Thursday, June 30, 2011


The HEAT is on! Today was VERY warm . . . and tomorrow is going to be hotter! A heat index of 110 is predicted for tomorrow! It will be an awesome day to be inside watching OLD (from my childhood) cartoons . . . I love watching my kids watch the old shows and movies.

Dastardly and Muttley and their flying machines

The little Rascals - the movie

The Munsters

Gilligan's Island

We will probably swim in the morning after breakfast and chores. Head outside to the pool and swim a bit. Go back inside for lunch and then begin an afternoon of chillaxing! Either fishing or swimming again tomorrow night. Sounds like it will be a great day and super start to the weekend.

Katelyn and I headed out this morning with Mia and Beckett . . . We went to Peoria . . . Pooch Couture Boutique. It was awesome! A lovely little Yorkie met us at the door . . . her name was Maizy. Her owner and owner of the Boutique was very nice and friendly. We had a blast looking at all of the items for puppies and dogs . . . regardless of age. Healthy foods and treats, t-shirts, dresses, collars, leads, beds, food bowls, toys, carriers and strollers. The Boutique also pampers pets . . . a full salon for them. We purchased a new little water bowl, treats, Chicago Cubbies Puppy shirt for Mia and Beckett, a few hair bows and dresses. We also found a beautiful jogging type stroller . . . perfect for our little ladies! People really don't realize the purpose for doggie strollers . . . 
  1. easier to take my girls with me together
  2. paw protection
  3. safety
  4. protect my girls from doggie illness
  5. we can go more and more places
  6. fresh air 
My small girls love their doggie stroller, take a look:

The Little Dog on the Floor . . . is Maizy.

Katelyn is enjoying a Panera Mango Cherry Smoothy

We had a lovely day! The girls loved riding in their little stroller buggy . . . People stopped us to see our girls while we were out shopping.

After shopping, we went to Grandma's house and visited with Mom and JC. We had a great time. We chatted for a while and then headed to Aunt Doris' apartment. We put the girls in their stroller and into the retirement community. Aunt Doris was excited to see us and to meet Beckett. Both girls were incredibly good! After a nice visit, we headed home . . . the girls were exhausted.

Tonight, we didn't do much. We simply chilled out. It was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. Tomorrow, I am home with the boys . . .  say a little prayer . . . they have been fussing with each other every day. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today began as any other day, I got up showered and headed into work after Mrs. S arrived.

First thing this morning I had a meeting . . .

then I headed back to the office.

I didn't have much to take care of today, so it was an easy day.

I received a telephone call this afternoon from our groomer, Kamie was sick again.

Katelyn and I headed to the groomer to pick up the dogs . . . Mia, Emma and Beckett went home with Katelyn and I took Kamie immediately to our wonderful vet. Tests revealed a urinary track infection, an inflamed pancreas, kidneys that are failing and too much protein in her urine.
Treatment . . . antibiotics for the UTI, medication to help her kidneys and low protein diet.
Not much else can be done for her . . . we are to try and keep her hydrated, her low protein diet in check and watch her for excessive drinking and lethargy.

Kamie is 12 years old . . .
she has arthritis in her back legs and hips . . .
her kidneys are failing and can nothing can be done 
but make her comfy and give her lots of love.

I returned home with Kamie and called my boys into the family room. Katelyn was there too.
I wanted to tell them about Kamie, before she got worse.
I wanted them to know what is happening to her and how we can help her be comfortable.
I explained the Kamie is old and her body is tired . . .
she is closer to dying.
As I told my boys, I began to well up in tears . . .
tears began streaming down their faces too.
Then my five year old asked . . .
"Why is Kamie going to die?"
I explained that Kamie is old and her body hurts her.
I told them she has been sick and her kidneys weren't working well for her.
Then I was asked "When, Mommy . . . When is she going to die?

I told them . . .boys . . . 
Mommy doesn't know when it will be time, 
I don't know when there will be nothing more we can do to keep her comfortable.
Kamie's doctor will tell us when she can't do any more for her.
I also explained that I wanted them to know what is happening  . . .
we need to make sure Kamie knows she is loved.

They immediately went to her . . . 
she was in her favorite place, 
laying on the register vent in the dining area  by the patio doors.
Three of the boys sat next to her and patted her head.
They kissed her and loved her.
All except my seven year old.
EJ is our sensitive child . . .
As I was explaining everything about Kamie,
EJ's face lost all color and his lips turned pasty white.
I knew what was coming . . .
his emotions took over and he became sick to his stomach.
My heart hurt for him  . . .
it hurt for all of my kids, but especially EJ because he took it so hard.

As I write, Kamie lays on the floor next to the couch.
She is still as beautiful as the day we brought her home.
Kamie has never had a bad hair day.
Kamie is very good natured and ALWAYS looks out for the kids.
She reminds me of Nana the dog on Peter Pan ~~~ very protective.
She is a good girl!

My Mom said something today as we chatted on the phone . . .

"She is such a brave girl for her Masters! She is putting on a brave face even through all of the pain."

We don't know how long Kamie will live . . . could be several months, a few months, a month or weeks. It all depends on how quickly things progress. Her kidneys are the major issue . . . her kidneys are failing and only God knows how long she can endure.
I pray that God will simply take our beautiful girl as she sleeps one night
 and she will not be in pain any longer.
Kamie has been part of our family for 12 plus years . . .
Life won't be the same when she passes.


Kamie and EJ are chatting. Kamie doesn't like the kids in the pool.

Kamie was barking because Cody jumped into the pool.

Kamie and Cody

Hanging out on the deck.

Kamie is watching the new puppy Beckett.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My list for the day  . . .

make an order ~~~ check
make a bath and body order ~~~ check
work on laundry ~~~ check
write a letter to one of our compassion kids ~~~ check
pay bills ~~~ check
check on shipments ~~~ check
Vacuum dining area ~~~ check
make bed ~~~ check
clean up from lunch ~~~ check
lose my mind ~~~ double check
vacuum dining area ~~~ check
clean puppy pen ~~~ check
more laundry ~~~ check
watch boys as they play outside ~~~ check
more laundry ~~~ check

Today I received my new camera . . . I can't wait to get the battery charged, the manual read and start taking photos. I am so excited! I have plenty of "subjects" to photograph and I absolutely love taking pictures!

Tomorrow I go into the office, have a meeting, take care of paperwork and then . . . who knows.

I can't believe tomorrow is already mid week. The days seem to be blurring together lately. A vacation would be nice right about now. I am not sure where I would like to spend a vacation, I just think we need one.

Monday, June 27, 2011

This Evening in PHOTOS

Whew . . . a busy evening of watching the boys swim and then watching Mia and Beckett play . . .

Cody has become quite the fish this year.

EJ and Cody


Kamie is watching Cameron in the pool.

Cody, EJ and Kamie

Cameron ~ not sure what the face is about.

Brothers helping brothers.

Swim EJ

Ryan lost his privilege to swim this week.

Cody has a lot of swimming toys.

EJ and Kamie are "chatting".

Cameron is busy in thought.

Beckett is watching the kids swim.

Kamie and Cody

Kamie is telling the boys to be careful.

Kamie and Cody . . . I love this picture.

Cameron and EJ

some of my flower containers

love the purple

Beckett and Mia are playing

run, run, run

Beckett looks like a little tiger with her paws up like that. She and Mia are playing.

Are you tired? I am . . .

Beckett seems to be wondering "What are you thinking about Mia?"

Such a fun evening.


Have all of my work in the office done . . .

I am very tired this afternoon . . .

Could it be from the VERY little sleep last night?

Even the dogs are exhausted!



I think a nap is in order for me too!


I am finding it hard to get going this morning . . . our weather radio seemed to be going off ALL night! We also had a bad storm . . . a bit of hail, bright lightning, very loud thunder and a ton of rain. The thunder was the type to literally shake you out of bed. I am so thankful my kids always sleep through storms.


An early morning means plenty of time to go slow, have multiple cups of coffee and tidy up. Kind of feels like time for a nap already though! 

EJ just came down and I asked him about the storm . . . apparently he did hear the alarm go off several times, saw the lightning and heard the thunder. I asked him what he thought about it . . . he said, "It was noisy and I covered my head with my blanket!" I asked him if that helped . . . He said, "Nope!" 

I looked out back this morning . . . the water is lapping up the side of the dock . . . we had a lot of rain.
In fact, two jet skiis across the lake seem to be M.I.A. this morning. Looks like the owners will be doing a search and rescue for them today. 

Uh Oh . . . seems to be getting darker again . . . a look at the radar shows we have another storm coming and again, some could be strong to severe. What a way to begin the week!

And speaking of beginning, I need to get started this morning.

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laundry is well on its way to being done . . . a great accomplishment . . . Katelyn and I are tag teaming to get it done. We still have bathrooms to clean ~~~ I would love to have automatic bathrooms . . . the kind of bathroom that you simply close the door, flip a switch and the bathroom cleans and sanitizes itself. Since I don't see bathrooms like that being available for consumer purchase . . . guess I will have to clean them myself. (insert ewe face here!)

I am frustrated today . . . frustrated with:

sibling rivalry

the "why" every time I give an answer

my oldest son

fresh folded laundry being thrown on the floor in my son's room

Clean and previously folded laundry . . . was thrown on the floor and stuffed in a pillow case.
Nice! NOT!

The "guilty" party.

In case you are wondering . . . yes, he DID have to fold up and hang his clothing.


Mia and Beckett

Beckett is enjoying a nice yummy denta bone.


Tonight, Katelyn and I are in the family room . . . no lights are on . . .
we are in charge of the remote! Woo Hoo

Time to decompress!

Love the challenges!

Paula Deen made a guest appearance . . . one contestant made a dish with tofu and one made a lettuce salad . . . Paula is an awesome cook and does NOT do tofu! Lots of Butter ~~~ that is Paula's love.
Not sure Tofu was a good choice for the challenge. 
But then again . . . from the looks of things, the mac and cheese didn't seem to go over well either.

The judging is in . . .
The Tofu was actually a hit! Wow!
The Mac and cheese was burnt . . . ewe

I can't believe the weekend is already coming to an end.
Where did this weekend go?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unknown, Beckett and Tomorrow

The skies have grown dark with the passing of the day . . . thunder is beginning to sound and the lightning is performing a light show. I Love this time of day.

Katelyn and I are watching a movie called "Unknown" about a guy that is in an auto accident and has his identity stolen. So far it is a good movie. I would  be very frustrated if I were in his position. Bizarre!

Little Beckett has fit right into our family . . . she is amazing and has such cute little tendencies. She is very lovey and uses her paws a lot to grab things or to pat us. She has the sweetest temperament and loves to give kisses and play. She wakes me in the night when she needs to go potty and tells me if she wants food or water (it is always out, however the other dogs tend to eat/drink it up constantly). Beckett loves the boys and keeps them busy . . . they love to run and play. She has the cutest little bark and growl when playing. She heard a noise the other night and growled . . . I could tell she was serious, even if it was only a little bitty growl! Beckett runs and plays hard and when she is tired, she comes to me to cuddle and go to sleep ~ rather like a baby. Beckett sleeps well during the night and wakes me to take her potty by tapping me on the face with her little paws and gives me kisses . . . usually about 4:30 a.m. She does what she needs to, gets a drink and a bite to eat and then we head back to bed. She returns to sleep easily. When morning comes, Beckett is ready for the day. She plays with the boys, naps, plays some more and naps again. She generally has a full day and is ready for bed when I am.

I am looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I am not sure what it will bring . . . the only thing we must do is laundry and clean the bathrooms.I am sure the boys would love to fish and I would too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tonight . . . A Lovely Wedding

Tonight, Katelyn was a Bridesmaid in one of her friends' wedding.
It was lovely!

(sorry for the photo quality - trying to be quick with the cell phone and focus)

Travis (brother of the groom) and Katelyn 
Groomsman and Bridesmaid

Sorry this one is blurry . . . but I love the picture of Jeb  . . . the little guy in the white tux  . . .
he is wearing a Fedora!

Our friend Pastor Randy Justus walking his oldest daughter Emily down the aisle.

There's that beautiful smile! Wedding is over and the Bridal party is heading back down the aisle.

After the wedding . . . 
a bit of craziness . . .

Austin (one of the ushers and a family friend) ran and jumped into Ben's (brother of the Bride)
arm . . . they were both good sports and remained long enough for the photo.

Best Wishes Austin and Emily!

btw . . . Katelyn caught the bouquet!

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