Friday, September 30, 2011


The sun is setting . . . only a small bit of light remains, soon it will be completely dark. A few months ago, we would have had another two and a half hours before darkness . . . a sign Fall has arrived.

Katelyn was home this afternoon as her college schedule is light on Fridays. She decided she needed to bake a few batches of her yummy sugar cookies. They are awesome! However, I did not even snitch a little bit of dough . . . I stayed away from the kitchen, but enjoyed the yummy scent of sugar cookies lofting through our home.

Beckett, our little 3 lb wonder snagged herself some sugar cookie goodness . . .

Yes . . . the cookies is almost bigger than she is!
She carried the cookie around for a while before nibbling away at its yummy goodness.

THAT is your square!

The boy (yes, I know I have four boys, but am only speaking of one right now) has gotten himself into trouble this morning . . . So, after getting chasing   him, I told him to SIT in the square! Yep, the boy has his OWN square . . . take a peek:

Using a tile as HIS square keeps him in a specific area . . . cause this boy doesn't seem to understand boundaries. This square sets that out for him . . . no questions asked. Well, that isn't quite right . . . I have had several questions:
When can I get outta this square?

Do I havta sleep in this square?

Why do I have to sit in this square?

What happens if my body goes outside of the square?

So far, he believes it is in his best interest to remain inside the square . . . Until Mom says so!

So . . . I can't cross ALL FOUR of THESE lines!

What about MY shadow?

What if my shadow gets out of the square?

Can I interject a YIKES?!?!!?!?!

Of course, the boy has plenty to do in the square . . . 
don't all boys tend to find things to do even when they are in trouble?  

Oh to live in the mind of a boy!
(or maybe not!)

Whatever Your Day Holds

I apologize for my lack of posting these past few days . . . at least anything that translates into anything meaningful. The nasty of Fall  arrived in our house, resulting in coughing, snot and all that goes with it . . . of course just when you don't want the kids to share . . . they do! lol

This morning as I have my first cup of coffee, the kids are already at it . . . fussing with one another like crazy. It is time for full Sergeant Mom mode and promptly put a stop to it all. Although I wanted to have a really fun day, I don't feel up to getting out an about. Instead, we will remain home and enjoy the seclusion for the day.

Everything I do today . . . laundry, referee, tidy up . . . I want to do everything to THE GLORY OF GOD!

Steven Curtis Chapman sings Do Everything . . .

Regardless of what your day holds . . . DO IT TO THE GLORY OF GOD!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Title

Tonight . . . Food Network . . . challenges . . . Chopped and then Sweet Genius. I love that Ryan loves to watch with me! Relaxing and fun to watch.

The kids were home from school today . . . a teacher convention . . . for two days.

Today was a bit of a down day for all of us at home. Plenty of play time for the boys, nap in the afternoon and then outside to run off a bit of energy.

My mind is cluttered tonight . . . but I cannot seem to organize anything into a worthy post. So, tonight I simply say "Goodnight".

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Tonight, I am not just tired . . . I am exhausted and my body is screaming at me!

Remember I told you that I was going to work on this boy's bedroom?

Well, just let me say . . .

It is gonna be a TWO day job!

I really tried to get the room done today . . .

This morning I:

Tidied his closet . . . which was a MAJOR disaster! Now, all the shorts are together, as are the casual shirts, school shirts, school pants, blue jeans, jackets . . . everything has its own place once again.

Then, I stripped his bed and remade it with fresh sheets and blanket . . . I wonder if he will notice?

On to the dresser . . . let me interject here . . . HOLY TOLEDO . . . the undies were a mess and in the the jammies that were in with the socks and vise versa. He even had some of Cody's clothing and undies! Of course, anything he didn't want to put away . . . it was slung in this corner or that corner or this drawer or that drawer. Tidying that literally took forever!

Before I knew it, it was time to pick the boys up from school.
Then hair cut appointments for all of them.

After appointments . . . home for dinner.
Meatballs and veges . . . already made.

After dinner Randy and I hauled a 201 lb tool chest upstairs . . .
No, it was NOT an easy task!
It literally took EVERYthing we both had.
We were drenched with sweat by the time we reached the top.

Once the tool chest was in Ryan's room, the sorting began.

I am certain you are wondering . . .
what in the world did we put a tool chest in Ryan's room?

Well, Ryan has a ton of Legos . . .
and other buildable toys.
A tool chest has a lot of drawers . . .
some deep and some not so deep . . .

We worked on the bedroom until after 8:00 p.m. and I called it a night!
Guess we will be back at it after school tomorrow.

Where Does My Help Come From?

Yesterday, Kamie's grave stone arrived. It is beautiful! We always called her Pretty Girl. We intend to hold a little family funeral service for her once we bring her ashes home. 

The temperature has dropped to CHILLY and it rained all day yesterday. It was a very miserable day outside, although we did need the rain. The Fall season has come a bit too quickly . . . and I certainly am not looking forward to the winter temperatures!

The kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday  . . .  teacher convention is the excuse . . . seriously??? The kids have barely been in school a month! lol   I am hoping for a great time those two days . . . maybe the apple orchard for some Fall pictures??????? We also want to see the new Dolphin movie that is currently in theaters.

Can you believe the countdown to Christmas has already begun? I heard stores are already putting out Christmas decor. I do believe it is a little early . . .  at least for my taste. I would really like to get through September and October before everyone begins the insanity our world has made Christmas. Although, my home has experienced the "I want THIS for Christmas" syndrome already this year.

I have much planned for the day  . . . hair appointment this morning, laundry and begin organizing this boys room . . .

Yep, this boy in in need of a bit of assistance . . . truth be told here! Just look at his jammies all mismatched! lol  I want to interject here . . . they go up to his room folded and matched . . . how he gets them mismatched . . . well, I guess because he is a boy and keeping his room clean and tidy is not on his list of important things to do.

My verse for today . . .

Psalm 121 . . . I lift my eyes to the hills ~~~ where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was Ryan's all BOY Star Wars Party.
Three Guests + Three Brothers + One Birthday Boy + One Uncle Sam =
a REALLY fun party!

 Pizza, Soda and Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Birthday Cake!

Their treat boxes contained a whole lotta fun . . .
Stickers, a Glow Stick, Pop Rocks Sucker, Great Bouncy Ball and NOISE putty!

Everything a BOY loves!

as you can see, they were ALL BOY!!!

 EJ misplaced his ball . . . in the neighbors yard. Hmmmmm . . . misplaced, Really?

 Guess what Cody's Favorite was???? NOISE putty!
 I love seeing ALL smiles!

The boys and their bouncy balls were everywhere!

 It was really hard to get everyone in the photo - plus get it focused! Oh Well . . . Life with Boys is pretty much a big ole blur anyway! lol


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whoa . . . Look What I Found!

This morning Bugsy was ready to run around outside of his cage.

Beckett has met Bugsy, but usually he hides from her ~~~ 
unless we are outside in the grass as there isn't any place for him to hide.

This morning, it is chilly outside and the grass is wet . . . so, an inside adventure is in order!

I put Bugsy on the floor (he weighs 4lbs and is quite sizeable for a guinea pig).

Beckett was quite amazed!

She followed him wherever he went.

Beckett is very gentle with Bugsy.

Beckett was very curious about Bugsy.

Bugsy tried to hide under Emma . . . Emma wasn't too thrilled and moved just before I took the picture.

Checking out one another!

A little "party" this morning . . . Mia, Beckett, Bugsy and Emma

Today I have a bit of running to do BEFORE Ryan's party at 4:00 p.m.
I want to head over to Pooch Couture . . . they have new puppy sweaters, hoodies and such in stock!
I also have to head over to Cold Stone to pick up Ryan's cakes.

Guess I should get going!
Have a GREAT day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night

Friday night . . . I came home from work, exhausted! A quick dinner and we all chilled out to watch "The Perfect Game" . . . of course, I fell asleep and woke for the last 20 minutes or so. The movie was really good, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open . . . the boys really liked it.

My day was toopsy turvy today . . . it didn't seem anything was accomplished easily. I think I actually talked to a "real life" Peggy today . . . have you ever watched the commercial that is about credit card reward points? If you have, you will know what I am talking about. I have to say, it made me crazy!

The weather seems to be messing with my allergies. I love fall . . . allergies, not so much!

Tomorrow afternoon Ryan is having his birthday party with a few friends. He is really excited! Jeanette made two Coldstone Ice Cream cakes for Ryan's party and he is very excited about it! I hope to get a ton of celebration photos!

Fall is in the air . . . in fact, our tree has started to turn red. It is absolutely beautiful and will become a brilliant red color when in full Fall splendor.

Have any of you began your Christmas countdown? Several of my friends are keeping a countdown on Facebook. It almost  makes me want to panic. I don't think I am ready for Christmas already! It isn't that I don't like Christmas . . . in fact, I love it . . . I am just not ready the stores to start putting out all of the decorations for the holidays when we have only reached the first day of Fall. Anyone know what I am saying here? lol

Just a little update on everyone here . . . The week has had its ups and downs, but by God's Grace and the love of family and friends we have made it to the weekend. I am Thankful we do not have to live through this past week again! Today was the first day all week that I did not break down at the mention or thought of Kamie's name. Although, I did mention Kamie by mistake today when I was telling a story about Mia and Beckett . . . so I know she is still on my mind big time. The kids and dogs seem to be getting through it all although I am certain they too have their moments.

I have not received a reply from the teacher that does not believe in praying for pets or animals. I am hoping for a response this weekend.

Well, this lady is ready to head upstairs to bed . . . the day has been long and tomorrow is going to be busy.

Hugs to all,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Limiting Prayer?

I am going to start out this post with a question. Here goes:

Have you ever had someone tell your children they could not 
PRAY about something that was on their little heart?
If you have . . . how did you react?
Without going into too much detail . . .
Two of my children were told by a teacher, in a Christian school, they could not pray for their pets during prayer time in this particular classroom.

My thoughts . . . surely this could not be right!
Until I questioned both of my boys that were in that class . . .
much to my amazement ~ they both told me the same thing . . .
this teacher does not believe in praying for pets or animals.
To say I am appalled is an understatement!!! 
WHY in the world???

Why would anyone want to restrict what a child can pray for?
Why would any person, let alone a Christian tell a child they
could not pray about something on their heart?

Is ANYTHING unimportant to God?
We teach our children that God wants them to talk to Him . . . any time, about anything!
Never once in the Bible have I ever read anything to the contrary!
PRAYER . . . What exactly is Prayer?

Prayer is talking to God and Jesus.

God is pleased when his children talk to him!

God listens to each and every prayer!

"You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." John 14:14
You can talk to God about ANYTHING!

Prayer is never inappropriate. Especially when it comes straight from the heart.

How awful it would be to feel that you could not pray about something that was on your heart!

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray Without Ceasing

God doesn't limit the topic!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Are We Doing?

This morning I headed into work after I dropped Emma, Mia and Beckett off for a day of beauty. Generally, Wednesday mornings everyone is excited to get out of the house to go and see Dawn . . . this morning was awkward . . . someone was missing . . . our Kamie girl.

I thought I was prepared to handle Kamie's death as the thought of it loomed over us for a better part of this year. As much as I tried to convince myself that it would be o.k., it isn't . . . we miss her. I miss her nose nudges when she wanted a rub or treat. I miss her exhales . . . she was pretty vocal. I miss her kisses and even her stinky breath. I miss rubbing her achy hips and thighs taken over by arthritis. I miss her companionship and love.

Emma is struggling a bit too. Kamie was 4 1/2 years old when Emma came into our family as a pup. Kamie and Emma took to one another like they had known each other forever. They loved one another. I can see the sadness in Emma's eyes . . . She misses her too.

Mia is also showing sadness . . . her beautiful eyes tell the story . . . she is heartbroken. Kamie was 7 1/2 when Mia joined our family as a 14 week old puppy.

Beckett is only five months old . . . she joined our family at 9 weeks old. Beckett did everything she could to charm Kamie . . . she used her cute little puppy antics, pouncing and barking at her. Kamie just didn't have it in her to play and would simply turn away from Beckett. I could see that Beckett was wondering why Kamie didn't "like"her. Many times I explained that Kamie could not hear her sweet little barks and that she was old and didn't have the energy to play. Regardless of Kamie's choice to ignore Beckett, lil' Beckett tried to win Kamie over until that very last day.

Katelyn is handling Kamie's passing better than I thought she would . . . Kamie was Katelyn's dog. Katelyn was 6 years old when we brought Kamie home. She loved her Sheltie and Kamie loved Katelyn just as much. Kamie followed Katelyn all over the house and yard . . . she was very loyal.

Ryan prefers not to let anyone see him cry. He has come to me and hugged me . . . telling me he was sorry that it was so sad.

Cameron sobbed and sobbed . . . he was upset that he didn't give her more loving before she passed away. Although he is trying to be strong, I know he is missing her too and almost called her name to take her outside.

EJ was beside himself with sorrow . . . that boy wears his emotions close to the surface. He sobbed and sobbed. He asked me if we could see her just one more time . . . of course, I had to tell him no we could not see her again.

Cody couldn't understand why . . . why did she have to die, why couldn't she just be with us, why was she sick . . .  I explained as much as I thought he could understand . . . being 5 years old. Then he amazed me . . . Cody asked me if he could pray for Kamie . . . I told him, of course you can . . . you can pray for anything that is on your little heart! So we bowed our heads and through sobs my little guy prayed for our precious Kamie . . . "God, please protect Kamie and keep her safe while she is in Heaven! Amen" What a sweet prayer! It still brings tears to my eyes!

Randy was broken by Kamie's death as well . . . even though this past few months she left a few packages that he stepped in . . . or should I say slid through. I still laugh hysterically every time I tell those stories!

Death is a really hard thing to understand . . .  family and friends are heartbroken . . . but the entire world continues on unaware. Death happens each and every day . . . People on the earth one minute and gone the next . . . yet the clock keeps ticking and life keeps moving forward.

I try very hard to teach my children to never ever take one another for granted. Be kind and loving to one another . . . always. I pray they will learn . . . they will remember that there is not a guarantee that any of us will live to be old and gray. The only way we will escape death is by the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This morning I awaken to yet another New NORMAL. Our lives have changed so much these past six weeks . . . explaining to my children the "why" that someone we love has died is one of the hardest things a parent will explain.

I picked the boys up from school yesterday and the picking at one another commenced almost immediately . . . it completely overwhelmed me. I asked them to all be quiet as there was something I needed to tell them. Through tears I quietly told them that our beloved Kamie had died about 10:00 a.m. that morning. My car was quiet for a few seconds and then the sobbing began. "Why?" Was asked again and again. EJ wanted to see her again. Cody just wanted her to be at home with us. Ryan chose not to let anyone see his grief and retreated to work on his bike for the parade at school. Cameron commented that he should have loved on her more. I tried to explain "why" she died . . . she was in so much pain and discomfort . . . she was very sick and she was very tired. I encouraged them to remember Kamie and how she loved them. They giggled when I reminded them how she loved to play catch with them and would bounce a beach ball off of her nose when they threw it to her. They laughed when we talked about her running around the swimming pool barking at them and then falling in as she got too close. Kamie Memories are beautiful . . . well, maybe not all of them . . . about a month ago Kamie had an accident . . . just outside the Master bedroom she had diarrhea. Randy had gotten up in the middle of the night and decided to use the boys' bathroom in the hall instead of the Master Bathroom . . . (which I thought was weird, but beside the point) well, Randy opened the bedroom doors and took one step outside the bedroom when he slid . . . and he kind of yelled . . . "EWE . . . What IS THAT?" Well, bless her heart . . . she left a lil' present . . . and Randy found it. He slid, it was between his toes and it was . . . well, GROSS! I remained in bed, snuggled with Beckett and to say I was giggling . . . is an understatement.  I am sure that in time this will even be a sweet memory for Randy . . . I know it is for me!

These past six weeks have been hard . . . learning a New Normal several times over.

  • August 10, my Grandma passed away
  • August 18, my Ding Ding (Aunt Darlene) passed away very unexpectedly
  • August 23, JC Fat Dog (My Mom's Dog) passed away
  • September 7, my Uncle Frank passed away after a long battle with cancer
  • September 19, our Kamie Girl passed away
We have Blessed Assurance that we will see them again in Heaven when we are called there. For now, we are sad . . . BUT, we are looking forward to our sweet reunion . . . our Heavenly reunion! I have a feeling you are wondering if I think our precious furry ones will be in Heaven with us . . .

My answer is a resounding YES!

According to Randy Alcorn's book HEAVEN, "Scripture says a great deal about animals, portraying them as Earth's second most important inhabitants. God entrusted animals to us, and our relationships with animals are a significant part of our lives. Isaiah 11:6-9 speaks of a coming glorious era on Earth when the Leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.  Animals will peacefully inhabit the Earth.

Like humans, animals were formed from the ground. "Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air" Gen 2:19. When God breathed a spirit into Adam's body, made from the earth, Adam became nephesh, a Living being or soul. Genesis 2:7. Remarkable, the same Hebrew word, nephesh, is used for animals and for people. We are specifically told that not only people, but animals have the breath of life in them (Genesis 1:30; 2:7; 6:17; 7:15, 22). God hand-made animals, linking them both to the earth and humanity.

The words nephesh (living being or soul) and psyche is translated to (soul), often translate "soul" when referring to humans. The fact that the words are often used of animals as well is compelling evidence that they have no-human souls. Although Human and Animals souls are different, we need to recognize they are LIVING BEINGS. Because God has a future plan for both mankind and Earth, it strongly suggests that he has a future plan for animals as well.

Read Randy Alcorn's book for yourself . . . 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Today our hearts are heavy and hurting . . . this morning our precious Sheltie Kamie went to sleep for the last time. I was with her . . . holding her head, sobbing while I talked to her for the last time. For the last 12 1/2 years Kamie has been our constant loyal companion and friend. She was beautiful.

Katelyn received Kamie as a gift when she graduated from kindergarten. I remember the day we picked her up . . . a little fluff ball.

Kamie wanted nothing more than to be with her people . . . she was wherever we were in the house or outside. She loved to run behind the boys and keep them under control. Kamie always let them know they were close to crossing "the line" and would bark at them. If they didn't heed her warning, she would nip at their behind ~ just enough to get their attention.

In the evening, Kamie would cuddle on the floor next to my feet or lay just below me when I lay on the couch. She was always close by.

When the kids went out to swim, she was ALWAYS there. She barked and circled the pool . . . all the while making sure the kids were safe. She reminded me of the dog on Peter Pan . . . her name was Nana and she too took care of the kids.

There will never be another Kamie . . .

Kamie Girl, you will always be in our hearts . . .
We Love You and are Thankful for the Memories!
We will never stop missing you!

Rest in Peace Sweet Girl!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today, September 18 is our oldest son Ryan's 9th birthday! It is so crazy to think our little guy is NINE years old already!

To read Ryan's Birthday post from last year . . .  click HERE.

Ryan woke early this morning and was ready for the day to begin. As many of you know from reading this blog, I tend to shop online and boxes of goodies are delivered right to our door. Ryan loves to open the boxes to see what is inside . . . so needless to say, he already knew everything he was getting for his birthday. In fact, this year he knew where the big box of gifts was located and he looked through the box over and over dreaming about his gifts. I didn't even need to wrap them . . . which I don't mind doing, but it was easier for Ryan to simply rip apart the boxes without the paper getting in the way. He has been taking his time opening each box and enjoying each gift before opening another . . . maybe a sign of maturing?!

Ryan will have a Pizza birthday party next Saturday . . . he is inviting a few friends. Yummy pizza and ice cream birthday cake will be served.

I took a few photos this morning before my camera battery ran out:

I am sure you have noticed . . . his pj's don't match. I tell you . . . I match them up when I do the laundry, but he likes to mix them up when he wears them.

So far, he is enjoying is birthday . . .

Beckett posed a little for me this morning:

Beckett was sitting on my desk . . . she is ALWAYS with me if possible.
Her coat has lightened quite a bit . . . she is so pretty!

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