Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black Rock Chicken

Today was Day 4 of Spring Break and it went pretty well.
We all got out of bed, the kids had the
 "Breakfast of Champions" 
(a.k.a. Pop tarts).

I had a nail appointment. Today was back fill day . . . it would be a long one . . . especially since I ripped my thumb nail off way into the owie area under the nail. I decided to take along two of my boys . . . Cameron and Ryan. I instructed them to get their Nintendo games and a charger just in case they needed a charge.
I was SO happy the boys were really "into" their games. I kept a good eye on them so they didn't cause any mischief. We were about 1/2 way through the nail appointment when Cameron alerted me . . .
"My Nintendo battery died."
Hmmmmm I think I said "take your charger".
Anyway, as we were leaving the nail salon a woman stopped me and said, "You have such Well Behaved Boys!"
I was so excited!
To say the least, I was VERY Proud of them!

We had a few items to drop off for a large sale that friends of our family are having to raise money. They are within weeks of heading to China to pickup their precious little girl Jillian!
Please Pray they have a TREMENDOUS turnout and Sales!
The sale is this Saturday, April 2.

After dropping off the things, we headed to the eye doctor's office to pick up spare glasses and sun glasses for the boys. Ryan was excited to get his sunglasses. He wore them with excitement!

Sonic was for lunch. The kids loved the surprise.
After lunch, we went outside for the boys to play.
They had a great time with their Nerf-like slingshots.
We were out as long as I could stand it . . . I about froze!!!
The  temperature was about 50 degrees  but the wind off the lake felt like it made the temperature feel like 10.
Soon we came in to warm up.
Blankets and a movie for all.
Have you seen Tangled???

The kids were enjoying the movie and I decided to snuggle and rest a few minutes. No sooner had I began to rest Ryan asked if he could heat up the remainder of his chicken from lunch. I told him yes and knew he could put the chicken in the microwave for 30 seconds or so just like when he has spaghetti o's. I must have dozed off a few minutes . . . I awoke hearing Katelyn ask "What in the world?" She sounded concerned, so I sat up to see what she was concerned about.
It was immediately evident.
Our kitchen was smokey and the smell of burn permeated the room.
I went into the kitchen . . . apparently, Ryan had put his chicken in the microwave in the cardboard container it came in. Instead of the normal 30 - 45 seconds, he decided on 20 seconds. That would normally be fine, except he pushed 20:00 instead. The chicken cooked for SEVEN minutes and it turned into a ball of black molten rock!
I took the container out of the microwave with tongs and took it to the sink, turned the water on and cooled it down.
The inside of the microwave was covered in a crazy brown color and the glass tray was a bit scorched.
I got out my Shaklee H2 cleaner and cleaned our microwave quickly and easily. I used the scour paste on the scorched area of the glass tray and it came off quickly and easily.

Ryan was in tears and apologized over and over about the chicken. I told him that I wasn't concerned about the chicken, but more about everyone's safety. This incident definitely made Ryan very aware that things happen very quickly and we should always be careful.
I instructed Ryan to never use the microwave again unless there was an adult there with him. Praise God everyone was safe.
After everything was cleaned up, we practiced a fire drill. The kids thought it was pretty cool and love to do them. 

Tonight all is normal . . . except that awful smell of burned into a clump of black rock chicken!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This morning, Day three of Spring Break for my kids . . .
and I am taking a short Mom kind of break.

I am PRAISING God this morning for a little TIME OUT for Mom!
Yes . . . there is such a thing!
(Insert happy dance here)

Uncle Sam arrived at 8:30 a.m. to pick up Ryan for a day with Aunt Ding Ding and himself. Ryan was really looking forward to it AND I think Aunt Darlene and Uncle Sam were too!

Now, Let me insert a Big Ole' Welcome Home Ding Ding and Uncle Sam here! And a SHOUT OUT . . . Welcome to Cyber world Aunt Ding Ding!!! You see, Aunt Ding Ding came back to Central Illinois and a new laptop! She had been using a Celery machine to communicate with everyone for the past several years, however Celery seemed to have some communication issues they couldn't fix . . . so exit Celery and ENTER Laptop! 

Aunt Ding Ding took a few "juju lessons" and now is sportin' her new laptop at her house. Katelyn and I are here if she needs any "tech support" or quick intervention . . . however, I doubt she will require either . . . she learns very quick! I am so proud of Ding Ding and so is Uncle Sam! Check her out . . . she looks like a pro!

I LOVE YOU Aunt Ding Ding (Darlene)

and You Too Uncle Sam!
Uncle Sam was watching Aunt Darlene and her "techy skills".

Mom came at 10:30 a.m. and took two more of my boys . . . 
Cameron and EJ have a DATE with Grandma today!
Grandma was taking them out and about and then to lunch!
(Insert another Happy Dance Here)

The Dogs are at BEAUTY for the day . . . no barking, begging or furry ones needing to go outside!
(Woo Hoo!)

That leaves me with Katelyn (and you all know she is SO hard to deal with, lol) and Cody, who is keeping himself busy.

Randy is at work . . . I think he get his Dad Time Out there!
At least he gets ADULT to ADULT communication time.
Some days, it seems as if we Moms only have little stubborn people and Mom communication time. When we get out and about around the "living" we actually get giddy with excitement. Don't we?

Well, I need to take full advantage of my Mom Time Out . . . ENJOY!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today . . . Monday, March 28, 2011

Can you believe the month of March is almost history???

Whew . . . I think we all need to stop and take a breather!

Today was the first day the kids were out of school for Easter break. Most people call it spring break and I guess this year it is simply spring break. Usually the kids get a bit of a long vacation for Easter, but this year Easter isn't almost until the end of April. Crazy how those things work out, isn't it?

We started our day out low key. I asked the kids to tidy up their rooms and then they could play and we could go outside. However, I gave up all hope after several reminders and simply didn't allow them the opportunity to go outside to play. (This of course didn't bother me since the temps were only in the 40's.) 

Aunt Ding Ding (her nickname . . . real name Aunt Darlene) came down with Uncle Sam and took her first lesson on a laptop computer. She has a new one and is learning how to use it. I am so excited for her to enter the cyber world! She is doing quite well and learned a few things like adding contacts, writing emails and replying. Tonight I made up a notebook with instructions for her in case she needs them, which I doubt she will. We live within three minutes of their home, so if she has any questions, we can help her out quickly.

The doorbell rang this afternoon and a package came.

Can you guess for who?
Jeanette . . . the gift arrived today that you sent for Cody!!!
From the looks of his grubby Spaghetti O's face . . . 
can you tell he was EXCITED!

I have to tell you . . . 

the box gave that boy a run for his money!

he pulled and he tugged

and REALLY worked Hard
we offered to help him . . .
we were told . . .
I can do it Myself . . .
I am FIVE you know!

Well then . . . I guess you are BIG now.
Go ahead and we will watch.

He didn't let that box get the best of him!!!

Cody was SO excited and almost did himself a little HAPPY dance!

He even took a look around to see if his brothers were
"checking his present out"!

the absolute CRAZY boy face!

missing two teeth, dirty from lunch shirt . . .
but a very happy FIVE year old!

I sure do LOVE him!

Then . . .


BUGS have invaded our house.

Now, as a boy Mom I should be pretty accustomed to strange, weird and sometimes freaky stuff. But, I have to tell you . . .
being in the kitchen and having one of these little dudes come scurrying out from under the dishwasher . . .
totally makes you need to change your pants!
(no I didn't need to, BUT it did scare the bajeebies out of me!)

In the picture below is a little racetrack.

A racetrack for bugs . . .
No, I am not kidding!
These little bugs are mechanical and vibrate to move . . .
and yes, they move quick!

The racetrack is not needed to make the bug work . . .
Nope, only a flip of the switch and that little bug will run anywhere!
Then, without warning . . .
there it is running across your toes or on the floor in front of you.

My boys think it is hysterical.

Daddy did too . . .

Until . . .

He needed to change his pants!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mish Mash

Today was a mish mash kind of day. A little of this and a little of that. The day began a bit early for a Sunday around our house. I wanted to hit the grocery store early, so I was up and going by 8:00 a.m. 

Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam stopped by . . . they just returned home from six months in Florida. It was great to see them and there was plenty of hugs, chit chat and catching up.

I battled with our wireless printer to print our grocery list. I FINALLY won the battle, the list printed and off we went to the dreaded Walmart. Sheesh . . . I loathe that place!

Katelyn, Ryan and I hurried through . . . which still took us OVER an hours time. Ol' Mother's Cupboard was BARE! We had a huge list  . . . two carts and over $800.00 later we were on our way to the car with our overpriced necessities. We backed into the garage and I opened the hatch on my SRX. Everyone had come out to help bring in the yummy goodness that had arrived.  Our refrigerator was pretty barren . . . we were down to a few pieces of cheese, no lunch meat, no bananas, no oranges, no pudding, no bread, no . . . . you get the picture. On the other hand, we are set in our deep freezers . . . they are full. We simply needed those necessity things. 

All of the help unloading bags and putting things away really was great. I felt that our family really worked together like a pit crew!
Lunch brought all kinds of ooossss and ahhhhs . . .
It was really quite humorous!
All I had made . . . sandwiches with chips.
You would have thought they had never had such a meal!
I giggled and then my husband commented . . .
It is so wonderful to have a FRESH bread, 
salami and pepper cheese sandwich! 

After lunch, we decided to watch the two videos we picked up at Walmart. The kids loved them . . . Randy and I took naps! lol

After nap time, I started on dinner.
Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes!
Only one word . . .


Even Cody . . . our just turned five year old, devoured his Sloppy Joe.

This recipe . . . definitely a remake!

If you want to try the recipe . . . click here: 
Pioneer Woman Sloppy Joes

Katelyn was baking cookies right before dinner . . .
the cookie sheet almost got away from her and she grabbed it with her bare hand . . . she burned her thumb pretty good.
She is soaking it in cool water to remove the burn.
I feel bad for her. Hopefully, it won't blister!

I finished up her cookies . . . frosted them.

Then it was time to clean up. My little pit crew all pitched in to clean up from dinner prep, dinner and the baking that Katelyn was doing.
Many hands make light work!

Our weekend was quite wonderful.
How was yours?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today . . .
we took a down day.
We pretty much did NOTHIN'!

The kids played together for most of the day.
We chilled out watched a little television and the Yogi Bear movie . . .
I fell asleep during the movie, so I don't know how it ended.
Oh well, I am sure I will get another chance or two or three to watch the movie again.

My family has been sharing . . .
which is normally a good thing . . . right?
Well . . . not so much with this one!
Someone shared a "cold" with me.
The Head cold kind.
Nice . . . 

Yesterday began Spring Break for my kiddos.
No school for the next week.
We could begin spring cleaning,
or not! Who knows!

That is all I've got tonight.
I'm blaming the head cold.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Words . . .
they can build up
they can tear down.

We teach our children . . .
Use kind words.
Build others up.
Don't tear others down.

If you can't speak nicely . . .
don't speak at all.

Then WE do exactly what we instruct them not to do.

We open our mouth . . .

we hurt someone.

Not necessarily that we mean to.
Not that we are trying to be hateful.
But we are not careful
and it happens.

We hurt someone with our words . . .

The Bible tells us . . .

in James 1 tells to be slow to speak. . .
(Really think BEFORE we speak.)

Our tongue is as poison . . . all creatures can be tamed . . . 
No one can tame the tongue.

James 3:5-8 (New American Standard Bible)
 5So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it (A)boasts of great things (B)See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!
 6And (C)the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which(D)defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by (E)hell.
 7For every species of beasts and birds, of reptiles and creatures of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by the human race.
 8But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of (F)deadly poison.

Today, my tongue hurt someone I love.
It started out simple . . .
an explanation . . .
a bit of sarcasm . . .
and whamo!

Not only did I hurt someone I love,
I hurt knowing that my words cut deep.

I apologized, 
I asked forgiveness.
However, I felt a large cavern had
been placed between us.

The hurt brought "the tongue" to the forefront of my mind. How many other times has my tongue interrupted a friendship? a relationship?

How many times has a brother or sister had words with one another that destroyed their relationship?

How many times has a parent responded to a child with unkind words?

How many times has a careless tongue wreaked 
havoc on a marriage?

We must learn to bridle our tongue.
We must choose our words carefully.
We must protect our relationships.

Pray with me this week that each of us will make a difference in some one's life. A difference that builds up and doesn't tear down. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a Seriously Busy Day

The day is winding down once again.
The laundry buzzers are sounding once again . . .
It has been a l-o-n-g day.

The day began with a cup of coffee or two for me. 
(insert happy face here)

Then . . .
  • laundry was sorted and two loads were started
  • cleanup from Cody's birthday yesterday began and I sorted playmobil police sets into a little tool box so all of the little pieces were easy to find.
  • I assembled a few remaining toys (Katelyn helped)
  • tidied up the family room . . . party central ~~~ lol
  • dust mopped the floor
  • tidied the eating area
  • loaded a dishwasher
  • tidied the library
  • emptied a basket full of toys and sorted them to be put away
  • tidied our mantel center shelving
  • cleaned the laundry room
  • hung three pictures
  • cleaned the half bath by the laundry room
  • Katelyn hung a little "family" word wall decor
  • tidied the kitchen
  • talked to the guinea pig 
  • tidied my desk
  • checked Aunt Ding Ding's computer (it is all ready for her) 
  • more laundry
  • folded and/or hung clothes
  • wrote on my blog about Cody's birthday
  • facebook'd a tiny bit
  • checked emails
  • read the story of Hudson Taylor to my boys
  • helped the boys with their Hex bugs (really cute but weird little things)
  • watched the boys battle their Hex bugs
  • watched absolutely nothing on television ~ once again nothing on worth watching
  • read a little online about the upcoming Homeschool convention and Ken Hamm being dis-invited to speak. (dis-invited was their word . . . is it a word?) Also read Ken Hamm's side of the story.
  • flipped through some magazines and catalogs . . . disposed of them
  • tidied the cabinet of wii games and gadgets
  • took care of a few things for the office
Whew, I think I had a seriously busy day!

I think I am going to call it a night.


The house is quiet this morning . . .
you can hear the proverbial pin drop!
Katelyn and I are enjoying the peacefulness.
(Katelyn chose not to go on a field trip with school, so she is home.)

Yesterday our day was a flurry of activity (as were the days prior).
Yesterday, March 23 was our Baby Boy's FIFTH Birthday!
Where has time gone?
Our little guy is growing up!

Photos of Cody as a newborn are on cds that I have stored, however my external hard drive has photos on it of Cody when he was a year old. Look how bitty he was . . .

And Now . . .

and more birthday photos . . .

Cody came down to this on his Birthday morning:

Aunt Jeanette made the cake . . . COLDSTONE!

Aunt Jeanette, at work with the cake she made for Cody.
Thanks Aunt Jeanette . . . is was AWESOME!!!

Now time for PRESENTS!!!

and then . . .

a telephone call from Grandpa

Grandpa always pretends to be "rotten sneggly" when he calls the kids . . . it cracks me up.

And then he "sings" Happy Birthday! As you can see, is DOESN'T sing  . . . Well . . . you know how the Bible says, "Make a joyful noise"? Well, that verse should have Grandpa's picture next to it!

He loved the telephone call!

Happy Birthday Cody . . .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today our baby boy turned  FIVE!

He had a Happy Birthday . . .
Until it was Bath and Bedtime . . .
then the tears turned on 
and so did the crankies!
Can I say . . . He wasn't the only one?!
It seems the crankies were making their rounds today.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of Cody's BIG Day.

Tonight . . . I am wiped out.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am enjoying myself . . .
We (Katelyn, Randy & I) are sitting out on our main floor deck . . .
watching the boys play.
Running, screaming and having a blast.
Our poor neighbors!
At least they know the boys are healthy!!!

A few of the neighbors are out and about . . .
it is nice to see other human beings outside.
The geese are also hanging out on the lake. 
Last evening they were having a honking party.

In two days, our baby boy turns FIVE.
It is so hard to believe he is already THAT old!
I can still remember the day we brought him home.
All dressed up in his Ralph Lauren Sweater set.
He was so little . . .
and he is such the "little man" now!
Today, he and I headed to the store in search of a vase replacement.
My vase was beautiful . . . until my eight year old knocked it over
and shattered it. I tried to find the exact one to replace it . . .
No Luck finding it. Instead I found a "piece" to replace it without  being able to be broken by one of our boys . . . so that made me smile.
My little buddy was so good and tried to be very helpful.
My little guy loves to shop. He found stretchy frogs, little robot bugs and TY Beanie (bug eyed) tiger and penguin. He spent the Birthday money he received . . . it was burning a hole in his pocket.


Tonight I decided to surprise the boys.
We headed out back to the firepit down by the lake.
I built a lot of smoke and then came the fire.
The boys roasted hot dogs . . .
there was only one hot dog that landed on the patio.
Mia enjoyed that one.

Ryan and EJ were first to roast their hot dogs.

Then Ryan said prayer over those hot dogs that they 
cooked to death in the fire.

EJ gave a wienie salute with his hot dog during prayer.

Cody followed EJ's lead.

They look like they have done this all their lives!

Yummy goodness on a bun!

Round two of roasting.

Cody bought these little guys with his birthday money.

I am seeing a bit of green popping up!

Mia is enjoying the outside too!

Cody is trying to share his new "buddies" with Mia.


Picture taken from my little sitting spot down by the lake looking toward the house.

Looking through one of the gardens toward the gazebo.

Mia just hanging out with Momma.

Why Mia chose to lay in the flower bed rock . . . who knows!

Mia looks like she is pouting.

Cameron has a bit of a ketchup face.

It is now bath time at our house. I could really use a soak in the tub to get rid of the smokie smell that has permeated my hair and clothing from the fire. I don't mind while I am outside, but inside . . .
hmmmmmmm I don't think so!

Have a Blessed evening!

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