Friday, December 31, 2010


Central Illinois had it's share of STRANGE weather to end the year with. Just last week we were freezing and received EIGHT plus inches of snow on Christmas EVE. We were SO excited!!! 

We had MAJOR snow for December and the boys went outside to play . . . they built a fort out of HUGE snowballs. That night it began to rain and the temperatures started to rise. The snow and ice were melting and as it slid off of our roof and gutters we heard it fall. We were quite amazed to wake up yesterday morning to very little snow . . . all that remained in our yard was the snowball fort the boys had made. During the night, we had a thunderstorm . . . lightning and plenty of rumbles.

Today, we woke to nice temps . . . in fact I believe it reached the 50 degree area! CRAZY stuff!

Anyway, the clouds began darkening and the sirens began blowing . . . Tornado Warnings on this last day of 2010. Yep, 2010 went out with a BANG! We had torrential rain during the warning. After about 45 minutes I came upstairs and looked out the back window of the kitchen. This is what I saw:

Very heavy fog rising off of the lake . . .  it was amazing!

And just because I am SO excited that my Christmas Cactus is blooming . . . a beautiful photo! I love that it is red, white and has purple in it too!

I doubt we will stay up to ring in 2011 . . . most years we do, however we have been Winter cleaning (kind of like spring cleaning, but in the winter) our home. Today we cleaned Cody's room . . . it was dusted, vacuumed and damp mopped (wood floor). The toys were organized (once again), sorted and purged. Cody decided that he will donate quite a few toys to someone. Not to worry though, he has plenty!

I dust mopped once again through the upstairs this afternoon. I wanted to get Ryan's room dust mopped as well, but he had quite a few clothes he needed to get put away and also had to strip his bed.

Laundry will be on the agenda tomorrow and then before the end of the weekend, the main floor baths and the basement will be cleaned. It will be so nice to send the kids back to school with the house all "winter cleaned" . . .  I am sure the house is going to do a happy dance!

Well, I am tired and my back is screaming to lay down for a bit.

Whatever you and yours do to ring in 2011 . . .

Be Safe

Be Joyful

Be Thankful


Be Blessed


Thursday, December 30, 2010


Words like nun chuck, the force, you are a REAL Jedi now and WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH are in the air tonight at our house. Ryan and Cody are playing Star Wars on Wii.

There are light sabers, concentration on faces and lost of OH NOs and AWWWWWWE coming from the family room.

Here are a few pictures:

They are really funny to listen to while they are playing wii.

"I am Darth Vader"

"I am YOUR Father"


"Who AM I?"

"Luke Skywalker"


(conversation between 8 year old Ryan and 4 year old Cody)

Now, I understand a little bit of this conversation, however being a "Mom" I am not totally up on the Star Wars facts, nor am I totally up on all of the ins and outs of the wii. I did find out where to put the batteries in the remotes though! lol

Earlier Katelyn and I played a few games on the wii . . . of which she beat me every time. Is there such a thing as being too old for wii? I don't think I have ever beat her in a game of wii cooking yet!

My other two boys are upstairs with Daddy. Movies have been playing upstairs all night. Plus they had pizza and popcorn. It seems like a Friday night.

Well, the Jedi are still at it, so I guess I should go in and watch all of their "moves"! It really IS entertaining!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It is 6:12 p.m. and I am exhausted! Our day was full to overflowing, yet I did not get everything done in the house that I wanted to. I guess I can simply finish that up tomorrow.

I did take a few hours out this afternoon to sit outside while the boys played in the snow. As I write, the temperature is 35 degrees, however it only feels like 26 degrees with the wind chill factored in. Baby . . . this momma was C.O.L.D. but I endured with a hot cup of coffee, one of Randy's heavy duty winter fleece coat (even if it did swim on me!) my Ugg slippers with the furry insides and staying busy with my camera taking over 200 photos. 

My lovely and thoughtful friend Sue was here cleaning my main floor and Katelyn was baking cookies while I was outside with the boys. Katelyn made me coffee to help keep me warm. I am so thankful for Katelyn and for Sue!!! They both are such a blessing to me!!! Love you guys!

Anyway, I know you are all dying to see some photos . . . I promise not to bore you with too many. Here they are:

Ryan and Cody just after going outside.

EJ throwing a HUGE snow clump at Cameron - Cody escaped being by the TARGET!

Now it is Cody's turn to throw one! Ryan is trying to make a snow angel and  Cameron is working on snowballs.

Cody with yet another snowball and EJ is rolling a BIG one.

Cameron is moving some BIG snow! Making a fort.


Ryan is working on rolling his big snowball.

I love his grin!

Uh Oh . . . two of the brothers are in a secret meeting!

Cody's snowman . . . maybe it is a snow kid!

Oh Dear!!! Ryan was going for a snowman, BUT I think he ended up with a torso of a female instead! YIKES!



Ryan is carrying a pretty heavy load there!

almost looks like crop circles!

The boys all worked together to make a "fort" and I was very proud of them for working together. See the snowman with the yellow scarf? 

Uh OH, Ryan has one of those LOOKS on his face!!! I think EJ is in trouble!!!

Ryan missed and EJ simply walks away unaware of how close he was to being snow bombed!

Ryan posing for the camera.

Now a standing pose.

And a BIG jump!

Monkey SEE, Monkey DO . . . Cameron's turn to climb on top of the snow ball and pose.

and a REALLY BIG jump! Woo Wee . . . that was a great jump!

Needless to say, I had hoped all of the outside play would have resulted in them being a little more quiet and tired this evening. 

Hmmm . . . .


They are busy playing wii and 
I am the one that is tired and worn out! 

Isn't that how it goes?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As I write this evening I am sitting in my hubs' favorite chair with my feet up . . . and have hijacked his little MacBook Air (I just thought I SHOULD) test it out. I decided it was time to take a few minutes to chillax (cross between chilling and relaxing) in the Master bedroom sitting/a.m. kitchen/ chillaxing room. I realize as I sit here that I definitely don't spend nearly enough time in this room! Chillaxing is quite a word that I made up . . . or at least I thought I made it up. Of course, Katelyn just let me know that chillaxing is actually a word/phrase that has been used for quite some time. How dare she burst my bubble!!! 

Yesterday and today our household have been digging in . . . digging into the bedrooms to tidy, organize and purge toys that aren't played with any longer. I let Cameron and EJ direct me, for the most part, concerning the toys they didn't play with and the ones they wanted to keep. We had quite a pile I must say!

After several hours in Cameron and EJ's room, I moved on to the "chillaxing" room and master bedroom. I hung a cute little Sticks and Stones lettering picture (it only took me three or four times to get it in the right spot and I even used a level! ~ that isn't saying much for my carpenter skills is it?)

I have a turkey in my slow cooker . . . it is an 8-10 lb one - so it is little . . . I plan to let it cook until the meat falls from the bone and then make a pot of chili with the turkey. Yummo!

Tomorrow we should be able to finish up our "honey do" list. We only have a few areas of the house to finish up. The basement needs attention  . . . toys need put away, the built in library/video cabinet needs dusting as does the family room, hall and mud room. Cody's room needs organized, dusted, mopped and the bed stripped. Ryan's room was done today with the exception of stripping his bed. 
We will finish the upstairs by cleaning the hall and staircase.

What did we do today?

Five hours of today was spent cleaning EJ and Cameron's room ~ organizing toys, dusting, mopping, tidying the closet and purging.

The Master bedroom and chillaxing/a.m. kitchen was cleaned thoroughly. The bed was stripped and remade. Toys were found (Cody's and put away). 

The Master bath was cleaned.

The boys' bath was cleaned.

The main floor was tidied.

Dishes were done.

Laundry was started up.

The foyer was mopped.

Of course, we have been busy de-Christmasing the entire house.

Tomorrow should be a little lighter in the work detail!

Monday, December 27, 2010

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CHRISTMAS 2010 FLEW By! Part TWO ~ Beware ~ tons of photos

The kids were excited to dive into the beautiful presents all around and under our Christmas tree. Katelyn played the elf and brought gifts to each of the boys  while I took video and Randy took photos. Between all of the Christmas parties we took about 1000 photos which I have begun going through and making Shutterfly books of our Christmas 2010.

Here are some pictures of the present unwrapping:

As you can see, the day was amazing.

Everyone enjoyed their gifts and I must say, 
we are each truly blessed!


The day after Christmas:

The kids got a bit creative yesterday afternoon . . . I mixed up a batch of Marshmellow treats - I didn't have enough rice krispies, so I used Frosted flakes. The kids made their own shapes and then ate them. Check out their marshmallow fun:

Last evening Grandma stopped by and brought her yummy Black Cherry Salad . . . 

Such a yummy end to a beautiful day of making memories!

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