Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time To Catch Up.

Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days . . .
the dreaded stomach flu hit our home . . . 
three of us out of seven . . .
Randy 1st
and then two days later Cameron and I.
Not quite sure how we were so lucky!?
Today we all feel a bit better. So we are thankful for that.

We spent a bit of time outside . . .
felt really good except for the wind that I was sure was going to blow us away. Even our furry babies enjoyed sitting out.

Randy has the BIG Green Egg cooking away this afternoon.
He is trying his hand at Beef Brisket. I wish  you could smell it cooking . . . Oh My Goodness!!!
It has several hours left to cook and will be a lovely dinner tomorrow. I can't wait! I also can't believe how excited he is to be quite the outdoor chef! I need to get him a KISS THE COOK apron.

Tonight, Katelyn is cooking . . .
she wanted to make homemade Cheesy Mac AND a type of spaghetti only with the elbow noodles.

The boys and I planted the flowers they received on Easter from Grandma and Grandpa. We had to wait for a bit warmer weather to plant them. After planting them, the boys began watering them . . .
only to hear Katelyn yell that there was water pouring out from under the kitchen sink. Apparently, the winter took its toll on the outside water faucet and it broke, causing water to flood under the kitchen sink, the kitchen floor and down into Katelyn's room. 
Quite a mess!
Thankfully, under the sink was easily dried . . . 
The faucet pipe can be repaired without much hassle and
Katelyn's room has ceiling tile and we have extra to replace it.
We are Thankful Katelyn heard water running and went into the kitchen to see what the water sound was or it could have been much worse. 

Kamie is healing from her bladder infection. Our vet was wonderful with her  . . . she prescribed meds for the infection and to help reduce the amount of inflammation she has from arthritis.


Dinner is over now . . .

Tonight must be prom night in our area. Plenty of suits and pretty gowns . . . of course, there are the parents and grandparents gathering with cameras flashing away.

Next week will be our Katelyn's turn . . .
She will be celebrating her school's rendition of Prom . . .
a Banquet with time of recognition and fun.
Katelyn has a few of her friends spending the night after all of the evening festivities . . . should be a great time.

I heard from my friend Marva . . .
she lives in Alabama and the Tornadoes were all around her home.
Thankfully, she and her family are safe.

While we are thankful friends are safe, we are also saddened that So many others suffered greatly. The loss of family, friends, homes, business . . . entire cities and towns.

Please continue to pray for those who have been devastated by the recent storms in the south.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beckett Pictures . . . Vet Visits and more

I received two new photos of Beckett this evening . . .

Beckett is two weeks old and weighs 15.3 ounces.

Beckett's big brother Nevada is growing too . . .
Nevada weighs in at 1 lb 3 ounces
He too has opened up his eyes.

As this evening ticks away, I am watching "River Monsters" on Animal Planet. Always an interesting and sometimes bizarre television show, I find it interesting and myself thankful that I am not the one reeling in these nasty and often dangerous creatures.

Today I was at the vet with two of my girls . . .
Emma had a normal checkup and vaccinations and later today we made an unscheduled trip with Kamie. She is sick. Bladder infection and gunk in her lungs . . . she was also vomiting and urinating like crazy. Praise God for such a loving and caring Doctor! I met Jennifer during an emergency visit with my Mi-Ki last week. I am happy to report Mia is 100 % today thanks to Jennifer's expert care.
Anway, Kamie was given medication via injection for the vomiting, an anti-inflammatory for her arthritis inflammation and antibiotic. Recheck in two weeks . . . doc will call tomorrow.  Hopefully Kamie will be doing much better by morning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This afternoon I made two big pots of homemade soup . . .

chicken and broccoli 
cheesy chicken vegetable

I received RAVE reviews from the tasting committee . . .
a.k.a. my family.

The recipes were simply from my head . . .

Cheesy Chicken Vegetable

serves 8 plus leftovers (enough for another meal)
Family sized package of boneless chicken breast
2 onions - chopped
32 ounces Vegetable Broth
milk - enough to change the vege broth white and creamy
Corn - 5 cups of frozen sweet corn
2 bags of frozen broccoli
3 bags of frozen carrots
2 packages of cream cheese
3lb carton of velveeta
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp salt
  1. First, I defrosted a large package of boneless chicken breast.
  2. Put the chicken in a pressure cooker with a chopped onion . . . or you can slow cook it in the oven. I highly recommend pressure cookers! I love mine!
  3. While the chicken is cooking, I added vegetable and chicken broth in a stockpot. 
  4. The great thing about this soup . . . use whatever frozen or fresh veges you have in the fridge, freezer or garden. For this soup I used corn, broccoli and carrots. Add as much or as little as you want depending on your taste. My boys love corn and carrots, so I added more corn and carrots, less broccoli.
  5. Let the stockpot simmer on medium low.
  6. Add salt to the veges as they cook . . . or not if you must reduce your salt intake.
  7. Add garlic or garlic powder . . . I used approximately two teaspoons.
  8. Add milk to the veges and broth. Add enough to make the broth look a bit like milk in color.
  9. Add one package of cubed cream cheese. Stir well
  10. Velveeta cheese is next . . . for my family I used an entire 3 lb carton. If you are making a smaller batch, cut the cheese amount down - start with a half of a carton.
  11. Stir well and simmer.
  12. Once the chicken has cooked, shred it an add it to the veges/stock.
  13. Simmer for about 20 minutes on low.

Now for the Chicken and Broccoli Soup - no cheese
serves 4

3 boneless chicken breasts - cooked and shredded
1 onion - chopped
32 ounces vegetable broth
12 ounces chicken broth
 2 packages frozen broccoli
garlic - to taste - 1 teaspoon or so
add salt to taste or Mrs Dash
simmer veggies in the broth
cook the chicken breast with the onion
add the chicken to the broth
simmer for 20 minutes
serve with a dollop of sour cream if desired


Our Mornings

The sun is trying its hardest to come out today . . .
but the clouds seem to be giving it a run for its money.
Maybe some day we will see a full day of sun.

My day has been full to overflowing as there is always something to keep me busy. My day began as almost every other morning . . .
get the boys out of bed for school. Trying to drag those lil' o' raggedy bodies out from under cozy covers can be a challenge . . . except on the weekends when I WANT them to sleep in. They were FINALLY all out of bed, dressed, had their hair and teeth brushed and ready for breakfast. 

Breakfast can be a challenge in itself with four little boys. One has either eaten the last of someone else's favorite breakfast food (of course it is always done on purpose according to my boys), someone tries to help another and that brother gets upset because "I can do it myself" or
we have completely run out of something and that is the ONLY food they want and I haven't restocked the pantry. 

Shame on ME for not planning better so we didn't run out! lol

It isn't long after that I rush them out the door. Of course, most mornings Mia, or Mi-Ki MUST go along. Some mornings Kamie the Shelti and Emma the Lhasa want to join in the fun and tag along too.

If you are at my house or in my car mornings before school, 
this is what you might hear . . .

Get your shoes on Boys
grab your lunch
got your bag?
make sure your homework is IN your bag
put your jacket on
put your book bags in the back of the car
get in your seat and get your seat belt on
STOP . . . you don't need to poke or touch your brother
Who is kicking the back of my seat?
Wow . . . what is the temperature? Watch the thingy (on the dash it tells the temperature outside).

M-O-M . . . M-O-M . . . M-O-M
(insert name here) was BREATHING on ME . . .
and his breath STINKS

(insert name here) Stop breathing on your brother, he doesn't like it.

Did you know Israel is a country?
Israel is DEFINITELY a country.
M-O-M . . . is Israel a country?

STOP . . . I'm tellin'

M- - - O - - - M
(insert name here) said a bad word
(insert name here)
What word did he say?
(insert name here) stop saying that word it isn't nice
(insert grumble, grumble, grumble)
Son . . . I don't want to hear about it . . . you shouldn't say that word . . .
it isn't nice. (insert a grumbly o.k. here)

Before we know it (whew) . . . THANKFULLY . . . we are at school.

G'bye Boys have a nice day . . . love ya . . . be obedient . . .
don't talk when you aren't supposed to, mind your manners,
eat your lunch, be a good friend, use listening ears

Good bye . . . see ya after school.
Love you too!

(Dear Lord . . . I pray for the teachers and staff at the school today. They need as many prayers as they can get! Amen)

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Dreary Monday

A gloomy, rainy Monday.
That was our weather today.

Katelyn was home today . . . headache.

We stayed in and worked on:
tidy up
kitchen cabinets were wiped down
you know, the never ending stuff.

This evening we continue with laundry . . .
the maid took the weekend off! lol

As I write, I am supervising my second grade son's homework. Would you believe he tried to get me to actually give him the answers??? LOL . . .Like that is going to happen!!!
I already DID second grade!
So he is working on each of the papers he was assigned.
The eraser is getting smaller and smaller.

The other boys are done with their school work for the evening and are on to enjoying themselves for a while before bath time.

Today I also began work on my Easter Shutterfly book . . .
It is going to be a BIG one!
I took OVER 900 photos on Easter.
There will be a lot of editing!!!

I received a FB video tag today . . .
Little Beckett has opened her eyes!!!
Her brother Nevada has not yet opened his.
You should hear the little squeaks Beckett makes!

Katelyn just brought me a coffee . . .
so, I suppose I should close for now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter Sunday 2011 is almost a memory now . . . a beautiful one!

Resurrection Sunday began very calmly in our home. The boys awakened one by one and gradually made their way to the main floor for breakfast. Randy decided Easter breakfast should consist of Grilled Cheese (yes, you read it correctly!!!) and the boys welcomed it with open mouths! They absolutely love grilled cheese.

After breakfast . . . and of course coffee, we made our way into the family room. We tuned in the Easter Services from one of our local churches and joined right into singing and worship. Boy did they sing a LOT! After worshiping in song, the Pastor went straight into the message . . . everyone sat still (except for our youngest) and enjoyed the service. Our youngest is five and thought it was o.k. to fiddle around. He is learning . . . 
not appropriate, even for home church.

We all took a little extra time in getting ready for our day. Everyone was matching . . . except for Daddy. The boys wore matching striped shirts and blue jeans, Katelyn wore a teal and brown dress with leggings and I wore a brown top with blue jeans. The boys' hair was combed all spiffy and Cody's was spiked in the front. Of course, we girls like to take a bit longer to poof & tease our hair a bit and the make up has to be just right. 

I took pictures of the kids next . . . the dogs even got in on the photo shoot. Things haven't changed much . . . it is still very hard to get everyone to look at the camera all at once. Add in one child with sensitive eyes, three dogs and four goofy little boys  . . . well, you probably can guess to get one good photo I took roughly forty.
Here is one from this morning...

A Few of the . . . I just want ONE GOOD ONE GUYS!!! 
PLEASE Cooperate . . .

Missing Ryan and Emma our Lhasa

Weird poses . . . although Kamie the Sheltie looks good.

 One of those hysterically funny moments . . . 
everyone but Mom "got it".

Soon round ONE of pictures were done and everyone was ready to head off to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We arrived a Grandma and Grandpa's house in good time. Everyone was excited for the festivities of the day. 
Each of us brought food . . . favorites were chosen and requested.
We had some VERY good food!!!
The kids all enjoyed lunch and dessert . . .
The adults enjoyed lunch also . . . plus there were plenty of treats - pumpkin fluff, cookies, cake bars, junior mints . . . 

Soon it was time for the kids to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt.

First the boys . . .

Grandma always makes sure to put together a GRAND Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kids. They Love It!

So do the bigger kids . . .



There was silly string everywhere . . . in fact, 
the boys were picking it up.


Even Grandpa got in on the silly string - look at his head!

and then Aunt Jeanette pitched to the kids for awhile.

Did I mention there was plenty of yummy food???

Finger lickin' Good!

I hope your Easter was as Adventurous as Ours . . .

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