Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Evening In Pictures

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Monday, August 30, 2010


The past week as been a blurr of craziness at our house. The kids began getting used to their new teachers and have tried to see how far they can push them. The teachers have let them know . . . not very far. So, we have had our share of naughty notes come home to let us know what our little bumpkins are up to. Two of our boys have had a visit with Mr. S the Principal. Mr. S let them both know that their behavior is shamie and they need to do as their teacher says. Prayerfully, this bit of information sinks into their brains and they will simply settle in and have a great year.

Now before anyone begins thinking my kids are the most shamie kids on the planet . . . let me explain:
  • 4 year old is getting used to school . . . this is his first experience there
  • 4 year old isn't used to standing still in line and tended to "explore" the first week of school
  • 4 year old defended himself when another child pinched him
  • 7 year old . . . comes by talking naturally (he has the gift of gab)
  • 7 year old . . . challenges the rules
  • 7 year old has a brand new teacher . . . a man . . . the man teacher is a no-nonsense type of teacher that wants to TEACH them something. Isn't that Great?
  • 7 year old . . . tends to do his own thing . . . he likes to play in the desk. Grandma says that maybe he is just organizing it.
  • 7 year old . . . pretended to shoot people with his pencil today - the teacher was not amused
  • almost 8 year old . . . had to write a paper about not pinching others
  • almost 8 year old . . . is in hot water with me tonight. Since he got home from school I have been trying to get him to do his homework. He needs to work on his spelling and his writing. Apparently, I am not getting through to him. He doesn't seem to care that I am taking privileges from him. This makes me sad.
  • I am pleasantly surpised the almost 8 year old has not had any marks or naughty notes from school
  • the six year old . . . has not been in any trouble . . . his name has not been on the blackboard or on the messy desk list . . . Wow, I am amazed!
For the most part, my kiddos are doing pretty well. Their papers from school are very good and we are very pleased that they are trying their best.

Cody recited his very first Bible verse last Friday:

Just for clarity . . . Psalm 32:8a
I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our day has been devoured by "THE HUNT".

What are we hunting?

Katelyn's Retainer Case (red) with Retainer inside.

Shouldn't be hard to find . . .



Were was it last?

When was it last seen?

On my desk, yesterday morning, before school.

Kate had eated breakfast and them come upstairs to talk to me a few minutes. Three little boys were at the kitchen table.

One is a prankster.

One is a clepto.

One is . . . well, he doesn't have a "thing" that I can think of.

So, yes . . .

we have narrowed the suspects down to TWO.

TWO little boys that BOTH deny touching it.

We have searched . . .

high and low

in the garbage

in the pantry, kitchen, bathrooms

drawers and cabinets

baskets, pottery

even the dishwashers

you name it . . . we have looked there

the retainer case and retainer are M.I.A.

If you were a retainer case with retainer inside,

where would you be hiding?

Friday, August 27, 2010

How Did WE Get So Old?

These past few weeks have basically hit Randy and I right between the eyes and we were left with one question . . .

How Did WE Get SO OLD?

Wasn't it just last year that we began dating? In reality, nope - 29 years ago this past July.

Didn't we just get married? Nope - that would have been 28 years ago in October.

What happen to those childless years? At the time they seemed to drag . . . praying and hoping each month for a "plus" sign.

Then the children . . . they have all grown too fast! It is so hard to believe we have a senior in high school!!!

Time seems to have zipped by faster than the speed of light.

We entered the New Millennium with One child and now, ten years later we have FIVE. They were all so small and innocent . . . look at them now . . . almost 8, 7, 6 and 4. They were just babies yesterday . . . weren't they?

They are all in school now . . . a time I never thought would come.

All but one can read and write. They are all learning memory verses and reciting them very well.

I was thinking back the other day . . .

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago  . . .

We would go to Grandma's house on Sunday for fried chicken?

Mom and Dad were our age or just a tad under. Dad was working more than one job to get by and Mom was helping in the school cafeteria. Moms didn't work outside the home then.

Things seemed much more simple . . . then.

I remember Grandma getting older and Mom would help Grandma when she called. Grandma had 14 children . . . 7 girls and 7 boys. The girls were always there for Grandma . . . helping her with what she needed . . . they were only a phone call away. A few of my uncles were there too . . . helping as need be.

I always wondered what it was like . . . what was it like for your Mom and Dad to get on in years?

We were just kids then . . .  but now, we are approaching middle age.

It is now those thoughts I had wondered as a child are poking through the clouds. For now we ARE where our parents were and our parents have advanced to our grandparents position.

Our parents . . . the two people that were there when we needed a hug or a hand to guide us. They were there to teach us and love us unconditionally. People that God gave to us as Parents . . . Shoes that we can never fill, regardless of how hard we try.

These past two weeks have changed our lives forever. We have been moved into a new position . . . it is now time to give back the love, hugs and guidance. It is now we begin to care for them . . . our parents.

Which brings me back to my original question . . .

How did WE get SO OLD?

and even further . . .

How did THEY get SO OLD?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight, my post is not going to be happy, happy and joy filled. Tonight, I am tired and I am in a VERY BAD mood.

Do you ever simply get in a bad mood?

Why do you get in a "bad mood"?

I am quite certain everyone has a truckload of reasons they could be grumpy on any given day . . .

Most days you probably breeze through the day, just like I do.

But then there is that ONE day that EVERYTHING irritates!

Everything grates on that ONE last nerve . . .

Yep, that is where I am tonight!

Now, I have to tell you, I had a really good day. I showered, dressed, took the kids to school and then headed home. Talked to my Mom on the telephone for a long time ~ which I ALWAYS enjoy! Then I simply chilled out for a bit and then it began . . .

My computer and the wireless printer wouldn't connect. It was driving me crazy ~~~ I can usually figure these things out myself. HA, NOT today! I had to email my computer guy. I was disgusted with myself . . . disgusted that I couldn't figure it out myself. I have to admit, I usually can figure these crazy things out by myself but today, no dice. The computer guy was VERY quick to respond. I was a little relieved that it really wasn't me. Wasn't me that caused the problem and it really wasn't my fault that I couldn't figure it out. This problem was a HARD one and took the computer guy a few hours to get things working together. Praise God for the computer guy!

I picked up Cody and headed home. He wanted to fix lunch in a picnic kind of way for he and I. So I let him.

What was on the menu?

My little four year old decided to have chips, salsa, fruit snacks and a granola bar. He told me that HE was a good cook! He definitely made me smile.

After the "picnic" he wanted me to watch Star Wars with him. It was one of the first Star Wars movies. So, we snuggled together on the couch to watch Star Wars.

Before I knew it the other kids were coming in the door.

We talked about homework. Worked on Bible verses and a bit about their day. We also take time to see what is in backpacks from school.

That was when the drama began . . .

One of the boys had a great day.

One of the boys brought home a naughty note.

One of the boys had to write: I will never pinch again (or something very similar).

So, as any concerned Mom would do . . .

I asked the two naughty boys about their "actions".

One whined and said, "I pinched someone" there was no reason, other than simply being naughty.

On to the next . . . this one decided to tell me that he didn't do what the teacher wrote the note about. Oh really, and the teacher is lying why? So, the boy was given another chance to tell me WHY he _______________________.

Again, he said he didn't. So, I read the note to him and then asked him if I needed to get the teacher on the telephone. I guess that wasn't needed because the boy then told me that he was "hiding" to play a joke on the teacher. Guess who didn't think it was funny?

The one had to write - the teacher wrote that he needed to write the sentence 10 times, however Mom thought he should write on every line of the paper - front and back.

The other likes to write, so instead he lost privileges for the evening.

Neither of them had dessert tonight.

Randy and I were sitting out on the main floor deck . . .  watching two of the boys play. Enjoying the beautiful weather and chatting. Then it happened . . . our youngest decided to pee on the rock climbing wall. He too was now in trouble . . . he was asked why he pee'd on the rock climbing wall. His answer . . . I had to go potty. Daddy promptly reminded him that we use the potty inside the house when we have "to go potty". Not the playset outside. He too joined the ranks . . . three little boys not playing outside.

As the evening progressed, the same two boys decided to sass both Mom and Dad. I am certain you can imagine that didn't go over well either . . . early bath and bed for sassing.

Minutes prior to one of the boys' bath and bed (one of the naughty note boys) the child decided to tell me that he had homework that he had not completed. By this point I was done . . . finished . . . irritated . . . wiped out . . . etc.

I know you are wondering . . . did the boy sit down and do his homework? Well, I have to tell you . . . the boy thought he was going to get to stay up and do his homework.

Well, that didn't happen. I sent him upstairs for his bath and after the bath he had to go to bed. I sat down at my computer and typed out an email to my son's teacher. I explained that the homework did not get completed and why it did not. There were no excuses made, simple facts only. Then I requested my child remain inside during recess to do his homework.

I know . . . I am a mean mom. I didn't allow him to stay up nor did I make excuses for him . . . he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

I do love my children with all of my heart, however I do not condone disobedience, hatefulness, lying, etc. I want my children to know that there are consequences to deal with when they don't make the right choice.

It was a rough evening . . . I certainly would have loved for the kids to have a fun night of running, jumping and laughing. I would much rather the kids be swimming in the pool that going to bed early.

However, we are the parents and we must teach our children right from wrong. God gave parents a HUGE responsibility when he gave children. We must teach them . . . before society takes hold of them.

Yes, being a parent is HARD!

The hardest thing a person will ever do!

We are responsible for these little people each and every minute of every day. Aren't there days when the reality of parenting hits you between the eyes. Wow!?!

Praise God for his example as Our Heavenly Father!

Praise God that He is simply a Prayer away.

God knows what we are going through every minute of every day.

Even on those days when we are in a bad mood.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last evening our boys had a great time swimming. It had been a week or two since they had been swimming, so it was a special treat.
I sat pool side and took pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Always into the "warrior" mode

Love that RyRy was swimming under and Kamie was watching him.

Too funny . . . goggles and floating on his back!

He is so fashionable!

Keeping track of EJ too!

Kamie is playing ball with Daddy! She bounces the ball off of her nose back to him.

Not certain why Cam's eyes are closed!

The teeth are coming in! They were having a blast!

Is this kid geared up or what!?! Life jacket, big squishy noodle, arm floaties, kick board and at one point he had his goggles on too.

The big noodles are awesome! Everyone had a great time . . .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today, my to do list was long . . .

seems like it NEVER ends . . .

Why is that?

Here is what I accomplished:

Laundry - 8 loads

Unloaded and Reloaded the dishwasher - the boys' job

Emptied the bathroom garbage cans - the boys' job

Wiped the counter tops in the kitchen

Washed my new "share ware"

Washed the table and chairs - the boys' job

Tidied the family room

Gave the dogs water - the boys' job

Fixed the remote

Cleaned 1/2 bathroom - still have one to go

Cleaned out candle - Scentsy - one of my boys (age 8 next month) continues to put playmobile figures in my candle wax. This time he also put a battery in too. Grrrrrrr

Organized the dog "files" (all dog pedigrees, vet info, etc.)

Cleaned up groceries bags under counter

Cody took the glass milk jug to the porch for the milk man

Scour kitchen sinks

Clean second 1/2 bath on the main floor

Organized large bottom desk drawer

Looked at school papers

Watched over the boys during homework

The boys are headed out to swim now . . . there is about an hour and a half before bath time. Maybe I will get a few pictures.

Time to relax!



Life with FOUR little boys is always interesting . . . this morning's breakfast was no exception. Never, ever is breakfast quiet . . . this morning the boys were calling each other "fart face" which did not make me happy. Where do they get this stuff? Of course, I put a stop to it immediately with a . . .

"zip your lip and eat your breakfast"

. . . in total Mom style

they didn't argue with me, but I think they were trying to figure out how to "zip their lip" and eat breakfast.

Loading up in the car for school was much the same . . .

fussing over who will get IN first

complaining over who touched who

calling each other names (although fart face) was not one of them

Another reminder from Mom . . .


I want EVERYONE to get into their OWN seat and buckle up!

Since you can't be loving to one another . . .

Zip YOUR lips

Hmmm . . .

Have a QUIET and RELAXING Day . . .

I am going to go do laundry . . .

Where does it all come from?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Short One

After a very quick weekend, today seems to have gone on forever!


Tonight I am simply going to chill out!

Laundry is on the agenda for tomorrow.

The End

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A Bridge Scene

Burn Notice ~ Michael and Fiona

The Life of Ballet


Today marks the beginning of another week.

Week two of the 2010 - 2011 School Year.

Week ONE had a FEW Hiccups.

Nothing Major


the youngest boy is trying to "learn" the rules at school

he pushed it a few times

he received THREE worms on his apple

TWO on day TWO


ONE on day FOUR

he is learning

worms are not good, except for fishing

Boy # 2 . . .

second oldest boy

third child

in SECOND grade

who shall remain nameless

has a new teacher this year

a man teacher

Mr. C

which is VERY cool

Mr. C doesn't tolerate nonsense

Boy # 2 enjoys nonsense

Mom, Dad and Mr. C . . .

not so much!

Boy # 2 gets a mark at school

the very first week

wouldn't be quiet

after several warnings

naughty note was issued

naughty note came home

naughty note was given to Mom

Mom was NOT happy

Mom showed the naughty note to Dad

Dad was NOT happy

Boy # 2 was given his ONLY warning

You are to obey and listen to your teacher

You are not to talk during seat work

Boy # 2 said he understood

Boy does not want privileges taken away

Boy didn't have any more naughty notes about talking come home

Today is Sunday

Mom was checking mud room lockers - each child has one

pulled out backpacks

pulled out lunch boxes

opened 1st backpack

notebook, folder, papers . . .

naughty note from Mr. C

Boy # 2 did not give us the note

Boy # 2 was called in from playing outside

Mom was not happy and actually disgusted

Boy did not complete his homework on Thursday

Mom asked Boy Why?

Boy said, "I didn't have time"

Mom furrowed her brow and said, "Excuse Me"

"I didn't have time"

Hmmmm, Not the Way I Remember it.

I said, "Let's review"

Boy, you came home from school

I asked you if you had homework

You said, only my Bible verse

Do you remember that?

Boy answered, "yes"

Mom reminded the boy . . .

it is NEVER acceptable to lie

you should have completed your homework

there is no excuse


you get some paper

and a pencil

Get the homework you were to do

the instructions say complete this page by writing the words 10 times

the instructions say write your name 10 times

We have a little change for you

You didn't complete your homework like you were instructed

I am not going to fight you all year

You will sit down and write each paper 50 times

the 10 times you were instructed


40 times for interest

yes, I am a homework loan shark

I demand high interest

in hopes the boy will learn

Make sure to complete our homework

all of it

Make sure Mom gets ALL notes from Mr. C

Do NOT lie

for ANY reason


Mom will find out

She has connections you know!

Looking forward to a GREAT week

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Good morning . . . it is a lovely Saturday morning. How about yours?

So far, everyone is calm at my house. The boys are enjoying their morning just hanging out with each other.

Katelyn cleaned the guinea pig cage . . . she gave me the pig to tend while she made his cage all nice and clean. He usually loves to "hang out" with me . . . he is a good pig! Today, he decided to walk on my keyboard, scroll down the web page and take a big sniff of my freshly brewed coffee. Then . . . he jumped, twice . . . it was then evident why . . . he left two "surprises" on my desk. Oh Dear! He doesn't usually do that . . . in fact, it has only happened once or twice. Clorox wipes to the rescue! Quick clean up and we were back in business. I am quite certain he was thinking, "Did I do that? Oh my, how embarrassing!" Like I said, he is a good lil' piggy!

I am pretty on top of things around the house. We just might take the day off from house chores . . . or maybe we will just do a few little things. I haven't decided.

Last night we watched Furry Vengeance. Crazy little movie. The boys laughed and laughed. I have to admit, I chuckled a little too.

We had a little storm last night - thunder, lightening and rain. Nothing severe. When I woke this morning the sky was clear blue and gorgeous. Now, not so much . . . the clouds are rolling in.

Why is Dora so annoying? Why do they have to repeat and repeat and repeat annoying songs? Super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby, super baby . . . you get the picture! YIKES!
Time for the boys to put a movie in before Katelyn and I go crazy.

Well, that is about it for the morning. Have a great day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just began looking through the current issue of RealSimple ~~~ my favorite magazine. I have come across some very interesting things. . .
  • did you know that there is someone that can type 207 words a minute? Apparently, this person has the top score at typeracer.com
  • leopard prints are the most wearable trend right now in purses, hats, dresses, coats and skirts
  • loafers are another trend that has returned
  • no frosting in the house? try using a marshmallow - when your cupcakes have about 3 minutes left to bake, place one marshmallow on top of each cupcake and return the cupcake to the oven for the remaining time or until the marshmallows are slightly melted out but still fluffy
  • red is the color of the season
  • pair red with camel, teal or purple
Today I was busy with laundry and pantry tidy up. I cannot believe how quickly things in both rooms get out of hand. I am happy to say that I am easily keeping up with the laundry. Tonight I only have laundry from today and baths tonight, so once again the washers are running.

The pantry is organized so that at a glance I can see what needs restocked.  I organize my pantry in sections and then make sure all labels are facing forward for ease of identification.

The kids are doing well in school. School week 1 is almost history . . . the kids are enjoying themselves and are quickly getting into the "school" groove.  Two of my boys have received naughty notes  . . . Cody has received 3 worms on his apple this week ~~~ two on Tuesday and one today, but he is learning that Mrs. J won't tolerate disobedience. Cameron also received a mark today . . . apparently he was warned not to talk, but decided he would talk anyway. His teacher is new this year, Mr. C and I think he is going to be right on top of things in the second grade class.

Katelyn is enjoying her Senior year and her new found freedoms. She likes being able to drive to school in the morning and not have to wait on anyone. She is enjoying her classes and is busy with Band, Choir, Flute and piano. She hasn't been bringing home any homework as she is getting it done during her study halls.

Ryan came home tonight and showed me what he learned in school today . . . he was learning about his eyes. He had to show me how his pupils change - by closing his eyes for a minute and then opening them. "Did you see that Mom?" he asked. I am so excited to see HIM excited about school.

EJ came home and told me there are 66 books in the Bible. He announced that little fact boldly with a big smile on his face.

Cody is learning his vowel sounds along with learning the "ropes" of preschool.

Cameron's spelling list has gone up in numbers, but he aced the Pre Spelling test on Wednesday and therefore doesn't have to take the test tomorrow.

Randy has been busy at work. This time of year we begin maintenance on the buildings, inside the manufacturing plant and to the machines. We still have production to do as well, but everything is scheduled to work around it all.

Me . . . well, I continue to take care of my office work. Three morning a week I am heading in to the office and the other two days I work from home. I am enjoying afternoons with Cody and trying to stay on top of things at home.

Time to close for the evening. Have a good sleep everyone!

Thursday Quick Post

It is so hard to believe the kids are already on Day 4 of school. Everyone is doing great, so far. Three of the boys have homework every night and they are getting into the "groove" to make it a priority before doing anything else. The boys are tired every night and a bit slow to pull themselves out of bed in the morning. I have been choosing their clothing for them for school. During the summer they were allowed to choose ~ boy did we have some combinations! Whew!

I am going into the office three mornings a week and then working from home in the afternoons. It helps to be able to have two mornings at home without any of the kids . . . not only to be able to accomplish a few things, but also for sanity purposes. lol

This morning finds me on cup of coffee #2 while I blog and facebook. I have two loads of laundry washing and everything is quiet.

I have finished up a Shutterfly book . . . I absolutely love Shutterfly books ~ no scrapbooking, no photos laying around . . . easy layouts and great results!

Must get back to the laundry ~~~ the washers are finished . . . time for another two loads.

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

God's Beauty in Pictures . . . Photos from Our House

test ... test

This is a test . . . Aunt Darlene did you receive this blog post?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Day of School AND . . .

Today the kids were at school all day . . . except Cody . . . he is in preschool and we pick him up at 11:30  each morning. Today he came home singing a little song and telling me what God made the  . . . light and dark. I had to smile, I know he is listening! A little note came home with Cody today . . . TWO worms on his apple today. They are trying to teach the children how to behave in school and when they don't, they get a little worm character on their apple that is on the blackboard. Well, apparently our little dude couldn't stand still when he was in waiting in line ~ worm one. He and a little girl decided to hit one another . . . well, a little worm found its way onto his apple ~ worm 2. Cody told me about his two worms, but didn't want to discuss WHY he was given the worms. His teacher Mrs. J gets a chuckle out of him and said he is doing pretty well.

He came home today, had lunch and crashed . . . take a look:

Just before Cody fell asleep, this little beauty was delivered:

The kids all arrived home full of things to tell about school today. Last night we tried to give the kids all a bit of time to unwind BEFORE getting down to homework . . . well, that didn't work out. It was almost 9:00 p.m. and two of the boys were still working on their spelling ~ of course, that happens when they mess around.
So, tonight we reversed everything. I really would like for them to be able to unwind before they get to homework, but tonight I made them get right to it . . . BEFORE anything else. Would you believe it didn't take them more than 1/2 hour to complete their homework?
With homework out of the way, NOW we can focus on relaxing tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

DAY 1 OF SCHOOL 2010 ~ 2011

Today was our first day of the 2010-2011 School Year. Yippee!!!

Everyone had a GREAT first day of school and tonight we had homework! Yes, our 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders have homework tonight. Spelling words and Bible Memory . . . I have been fussing with two of our boys for an hour to get their homework done. Each of them will be in bed 30 minutes early tomorrow night. Bedtime is generally 8:30 and it is now 8:37, so depending on how long they dawdle, they may be in bed at 7:30 tomorrow evening . . . We shall see what they choose to do. Homework OR Mess Around. I know which one I would choose.

Here are a few pictures of the kids, taken before school this morning.

After school, I treated the kids all to Bob Evans for lunch. Of course, all of the boys ordered breakfast for lunch . . . which was fine by me. They were ALL so keyed up during lunch. Yikes!

After lunch, the boys went home with Katelyn, except Ryan. Ryan and I went to the cellular store . . . Katelyn's cell phone took a poo poo on her. Praise God for the extended warranty! Her phone could not be repaired, so I was handed a brand new phone for her.

HaPpY dAnCe!

This evening the boys ran and played for quite a while before we called them in for homework.

As I write, one of the dogs that is laying near me has decided to "perfume" the air . . . for heaven's sake! So, Cameron let them outside, but claims none of them needed to . . .  well, you know!

Well, the evening is quickly coming to an end . . . so, I better get things ready for tomorrow morning.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twas the Night Before School Begins and all through the house

Twas the Night Before School Begins and all through the house, not a child was stirring . . . hmmm can't seem to figure out something to rhyme with house that isn't a mouse. Anyway, you get the idea!

As you can see by the little Back To School counter on the right side of my blog . . . Monday is the first day back to school for my kids! Woo Hoo is coming from my house . . . how about yours?

I am just finishing up for the day and have the last load of clothes washing and two loads are drying. Tomorrow afternoon we will put away the remainder of the laundry. Everything else is done around the house! At least at this minute as I write.

I too am returning to school schedule for my bedtime . . . I have to get up early too!

Randy's Mom was doing well after the surgery today. Randy said she was "feeling no pain" and was quite happy! Anesthesia can have some funny after effects and she was having them. The healing process and therapy will begin for her. Please continue to pray for Jean as she has a bit of a challenge ahead. Please also pray for her husband and Randy's Dad ~ Paul as it is always difficult to have a spouse in the hospital regardless of how long you have been married.

Everyone have a great night's sleep . . . I want to be in bed BEFORE 11:00 p.m.


Our Sunday in Mid August

So far today our temperature is lower than yesterday's heater. Today is in the low 80's . . . at least for now.

I am at home with the kids, trying to get things done around the house. I want to start the new school year with an easy week around the house. There is always plenty of camaraderie around the house after school each day, so a lot of "chores" would throw us all over the top.

Randy is at the hospital and has been since early this morning. His Mom's surgery began later than it was supposed to as there was an emergency that came in before her. She is now in recovery and all went well according to the surgeon. Now the recovery begins. Randy and his sister are in full swing to make sure everything is taken care of at home so their Mom and Dad don't have to worry about anything. I think it is awesome that family pulls together in times like this. I know many people have been praying for my MIL Jean and FIL Paul as well as prayers for the surgeon . . . thank you all so much!

Katelyn headed out to Walmart this morning for us . . . I love that she has her Driver's License and is willing to take care of the shopping chore. I loathe going to Walmart!!! Katelyn took care of lunch meat and other school lunch items.

Tomorrow is my Dad's Birthday and also Randy's Dad's Birthday on Tuesday. I think that is the end of the August Birthdays! Woo Hoo
September is Ryan's Birthday Month and last evening he and I sat down at the computer and took care of ordering what he wanted for his Special Day.

Katelyn has been working on a new drawing that is coming out beautifully! This drawing is colored and she is working on it for the 2011 competition.

Our list of Chores are many today, but I am confident all will be completed shortly . . .
  • clean main floor 1/2 baths
  • laundry
  • vacuum and mop main floor
  • vacuum and mop upstairs
  • dust master bedroom
  • master bath cleaned
  • tidy up
  • get school clothes laid out for tomorrow
  • load school bags into the car
Hopefully, we can get it all finished up before 4:00 p.m. so then we can all go swimming and chill out the remainder of the day.

I hope you and yours have a great rest of the day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Broken Hip, Fractured Finger and a Birthday Party

Our day started out early this morning with a telephone call. Randy's Mom was injured this morning when her hip "gave way" and she fell. She is now in the hospital with a fractured finger and needs her hip replaced. Please pray for Randy, his parents Jean and Paul, his two sisters and the decisions that must be made.

My heart hurts for Randy . . . his Mom and Dad are looking to him to guide them in the right direction. Randy is the only son and takes his "son status" very seriously. Of course, like many families Randy's Mom takes care of "everything" and now with her injured, things will be discombobulated for a while.

I am Praising God for such a strong husband! I am so blessed to have a husband that loves and cares for his parents.

Currently, Randy's Mom is resting comfortably . . . the docs have her numbed up good. She will have surgery tomorrow morning.

Well, gotta go . . . we have a Birthday party to two little girls to head to.

Have a great day!

I love this little video . . . Enjoy!

Good Night . . . Good Morning

It is late . . . maybe I mean early . . . VERY early Saturday morning as I write. I hear the sounds of distant thunder once again. The house is quiet as everyone is in dream land.

Cody woke this morning feeling better, but that was short lived. As the minutes ticked by he was feeling just plain yucky. He was quiet for most of the day. We pretty much let him tell us what he was ready for. He ran a lower fever today, but a fever none the less. This evening I offered him pancakes (home made blueberry ones) ~ he took one bite and didn't want any more. After bathtime, Cody came to me and asked for Pringles chips. I let him have them and he was happy. Prayerfully, he only had the 24 hour bug!

Tonight was open house at school . . . Katelyn went and got her schedule, picked out her locker and visited with friends. Shortly after she left, a storm blew in with high winds. The sky looked really bad for a while. Ryan was at Uncle Sam and Aunt Ding Ding's house for the night, but called home to see if Katelyn was safe. I thought that was really sweet for our almost 8 year old to be worried enough to call. I made sure Katelyn called him to let him know she was safe once she arrived home. It made both of us smile!

Our crazy Lhasa Apso keeps barking . . . .she doesn't like the lightening. She is going to wake the entire house if she doesn't quiet down.

From the looks of the radar, we may be in for quite a bit of rain tonight. Sounds like good sleeping conditions for us! I guess I should head to bed . . . I hope to sleep in!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sick One

Another weekend is upon us . . . the last weekend before school starts for my kiddos. The countdown is almost complete! The kids are excited and so am I. We are all looking forward to an amazing year.

Tonight as I write, my youngest is asleep on the couch in the family room. My poor little bumpkin is sick with a fever, headache and vomiting. Bless his little heart. So, he has been given ice chips, motrin and tylenol are alternating and some sprite. I feel so bad when they are sick! I try to do whatever I can to help them to feel better. I really do hope and pray that whatever he has goes away quickly!

Looks like this is going to be a long night.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning was a rough one . . . the kids were all climbing the walls. I wanted to take Katelyn to go look at pianos today, but the boys weren't exactly on their best behavior.  I called my Sis to see if she would keep two of the boys. Well, as it turned out, God knew it would be way to hard to take any of the boys. . .

My Sis was at our Aunt's house with Our Mom and three Aunt swimming. At first, I felt VERY guilty about asking them to watch two of the boys . . . after all, they were being a bit naughty. Well, Mom and Janeie told me they would watch the kids. The best part . . . they took all of the boys! So, I got ready, the boys put on their swim trunks, we packed up snacks, dry clothes and we headed out the door. They were so very excited!

Randy and I have wanted to purchase a Baby Grand piano since we purchased our home 12 years ago. We have the perfect room to put it in and have always envisioned it there. This past spring we decided that we would purchase one this summer. Well, we are almost to mid-August . . . today was the day.

Katelyn and I were on our way and enjoying each and every minute of our time together without interruptions. We talked, laughed and teased one another and at one point I asked her a question. I asked, "Katelyn, how do you feel about our relationship as Mom and Daughter?" She giggled  . . .  which she does quite regularly as I waited to hear what her answer would be.

"Hysterical" was the word she said to describe our relationship.

Hysterical . . . and do you know what? I am good with that because I know that she feels the same way as I do about our relationship. We have a very unique, loving, respectful and fun ~~~ you never know what the day is going to bring type of relationship. We can talk to one another about anything at anytime. I feel BLESSED beyond measure. I have told her many times as well as given her gifts that say exactly how I feel about my precious girl . . .

"You take my breath away!"

back to our piano adventure . . .

We arrived at the Piano Store within an hour and began looking through the many pianos . . . Steinway, Boston and Essex. We would love to have a Steinway, however at a price tag of OVER $70,000.00 we decided very quickly that a New Steinway was a bit out of the question. I am certainly glad that I am not prone to hyperventilating! Whew!!!

The Boston pianos were lovely but seemed to be more geared to school use and such.

The Essex . . . a beautiful piano that is a classic . . . designed by Steinway. This photo is from the Steinway internet site . . . I couldn't get a really good one in the store as the light was messing with my  telephone camera. Take a look:

We love the clean lines of the design.

We took our time and tested several pianos. Katelyn sat down and played a Steinway . . . she was in awe. The sound was absolutely amazing.

I spoke with the salesman and then called my hubs . . . then talked to the salesman . . . then called my hubs . . . talked to the salesman . . . then handed my phone off to the salesman to talk to my hubs himself. Once they were finished "talking" I talked to hubs again.

Hubs is my deal makin' man! lol

He already had a price in his head that he was willing to pay and we didn't stray too far from that. We had spoken about adding the "player piano gizmo" to the Baby Grand, but the additional $8,500.00 price tag changed our minds.

The salesman gave me time to confer with my hubs. I told him that if my husband and I didn't agree 100% with the purchase, we wouldn't be purchasing the piano. I also told him that he had one shot to give us the best deal he could when he spoke to my hubs. He understood.

Well, we discussed the "deal" that was quoted us as Katelyn sat on pins and needles. We discussed our options and decided that we would purchase the piano. Katelyn was elated!

A few photos from my telephone:

Katelyn made herself right at home in the showroom. She fell in love with this piano the minute she put her fingers to the keys.

The piano is to be delivered next week. Woo Hoo!

On our way home we decided to stop at Chik-fil-A . . . we had never eaten there and are dying to, so we thought we would take the opportunity. Katelyn got onto the internet on her telephone and looked up the address . . . we keyed it into the navigation system on my SUV and we were on our way. The only problem was that although the nav system told us we were "at your destination" we didn't see the Chik-fil-A anywhere. I pushed the little Onstar button to talk to an operator . . . surely we had the wrong directions or something. The Onstar lady was very pleasant and helped us immediately . . . She said, "You are right next to it." Well, I explained to her that I was in a large parking lot and there was a very large building in the center of the lot, but no Chik-fil-A. So, she directed me to follow her directions . . . so I did. Once I followed her directions she said, The Chik-fil-A is directly in front of you. I laughed . . . I was in the same spot as I was before. I said, "Mam, if I continue to drive ahead I am going to drive right through the building in front of me." She was shocked and didn't know what to say. Right then a woman was walking in the parking lot so I asked the Onstar lady to hold on for a second . . . I asked the lady walking if she knew where the Chik-fil-A was. It was inside the big huge building and was available for the employees of the building ONLY. I couldn't believe it! I relayed the information to the Onstar lady so she could make a note of it and thank both ladies before we said good bye.

Needless to say, Katelyn and I were bummed that once again we were not able to get a Chik-fil-A.

We got back onto the interstate and headed toward home.

We were passing a semi truck and as we passed Katelyn looked up at the driver . . . he honked his horn twice at her.

We decided to stop in at a Ruby Tuesday for dinner. We were seated and two waiters came to the table. Their eyes were fixed on Katelyn . . . they spoke to her about the yummy goodness of the menu and then asked: "Ladies, may we get you something from the bar?" He was still looking at Katelyn and smiling. I decided it was time for Mom to step in . . . I said, "SHE is ONLY 17." The smile left the waiter's face as he turned his head toward me. "I would have checked her identification before I served her . . . and I would have carded you too!" I smiled at the waiter and said, "Good save!" He then asked what we would like to have to drink . . . Raspberry Tea for both Thank You. I am quite certain the waiter was sweating a bit after that!

We ate a lovely dinner and had Raspberry Tea that came with a sprig of mint on top. We ordered Mini Turkey Burger and Mini Crab Cake Burger with salad bar. They also had cheese biscuits on the table. Dinner was amazing!

The remainder of the drive was uneventful. We gave my Mom a call and chatted with her . . . we laughed as we talked and had a great time. Once we arrived home, the thunder began rolling once again. We have had a nice little summer thunderstorm this evening.

The day has been lovely, but now it is time for bed. Good days definitely wear a body out. G'night all. God Bless!

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