Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Beautiful Last Day of March

What a day! I am ready for bed, but decided I should write a post before I do.

I slept in this morning, bless Katelyn's heart she kept the boys relatively quiet so I could sleep in. The past several nights I have been up until between 1 and 3:00 a.m. With five kids, sometimes it is hard to get in Bible Study, talk time with my hubs, other book reading, etc. When I woke this morning, Cody was laying next to me . . . he took my arm and wrapped it around his little body and said, "I just can't stop lovin' you!" Need I tell you that he melted my heart? He did! He told me over and over that he just can't stop lovin' me. Such a beautiful way to start my day.

Coffee and a quick chat with my Mom and then on with my day. I showered and got myself together just in time to join in on the webinar for Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control. I signed up for the ten week webinar series hosted by Heather Forbes. I enjoyed listening and look forward to next weeks webinar.

In the afternoon, I had a nail appointment. Ryan went along with me . . . I am sure he was bored, but said he just liked being with me. Another beautiful moment for me! My boys love their Momma. Once my nails were all touched up and beautiful, we headed downtown to sign Ryan up for baseball for the summer. We thought about signing up the other boys, but decided only Ryan this year. We will all be watching and cheering on Ryan's team. Should be an exciting summer.

Late this afternoon found Ryan, Katelyn, Cameron and I at Wal-Mart. We had a list of groceries we needed to pick up as we hadn't been in three weeks or so. We filled up two carts to overflowing and headed to the checkout. I was relieved to have chosen an aisle that had an experienced person checking groceries. Cameron helped me and Katelyn to situate groceries in my SUV - with four car seats inside, there isn't a lot of extra space for things like groceries. Finally we had all of the groceries in, kids in their seat belts and off we headed toward home. Katelyn got in a little driving time - she is doing very well. Once home, everyone helped with unloading the grocery bags and taking them inside. Toward the end of unloading I dropped a bag and it began pouring liquid out on the garage floor. It wasn't but a few seconds when I realized that my Claussen pickles had bit the dust. I couldn't believe it! I NEVER, EVER by them but thought they would go great with our turkey brats that we were going to cook on the grill. That idea went right out the window! My Mom and I have a little saying when something breaks - "I can't have nothin!" That was kind of how I felt when my pickles were thrown into the garbage. Bummer!

Randy grilled the turkey brats and hot dogs. Katelyn took care of the fries and tots in the oven . . . a wonderful treat for me! The boys wanted to eat outside, but Katelyn, Randy and I wanted to eat inside . . . so we compromised. Katelyn, Randy and I ate inside and the four boys sat on the deck at the table and ate their meal. They were 10 steps from us and we could see their every move . . . but they were having a "picnic" outside and felt like they were OH So COOL! I loved it when I saw my four little boys hold hands around the table and thank God for their dinner . . . without coaxing from Mom and Dad. Praise the Lord! Made this Momma proud!

After dinner, the boys played and looked through their new dinosaur books. Katelyn read on her Kindle, Randy was on his computer and I read a magazine. The dogs were all exhausted from their day of beauty and the house was serene. It was amazing.

We are a bit behind in our spring cleaning schedule, but I am pretty certain we will complete it BEFORE Monday morning comes.

Tomorrow is quickly approaching, so I should say g'night. G'night all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I write, the temperature is 59 degrees. Tomorrow is to be in the 70's. Randy planned things just right in opening up our pool AND getting the heater running. Take a look:

yes, you are seeing this correctly . . . the kids are in the pool on March 30, 2010 in the Midwest!

The pool temperature is 90 degrees, although the air temp was quite a bit cooler and the kids didn't mind a bit. We have never had our pool open in March or April . . . this is the first Spring since the pool heater was installed. 

Katelyn has been busy drawing once again. This little gal is a friend's Grand daughter, isn't she gorgeous?

Well, that is all I have for tonight! G'night all

This and That for the Day

Uh Oh I sucked up a lego man is not what I want to hear first thing in the morning. My boys know how to use the vacuum and are expected to help out when needed. EJ was helping Katelyn to clean up hay and dust from Bugsy when it happened . . . poor lego man! The trauma of it all. Thankfully the vacuum bag was new and so it should be pretty easy for EJ to locate the lego and rescue the little dude. First, he has to get over his "mood" and then the rescue should be pretty easy.

Walter is running his little heart out! Praise God for Walter! If you haven't put a "walter" on your wish list, you really should! My Walter is a Roomba Professional and I heart him!

Randy has the pool warming up . . . this is the earliest he has ever gotten it ready! He expects to be able to swim by Thursday. That is so wild! Swimming April 1 is unheard of in these parts in an outside pool.

We are making progress in our house with spring cleaning. I have a big list for today, but feel good that we are getting things done.

Not much else going on here to report.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Cards

This morning as I lay in bed with my just turned four year old (yes, he still sleeps with us) he was so very sweet. I have never, ever seen a kid that LOVES Birthday Cards like he does. He had his little pile of Birthday cards on the night table. He grabbed them and began looking over each and every one. He then would try to tell me who each card was from . . . yes, he is memorizing who sent him each card. He pointed to each name that was signed on each card and I would tell him the name. As he reviewed the names with me, he pointed to each one. To say he loves his Birthday Cards is an understatement!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tonight I am tired .  .  . not because I didn't get a nap, because I took a really good deep sleep kind of nap for almost FOUR hours this afternoon! I am just a little weary and refuse to let Satan take a foot hold into our home. We all must be on our toes, Satan waits in the darkness waiting for us to let our guard down.

Most of us Moms spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, so I decided to write a special verse that continually rings in my head on a dinner plate and place it in my little plate stand between my stove and sink to remind and encourage me of God's Word.

Psalm 46:10 Be STILL and KNOW that I am GOD.

Psalm 46:10 has been ringing in my ears for weeks now . . . It appears I have a new life verse!

Now, for those of you who want to know how to write on a plate . . . First use a place with a nice glaze, use a marker - I have used the dry erase markers in the past, but this time I used a black permanent Sharpie. I know, I can hear the gasps . . . PERMANENT, what if you want to change it? Well, there is this great little invention called the "Magic Erase" sponge - it works wonders and will take permanent marker right off of a glazed plate with almost zero effort (at least that has been my experience.) So, my beautiful ivory dinner plate sits on a plate stand by my "betty pick up bell" and olive oils between my sink and stove.

(a view from a little farther back)

Yesterday I mentioned that I would take a few pictures after spring cleaning and post them. Well, here you they are:

The little project I completed yesterday is our last name above our patio doors. The letters are wooden and painted black. I used the 3M Command sticky things to attach them to the wall. I love how it turned out.

This is a picture of my desk area . . . all fresh and spring cleaned!

A view of the kitchen from the eating area. (note, the plate was on my desk so I could write my verse on it so it isn't in this photo)

another view of the kitchen from the eating area

our dining area - the high chair on the right was my grandma's - I love it

a pic from the family room of the dining and kitchen areas, all Spring Cleaned! 

Woo HOO it is such a great feeling!

Can a Mom Participate in THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS activities?

I had read about this book . . . The DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS . . . so, I ordered it. I turned open the cover, just to take a peek. I know, I know I am probably violating some code or something ~ after all, it is a BOOK for BOYS!

As I turned to the first page, I read the title of the page . . . Essential Gear. Since my boys are 7, 6, 5 and 4, there are certain "adventures" they are not quite ready for . . . this is where I come in. I have decided to "choose" their adventures and then guide them as they participate in them. So, when the first page informs the reader of those Essential Gear collection that every boy should have . . . hmmm this momma thinks not. Maybe that is why the Book is written for Boys and Men!

I know, I have your minds reeling . . . what is on the Essential Gear List? O.k. I will tell you . . . and will translate for you as well - I needed the descriptions too!

  • swiss army knife - although I know what a swiss army knife is, my kids are too young - I wonder if a plastic one will do?
  • compass - it is always good to know which way is north . . . especially with a Mom like me that uses landmarks like - Wal-Mart and McDonalds for directions
  • handkerchief - now I know this couldn't possibly be for blowing their nose! Description: for nosebleeds, slings or maybe preventing smoke inhalation - hmmm I think not! 
  • box of matches - never - ever - no way
  • a shooter - favorite big marble
  • needle and thread - for sewing up a wound on an unconscious dog, repairing a torn shirt - hmmmm don't think so, I value my furry babies!
  • pencil and paper - you may see a crime and need to write down a license number or description or even make a shopping list
  • small flashlight - have to have one of these to be able to read a map in the dark
  • magnifying glass - for general interest or to start a fire . . . general interest o.k., but fire starting??? 
  • band-aids - just in case
  • fishhooks - well, those will stay in the tackle box!
The book has some fun things to do . . . at least it appears to me that it does. I have gone through the book and put little sticky tabs on pages so I can easily find the "activities" that are safe, educational and of course fun. 

I will keep you posted with posts and pictures of our adventures. I am certain we will have a great time . . . here are a few of the ideas that caught my eye:
  • insects and spiders
  • juggling
  • making crystals
  • making a battery
  • the greatest paper airplane in the world
  • cloud formation
  • first aid
  • marbles
  • coin tricks
  • the solar system
  • star maps
  • looking in a periscope
  • extraordinary stories
I am about to enter . . . The Dangerous Boy Zone. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today our home was as busy as worker bees in the hive. We began spring cleaning our family room. We got down to the nitty gritty and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. What could we have possibly done that was more than usual cleaning? I am so glad you asked!

Katelyn and I began cleaning and Cameron asked if he could help! Yes, you read that right . . . my six year old son asked if he could help! Of course, I was very excited that he wanted to help with the Spring cleaning, so I told him yes and had a "job" for him right away. He was very excited to be able to wash windows . . . he washed the windows as far as he could reach and I washed the remainder of the windows . . . family room only . . . inside and out. Whew! That was quite a job in itself. We also:

  • moved our sectional . . . I try to take it apart and move it once a month to be able to clean under and behind it. I am always amazed at the treasures AND dust bunnies that I find. 
  • washed all window sills 
  • touched up paint
  • touched up furniture - I have a beautiful coffee table that is woven "basket like" that the kids have scratched here and there . . . a wood floor marker takes care of those little scratches easily.
  • took down pictures from the wood ledges and cleaned all pictures PLUS the ledges
  • removed the cushions from the sectional and vacuumed under them
  • vacuumed the sectional cushions 
  • vacuumed the flooring
  • washed the wood flooring with tea - sounds weird, but gives it a great shine
Tomorrow there are a few things we didn't get done in the family room that we tend to:
  • our television hangs on the wall in a large frame -  we will dust above, inside the frame and the back of the television
  • wash the ceiling fan
  • clean out the curio cabinet
Once the room is totally together tomorrow, I will post pictures. I am excited that I ordered some new accent pillows for the sectional too! Can't wait to see the room with the new "pop" of color!"

Several weeks ago I ordered some wooden black letters of our last name . . . well, this past week we received them. Today Randy went to Wal-Mart and picked up the command strip thingies so I could hang them. They look amazing! I will post pics tomorrow. The kids thought they were really "cool!"

We were blessed with a visit from my Sis and her girls late this afternoon. They came by to bring Cody a birthday gift and brought along a little friend. I just love my girls so much! We had a wonderful time of chat . . . my Sis and I! This was also the first time they saw Bugsy our Guinea pig. Of course, they all wanted to hold him . . . he objected a bit and whistled and fussed a bit. The girls loved him. I did feel bad for my Sis though . . . she has hay fever and gets itchy eyes . . . Bugsy loves hay and has it in his cage. I try to remember if I have handled him or his hay to wash my hands and then put some allergy eye meds in my eyes as I have itchy eye as well. Ooooppppssss, I didn't even think about it for my Sister! Bad JuJu! Her poor eyes flared up RED, RED, RED . . . allergy eye meds to the rescue! Sorry Janeie! Love you!

Tonight Katelyn and I watched the movie "Old Dogs" and I have to tell you, I laughed and laughed and laughed! Being in my 40's and having young children, I could relate! I know Robin Williams and John Travolta are quite a bit older than I am, but I too have been called "grandma" when I have been with my kids. I ALWAYS make sure to correct the individual that assumes I am "grandma" as I don't want my kids feeling weird! Frankly, people have children later in life now . . . much unlike when I was a child. So, when I am out and about with my 17 year old daughter and 7, 6, 5 and 4 year old sons . . . people be aware! lol My daughter has been accused of being my boys' mom before too! Now, admittedly she does look older than she is AND she is extremely mature . . . but, she is 17 and a good girl! My boys always look at me and say things like . . . what was wrong with them??? can't they see that you are our Mom? sheesh! 

This coming week will find us busy each morning . . . the plan is to get the house completely spring cleaned. I know this will be a bit of a challenge, but I think I have it all figured out:

This past week, I spring cleaned the library and piano room. Last night, we spring cleaned the kitchen and pantry. Today and tomorrow we will have the family room completely finished. The way I have it figured, if the kids help me, we can spring clean in the morning and have the afternoons free. 

Monday: Mud room, laundry room and 2 1/2 baths on main floor

Tuesday: Master bedroom, bath, closet, a.m. kitchen/sitting room

Wednesday: The two upstairs front bedrooms and hallway

Thursday: Ryan's bedroom and boys bathroom

Friday: Basement family room, mud room and hallway

Saturday: Front porch, decks and patio

Then there is the garage . . . not enough vacation time! We will have to work on it during the weekends.

I will be so excited to be able to get this all done! Such an accomplishment!

Each afternoon I plan to spend time with the kids. Tuesday might be a little tough to get all done in the morning, but that is my goal! 

For the afternoons, the fun will reign! Here is what I plan - as long as the weather cooperates:
  • fishing . . . the kids love to fish and Randy already bought the night crawlers for us! Thanks Babe! (note to self: be sure to check containers BEFORE putting them in the microwave!)
  • get out the bicycles, dust them off, check helmets and let them ride - they love bikes
  • just let them run their energy out . . . backyard play is great
  • play with play doh - especially if it rains
  • pile in the car and take a long drive just to see what we can see - maybe make it into a eye spy game - I could make a list of things that we must "spy" and the celebrate with ice cream when the list is complete
  • movies and popcorn afternoon
  • get out the Dangerous Boys book  . . . you just never know what other great ideas we can come up with! You just may want to remember me in your prayers! 

Bloggin' . . . Enlarge Your Surfin' Area

The hour is very late, or I guess it could be incredibly early . . . just depends on how you look at it. I am not ready to go to bed quite yet, not sure why, I am just not. Weird isn't it?

Do you ever take time to simply look in on other people's blogs and find a blog that catches your eye? I have . . . and many times have found that I love reading them . . . even though I don't "know" the person who writes on it. It is incredible to find people just like you and me out there . . . I have to tell you, I have made some really nice friends through my blog.

So, take a few minutes . . . go to a blog that you really like to read and check out a few of the peeps that have commented there. Another great idea is go to a popular Blog like Pioneer Woman, Beth Moore, Kelly's Korner, (in)courage and check out some of their favorite blogs to read.

Happy reading!

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Day of Easter Break

Today was the first day of Easter Break for us. There was no sleeping in for us . . . no sireee bob! The kids were up bright and early . . . although I wasn't thrilled that no one slept in. We all got up and had breakfast . . . two of the boys wanted apple cinnamon oatmeal - I happily made it for them. I made a third bowl for Cody to try it as well . . . well, after a big tantrum and scream fest from Cody, the oatmeal ended in the garbage disposal . . . he wouldn't even try it. Oh Well.

After breakfast, we got ready and headed out the door. I needed to get my new glasses adjusted . . . I was having a bit of trouble finding the bi-focal portion of the glasses - all that was needed was a little adjustment. Yippee!

Lunch was next . . . Bob Evans Restaurant. Yummy good food and not hard on the wallet. Everyone enjoyed lunch and we had a great time. Then off to pick up Ryan, he was with Daddy at work, and off to the movie theater. I took the kids to see How To Train a Dragon . . . they received all sorts of fun things from theater. The movie was a boy type movie, although Katelyn did enjoy it too. They all behaved pretty well, for which I was thankful.

The sun was shining all day, but it remained a bit cool outside. The boys played outside once we returned home. Katelyn sat out with them until I could be out there. We NEVER let our children go outside alone . . . the days of letting your kids go out alone has been gone for a very long time. Either Mom, Dad or Katelyn must be outside if the boys are to be outside. They played and played until the fussing with each other began and then they all were made to come inside . . . which was fine as it was getting cooler and cooler by the minute.

Dinner was quick and easy tonight - macaroni and cheese for the boys, pulled chicken sandwiches and baked potato for Katelyn, Randy and I. Of course, dessert is always a hit . . . tonight the boys could choose from either a yogurt or pudding cup.

I am exhausted tonight and ready to go and curl up under a blanket and chill for the evening. G'night all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Nice Day to Be Home and Busy

Our skies are gray and dreary, rain is falling and today is a great day to catch up on laundry and house chores. It was wonderful going to bed last night with the sound of rain, such a beautiful and tranquil melody.

Today is the last day of school for the kids as Easter Break starts tomorrow. The are out of school for seven days not including the weekends. I plan to spring clean the bedrooms while they are home and can help me. I am sure it will be a bit of a challenge, but their incentive to help will be outside play, fishing and maybe an out to eat or two. I am excited that they will be home and think we will have a great vacation.

Bugsy the guinea pig is all happy happy . . . his cage is clean and he has loads of new foods to try. For a little guy whose world revolves around food, things couldn't be better for him! He has grown by leaps and bounds and is now the size of a puppy!  Everyone loves him . . . he has a cute little personality that he likes to show off.

Dinner is in the crockpot . . . new recipe . . . a mix between a vegetable chicken soup and stew. Going to let it cook all afternoon. The house has that yummy welcome home feel.

Laundry is running . . . I have quite a bit to do today and tomorrow on laundry, but figure it will get done when it is done.

I am going to tidy the kitchen, switch out some laundry and sit with Cody to watch a movie and snuggle.

I have a call in to my eye doctor . . . I have a question about my new glasses. They are progressive lenses - which are nice, but I only have a very thin line of the bifocal portion of my prescription. Calling to see if they can make the bifocal portion a little bigger. We shall see. Other than that - I LOVE THEM!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Things About Me

Beth Moore of the LPM Blog posted a fun little post today . . . 10 Things You May Not Know. It is such a fun idea that I think I am going to give it a try on my blog, but may not limit it to ten things. So here goes - Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I hate wearing socks
  2. I love to write in pencil
  3. I like organization, but don't always have it
  4. I love fresh ground coffee
  5. whining makes me crazy
  6. I am a home body
  7. If and when I eat M&Ms I must bite the hard shell off and then let the chocolate melt in my mouth
  8. I am addicted to Quaker Oatmeal Squares for breakfast
  9. I hate it when people tell me the ending to a book or movie
  10. My nickname is JuJu . . . I love it. It is on my license plate
  11. I love making to do lists and marking things off as I go
  12. I loathe the sound of someone clicking their nails
  13. Someone whispering for no reason makes me irritated
  14. People talking in a foreign language can get to me . . . you never know what they are saying and for all I know they are talking about me
  15. I love blogging, emails and facebook
  16. I love having the windows of my house open
  17. I hate hot weather - 70 - 75 is perfect
  18. I like to fish with my kids - I even put the worms on for them
  19. Telemarketers make me angry - they always call at the most irritating time
  20. I play spider solitaire until I win 
  21. I can't stand the smell of fried green tomatoes
  22. I love spaghetti and miracle whip sandwiches
  23. Turkey burgers are awesome
  24. I really dislike it when people let their dogs go poo in someone else's yard. I think it is irresponsible.
  25. I am opinionated

Mid Week Already?

Good Morning to all, this morning I have been busy . . . business checkbook needed to be balanced once again. I try to balance it each week so it balance easily, but the month has gotten away with me and I had two plus weeks to balance. I am so excited that I have only one transaction to find before it is balanced.

I am also happy to report that I received my new glasses yesterday . . . my eyes are needing to learn how to use them . . . they are progressive lenses and my eyes need to learn where to look through for reading and where to look through for far away. So far I have only been having minimum difficulty and within a few days my eyes should be using them without my being aware. They are lovely and I absolutely love them.

At noon today I am going to begin a webinar . . . like a seminar but on the web. The title is Beyond Consequences and deals with all types of childhood behavior. I am excited to learn more about children and their "ways." I hope to learn new and exciting things.

Cody had a wonderful birthday and couldn't wait last night for the FIRE to be lit. Today, he is chilling out and having a nice day . . . he is being pretty quiet too.

The kids only have one more day of school after today and then we are on Easter break. I am not sure I am ready for this, but I guess I will have to be. Maybe we can all work together on spring cleaning a room at a time in the morning and then have free time in the afternoons. We probably need to get a few night crawlers so we can fish off of our dock. They will love that. I should probably stock up on bobbers, fishing hooks and weights . . . we seem to go through a lot of them!

We are excited that my Aunt and Uncle are heading home from Florida soon . . . they have been gone too long!

My SUV is in for a check up . . . I had a list of things that needed attention. I only have 6,500 miles on it, but it was ready for normal maintenance and a few fix it things. It will feel so much better when it comes home. We took Katelyn's car this morning to take the boys to school . . . it was a fun change for everyone.

I better close for now . . . my webinar starts in ten minutes. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Today, OUR YOUNGEST little guy Cody, Turned FOUR!!!

He was ready first thing this morning to open those presents.

He took no time at all in getting that paper ripped off.

a road roller

as you can see, he received quite the set of wooden bulldozers, fork lifts, trucks, crane

Cody picked everything out himself. 

playing outside was so fun for him, he thought he would try a little fishing - minus the hook

no fish on the deck though

cody couldn't wait for the cake  . . . he helped to decorate it

such a happy and peaceful moment

just a little taste of the frosting

Cody couldn't wait for the fire . . .Ryan made Cody this fighter out of Lego

Make a wish and blow!

Cody likes the crumbs

in his own little world

Happy Birthday Cody! We Love YOU!

Monday, March 22, 2010


My day begins with the question,


As many BOY Moms will tell you, little boys are STRANGE little creatures . . . 
that is IF they are honest!

As most of you know, I am the Mom to FOUR little boys, much to my surprise! I never ever thought myself to be a Boy Mom, but God had other plans. I prayed and prayed and prayed for children . . .
God answered my prayer and with a chuckle (I am certain God laughed) he BLESSED me with four little creatures with the Y chromosome! a.k.a. BOYS!

I can guarantee that I ask a certain one word question each and every day . . .


Why did he?

Why don't he?

Why would he?

Why wouldn't he?

Why can he?

Why can't he?

By now, you Moms of girls are wondering What in the World is she talking about?

Without further delay . . . a glimpse into a Boy Mom's World.

Little Boys:
  • cannot find what they are looking for . . . even if it is in front of his nose
  • get distracted VERY easily - what? who? where? 
  • never go anywhere in a straight line - apparently they take "short" cuts.
  • cannot find the laundry basket - apparently it is oblivious to them what one looks like
  • do not aim when they pee - besides what would Mom do in her spare time if they aimed?
  • do not know that toilet paper is for cleaning their bum after they poo
  • never flush . . . they are water conscious
  • cannot put away laundry . . . I think putting away laundry is against the "boy code" or something
  • since their laundry can't be put away, they throw it on the floor of their bedroom or closet and then walk on it
  • have very poor hearing . . . that is unless it is something they aren't suppose to hear
  • fill the dogs water bowl AND make sure they flood the floor in the process . . . saves Mom mopping time - NOT
  • think nothing of wearing their shirts backwards . . . maybe I should leave their laundry inside out too - they wouldn't notice, besides . . . every other time they wear it, it will be on right.
  • are oblivious to closed doors - if a door is locked, just go get the key . . . nothing in a Boy house is sacred . . . not even bathroom time
  • think if a little is good a lot must be great!
  • don't like using tissues for their noses - sleeves are better, PLUS using sleeves SAVES TREES
  • think any bodily function is humorous
  • never do anything they aren't supposed to . . . it is "the other one . . . brother or sister" if something happens
  • if you ask them to go and tell a sibling or parent something, they stand right where they are and yell - no sense in wasting energy to go to where the other person is to talk to them
  • are very wiggly
  • always yell through the house to "find out" where you are
  • love to snuggle
  • give great hugs and kisses
  • are Mommy's little heart breakers!
After this post, I am certain you understand boys just a wee bit better! I am not too certain that I answered the Why? question though . . . maybe one day it will become clear

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The rain and cold continues today, we are all confined inside once again. Spring is here, but it feels like winter here in my little corner of the world.

The boys are playing with their legos while wearing cowboy hats. I am not sure of the connection between the hats and the legos . . . I would ask them, but don't want to disturb their play. Boys are definitely weird . . . this morning while playing they began talking about poop. Gross, huh? Daddy heard them and told them NOT to talk about poop . . . it was nasty. However, the poop talk continued and they got into trouble and had to sit out of play. Boys are weird . . . gross . . . unbelievable and totally adorable when they want to be.

Last evening Cody asked me to paint his fingernails . . . if I remember correctly, each of my boys have gone through this phase. He sat still while I painted his nails blue . . . he was so excited that he immediately went to show daddy. Cody was so excited that water didn't take it off. Daddy . . . not so excited. He keeps telling Cody that it needs to come off. Cody doesn't think so. I don't see any harm in it . . . he is not in school, so what is the harm of it?

Last evening Katelyn and I watched Twilight: New Moon . . . of course, the movie is totally unbelievable . . . in my opinion, but she enjoyed it. Strange movie. I just want to know how they made Edward so pale . . . yikes! Bella definitely needs her eyes checked . . . Jacob is much more handsome than Edward. Enough said.

I am looking forward to The Blind Side's release. We went to the movie to see it . . . it was an amazing movie and Sandra Bullock had the best performance of her life! If you haven't viewed the movie, I highly recommend it!

How many of you Facebook? If you do and would like to read my blog on Facebook, there is a link to me on the sidebar of this blog, just give it a click.

Have a great Day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010





category  at the Scholastic Competition Thursday and Friday. 

Her entry . . . as many of you have guessed is a portrait of Miss Harper.

Katelyn used one of the photos taken by Harper's Momma and changed the drawing a minimum of 40% so she could enter it. In person, this drawing captures you immediately upon looking at it. 


A Rainy Saturday in My Little Corner of the World

Welcome Saturday Morning . . . even though you are rainy and cold . . . welcome!

This morning Katelyn and I slept in . . . it was incredibly wonderful! I am so blessed to have such a loving and caring husband. He even cleaned one of the 1/2 baths on the main floor . . . incredibly grateful for that!

Randy had to go into work to see what is wrong with a machine. Ryan went in with him as he loves to go with Daddy into work. Cameron is busy with his legos, EJ is playing his Leapster, Cody is busy bothering his brothers and Katelyn is doing homework.

Next week Cody turns FOUR! He is so excited as are we! My babies are growing up! He wants me to make his cake . . . of course, I am certain he will want to help . . . I hope to get some really cute pictures.
The theme of his birthday will be Handy Manny  . . . he was so excited to choose what he wanted this year.

My youngest niece will turn ONE this next Friday as well! Where does time go?

I love hearing the boys play together . . . that is when they are playing together without arguing!

This past week two of our Carnival Goldfish had burials at sea . . . so to speak. We have had them for 3 - 4 years, which is amazing for gold fish. I picked up the fish bowl and noticed the largest fish was "taking a nap" as he was laying on his side . . . a second fish would swim a few strokes and then turn to his side . . . never a good sign. Cameron took the first fish to the "porcelain" burial bowl and flushed him. Ryan took the second. It amazed me that they were so excited to "flush" these little fish. Little boys are so unlike little girls . . . the little girls would be crying their eyes out compared to my boys that actually wanted to flush the fish.

Katelyn  is back to her normal and giggly self. I am relieved that she made it through. Katelyn did receive a BLUE Ribbon for this drawing:

She received a RED ribbon for this digital photography entry:

R.I.P. little fish!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Friday . . . it has been a long time coming since last night. As you can probably guess, I didn't get much sleep through the night. It started with Emma . . . our Lhasa Apso was wired up . . . Katelyn had a friend staying over last night . . . Plus, Bugsy was being a night owl last night and was making noise that bothered Emma. Emma was in her kennel (small wired cage) that is in our laundry room . . . she yipped, she whined and she barked. I warned her several times and then put the bark collar on her, but she continued to fuss . . . yes, the barking was stopped, but the fuss she was doing was irritating too. I went to the pantry and reached for the doggie downer pills . . . yes, they do make such a thing! Originally I purchased them because Emma would freak out during thunderstorms or July 4 fireworks . . . these pills make her a bit drowsy and much more calm. I tried to read the bottle for dosage, and am pretty sure I saw one pill for her size . . . at least I hoped I was right! lol I tried to give her the chewable pill, but she spit it out . . . three times. O.k. fine . . . I opened up her mouth and put 1/2 of the pill in her throat then let her swallow - then the second 1/2. After that, I didn't hear any more out of her. Praise the Lord.

I went into the family room to resume watching the Animal Planet . . . dangerous invaders was on and I was kind of into it. Did you know that Ball Pythons are invading Florida? Yep that is what Animal Planet says. Did you know that they are invading the everglades and a reproducing at alarming rates? Yep . . . being up late has its advantages . . . animal trivia!

While I was enjoying a bit of quiet, Katelyn came upstairs . . . she was discombobulated. She was stressing out about today. I am really quite uncertain what set this off, but she fussed and cried and whined and blew her nose and fussed and cried and whined and blew her nose some more. She claimed she could not sleep, so she was stressing about that too. I encouraged her to try to sleep . . . count down from 100, think of something enjoyable or pray . . . she claimed she already did all of that. I continued to encourage her to rest her body. About 1:45 a.m. I went to bed . . . Katelyn was on the couch. I heard her up and down to the bathroom a few times before I drifted off. A short time later she was in my bedroom, poking on my arm. "Mom, what do I have to do so I don't have to go?" You have to go, you made a commitment. "But Mom" I could tell by the escalation of pitch in her voice that this was not going to be easy. I interrupted her . . . Katelyn, do you know how hard it is for me to have to make this decision? I don't like that you are upsetting yourself so much, you need to dry it up. You are going. "Mom, I feel like I am going to throw up." I told her to try to calm down and rest or make herself some toast, maybe that would help calm her stomach. Randy and I lay in bed and talked as we listened to Katelyn rummage around on the main floor. By this time is was about 5:00 a.m. so Randy and I got up and went to the main floor for coffee and Katelyn encouragement.

God brought a similar situation to my mind . . . I was 16 and had committed to go on a Summer Teen Mission Outreach for 3 1/2 weeks. I was very excited about it . . . until the morning we were to leave. I didn't want to go . . . I was sick to my stomach . . . I plead with my mom not to make me go. She told me the same thing I told Katelyn . . . "you made a commitment." Needless to say, I went on that Missions trip with three other teens, our youth pastor and his wife. I grew up a little during that time and I actually enjoyed myself too.

I shared my story with Katelyn . . . she didn't have much response, but she listened. Randy told her that she needed to go and get ready to go . . . she went pale and started to cry again. "I feel like I am going to throw up!" She was getting more tense . . . So, I told her . . . maybe you should just go into the bathroom and throw up . . . just get it over with and maybe you will feel better. A few minutes later, she went into the bathroom and got it done. Then she went and got ready. While she was getting ready, I took the cue to go back upstairs for a few minutes of sleep. I heard Katelyn and Emily going out the door and yelled down to have a nice day and told Katelyn that I loved her.

This Mom thing was tough . . . knowing how upset she was and that I could do nothing to help her broke my heart. As I lay in bed I prayed that God would give her peace and see her through.

Today, I am operating on about an hour and a half to two hours of broken sleep. 

Cody is running at 100%. 

Cameron lost one of the screws that hold his lens in his glasses.

Thankfully, I ordered him two pair . . . one for backup.

Thankfully, we can get a new screw put in and they will be fine.

I tried to take a screw from one of his broken pair of glasses, but couldn't get the screw to tighten down.

I also couldn't see the screw . . . my new glasses have not come in.

I cannot see anything up close that is small . . . it is a blur.

I really don't care for my eyes doing this to me . . . I have never had this problem . . .

until now . . . 

I am OLD.

I want to sign Ryan and Cameron up for baseball

they are excited

I was going to sign them up this morning

I decided I should wait

I should wait until my glasses come in

I will have a form to fill out

I can't fill it out if I can't read it

Why does nothing ever go as planned?

Guess Murphy's got nothing on me!

(Murphy's law - Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".)
It is used as either a purely sarcastic musing that things always go wrong, or, less frequently, a reflection of the mathematical idea that, given a sufficiently long time, an event which is possible (non-zero probability) will almost surely take place. Although, in this case, emphasis is put on the possible bad occurrences.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Competition Day *************UPDATE**************

*************UPDATE ********************************

Katelyn called . . . judging for some categories has been completed:

Red ribbon in Polychromatic Drawing
BLUE ribbon in Duet Acting with Emily
Red ribbon in flute solo
No news on other categories yet.


The day is full of fog again today and the sun has yet to burn it off.

Things are moving along today, laundry has been started and is humming along. Dishwasher is running. Cody is quiet. I am just getting ready to grab my Kindle and catch up on my Beth Moore So Long Insecurity Study.

Katelyn has gone to the IACS Competition today . . . she has several areas she is competing in. She already knew that she received First Place in the American History category. Today and tomorrow she will be competing . . .  Please be in prayer for her throughout these two days and for the safety of the students.


  • 10:00 a.m. was the judging of the Art Category
  • 12:00 p.m. Katelyn and Emily will be competing in a duet acting piece - they ARE AWESOME!
  • 1:40 p.m. Katelyn has a flue solo
  • Band competition at 5:30 p.m.
  • traveling home 
  • 10:15 a.m. Large Vocal Ensemble
  • 10:50 a.m. Katelyn and Korinna with flute duet
  • 1:00 p.m. Nationals Meeting
  • headed home ???
Katelyn's art entries:

Monochromatic drawing

Polychromatic drawing

Digital Photography

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In a Rut

Wednesday again . . . the days just fly by, don't they?

I am thinking about enrolling three of the boys in a local softball team for the summer. We received a note home from school about registration. I think the boys will be excited . . . I think it will be fun and a great learning experience for them.

I saw this cute little idea for old crocs . . . boy do we have a lot of those around here.  Take a look:

Isn't it so cute? love the idea . . . might just be a great gift idea! Mother's Day is coming up in May . . . 

This morning Ryan told me that his toes aren't able to move around in his school shoes anymore. New ones ordered . . . is awesome.

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut?

I feel like I am in a rut today.

Not a bad kind of rut

just a rut

I feel like I do the same things day in and day out.

Well, I did do one thing different in the past few days . . .

I filled out the Census form . . .

Woo Hoo . . . NOT!

See, I told you I was in a rut.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Late yesterday afternoon I asked two of my boys to put a few rugs over the railing to the deck so they could dry outside. Within a minute Katelyn was calling to me . . . someone was in our backyard on our playset. I came to the door and sure enough there was a woman pushing a little girl on our playset. I opened the door and walked out onto the deck and yelled . . . "Excuse me." An old woman dressed in what I would call brightly colored Thai clothing and wrap peeked around the playset and looked at me. When I began to speak she showed herself fully. I said, "this is private property" to which she raised her arms and said, "no" as if she was asking. I shook my head and repeated myself . . . "no." She took the little girl off of the swing and began walking down the side of our pool to get to the side yard that leads to the street. As she walked I tried to explain that she simply cannot go into someone's yard and do whatever she pleased . . . she raised her hands and walked away. Now, I am not sure if she simply didn't understand me OR chose to ignore me.

You may be wondering . . . what was the big deal? why couldn't she swing? We simply do not want to be liable for injury if someone gets hurt on our property. Besides the fact we don't know these people and cannot for the life of me figure out why they would choose to go onto someone's property and use their play equipment. I would never ever think to do that.

In other news . . . Katelyn came home from school with BIG news . . . she was sent to the Principal's office. Yes, you read that correctly . . . THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!  Apparently, our family has been the source of joking fun - we are the source of the circus' beginnings. . . yesterday one of the boys began teasing Katelyn about her skirt - that she isn't supposed to wear circus clothing to school. Well, Katelyn had enough . . . she dumped a cup of water over his head. They both were sent to the Principal's Office and both got two demerits. My girl has NEVER been to the office - - I was shocked but also VERY PROUD of her for making a stand.

Hair appointment this morning and nails this afternoon. Maybe my glasses will be in . . . it will be nice to be able to read again without blur.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Work for the DAY in Pictures Part 2

I certainly had my work cut out for me today . . .

While I was working in the pantry my little dude confiscated my box . . . emptied its contents (toilet paper and pull ups) and I found him like this:

What a cozy place to curl up and play Leapster.

Have made progress in the house . . . Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy!

Tidied up the pantry . . . I didn't take a picture of it this morning, but it was BAD!!!

Had a little Buddy help me find sock matches . . . we have a lot of socks . . .

The kitchen counters are now tidied and wiped down.

Water break!

Kids will be home soon . . . time to take a few minutes of quiet rest.

After many loads of laundry - I lost count . . . I am down to two towel loads and one rag towels load.

Things certainly look much better! I feel pretty accomplished today AND the awesome thing . . .  When my hubs came in this evening . . . HE NOTICED!

My Day in Pictures

Where has our sun gone? I think it has decided to take a vacation!!! Maybe we should send out an alert for a M.I.A. Sun . . . it would sure be nice for it to return! Maybe I would get a little motivation . . . or not.

Randy took Cody out yesterday for a ride . . . Randy uses an electric chair to get around when taking walks or walking a long distance because his knee is trashed. Many times Cody will ride a while and then run in front of him . . . well, yesterday his little feet got tangled with each other and he crashed hard on the sidewalk . . .

Poor Little Guy!

He handled it well . . . he cried a few minutes, wiped away the blood, told Randy his head hurt so he rested a few minutes and then was back at running. Tough Dude!

This morning, he wanted breakfast . . . he is a carb kinda guy. He asked me if he could have these . . .

I told him "yes" besides they are all natural AND filled with cheese! A fresh bag, all to himself . . . what could be better on a Monday Morning?

Maybe a bowl of my NEW Favorite Cereal . . .

Of course, once my little mooch eyes up my yummy bowl of Oatmeal Squares, he gets a bowl out and brings it to me . . . "Can I have some Oatmeal Squares too?"  He loves them and says they are "perfect!" I couldn't agree more.

I am sure that everyone notice the laundry basket in the pictures above . . . yes, I have laundry to do. I didn't work on laundry over the weekend . . . colds can just zap all energy right out of you. Thanks to the cold and my laziness, my laundry room looks like this:

Nice, huh?

Then there is my kitchen . . . apparently my family LIVED in there over the weekend.

Not to mention the family room:

Yes Dear Peeps . . . I have my work cut out for me today! Better get to it.

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