Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten Learning

"Daddy, do you know your PRImary colors?"

"There are ONLY three!"

"I know some secondary colors too!"

"Today we had a new letter . . .  GUESS!"

"NO . . . I mean SHAPE!"

(the other boys chimed in)





"NO, do you give up Daddy?"

"Was it an oval?"

"Yeah, it was an oval and we learned a half circle . . . it is a half of a circle."

"Do you wanna see what a half circle is like?"

He then proceeded to show daddy what a half circle looks like going one way and then another.

Kindergarten learning . . . 

I never ceased to be amazed at how much they learn in such a short time!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Sunday morning! The house is quiet as I write this morning . . . not because the boys are still in bed, but because they are all outside already this morning ~~~ it is 8:18 a.m. Oh to have their energy!

Everyone headed outside into the cool breezes . . . it was most lovely! I took out my camera and caught several good shots. The boys are really INTO yo-yos right now and it is fun to watch them learn to make them work,

I worry they will hit one another while "learning"!
YoYos galore!

They each claim to have masterd the yo - yo.

a litttle yo you attitude

Emma and Kamie watching the yo yo antics.

Watch THESE yo yo moves girls.

STYLIN' what more can I say? The rain boots have made a re-appearance . . .
the waitress at TGI Friday's thought his boots were funny.

Emma is sunning herself.

Beckett is a fast lil' girl!  She loves to run and play with Mia.


Ryan is thinking about his next move.

 a puppy chase in the middle of the soccer game

Old Glory .  .  .


Beckett is bug hunting. She loves to catch bugs and flip them around.

the lone rain boots . . . crocodile rain boots

the proud owner of the crocodile rain boots . . .
and Kamie

toothless grin

this is what you call a "grumpy gus"

our beautiful Kamie girl

Mia and Kamie
Cameron, Mia and Kamie enjoying the gentle breezes.

Cameron is practicing sit ups while Ryan watches. Beckett is trying to play.

Pretty Mia

Yo yo magic

the world according to Beckett

looking up toward the back of the house

our container is full to over flowing

Beckett is hanging around in her new sling bag.

Isn't she sweet?

I think I'll go nite nite!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I was hoping for a sleep in this morning . . . didn't happen! Beckett's lil' internal alarm clock decided 6:00 a.m. was late enough to be in bed . . . of course, a nice quiet morning with children still in their beds ~~~ was what I was hoping for . . . well THAT didn't happen! They were all out of be by 7:00 a.m. which is quite interesting because I had to wake them all week for school!

I have been enjoying my second cup of coffee nice and slowly! There is plenty on my agenda today . . . but I am in no hurry to get started. However, while enjoying my first cup of coffee I did get what few bills we have for the week paid. I really don't like bills sitting around, so I generally pay them as they come in. The school tuition for the boys is due at the first of every month . . . so, that was on the To Pay list.

Beckett snuck out the patio door with Daddy this morning and went for a run in the WET grass. She is now all snuggled in a blanket as she warms up and dries off. Silly puppy! She is still a Momma's girl and loves to snuggle!

Kamie continues to trudge on . . . of course being 12 she sleeps a lot, but will venture out in the yard once in a while. We give her belly rubs and plenty of hugs.

Mia is still asleep with Katelyn  . . . at least they were able to sleep in!

Emma continues to be Emma . . . she gobbles up puppy food and begs from whomever has a "snack"!

The boys each have head colds . . . Ryan is at the tail end of the cold while Cody is at the full blown stage. Cameron and EJ are both somewhere in the middle.

The current "phase" the boys are in . . . bug hunting. They head outside to the back yard and catch bugs to put into their mason jars. I don't understand the TRILL of bug catching, but love that they do! When I was a kid we caught bugs for a purpose . . . we caught lightening bugs and pulled their light off and put it on our finger like it was a "ring".

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Day

The sun is setting as I write . . . coffee is brewing, the boys are getting their baths, Katelyn is home early from school . . . time to relax.

Our day was full to overflowing today . . . although I am thankful for our day . . . I am tired and my bed will feel wonderful tonight.

My morning began with puppy kisses. Little Beckett sleeps next to me each night and wakes me with sweet little puppy kisses each morning . . . shortly after 6:00 a.m.  Potty time for Beckett and then a bit of snuggle time before the boys wake only moments later. So  . . .  got up and together  . . .  well, together enough to help Mom clean Uncle Sam's house. Took the kids to school and headed to meet Mom. The two of us tackled the house in good time and then we both came back to my house. Laundry was started and then we chatted for a while. I love, love, love visiting with my Momma! Katelyn was home too . . . so we all spent a bit of time together.

Katelyn headed off to school, Mom and I headed out as well. This afternoon family met at the cemetery . . . along with Mom and Dad's Pastor for a small ceremony to bury Aunt Darlene. The breeze was blowing lovely as music, some of Aunt Darlene's favorites were playing as family gathered. The Pastor spoke of Aunt Darlene and Heaven . . . I enjoy hearing him speak . . . he has a gentle way about him. My heart smiled as The Pastor spoke of Aunt Darlene enjoying Heaven for a week now. He also told of the amazing and beautiful mansion Jesus had prepared especially for her. Toward the end of the ceremony, a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar made its way across the ground right next to where the Pastor was standing. That little caterpillar reminded me that life continues on.

I headed home . . . the boys were home from school and in the back yard with Randy . . . they were hunting for bugs once again. I am quite amazed at their excitement for bugs!

We decided to head out to TGI Friday's for dinner . . . we had a lovely dinner and the boys obeyed very well. Randy and two of the boys headed home as I took the other two to Petsmart for puppy food and treats. The boys were thrilled to see the lizards, salamanders, guinea pigs and hamsters. Of course, the pleas for a new pet sounded almost immediately. I stood strong and denied any further pets be brought home to our menagerie. After all . . . four dogs (even though two are so tiny they only could be compared to one dog), an almost four lb guinea pig, two frogs and three goldfish.

Now we are home again . . . two more loads of laundry have been folded and put away. The boys have had their baths and are in bed early tonight. They all have colds and I hope the extra rest will help them to feel better.

The hour late and it is time I say goodnight.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School, August, Planning

Our new "normal" still hasn't quite settled in  . . .  but we are trying . . . this is simply going to take time.

The past few evenings, my boys have gone "bug huntin" and are thrilled with their "catches". Two bug jars went off to school today to show to classmates. It is a good thing they are studying bugs!

Katelyn began her first full day of college . . . tonight she is wiped out. Me too!

The boys have been doing well at school. They are full of excitement each day when they come home from school. I love to hear of their adventures and stories every day . . . it is a bit hard to listen to them all at once though.

I am thrilled to get a Shutterfly book done for my Dad. It is of his surprise birthday party . . . tons of photos! I kind of had myself a deadline and actually made it before my deadline expired! Woo Hoo!

August is still trudging along . . . another week of August to go. Doesn't it seem like it has been August forever?


O.k. Now a TOUGH subject . . . planning ahead:

For the past few months Randy and I have been working with an attorney on our Wills and the other things that go along with Wills. The subject of Wills, Living Wills, Guardianship of children, Estate, Power of Attorney are all difficult to deal with. I am thankful we are taking the time to address each topic and get the documents drawn up and signed. Randy and I both feel a sense of relief to know our children will be taken care of by those WE choose in the event of our deaths. Of course, Katelyn absolutely hates the topic of taking care of the above . . . however, I have explained that it is all necessary. I urge you . . . especially if you have children . . . take care of setting up guardianship of your children in the event something devastating were to happen.


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I am exhausted tonight . . . so, I guess I better head for bed.

G'night all

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Hearts Are Saddened Once Again

Tonight we enjoyed the outside with the kids and our furry ones.  The kids were on the swings and the dogs were running all over the yard chasing one another . . . well, I should revise that statement . . . the two little girls were chasing one another. Then we got out a few balls . . . small tennis balls and tossed them around a while. Kamie our Sheltie lay in the grass and hit a soft blow-up ball with her nose. She used to sit and bounce when we played catch, but now she simply lays . . . her age is changing things. Tonight we treasured our evening . . .

Our past two weeks have been ones of change . . . tomorrow will be yet another sad change. My eyes are filled with tears once again . . . 

My Mom and Dad's dachshund JC will be put to sleep sometime tomorrow. JC has had some health problems, but really declined recently to the point she can no longer stand or walk on her back legs. Our hearts are saddened . . . JC is family and has been for nearly 14 years.

JC has always been such a joy . . . Here are some photos of JC:

JC has always been a character . . .
looks like she is smiling, doesn't it?

 JC was a good dog . . .

 She loved to give kisses . . . and every time she kissed me I told her she needed a mint!

 JC was a happy girl and VERY, VERY loved! She was a little Princess  . . . except when Dad tease her and pretended her ears were the accelerater of a motorcycle and made vroom, vroom sounds. He would pretend to rev up her ears . . . she would always snap at him and he would laugh and laugh.
They were a pair.

Mom spoiled JC . . . as you can see, she had yummy food to bless her taste buds!

It is hard to believe she will no longer be under foot.

We all know allowing her to drift off to sleep is the humane thing to do . . .
Why does it have to be so heart breaking?

JC FAT DOG . . .


My New "Normal"?

Monday has been a busy one  . . . I went into the office today and had plenty to keep me busy. The clock reads 3:30 p.m. and I will be heading out soon. I am thankful for a decently calm day.

Soon I will return home to my kids . . . Katelyn picked the boys up at school . . . bless her heart!  As I write, they should be working on their homework . . . at least I hope that is the case.

Today I am kind of in a weird type mood . . . not sad, not happy . . . just in between. Not usual for me and I will be glad when my Normal returns.

Or . . . maybe this is my New "Normal".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gentle Breezes on Sunday Morning . . .

We woke to a beautiful morning . . . the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle and cool. My sweetie made me a cup of coffee to start my day and now we sit on our deck watching the boys play and Beckett bug hunts . . . she catches little bugs and then tosses them in the air.

It is wonderful to hear the giggles as the boys play and watch them chase one another. A week of school has really helped them to appreciate one another again.

Katelyn made it through her three day college orientation . . . she is excited at all of the doors open to her. She has her schedule all set up and is ready to go. I am thrilled for her as she begins the newest chapter in her life.

The lake is calm this morning . . . so far no one has ventured out in a boat or jet ski as of yet.  People are starting to get out in their yards . . . a mower is running across the lake. The quiet of the morning is so peaceful!

This afternoon will be busy . . . house chores and laundry . . . but for now . . . relaxation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


These past two weeks have been learning experiences for my children. Through blurry tear filled eyes we talked to them about dying . . . about the sacredness of life and death. Explaining that through the sacrifice of Jesus, His death and Resurrection . . .  confessing our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as Our Own PERSONAL Savior we have the promise of ever lasting life. Wednesday night before we went to sleep, we (the boys and I) snuggled in bed and talked. Cody, our five year old tole me that he wanted to pray and ask Jesus in his heart. I had the distinct honor of praying with my son . . . being at the Throne of Jesus when my little guy asked Jesus into His Heart! Praising Jesus!!!

I am thankful for this morning . . . my boys are outside playing in the yard as I write. I am sitting on the deck . . . enjoying the breeze as I write and keep an eye on them.

As I watch them, I try to see what they see . . . the world is entirely different in their eyes. I handed them my small camera and they had a blast until the battery was used up. Here are a few photos . . .

EJ and Cody "helped" our neighbor pick some tomatoes . . . they were rewarded with seven "baby" tomatoes and one large tomato. Cody lined them all up by size.

another photo standing back a bit . . . the photographer was VERY thorough.

Little Beckett was under the table outside . . . she didn't want the boys to "grab" her!

one of the flower gardens along the pool . . . a child's height definitely adds a different dimension

looking UP the big tree

My chimes and their favorite place to be . . . the playset

Daddy and Cody

Cameron on the climbing wall . . . as you can see, it is used ALOT!

Emma is enjoying the cool of the day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Tonight I struggle to find the words to write . . . I have written about my sweet Aunt Ding Ding often. Aunt Ding Ding (Darlene) is my Mom's older sister. Tonight, I along with many members of my family sang some of her favorite hymns as she entered the gates of Heaven.

Although our hearts are hurting, we have Blessed Assurance in our Lord Jesus Christ that one day we will be together again in Heaven.

My Ding Ding was VERY Special and Dear to us . . . Life will certainly not be the same without her. She had a heart of gold and love, love, loved to help her family with whatever was needed. We often teased her about her love of doing the laundry . . . I don't think she ever had a full load of dirty laundry . . . that just wasn't for her!

As I write, my thoughts are filled with Aunt Darlene  . . . just her. She had her little quirks . . . just like everyone does. Her little quirks make me smile! Aunt Darlene hardly sat down, she was always busy with one thing or another and was the most organized person I know. She and I shared the little quirk of "not even a penny off in the checkbook . . . I won't quit until I find it!" We just chatted about that a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I was working on balancing the office checkbook and I was "off a bit."

Aunt Darlene LOVED my pie crust! I tried to send her freshly baked pie crust when she lived down south one winter. She received it, but it was crumbled to bits. Bless her heart she ate every last crumb and then called me to compliment me on its deliciousness!

Ding Ding pampered my Ryan  . . . every weekend for years now. Ryan would go up to Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam's house on Friday night and stay until later on Saturday. He was LOVED beyond belief! She had a way with pancakes and fried eggs . . . RyRy's favorite! He loved HIS Ding Ding too  and you could find them snuggled on the couch many times after Uncle Sam went off to bed.

Aunt Darlene got a new laptop in April of this year . . . her first. She was so funny . . . my phone would ring and it would be Ding Ding. She would be a bit upset and say, "Well I did it again, but I don't know what I did!" She was so funny . . . almost always it was a simple thing that I had not taught her about the computer. Ding Ding was a very fast learner! I am so proud of her that she learned how to run the computer and email . . . especially when she didn't think she could.

I could go on and on about Aunt Darlene . . . it is funny . . . I can still hear her talking to me tonight. We certainly have special memories and our lives were touched by an incredible lady . . . MY Ding Ding!

I LOVE YOU Aunt Darlene . . . Enjoy Heaven!

Back To School

I am sorry I haven't posted the past few days . . . I am thankful for a beautiful birthday celebration for my Daddy's 70th birthday after my Grandma's passing and funeral last week. It was wonderful to have the laughs, giggles and love on Tuesday. I love seeing my Dad smile!

This week school began! Woo Hoo!!! I am excited to report that my boys are thrilled to be back in school ~ even though the homework began the very first day! The boys happily went off to 1/2 day of school on Monday and then resumed full day on Tuesday. They come home all excited about what has happened during the day and I love to hear their stories. Many days my boys exasperate me . . . however I love each one of them more than I can describe and to see them lit of with excited is awesome and amazing!!! Such Joy in my life!

Katelyn began Freshman Orientation at Bradley University yesterday. I am so excited for her! Yesterday was extremely long for her . . . so much to take in. Today she is setting up her class schedule and could hardly wait. 

Katelyn is thrilled!!!

This semester she is taking three art classes . . . Spanish and English. She can hardly wait!

It is so strange for my children to not all be in the same school . . .

however, I am so proud of Katelyn . . .

our lives seem to change continuously . . .

seeing my girl grown up . . . 

She STILL takes my breath away!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today We Celebrate!

A Birthday Balloon Bouquet for the Birthday Boy!!! 

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY Dad (aka Jim, Buzzard, Dude, Old Guy)

Today is my Daddy's Birthday . . . he turned 70 years old. This is Dad reclined in his chair at work . . .

Dad received a bouquet of Balloons  . . .    

Let the Birthday singing begin!

Dad was even singing to himself . . . HaPpY BIRTHHHHHDay to ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Blow . . . Windy Jones!

After a yummy lunch . . . Tenderloins, Deep Fried Mushrooms, Fries, Onion Rings 
(some or all may or may not have been eaten) 
the horrible  lovely rendition of Happy Birthday had been sung
Birthday candles blown out
Birthday Cake and Ice Cream eaten 
This Birthday Boy had the right idea . . .


After all . . .

when you are 70 years old . . .

you wear out QUICK!

We Love You Dad and hope you had an AWESOME 70th Birthday!

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