photos of. After the couple has had a chance to go over the photos and show them to their families . . . maybe I will post one or two of my favorites. Eventually, I would love to have a section of my blog dedicated to photo shoots.

The remainder of yesterday and much of today I found me processing photos. The total of photos shot . . . 1331. Yes, you read that right One thousand three hundred and thirty one photos. It was great fun though!

I ordered up a book of proofs for the couple . . . although they have been able to view them online.

This evening we watched the Halloween Challenge on Food Network . . . pumpkin carving.

Tomorrow school for the kids and work for myself.

Have a good sleep . . . you are all probably already there . . .

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday night

My seven year old just crept down the stairs and tried to scare me. I didn't even hear him come down the stairs and I didn't see him . . . the lights are out and I am watching Criminal Minds.

We have all had a pretty good week . . . the boys have had good days at school and are doing their homework without much fuss.

The toy catalogs have been arriving in the mail . . . my boys are scouring each and every page. I have to smile as I see their eyes ight up when I hand them a catalog . . . especially Lego. I know I am really in trouble when they begin circling and writing their names near those "special/I want this" item.

The temperature has gotten cold and we experienced the first frost of the season. Cameron was excited to announce . . . "the ground is all white! this morning. As I write the temperature is 45 but feels like 40 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper sixties . . . a great day for the kids to play outside.

My little puppy Beckett is wearing her Chicago Bears TShirt tonight. She has been getting chilled and the shirts and puppy jammies have been keeping her warm. I hope to get a few pictures tomorrow. I also need to take some pictures of the kids.

Tomorrow is Apple Pie baking day . . . we have several requests for a pie. I am thrilled to be working with my girl . . . she totally rocks in the kitchen. I will also try to remember to post pictures tomorrow of the delicous masterpieces!

g'night all

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grade Time Already?!?!

It is hard to believe that NINE weeks of school has already passed! Wow  . . .   before you know it, we will be into the New Year.

Report Cards came out yesterday . . . Results . . .

Cameron - Grade 3 -- Art O-, Bible A-, Choir O-, English B+, Math B+, Music O-, Penmanship S, Reading B+, Science A, Spelling A+

EJ - Grade 2 -- Art O-, Bible A+, Choir O-, Math A+, Music O-, Phonics A, Reading A-, Spelling A, Writing S+

Cody - Kindergarten -- Art O-, Bible A+, Math A+, Music S+, Phonics A+, Writing O-

Ryan - Grade 4 -- Art O-, Bible A, Choir O-, English B, History C, Math C+, Music S+, Penmanship S, Reading C+, Science C, Spelling B+

(O = outstanding, S = satisfactory, N = needs improvement)

I am thrilled with two of my boys' grades . . . however, I am NOT thrilled with Ryan's grades ~ he is simply not applying himself. He must get with the program . . . I know he can do it! Receiving notes from the teacher like . . .lack of neatness in schoolwork, lack of taking care of corrections, low quiz scores, poor answering of chapter questions and low test scores . . . simply not acceptable.

Katelyn has also received her first Report Card in College . . .

Drawing 1 - B, 2D Design A, English Composition B, Spanish A

Survey Art History - no grade has been posted yet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It is such a dreary and cold day . . . it is one of those days I don't feel like doing anything. 

However, there are THINGS that must be done.

So . . . 

I swept the porch.

Hung the Fall wreath . . . my wreath hanger did not fit in the door or outside the door . . .
which is how thing tend to go for me . . .
so, I used one of those Command strip hangers and a zip tie thingy.


The wreath is hung!

I LOVE all the beautiful colors!
I do miss my beautiful plants . . . the beautiful flowers and greenery stretching up to our large window.

I found this guy on etsy. . . . he is actually carved from a gourd.

Our canvas portrait of Kamie arrived yesterday.
It is amazing!

This is a memory box . . . I also purchased it on etsy.

I wanted a special box to put some of Kamie's things in.

Kamie's blanket, foot print, collar and tuft of hair in the purple velvet bag.

I decided to put the memory box in our library . . .


Today, I also laminated a few items, touched up the paint in our foyer and began cleaning off my desk again. Why is it everything seems to be tossed on my desk? Craziness!

I had a few thank you cards to get out and a few things to file away . . .

I still have a lot to do, but it is almost time to pick up the kids.

Guess I should get to it!


I have sat down to write this post many times, but the words wouldn't come together to convey my thoughts. Do you ever have days like that?

NEWS . . . whether it be local or national . . . it is depressing! I absolutely loathe hearing or reading the news . . . it is sure to put a "fog" in my day! Of course, much of what is considered "news" is not news at all, but opinion . . . another person's opinion.

In the whole scheme of things:

  • WHO CARES what So-n-So said to So-n-So!?!?!
  • WHO CARES what So-n-So wore to the coffee shop?
  • WHO CARE why So-n-So's teeth look horrific?
  • WHY is it news when two people are dating?
  • WHY is it news when a celebrity buys a house?
  • WHY is it news to report someone's sexual preference?
  • WHY is it trendy to have a baby?
What about reporting on news that REALLY matters?
  • HOW many children are without a home? and HOW we can help them!
  • HOW to help someone that is lonely or hurting!
  • HOW to protect your child from allergens when they are everywhere.
  • HOW about how to help your parent grow old gracefully?
  • Maybe we should be TEACHING parents how to provide for their families . . . there would be less stress in the home.
  • Teach how to LOVE others, show COMPASSION
  • Maybe an article or two on what a FRIEND truly is.
There are so many hurting people in this world! So many without the basic necessities in life. Babies and children with no hope of receiving a hug from a loving mommy or daddy . . . and we report on the ridiculous and unimportant. 

This morning alone, my prayer notebook  is filling with prayer requests of people that are hurting, sick, alone and grieving.

Little Rylynn just received a heart . . . her little body has been through so much, but the family is rejoicing that their little girl has a chance at life. 

Rylynn's heart was a gift from another family experiencing tragedy.

There are families who are enduring sickness . . . it is always awful when children are sick!

Baby Lisa continues to be missing . . . there is so much speculation and judgement as to where this precious baby is.

People out of work . . . 

Little ones that sit in orphanages . . . waiting to be chosen.

Our world is broken . . . we alone cannot fix it . . . but together we can make a HUGE difference!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gifts for Kids

If you have read my blog for any length of time you are aware that I like things that are NOT ordinary! I like things totally out of the normal. Birthdays, Anniversary and Christmas gifts are no exception . . . I scour the internet for things NOT ordinary or normal . . . it is who I am and how I roll.

I know you are wondering . . . o.k., so where DO you shop? Well . . . if I told you that, I wouldn't be the only one with gifts that are the exception now, would I?

Got ya!
Unique Baby Gifts: I like to start with Sophie the Giraffe. Isn't she cute?

I found Sophie when my Cody was a baby . . . we still have Sophie. You can purchase Sophie on

Another favorite is the Ultimate Swaddle Blanket . . . also becoming more well known and more redily available . . .

Also available at . . .

Then I look to Hanna Andersson for some sweet little baby jammies . . . OUR FAVORITE jammies!!! Available at

For a yummy smelling baby we chose Noodle and Boo products . . . also available at

My absolute GO bum cream is PINXAV! When all else failed . . . it was our miracle! Would you believe has it as well? 

Toddler? - the toys are very sweet and well made.

There is the classic . . . Red Ryder Tricycle . . .


can purchase at

Another Great Gift idea that is a HUGE, HUGE hit with my kids . . .


available at


Now onto BOY stuff!

Our boys range in age from 9 down to 5 . . .
nice range

Shouldn't all little guys have a cool cowboy hat?

a little six shooter . . .

Depending on what you want to interest your little guy in . . . check by catagory at

they have a boy section and a girl section . . .

the boy section includes:

Over 960 adventure toys!
bows, arrows, knives; classic toys; detective; guns; How-to; kits; Lego Compatible Sets; living history;
military gear; outdoor adventure; science and technology; survival; swords; western gear

I want to encourage you to visit . . . toys to encourage our boys to be boys.

Of course, Lego is always a HUGE hit!

For the boy that is interested in science . . . Snap Circuits


Time for Girls . . .

Katelyn was really into things like American Girl and Lego.
She would have been into the girl toys at if I had known about them!

adventure; cowgirls; dolls; drawing; dresses & patterns; how-to; kitchen; kits; music; victory gardens; Grandfather's classic toys 

How cute is this little kitchen?

a sweet little peddle car


a little cowgirl outfit


The possibilities are endless. . .

They also need NOT cost an arm and a leg!

books, puzzles, blocks . . .

Use your imagination!

One year my sister made a little Inspector Gadget kit for my son that was really INTO Inspector Gadget phase . . . a box decorated with the Inspector Gadget photo laminated on the top, a magnifying glass, a play pocket knife, flashlight and I think a paper tablet and pencil.

How about a little painting kit for that little artist in your family? paper, paint and brushes or an art jar.

Dress ups, puzzles, dot to dots.

Books, books and more books are always a HUGE hit at our house.

My kids also love, love, love these little games:

Monster Doodles

and Math Dice

There are so many fun little bag/box type games . . . and


The crazy thing about kids . . . they love the craziest things!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Photos, Bribery and Noise Putty

This afternoon was a bit cloudy and cool, but I took advantage of the day and took our furry babes outside to get a few Fall photos . . . they were less than thrilled!

Beckett and Mia

We also tried to get Emma in on the photos . . . she had other things on her mind.

I thought a photo would be cute with Beckett sitting on top of a bright orange pumpkin.
She didn't agree.

Of course, since I was outside taking photos . . . everyone else decided to head out as well.
Needless to say I was less than thrilled. Every time I tried to take a photo, someone was in the photo besides the dogs. I finally told everyone to go back in the house.

Our weekend has been pretty laid back . . .
the house only had little things that needed tended . . .
Katelyn and I were able to hide out upstairs in the sitting room and watch Forest Gump.
It was amazing and wonderful.

While Katelyn and I hid upstairs, Randy had the boys on the main floor . . .
they were watching a movie too . . . 
I bribed them by putting out a plate of Oreo cookies in the family room.
I know . . . I shouldn't bribe my children . . . but it worked!

We are certainly enjoying all of the beautiful Fall colors!
I REALLY enjoy taking evening walks together . . .
even though it is cool and the kids have coughs.

As I write, my five year old is using noise putty behind me . . .

Crazy little dude!
Noise putty . . . the perfect lil' thing to keep that boy busy.

The day is beginning to wind down . . .
school tomorrow for the kids
and work for Randy and I.

Should be a great week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Katelyn, Cameron, Cody and I headed off to the pumpkin farm . . . of course, Mia and Beckett went along too. We had a lovely drive and arrived at a lovely pumpkin farm . . .

The boys were thrilled to look through and climb over the pumpkins.
Each pumpkin was chosen carefully before being put into our wagon.

I took these photos with my cell phone.
The boys were all smiles.

As you can see, the boys did a great job picking out pumpkins. Of course, Katelyn and I chose a few as well . . . I love the big green/orange one in the upper right corner. The entire hatch area of my SRX was full of pumpkins . . . a little carmel corn too.

The gift shop had some great items . . .
the kids loved the witch's hat and they all had to try it on.
Cody in the picture above,

Cameron's turn . . .
My BIG boys are thrilled with their haul. This is one of two wagons.
Is there anything more fun than jumping through pumpkins on a beautiful Fall day?

The farm was absolutely beautiful!
Baby it is CHILLY outside this morning . . . 47 degrees, but feels like 43 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr
We have not turned on the furnace yet . . . but it won't be long now! lol
Temps are supposed to drop into the 30's by the end of next week.
Time to wash up the winter wear!

Yesterday I took the girls (dogs) for two walks . . . once in the morning and once in the evening. Cody went last night and even ran Emma a little . . . Emma was not thrilled and put on the breaks to let Cody know . . . enough is enough kid! lol My little ones rode in style in their puppy stroller. I rarely let them walk down sidewalks or paths . . . they are so little and I am afraid they will "catch" something from a larger animal ~ we have deer, raccoon, fox, etc. in our area.

Our chore load is light this weekend . . . of which I am thankful.
I would like to take the boys to get pumpkins this weekend . . . always a great opportunity for photos.
Cody wants to carve out the pumpkins this year, but I am leery as they don't last long after they are carved. Last year I had them draw on their pumpkin with permanent markers . . . that worked out well.

The kids wanted to play outside this morning . . . personally, I think they are CRAZY!
I am not even sure jackets are warm enough!
Those boys absolutely LOVE playing outside.


a few hours later . . .

Randy is off with two of the boys. Katelyn and I are heading to a pumpkin farm with the other two boys.
Guess I better get moving!

Friday, October 14, 2011


The weather has turned chilly . . . the wind is blowing steadily . . . Beautiful Fall weather ~ at least in my opinion. The leaves are making their way down to the ground . . . a sign winter will be heading our way before we know it ~ I am not thrilled.

Many blog are writing about Christmas and the countdown . . . I am not one that is counting down. The holidays tend to bring a lot of expectations and stress. This year I am vowing to myself NOT to get bogged down in it all . . . in fact, there is a new ebook out that I am reading . . .

I purchased the e-book on and am hoping to learn some SELF HELP tips!

This Moment October 14

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