Saturday, July 31, 2010


In the wee early morning Grandpa and Ryan took to the boat and took part in a fishing tournament for Focus. Ryan and Grandpa received a 2nd Place trophy for their fish! Ryan was so excited and I really think if Grandpa had buttons, he would have burst them!

Ryan is holding his trophy as Grandpa looks on

The Happy Fishermen

A view of the boat and guys

Little Brother wants to get in on the action

Checkin' out Crappaw's Boat

Cody said, "I am gonna drive this BABY"

As Cody was pretending to "drive" Ryan decided to turn the boat key. I am quite certain you know the expression of fear that Grandpa had at the sound of the boat engine. Grandpa was pretty quick on his feet and shut the key off quickly.

Of course, Little Brother thought that was cool!

O.k. Cody, lets strap the seats back down.

Push Hard

Come on . . . let Grandpa help you.

Grandpa is such a good Grandpa!!!

Friday ~ Where Did It Go?

Wow, where did Friday go? I think I must have sneezed or something because it seems to have flown by!

We were busy bees at home today. We all slept in a little and then we had a bite of breakfast. I talked to my Mom on the telephone and while work to scrub our deck off of our master bedroom started. The deck that is off of the mater bedroom had not been scrubbed yet this summer, so while the breezes were cool it was scrubbed. We also washed chair cushions and the table and chairs themselves. The job took quite a while so lunch was a bit late.

After lunch, we started in on the Master bedroom, am kitchen/sitting room and the Master bath. We scrubbed and dusted and tidied and cleaned out. All that is left is to vacuum and wipe down the hardwood floors. The bathroom floor was already vacuumed and wiped down while we were cleaning it.

After all of our work, I sent everyone to take a rest before tonight's baseball game. Ryan's team remains undefeated for the season. Tomorrow begins tournaments. Yes, baseball season for us is almost over.

Ryan went home with Grandpa after the game. He and Grandpa are headed out to a fishing tournament tomorrow morning. Ryan is excited and wants to catch fish. I forgot to mention that Ryan wore his brand new school shoes to play baseball tonight. He already had asked yesterday, but I told him absolutely not! Well, he chose to disobey and wear his brand new tennis shoes. He quickly found out that Mom knows he disobeyed and received a firm talking to after the game . . . even though he tried with all of his might to "ignore" Mom. So, I took away his slushie and his ball cap and lifted his chin so that I was sure he was listening. I do believe he understood fully that he had made a mistake and that if he ruined his school shoes, he would be buying the next pair.

All of that being said, I know that it is really exciting to get new shoes. It is a well known fact that new tennis shoes make you JUMP HIGHER AND RUN FASTER. I sympathize with Ryan that he cannot wear his shoes right now, but they are for school and he knows that.

Katelyn is up tonight with an upset stomach. Hopefully it is nothing.

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely evening sitting out on our main floor deck watching the boys play on the play set. I love to watch their imaginative play and hear their giggles.

Hopefully, the morning will be quiet and we will be able to have a restful weekend. Chores will be minimal this weekend . . . woo hoo and hip hip hurray!

Well, better get to bed . . .

Friday, July 30, 2010

This morning as I write I hear the sounds of rice krispies in milk. Three of my boys are having breakfast . . . I am amazed at how loud the krispies are popping! Wow!

Yesterday was incredibly busy at my house. The window washing guy was here . . . Praise the Lord!!! He did an AWESOME job. The guys were working on our dock - new framing and replacement of the dock. The landscape guys were working on our "swamp" condition of the yard . . . looked like giant moles made a racetrack through our yard, drainage tile was installed, gravel atop the drainage tile, dirt replacement and new sod to replace what was taken out.

Today, the guys are finishing the yard repair and the other guys will be finishing up one side of the dock and start on the left side in front of our boat and down the other side. It will look gorgeous and I will certainly take some photos.

The minutes are ticking away . . . need to get upstairs and get showered.

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am so EXCITED!!!

I ordered two custom table runners from a lovely lady on Etsy. I have searched and searched for some time for a table runner that I absolutely love and only achieved failure. I guess I am too picky. Anyway, a little over a week ago I came across Mary Stieninger of "dining out" or Oh My Goodness, I love her work! I received my table runners in today's mail and I couldn't be more pleased! Take a look:

I requested Mary to design something for me . . . to "surprise" me. I told her what themes I liked from the items on her etsy store and she went from there. First, a close up of her custom embroidering . . .

Now a picture from one end of the table (excuse the laundry basket . . . just keeping thing "Real Life!" Notice the double stitched edging. The table runners are also finished on both sides (not extra embroidery) but the back is finished.

This table runner is 14" x 90"

I love my Wine Candle Bottles at varies heights and my Pottery Barn cubed vases and fillers. The perfect accents!

The last picture is of the "second" runner in Plum with "leaves" also custom designed.

Wonderful Morning

The plan for today . . .  tidy up and be laid back. The days of summer are coming to an end and school will be starting in 2 1/2 weeks. Not many days of simple, chilling out and running wild left.

I am a little behind in Bible Reading 90 days. I hope to get caught up today. Ruth 2 is where I am starting today.

I had a lovely time of coffee and chat with a friend this morning out on our deck. Great to catch up and relax in the beautiful breezes. Of course, the boys thought they should "visit" too. I have had a relaxing morning.

I wonder what the afternoon will bring?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Katelyn has been drawing again  . . .

I am so blessed to have such a loving and talented daughter!


Last night we began evening baseball with Ryan. His team has been undefeated this year, but last night's game had me holding my breath and white knuckling it! They ended up pulling it off with a 9-6 win. Whew!

Ryan has gotten the hang of baseball and is enjoying it. He had hits all but two times at bat. He also was able to run to home base for the first time when one of his team mates whacked the ball really hard. He ran to home base and then actually jumped on Home base when he got there. It was funny to see him actually jump on the base.

The other boys are enjoying baseball season too . . . they get slushies at every game. Cody yells for Ryan to get a hit and watch the ball. Totally cracks me up.

Grandpa kept two of the boys entertained last night. Poor guy has to be sore this morning as he pretty much was a climbing wall for EJ and Cody. All in all, Grandpa is a great sport about it . . . until Cody tested the water and threw two rocks at Grandpa. Grandpa and Cody had a face to face meeting in which Grandpa explained that throwing rocks at anyone is NOT a good thing.

Well, my boys are STARVING . . . so I better get lunch made.

Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I believe it is a known fact . . .

Boys are GROSS!

Anyone that has multiple boys in their life can attest to that simple fact. Yes indeed . . . Boys are GROSS!

God indeed laughed when he made little boys AND when he decided that I would be Mom to FOUR boys . . . all stair stepped in age. I must say, my brain cannot get around some of the things my boys say or do.

Don't get me wrong . . . I absolutely and positively LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my children . . . all of them. However, that being said, I still think boys get carried away with being GROSS.

I know you are all on pins and needles . . . you are wondering . . . what did they say or do that was so gross?
  1. my four year old thinks it is funny to belch - I totally think this is disgusting and consistently correct him
  2. although each of my children have been taught the art of using a napkin, my boys insist on using their shirts
  3. when being offered food from a tray or plate, boys think they must touch each and every food on the tray or plate before deciding which one to choose
  4. any body part or function is prone to laughter
  5. little boys tend to pee all over the toilet seat, toilet, floor and whatever else is in the bathroom. When asked "who" made the pee mess . . . not me is the answer of choice
  6. washing hands with soap and water after using the bathroom or before eating is obsolete in the "boys" rule book ~ however Mom and Sister are always listening to hear that toilet flush, the water run and the sound of washing hands
  7. leaving a "smell" and then walking away has been known to happen ~ they think it is funny until it happens to them and then it is gross - go figure
  8. picking . . . little boys like to pick. they like to pick their noses, pick their bums and their fronts and pick at their brothers
  9. I was recently grossed out when one of my sons, who was helping put dishes away, put his hand down his pants to "adjust" himself. Needless to say . . . all of the dishes were rewashed in the dishwasher and he was made to wash his hands with soap and water. Followed by a stern talk about the nastiness of what he had just done.
  10. little boys make nasty laundry
  11. little boys like to dunk food in whatever they are drinking . . . it doesn't matter what it is
  12. little boys play with their food
  13. little boys like to wrestle, be rough with one another, pile up on one another and roll around in the dirt or mud while doing it
  14. opening their mouth when it is full of food and showing it to the brothers also brings about ooooos ahhhhhhs and GROSS, DISGUSTING ~ of course the one that opened their mouth and showed their food instantly gets satisfaction from all of the comments from his brothers
  15. smell my feet is a favorite of my boys ~ especially as they are trying to put their feet in my face
  16. wedgies and noogies are more of that strange little boy humor
  17. then, there are the words that little boys seem to be drawn to . . . (just use your imagination on this one)
  18. one of my boys has taken dirty clothing out of the laundry to wear again ~ more than once ~ didn't work the first or second time
  19. that same child has gone all day without underwear and simply tells me "I forgot to put them on". Hmmm didn't buy that one the first, second or third time he tried telling me he forgot
  20. putting dirty clothing in toy bins ~ it is so much easier to figure out a place to put them instead of take them to the laundry basket
  21. needing to go potty while outside playing ~~~ so, why not . . . just go ahead and pee outside ~~~ needless to say, Mama wasn't happy and neither was Daddy especially when he heard said child was in the front yard
  22. pooping in the pool ~~~ it has only happened with one of my boys and only one time, but nasty none the less
  23. then there is the put a bunch of soft drink in your mouth and then let it drain out of your mouth and down your shirt thing
  24. making a stink in the car when all of the windows are up has happened more than I care to remember
  25. bug smashing and describing all that comes out of said bug
  26. chewing toe nails ~~~ we finally convinced one of our boys that chewing his toe nails was disgusting ~~~ he finally stopped chewing them
  27. sharing their lollipop or ice cream with a dog ~~~ one lick for you and one lick for me
Thankfully, my boys are young and we have a lot of time to Love them, guide them and teach them along the way as they grow.

I totally find myself shaking my head at times. I am quite certain that as a Mom/female I will never ever understand the excitement of being Gross. I am also quite certain that God never intended me to!

Yes, I am a BOY MOM, a Mom to Four Little Boys that Love to be Gross. They love to get a rise out of Mom or Katelyn. The grosser (I am not certain if that is even a word) the better. Even though, I shake my head at their antics . . . I wouldn't trade life with my FOUR LITTLE BOYS for anything in the world. God made them SPECIAL and Gave THEM to Me.

Thank you God for little boys . . . Thank you God for MY Little Boys and thank you for making them who they are!

p.s. just a side note here . . . our Four year old is now OBSESSED with going poopy on the potty . . . HIMSELF! Praise God for our modern day MIRACLE!


For this post, I thought I would post a few pictures of what I did with our floral arrangements that we made on Friday.

First, one of the main floor 1/2 bathrooms. Yes, ONE of the 1/2 baths on the main floor . . . we have two. One was original to the house and when we added on to our house, we made a large laundry room and an extra 1/2 bath.

One of the arrangements found a home on one of the 1/2 bathroom counters. I love how it just settled in with a little Faith and black pottery.

Stepping backward into the laundry room for a larger picture.

across from the potty sits a little black bench with a lantern, hydrangeas and the Bible . . .

The bathroom color is actually a taupe . . . not pink

Katelyn made this arrangement. It sits on a beautiful chest in a little niche in our hall between the kitchen and the library and is across from the second 1/2 bath on the main floor.

Katelyn did a lovely job!

The hydrangea, rock, twig arrangement found its home in our library.

a picture standing back in the library - the color of this room is a little off for some reason in this picture.

The last two pictures are of some yummy goodness that Katelyn made as an appetizer before dinner.

Take a look, but NO DROOLING . . .

Beautiful Baguette Bread drizzled with olive oil and slightly toasted.

Then removed from the oven for a bit of honey and FRESH mozzarella. A bit of baking and Voila . . . Yummy Goodness!


Today is such a beautiful day outside. The temperature and humidity are much lower today.

Katelyn is off to Walmart to pick up a few groceries, Randy is putting Cody down for a nap, I am working on office paperwork, Ryan is cleaning up the basement family room, Cameron is helping with the kitchen floor and EJ is to be tidying the family room. We relaxed for the morning, but we must get busy to get things accomplished today.

Friday, Katelyn and I decided to make a few floral arrangements using the "faux water" and they came out pretty well. Take a look:

Katelyn designed this one

I love hydrangeas . . . I designed this one

Looks like nature in a vase ~ Katelyn designed this one ~ a little eucalyptus, twigs, stones and faux water

a little bit of color here . . .

close up

It was fun to be creative and add a little bit of Nature inside our home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The beginning of the 2010 - 2011 School Year is THREE weeks away for my kiddos . . . It has been a long but fun summer.

We have backpacks loaded with school supplies, feet have been measured for stride rite shoes and they are ordered, new school clothes are all washed and hanging in their closets. We are on the edge of READY. Of course, Cody asked again today if Mommy is going to go to school with him.

Back to school also means a schedule is once again in place. Routines bounce back into place after school and bedtime is enforced.

This morning Ryan had another ball game they have one every game they have played . . . TEN games and Won ALL TEN!!! There are five games next week and then the tournament. Ryan is playing well, I am so glad we made him stay with it.

This afternoon we watched several innings of the Cubs/Cards game . . . Woo Hoo Cubbies win again!

That is about all that my brain has for tonight . . . scary isn't it?

Friday, July 23, 2010


I just checked our temperature on Weather Channel desktop . . . it is 10:15 p.m. and the temperature is still 91 degrees add in the humidity and the heat index is 105 degrees. I think somebody left the oven on!

How hot is it? It is so HOT . . .
  • it is hard to breath outside
  • your underpants stick to your bum
  • you begin to sweat as soon as you walk out the door
  • you need not worry about makeup . . . it won't last in the heat
  • you need not worry about your hair . . . your head begins to sweat and the hair falls ~~~ unless the humidity gets it first
  • it is too hot to swim ~~~ the water gets like bathwater and how enjoyable is that
  • the kids don't want to go outside to play
  • the inside of a car reaches well over a hundred degrees
  • touching a car steering wheel in this kind of heat could burn your hand
  • seats inside a car get extra hot too
  • you can literally fry an egg on a sidewalk
  • the dogs just stare at you when you ask them if they want to go "outside"
  • it is very hard to "go for" ice cream cone because it melts immediately after the ice cream people hand it to you
I do have a bit of advice to beat the heat . . .



How do you feel when things don't go according to your plans?

 When things take way longer than they are supposed to . . . do you wonder why?

Do you wonder if they are man's road blocks, coincidence or God's delay?

Over this past year, we were pretty certain we were completely finished with one area of our lives.

But, what if God isn't quite ready for us to be completely finished?

What if God wants us to continue on "this" type of journey?

I know I am being a bit vague . . . sorry about that. This line of questions could be about anything and could be in anyone's life.

Throughout our married lives, Randy and I have faced this scenario many, many times. We didn't understand "things" that were or had happened . . . the "why" of it all was completely hidden from us for quite a long time. Looking back through our married life ~ almost 28 years, we can now put many of those "why" questions to rest, because now they make sense. God was orchestrating our lives, maneuvering to get us into the place He wanted us to be.

I truly believe we must all be adaptable to the journey God has for our lives. Is God speaking to you today about something He wants you to do? Is he "maneuvering" (for lack of a better word) situations in your life toward the "end" result? Are willing to change your mind about something He is nudging you to do?

Be willing to listen . . . don't tune God out. He truly has ways of getting you to listen. Won't you listen to Him today?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today I am pondering Why? Some of the Mysteries of MY Life . . .

Why are there days that I just want to stay in my jammies?

Why do I stay up so late some nights?

Why do I let laundry pile up sometimes?

Why are there times I procrastinate?

Why am I OCD about which way the toilet paper rolls?
BTW my OCD demands OVER.

Which brings up another Why?

Why am I OCD about some things and not others?

Why is it little boys miss the hole in the toilet when they . . . you know. I mean, it is HUGE but they still miss it.

Why do the dishwashers always seem to be running?

What is up with Walter? He doesn't want to do his job anymore? Could it be Walter was damaged by on of my children standing on him?

Why do dust bunnies like my house so much?

Why do little boys blame innocent dogs for smells they make?

Why does no one NEED you until you are reading a good book, having devotions or going to the bathroom?

Why do floors get dirty when shoes aren't worn in the house?

Why doesn't the doorbell ring until you get all of your children laying down and they are almost asleep?

Why do dogs stare at you when you are sitting at the table for a meal? We don't do that to them.

Why are spiders so persistent to continuously build webs even though you rip them down every day?

Why is it kids do not wake up or hear the "pee alarm" that is right on their shoulder when you can hear it across the house?

Why do dogs try to chew their treats on the furniture?

There are so many things to ponder the "why" of . . .

What are you pondering today?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JULY 21 2010 . . . TGI Fridays

Today, Ryan and I went on a Date

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chips (and rootbeer)

We went to TGI Friday's and we took along Katelyn and Daddy.

add a bit of crazy ~~~ specialty of Ryan

Plenty of smiles . . . compliments of Katelyn

some fast photography by me
AND a little of the unexpected . . .

Why is it "self" pictures never turn out? We look all squinty eyed!

Doesn't this look yummy? It is so bright and colorful.

Randy ordered some kind of chicken skillet with tomatoes, cheese, chicken and mashed potatoes.

Ryan's favorite is ALWAYS the Mac n Cheese with Mandarin Oranges and rootbeer.

Katelyn was caught by surprise

Turkey Burger and Fries with Raspberry Tea for Katelyn

Turkey Burger and Swiss with sweet potato fries and Raspberry lemondade for me.

After lunch, Ryan, Katelyn and I went to the movie theater to see Despicable Me. When we got there, we were all alone in the theater. Once the movie started the upper portion of the theater was filled.

Katelyn is texting while we wait.

Ryan is in the top row at the theater before anyone else came in.

Despicable Me wasn't one of my favorite movies . . . it was only o.k. in my book, but the kids seem to like it.

I am beginning to think about my next date(s) with my other three boys. Not sure if they will be single dates or all together dates, but I know we will have a great time whatever we do.

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