Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The day started out lovely, we slept in and then quickly began its down hill dissent when my feet hit the floor. We should have all stayed in bed today!!!

I came downstairs for a cup of coffee and a few minutes of internet time . . . our internet was down. It took me a few minutes to switch connections from our local DSL to Verizon Broadband. I was a bit irritated but got over it after a few minutes of "catch up" with my peeps.

We were excited this morning to get out of the house and take Katelyn to get her Driver's License. Everything was ready . . . she had the documents she needed, her permit, the car . . . we had Aunt Ding Ding come and watch two of the boys as only three of them would fit in the back seat of her car. We headed to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles - Secretary of State's Office). Once inside, Katelyn took a number . . . #43 . . . at first I didn't think that was too bad . . . until I heard them call #28. O.k. we were gonna be there a while.

Cameron sat and read to Cody . . . it was kind of nice, except that everyone sits and watches every move you or your kids make. The place was VERY busy, but my kids were behaving pretty well, so we could handle it. Then Cody started getting antsy . . . so, I did what every good mom does . . . I called Daddy and asked him what he was doing. He was eating lunch, but was almost finished and he would come and get the boys. When hearing this news, Cody fell apart . . . he wanted to stay with MOMMY. I told him we were going to be a long time, he needed to go with Daddy. He complied.

Finally, #43 was called and Katelyn walked up to the window and began getting her documents out for the "official guy" to look at. Then it happened . . . Katelyn had the look of defeat! I immediately went up to see what the problem was . . . she didn't have her social security card and neither did I. The "official guy" pretty much had the disposition of a grumpy goat and said, without the card no license. He did let us know where the Secretary of State's office was - which I already knew. So, out of the office we went - very frustrated as the information in the Rules of the Road and the Internet didn't mention the SS# was a requirement, not an option. We did mention that little tid bit to the guy, but his comment - Your Driver's Ed instructor should have told you.

We headed home to see if we could locate the card. I knew I had put the card in a SAFE place . . . and I have to tell you, I put it in a VERY safe place! So safe that I can't find it! GRRRRRRRRR (I take after my Mom!)

I went online to get the application paperwork for the new social security number card. I hit print and low and behold . . . the printer didn't work. A few weeks ago Randy brought home a wireless printer . . . well, not sure why but it wouldn't work. After about 45 minutes I finally got the thing to print . . . just before I "lost it!"  It still wouldn't work wirelessly, but I did get it to work with the print cord plugged in.

Off to the Secretary of State's office to get a replacement card. We took our number and waited . . . about 20 minutes. We got to the window and met a very pleasant man . . . we explained our problem to which he told us "It happens to people ALL the time!" Well, at least we are not alone. He looked at all of our documents, which included an Original from the County Birth Certificate with STATE SEAL, but was told that we couldn't use that either!

Talk about DEFEAT!

The man told us of one document that we could get that would allow him to process our application for the replacement Social Security Card . . . a letter from our Doctor stating Katelyn's full name and date of birth.

Out the door we went . . . as soon as I was in the car, I was on the phone to the Doctor's office. A lady there, which we know well took the call and had the information we needed ready for us when we arrived. In and out and back on the road to the SS Office once again. This time, there was no one in front of us and the documents were processed quickly. We will receive the new card in 7 to 10 days. So, we wait.

I have to tell you,  I feel so bad that I can't remember where the card is. I feel like a COTTON HEADED NINNYMUGGINS!

Wireless for the printer is now back in working order - another 1/2 hour of messing around with it and it is now working like nothing ever happened. WHO KNOWS what was up with that!

The boys were good for part of the day, but now we have attitudes and such.

We haven't received mail for the past two days . . . who knows what is up with that!

On our way home today, we passed an old man walking all hunched over carrying a cooler and a large bucket. He put them down and then kind of walked in a circle. I mentioned it to Katelyn and we decided to double back to see if he was o.k. When we started down the street, we saw the man all hunched over trying to walk and carry his load. Katelyn pulled the car over and asked him if he needed help . . . he smiled and answered a quiet yes. Katelyn took his cooler and other bucket for him and began walking him to his home . . . I watched as I wondered what this precious old man must be thinking. Katelyn walked him up the stairs to his porch and then helped him inside with his items. Now this is going to break your heart . . . this man is 85 years old . . . his wife died a few years ago and he is lonely. He is so lonely that he walks to McDonald's so he can watch the people and read the newspaper . . . he goes to MCDonald's to possibly get someone to talk to him. How SAD my heart felt!  Apparently, he has a son but he didn't mention if he visited him or not. Katelyn talked to him a few minutes and then came back to the car . . . this little old man had touched her heart.

I can't help but wonder . . . did everything that happen today happen BECAUSE God intended for us to stop and take notice of this little old man?

Many times, like today we feel defeat when things don't go "according to OUR plans". We may never know the reason for all of the delays of today.

Things to Ponder: If We Had that Little Blue Card . . .

Katelyn would not have been turned away at the Driver's Facility.

We wouldn't have came home and looked for the crazy thing and then try to print out an application form  . . .

If the printer did not lose wireless, we wouldn't have been home for a while trying to get the printer to print.

If the Sec of State Guy didn't suggest a doctor's form, we wouldn't have used up more time going to get it and then coming back.

If the boys hadn't gotten antsy, Randy wouldn't have picked them up and then we wouldn't have gone to the office to pick them up.

If we hadn't picked the boys up, we wouldn't have been heading home at the time we were.

If we weren't heading home at the time we were, we never would have come across this little old man.

If we didn't come across this little old man when we did, who knows what would have happened to him.

God only knows the WHYs of Our Day . . . it is ONLY God that can put little road blocks in our way to come across what he wants us to see, notice or take part in. God has a plan and today did not contain ANY of our plans . . . only much delay and frustration.

UNTIL, we met a sweet 85 year old man.

Monday, June 28, 2010




They really enjoyed that yummy treat!


We have been busy stocking our pantry . . .





Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wrapping It Up Before Midnight

There is only 20 minutes left of the day and the clock will strike midnight. I have just finished throwing the last two loads of laundry into the dryers . . . it is time for a quick post and then bed.

Today has been a whirlwind . . . Katelyn went out driving today with Randy and is down to only 40 minutes of her required 50 hours of driving left. I need to get her "official" birth certificate and the other three items required as proof of identity so she can go take her driving test. I am sure she will do well.

Laundry and master bath cleaning was the chore of the day. The house smells wonderful . . . just like fresh laundry. I love that smell! I was beginning what the day would hold when one of my dryers wouldn't dry the clothes. After running it twice, the laundry was still wet. I went outside and took a look at the dryer vent for that dryer and found the problem. A bird had built a nest inside the dryer vent . . . blocked it all up. Randy got out the ladder and got up to the vent and pulled out a mess of nest and lint - the lint doesn't usually back up there as it simply blows out when the dryer starts, so it had been there for about a week or so. After the nest and lint were removed, the laundry was on its way to being dry! Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow Randy and I have a meeting that will last a few hours and then we are going out to lunch. It has been a while since we went out to lunch just the two of us.

The week isn't nearly as busy as last week . . . only a few appointments on my calendar. The biggest thing being Katelyn's license.

Everyone have a great sleep and a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Baseball Win and Getting the Driving Time Down to . . .

I have to tell you .  .  . Ryan's little baseball team has won every game they have played . . . I think they have now played six games. Today's score: 19 to 1. Ryan hit two out of three times. Way to Go little Dude!

Katelyn was able to knock off another three hours and ten minutes of driving time tonight. We (Katelyn, Ryan, Cody, Mia and I) loaded into Katelyn's car at 5:30 p.m. and headed north, east, south and west. We really didn't have any place in particular that we were going . . . we just drove. We drove all the way to Benson - way out in the country. It was a beautiful drive ~~~ well, the scenery was beautiful, but inside the car ~~~ not so beautiful.

I know you are wondering . . . why wasn't inside the car beautiful? Well, since you are still reading and haven't clicked off of my blog I will tell you! (insert smile here)

Katelyn and I thought we had it made

we put a DVD in the player (Scooby Doo)

and gave the boys headphones

then we turned on Christian radio for us to listen to

we had been gone about 25 minutes

we were thoroughly enjoying a few minutes of backseat quietness

 when a foul odor filled the car

it was coming from the back seat

although NO ONE would admit it

(dang sticky butt ghosts!)

it got so bad, we found a gas station to pull into so I could check a certain 4 year olds pants

incredibly . . . there wasn't a "package" to be found (if you know what I mean)

we buckled back up and hit the road again

further and further into the land of corn and bean fields

there were no signs

no landmarks

just fields and fields and fields

with a road running in between them

then it started




MOMMY . . .


I need to interject here . . .

the two boys in the backseat had already ate an entire bag of chips

PLUS each had a bottle of water

Remember - we were in the middle of the corn fields and
 there simply isn't a drive thru located there!

I told Katelyn we needed to take a look at a map to see when a highway or interstate would be on the horizon. I brought up the Internet on my telephone . . . only problem ~~~ I had to zoom in because I couldn't read the screen ~~~ it was itsy bitsy. Then Katelyn remembered, she brought her Ipad. So, I turned it on and started up the AT&T 3G connection. We weren't far from a highway, so we continued on and found our highway which then connected with the interstate.

We headed back to "familiar" territory and located a McD's for dinner.

Gotta love those GRUMPY McDonald's employees . . . don't they just make your day?

So we got our meal and headed back on our journey.

Katelyn needed to get in at least three hours ~~~ then she would only have three more to get in ~~~ she and I have a goal of June 30. We made the goal so we would make sure to get it done and not procrastinate any longer. So, THREE was the number for the night.

I realized we wouldn't have THREE hours in tonight, so we decided to head south a while longer and then take one of the exits off of the interstate and travel home through the country roads.

We found some really great twisty turvy roads that Katelyn handled like a pro.

The sun was beginning to go down and I told Katelyn we should head for home since we weren't exactly sure where we were besides in the country with a house here and corn fields there.

It was then that Katelyn began teasing about being lost on a country road and the HOOK coming to get us! I had to tell her to stop as we had two little guys in the backseat! Naughty girl!

The next words I hear ~~~

I gotta go POTTY

try to hold it please

I gotta go POTTY

I know, but there isn't any place to pull off safely right now


We finally found roadway that was straight and in the open so we could let Cody go potty alongside the road . . .


After the potty break the arguing began and didn't stop much before we pulled in the driveway.

Katelyn got in THREE HOURS AND 10 MINUTES of driving time.


Once home, we sent the boys in and then surveyed the backseat to see what damage the poor little car had gone through. As with most kids, you could immediately see what they had been up to while we had been driving . . .

chips smashed into the seat

caramel sauce from the apple dippers

torn up boxes and wrappers from dinner

an empty water bottle on the floor

one pair of shoes

Thankfully, it cleaned up quickly and easily with a few wipes and a shake of the mat.

All in all, it was a good trip . . .

God gave us safety . . . although at one point we almost became the creme portion of an Oreo cookie. A car in front of us stopped suddenly and although we weren't following too close, it is very easy to come upon someone going 55 mph. Katelyn did well with her brakes, however the guy that had been riding our bumper wasn't as prepared as Katelyn. I am quite certain he had to "stand" on those brakes to get his car stopped . . . I was watching in the side mirror and let out a bit of a screech as I thought he wasn't going to get the car stopped in time. Katelyn saw it as well and had plenty of room to let up on the brake and roll our car forward a few feet so we weren't smashed!

Thank YOU God for your tender mercies!

Katelyn had a firsthand experience with defensive driving!!! She passed it with flying colors!!!

Katelyn will be getting her license one day this next week!

Katelyn, I am so PROUD of YOU!



Good Saturday Morning Everyone . . . The skies are sunny and blue at my house this morning . . . it is to be very hot and humid today. Either a nice day to be in the pool or go for a drive with the air conditioning running full blast. Katelyn is down to under six (6) driving hours before she can get her license. Our goal - for Katelyn to be done with all of her required hours before June 30. So . . .  next week, she will get her license.

Ryan and Grandpa were to have a fishing outing today, but an early morning storm ruined their plans. Grandpa and Ryan decided to get a bit of running done before he is brought back home. This was the second time their fishing plans have been cancelled . . . I feel bad for them as I know they were disappointed. Grandma said, Maybe they are being kept from going out fishing for a reason. I chuckled and then thought about it. God does work in the most mysterious ways.

Back to the storm ~ ~ ~ I didn't hear a thing! I was in deep slumber I guess!

Yesterday I took our Sheltie into the vet for a "dental cleaning". They put her under anesthesia to clean the tarter from her teeth as she was beginning to get gingivitis. Kamie is eleven and I couldn't let her have deteriorating diseased gums. During the process, they extracted one of her back teeth. Bless her heart she was hurting last night although she was given pain medication. Poor thing was miserable. Hopefully, she will feel better today.

The guinea pig is whistling . . . he saw Katelyn and wants something. Last evening he sat with me for a while and was very content to simply "hang out" and didn't run off. I was laying on the couch when Katelyn brought him in to me . . . she put him on my chest and he made himself at home. He loves to "cuddle" . . . weird pig! Love him though. He is really a "happy pig!"

We need to tackle the upstairs this weekend and laundry too. If we get everyone helping, we will accomplish the upstairs in no time!

We have a ball game today too . . . in the heat . . . it is ONLY an hour long, so we will all survive!

So, what are your weekend plans?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today seems like it has gone on FOREVER . . . such a long day!

We finished up one of the To Do's before our "FINISH LINE." Tomorrow I will finish another and then Monday Randy and I will both finish the third. One more for Randy after that and our portion will be complete. We were told today that our feet are 1/2 way across the proverbial Finish Line.  Please continue to pray that all will go smoothly and there will be no more "surprises." ~~~ God knows exactly what this is about.

We are trying to decide on dinner . . . what to fix, what to have . . . hmmmm.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Finish Line

Another evening of storms has just about concluded . . . I gotta tell you that we have had our share of rain and storms. My boys have started asking - "Are we going to the basement, AGAIN?"  when rain begins to fall. We had major rain, wind, thunder and lightening but no damage. Our lights flickered here and there, but as far as I know we didn't lose power. I say that because we have a generator that automatically kicks in if the electricity goes out . . . we have yet to use it and it has been installed for a year.

Have you ever had a time when you thought you were almost across the finish line of something very important only to find you have to do a few things again? Does that frustrate you? I must confess, it frustrates me. Today, without saying too much, I received a telephone call with just such an instance. All in all, I know God is good and we will eventually get across the "finish line" with this particular matter . . . but, just knowing that three more things are required which means at least three more appointments is disheartening. Just a little request . . . please pray we will get across the finish line very soon.



Yesterday I decided to "take the day off" . . . and when I say off, I really mean it. No work yesterday . . . I know you are simply dying to know what I did, aren't you?

Well, we all slept in until about 9:00 and then snuggled in bed with my four year old. Went downstairs for breakfast and then we turned on the kids channels and watched a few of those. Then, the kids had lunch. After lunch, we all lay down for a rest . . . I know . . . we didn't get up until 9:00, but we have had a few late nights and then were awakened early the other day by the tornado siren PLUS the kids have been at one another the past few days, so - - - long story short, everyone needed a nap. Boy am I glad they all complied - almost two hours later, they began waking one by one . . . yes, Mother's intuition was right - they were tired.

After our little snooze everyone had a little snack of crackers and cheese including me . . . I had that little snack for lunch. It was yummy and satisfying.

POOL TIME!!!!!!! I told the boys to get their swim trunks on and they shot off to their rooms to get changed. Out to the pool we went. It was beautiful outside and the pool was just the right temperature. We swam and swam. The jumped in doing CANNON BALLS over and over and over again. Cody was totally attached to me . . . swim me mommy, swim me was repeated over and over. Yes, the little guy is venturing into the water more and more each time we go into the pool, but isn't confident enough to "swim" without Mommy or Daddy in arms reach. WE:







all the while I had my little guy hanging on to me and my neck - yes, even when we raced.

After a bit more than three hours of constant movement, we pulled ourselves out of the pool and into our beach towels. We were all water logged AND hungry, so inside we went.

We opened the sliding door . . . OH MY GOODNESS, I cannot even begin to explain the wonderful smell coming from my kitchen! Katelyn was making dinner . . . Bless her heart!

She made Spaghetti . . . YUMMO AND we "adults" had shish-ka-bobs!
Wow the yumminess and such a treat!

Everyone went to bed and the house was quiet.

I sat down at my computer and decided to take a CPR course . . . . online. I finished it AND answered all of the questions 100% correct and received my certification.

The remainder of the week is busy for me . . . How about you?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Saint Has Gone Home . . . Plus Bible Study . . . Where AM I?

There are so many things running through my head today. Too many to mention for the most part. I do want to share these  . . .

Last evening, a Dear Saint went home to be with Her Lord. Mrs. Madge Pothoven was a Pastor's Wife . . . all of her married life. Her husband, Pastor Pothoven sent out an email last night . . . It touched my heart so much, I want to share it as I believe it will bless your heart as well.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord

is the death of His saints."

Psalm 116:15

Beloved Friends,

Tonight, June 21, Madge went to be with the Lord. Heaven is now her home. She anticipated this transition to glory for a very long time. She is now "safe in the arms of Jesus." She went quietly after a very long battle with many health issues. She fought a good fight, she finished the course and she kept the faith. She is now in the presence of the Lord Whom she loved so very much.

Tomorrow I will send information on the time and place of the visitation and the service.

Yes, we sorrow but not without hope.

The Lord is good.

His mercies are always new.

Great is His faithfulness.


Such a tribute to her testimony! As I read through the email, my heart rejoiced. I thought of the Saints that have arrived in Heaven before Mrs. Pothoven . . . the Gathering to Welcome Mrs. Pothoven HOME! The Words Spoken . . . "Well done My Good and Faithful Servant"

After reading the email, I sat at my desk and thought . . .  my thoughts ran from one end of the spectrum to the other.

I then decided to look at the blogs I follow and saw Beth Moore's post for the day. Today is day 1 of the Summer Bible Study . . . "Ruth ~ loss, love & legacy" by Kelly Minter. The first thing Beth wanted us to do is write on the inside cover of the book . . . "Dear God" and then continue writing God a letter about where I am right now, right this minute.

I sat for a few minutes pondering, Where AM I? Then I began to write my letter to God . . . it was sobering, I must admit.

As I began the study and read through chapter one, I was hit smack in the middle of the forehead . . .  right where I "live". When I am faced with a tough decision do I take the easy way out and give in to the world's way or do I stay the course and follow God? How is my relationship with God when things are going well? How is my relationship with God when things are out of my control?

Then the two collided . . . the email and the Bible Study.

At the End of the Day . . .

or the End of MY life . . .

What will GOD say to ME?

 Will He ask me WHY did you take the easy way out instead
of following what God wanted me to do?

Will He ask me WHY I didn't take the time to daily walk and talk with Him?

Will He ask me WHY did you respond the way you did?


Will He look at me and Say, "Well Done My Good & Faithful Servant?"

Will others remember me for the way I lived, what I said or how I respond?


Will others remember me like Pastor Pothoven so loving referred to his wife?

She fought a good fight, she finished the course and she kept the faith. She is now in the presence of the Lord Whom she loved so very much.

Take time today to reflect  . . .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Soltice . . . June 21 . . . The First Day of Summer . . .

The sky began its transformation from sunny to cloudy and then onto stormy once again in my little corner of the world. Our area is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. The boys and I went outside to watch the sky tonight and I took photos of the ever changing sky.

The clouds were amazing . . .

and changing shape

these photos were taken just minutes apart

Quite the little "pose" RyRy our almost 8 year old

Three of the boys . . . Cameron age 7, Cody age 4 and
 Ryan age almost 8

Just a note here . . . they choose their own clothes each day . . . just so you know,
I didn't put these shirts and shorts together! Beside the fact they are grubby from playing outside AND eating ice cream.

Cameron was sitting back, watching the skies
 while EJ was reading aloud.

ever growing little boy feet

more clouds

From the deck focusing in through the sliding doors

my final photo before we went in the house

As I am writing, the storms are revving up . . . the area is being covered by the 
red cells of severe weather.

Apparently, the weather is going to be pretty active tonight.

The winds are picking up and is gusting.

The rain is falling heavily.

I imagine our night will not involve much in the way of sleep

 as our weather radio will be sounding with every watch and warning

that is issued by the

 National Weather Service.

So, when you are all snuggled in your bed sleeping peacefully . . . enjoy every minute . . .

We will all be in bed shortly . . .

all snuggled in . . .

at least for a little while . . .

trying to sleep . . .

until awakened by the sound of a very loud Weather Alarm


the TORNADO SIREN . . . warning us to take cover

Really, do you think that would happen TWO mornings in a row?

I will get back to you on that!


Rudely Awakened from a Beautiful Sleep

Good Morning all, we were awakened this morning by the Tornado Siren. We were all sleeping peacefully and I don't even know how long the Siren blew before I woke . . . it didn't blow me out of bed for some reason. Anyway, I woke Randy and told him the siren was blowing to help get the kids. Cody was asleep in our bed . . . as usual. We both jumped out of bed and headed toward the door, when I realized neither of us got Cody. I hurried back to the bed and grabbed our little one, then woke Ryan, Cameron and EJ. We all scurried to the main floor, called for the dogs and actually had to lead Kamie as her hearing is not good. Then down to the basement where all of the boys cuddled on the couches and turned on the television. Katelyn heard the siren and was up when we reached the basement.

No one freaked out ~~~ having a finished basement probably helps with that.

As I write, the winds have slowed dramatically; the thunder, lightening and rain continue.

I had a load of towels in the dryer that didn't quite dry thoroughly, so I started them up. The kids are having breakfast ~~~ each in his own time. I think Katelyn went back to bed.

Ryan made Randy and I both coffee . . . such a sweet thing to do on an EARLY Monday morning!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

She Has THAT Drawing Fever . . .

Katelyn has been drawing a lot lately. She is practicing for the Scholastic Competition next May. She places very high in Mono Chromatic drawings and is working with pastels now. Here are a few of her latest drawings:

A Lighthouse on a cliff:

This one, she framed and gave to a friend. Another lighthouse:

The next drawing is very special . . . it is a drawing of an actual family . . . Daddy was just Deployed and this drawing is of a photo right before he left. This Daddy was in his camo duds with his precious baby girl and wife. Katelyn framed this drawing and gave it as a gift to the family.

House Rules

This is a little project we have been working on. Our "House Rules" all framed up and hanging on our wall in the kitchen.

A Calm Father's Day!

Father's Day has been lovely so far in our home. Everyone is in a good mood . . . at this time, there is no fussing or fighting between the boys. We have accomplished much this morning and early afternoon. It feels good to have our main floor bathrooms all clean and sanitized. Lovin by Basic G by Shaklee . . . it is amazing how well it works and smells good too! With four little boys in the house, our bathrooms get abused, if you know what I mean! Basic G gets it undercontrol! Thank you Shaklee!

I have two loads drying while the whites are running through a bleach cycle and the colored clothes are washing with an extra rinse. All that remains in the laundry are sheets and towels and I will get to that after swimming and dinner.

We will spend the remainder of the afternoon out in our pool . . .  the sun is out and it is 86 degrees as I write.

Randy has been out in the pool for about an hour and the kids are trickling out one by one.

Have a great Father's Day . . . gotta get my suit and head outside.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Fun for the BUCKET LIST

As promised I am adding more to JuJu's Bucket List from "the wish list" book by Barbara Ann Kipfer:

do nothing all day and feel no guilt
(that could be fun)

touch a whale
(give the big guy a rub and look him in the eye - I hear they understand you)

keep bees and make honey
(not sure why I think this would be cool, I just do)

in Italy, eat at a ristorante, a trattoria, a pizzeria, a pasticceria, and a gelateria - all in one day

eat fresh corn on the cob in January
(I absolutely LOVE corn on the cob)

be able to nap for 10 minutes and wake fully refreshed
(wouldn't it be great to be able to do that?)

read every book I own
(that could take a while)

invent a floor surface that never needs cleaning
(what would we all do with ourselves?)

learn to use chopsticks

see a Gutenberg Bible
(to be able to own or read one . . . whew!)

toss pizza like a pro
(If I tried, I would end up with it on my head)

guess the exact number of jellybeans in a jar
(No matter how hard I try, I never can guess)

win a chili cook-off
(I do make some mean Chili)

read all of the magazines I have on my coffee table
(that would be a long day)

meet Ernie, Bert and Big Bird
(just to say I did)

come home to find all of the chores done
(never gonna happen)

learn to cook Cajun style
(plus have taste buds that can handle Cajun)

eat at a drive-in root beer stand where the waitresses on roller skates
(owning one would be pretty neat too!)

live completely through a day without my children correcting me
(pretty much an every day occurrence)

teach a parrot to talk
(I love birds and teaching a parrot to talk . . . Wow!)

name a yacht
(I have a name all picked out and everything . . . "The Boat")

So, What's on Your List?


Good Morning Everyone! The sun is shining and the heat is on outside . . . it is to be in the 90's again today . . . Welcome to Summer!!! I am so thankful for Air Conditioning!!!

This morning RyRy had softball pictures at 7:30 a.m. and a game at 8:00 a.m. Daddy went to the game while everyone else slept in . . . it is rare that everyone sleeps in. I am a bit sad that I missed his game . . . I have had a headache for two days and felt lousy last night, so I was indeed thankful to sleep in.

The morning activity around the house is slow this morning. My four year old is taking pictures with my little camera . . . he is a photo bug. He clicks and clicks away - thank goodness they are digital and can be erased easily.

Bugsy the Guinea Pig is getting in a little exercise this morning . . . we  give him a little area to run around in on our hard floors as it is easy to clean. He loves Katelyn and to "hang out" with her. He purrs when Katelyn holds him and whistles when he wants her to come get him out of the cage. He is so funny! Two of our dogs love to watch him wander and the other licks her chops when she sees him. Mia our little Mi-Ki tends to think he is HER pig and tries to play with him.

Randy and Cody are off and running this morning . . . Menards, Sears and Lowes are on their "shopping" lists. They are having some great sales . . . buy something and then get a rebate card - then the next purchase is free. My kind of sale and even more Randy's kind of sale!

I ordered the boys some books to read . . . Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. I always loved Charlotte's Web and could never get enough of it. I can still remember being on the Library waiting list for my chance to read Charlotte's Web.  I hope my boys love it just as much as I did when I was little. I also loved to read The Boxcar Children and will look for those books as well.

Here is a little picture to leave you with: Bugsy our Guinea Pig

Friday, June 18, 2010


The Thunder is rumbling and the rain is falling outside as I write. The hour is late and everyone is in bed. I came home from work this afternoon not feeling too great - headache was awful - I think it is actually a tension headache as it runs from my neck up the back of my head. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for a while.

Today was quite hot and humid so we expected some storms tonight. The wind was horrendous and actually pushed one of our heavy chairs across our deck in a flash . . . those chairs are hard to push, but the wind had no problem. Our flag was blowing upward and the trees were bending horribly. It was weird that we only had a Severe Thunderstorm warning.

Not sure how things are going to be tomorrow - Ryan has a baseball game and photo that will probably be cancelled due to the rain. We shall see.

My brain is running on empty . . . better say g'night.

Random Friday

Today, I am sitting at work . . . it isn't quiet, but there isn't anyone arguing. Everyone is busy, busy, busy. I am working on checkbook balancing and Katelyn is busy cleaning my office drawers and cabinets. Mia is taking a little nap.

The temps are to be in the 90's today . . . hot and humid is the name of the weather today. The kids will be swimming with their cousins at our house.

Yesterday afternoon, I left my comfort zone . . . I took my boys swimming in our pool. Now for most of you, swimming with your children is no big deal. I, however am very self conscious about being in a bathing suit . . . even in my own pool. Generally, I only swim under cover of darkness . . . not today. Today, I put on my bathing suit - which covers well and got into the pool. We had a great time . . . the kids swam and splashed and jumped into the pool over and over. My youngest is becoming little tadpole and ventures a little further and further each time he gets into the pool. After a few hours, we were all pretty wrinkled up and Daddy arrived home so we got out of the pool so I could make dinner - bbq's and chips.

I was happy to get a little sun on my white upper arms and shoulders . . . Katelyn was making fun of my whiteness.

Tomorrow morning Ryan has pictures to be taken for his baseball team PLUS a morning game. So far, his team has won all of the games they have played. They are fun to watch and we usually have a great time. The boys will all be taking their own little "camp" chairs and insulated water bottles tomorrow . . . should be a bit more relaxing for Randy and I rather than little boys climbing all over us.

That is about all I have in my brain this morning . . . Have a great day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the wish list becomes the BUCKET LIST

I recently purchased a little book called, "the wish list" by Barbara Ann Kipper. Katelyn and I started going through the book and marking things we want to do sometime in our lives. Here are a few of our many, many, many things on my wish (bucket) list - (the bucket list is a list consisting of things you want to do BEFORE YOU DIE KICK THE BUCKET:

squeeze the Pillsbury Dough boy just once to make him giggle
(that would make me smile!)

make charcoal rubbings of the stones in a ghost town graveyard
(I know that sounds weird, but I think it would be cool)

do the Sunday crossword puzzle in ink
(I can't even finish it in pencil)

live without television
(we did this for a while when our television broke)

eat Doritos and Oreos without guilt

finish everything I set out to do
(wouldn't that feel wonderful?)

attain my "official" goal weight
(I have a long way to go)

avoid the symptoms of menopause
(not that I am experiencing them, I just would like to avoid them all together)

do spring cleaning before Memorial Day

live in a Villa on the Italian Riviera
(although I love where I live now)

invent a replacement for dental floss
(wouldn't that be great?)

enjoy fresh tomatoes in December
(BLT sandwiches in December!)

create a best selling detective character

start every new year with a clean house, an uncluttered desk
 and a new date book
(boy, that one IS a wish!)

study cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris
(would be great to cook like the french)

look good without makeup
(ha! takes loads of paint for this ol' barn!)

work as a taster a Ben & Jerry's
(of course, without gaining an ounce)

pay off my mortgage and throw a party to celebrate

take a trip to Disney World when no one is there
(except of course for the employees and characters!)

think up a bumper sticker slogan and see it on cars driving by
(there are so many things I could focus on)

arrive punctually for every appointment
(with 5 kids - HA!)

train my dogs to perfect obedience
(Kamie is as perfect as they get . . . Mia is in the middle . . . Emma ~~~ she is at the far end of NOT)

do a flying camel on ice skates
(this is a wish - I can't even stand up on those crazy things)

Next week I will give you a peek at MORE of JUJU'S "BUCKET" List. (By the way, my nieces, family and close friends call me JuJu!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enjoying The Beauty God Provides

This summer we are so blessed to enjoy our yard. If you remember, last summer we were busy with landscaping, new sidewalks and drive with pavers. This summer we get to enjoy the beauty.

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