Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Sun is SHINING today! Wow, Hello Sun . . . Where have you been hiding?

Yesterday I spent several hours at the dentist . . . I had been having pain in my upper jaw above my teeth. I went in for a cleaning on Tuesday and the xrays showed a fractured & chipped tooth plus two leaky fillings from years back. Well, once in there Doctor Mike found the one tooth was needing major repair - he could actually see the pulp of the tooth. The consensus was to see how the tooth held up with a filling and if there were more problems, an overlay (whatever that is) and there is a 40% chance of a root canal later on. The next tooth received its new filling and the last tooth had to be rescheduled. Needless to say, last night my mouth was quite sore and I felt a bit crabby and under the weather. Today is a better day, although my upper gum is sore on the side the work was done.

Today has a lot of to dos to be done . . . I have made my list and am checking it off as I go. Yes, blogging was on the list. As was checking my Ebay, making a few online orders and Facebooking. After the blog post I will be moving our sectional out to vacuum and mop under it . . . that does take a little effort. Main floor tidy up and clean two half baths is also on my list!

What is your agenda for the day?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We seem to be in those dreary days of Fall . . . it feels like evening . . . all . . . day . . . long. Which really doesn't do much for the get up and go! Our area has had record rain amounts so everything is a bit soggy. The temps are below normal most days and combined with the rain equals a lot of nastiness outside.

Praise the Lord our home is warm, comfy and inviting. I love our mums, pumpkin and foliage that great visitors on our front walk to the porch. I am so excited that the mums have bloomed! That purple is gorgeous!

My day today consists of a hair appointment this morning . . . I am in need of "the works" and will be there for a few hours. My youngest will accompany me. He is usually pretty good and just hangs out. After the kids get out of school, they have hair appointments. Daddy will take them to the hair appointments because I have a dental appointment. I will have a cleaning and then the doc will check to see why I have been having pain from my teeth to my cheek on my left side. I think I have a tooth that is in need of a root canal or something. It has been bothering me for a few weeks now and is beginning to get worse. Oh well . . . I guess I could use a little relaxation! Maybe I will take my ipod. Never tried that before! Yes, you read that right . . . I relax while in the dental chair. My sis does too. Mom said she doesn't though . . . she tenses up.

Ebay has been going well . . . we have almost reached $1,000.00 in the sell of junk very nice and needed items. My hubs has brought home two more totes for me to go through this week to see what will be done with the items inside. So far, one large box is being donated. Either way, once it goes through my assessment department kitchen, it has a mission whether it be to sell, to give away, to garage sale or for the garbage. I have to say, it feels really, really good to be done with it when it leaves my home for its destination!

Well, my time has ticked down and I must get out the door. Have a great day in whatever you do.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bread Making 101

This is what I am going to do today . . . well maybe not exactly!

Friday, October 23, 2009


The Holiday Inn Express is going to be a total loss! I received a call from my hubs this morning, telling me to take the kids to see the fire. We loaded into the car and off we went. Here are some photos:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Title for this one

We are coming to the end of another Fall day . . . October is almost over. Where did it go?

The trees are turning to their beautiful colors . . . reds and oranges mostly. The leaves are also falling. I feel sad when I look outside to see NAKED trees in the dreary outside. The winter will be long . . . too long. Well, I guess I have to live with it or move to another state and I am not going to do that. Family is too important to us and I know I would go crazy living somewhere other than HOME!

So far, the influenza has been mild for my sick one. His legs were achy this morning, but he seems to have quickly overcome that from the rough housing he was doing with his little brother.

I have been up to my eyeballs in clothing today . . . more from storage to sort, wash, picture and list. I have over 130 active auctions and continue to sell something each and every day. I love the thought that our items will be arriving at someone else's door all clean and smelling good. I am sure it will make them smile.

Through the sorting, I found some items to donate to a local charity. Clothing that I didn't list on Ebay. I make sure everything is clean and in good condition . . . if I see heavy staining, rips or holes the item becomes a rag or garbage. Today I got through two more totes. As I go through the boys' clothing there are times I stop and take in the item with my eyes . . . remembering. They were so little once.

Tomorrow my kids are out of school half day for teacher conferences. Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments on the kids' report cards.

Well, the hour is late and I need to turn in. G'night all and Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey there all, I am just getting around to my general type post. I have been busy the past few days with laundry and Ebay Listing. As of five minutes ago I now have 98 active auctions/listings. Some are actual auctions and some are what they call Buy It Now, which is exactly what is says . . . no bidding, you simply Buy It.

I know some of you have some questions about Ebaying, so maybe I can answer them for you . . .

How do you know what to Ebay?
Actually, as long as the item is in good to excellent condition the item can be listed.

How do you know how to price an item?
I generally will take into account the condition of the item, plus the age, the purchase price and how quickly I want to sell it.

How do you get your money?
I accept only Paypal - basically a reputable company that works along side Ebay to collect Ebay transaction payments. Paypal has also expanded and now many online companies accept Paypal as well. I use Paypal quite often in my day to day life.

Why do I Ebay?
Most people that know me will tell you that I absolutely loathe having garage/rummage sales. Ebay is a much better solution for me. I list my item, include a picture and description of the item and click a button ~~~ my item is out there for all to see. Besides you can generally get much more out of an item than a garage sale will bring.

How do I have time?
Just like a job, Ebaying is something that you commit to ~~~ at least for a certain amount of time. I began listing items on Ebay about a month ago . . . I usually sell on Ebay during Fall and Winter. I commit so much time each day to list as much as I can. I quit when I have had enough.

Is it Profitable?
Well, I don't know if I can say it is profitable . . . but, I can say that I have listed a lot of item that we haven't used in a long time AND in the past four weeks have almost hit the $700.00 mark in sales. Stuff that was just gathering dust and would have rotted away before we decided to use it again.

What have I been listing?
  • vhs videos (yes - and they are selling)
  • baby items (not planning no more of those)
  • unused items (things that we thought we would use and we didn't)
  • children's clothing (outgrown clothing or maybe just that we have too many that have been handed down from one son to the next x4)
  • dvd videos (you know, the ones that were supposed to be really great and weren't)
  • gifts (unused or gently used)
  • books of all kinds
  • american girl items (yes, my little girl is letting loose of those now that she is 16)
  • miscellaneous items that my hubs brings me (you know those weird, what the heck is that item?)
  • winter coats, jackets and rain coats (either outgrown or too many of them)

Then there are the items I plan to list but have not:

  • Toys (those that children have outgrown or have no interest in)
  • kitchen items (I have so much to go through I don't know how long that will take)
  • decorating items (27 years worth)
  • Christmas decorating items (27 years worth)
  • music cds
  • tools

My Mom teases me . . . she said today, "The kids better watch out or you will sell the clothes off of their back!"

Yep, I guess I got the FEVER . . . THE EBAY FEVER


So, here I am . . . at home with one sick 7 year old ~ he has influenza, but he is . . . not too sick to argue with his three year old brother. That means I, MOM am not only a nurse for the day, but also a referee . . .

What other titles do I carry today?

Hmmmm, let's see:
  • nurse
  • referee
  • disciplinarian
  • pharmacist
  • laundress
  • maid
  • waitress
  • nap initiator
  • ebay item lister
  • entertainment coordinator
  • Mom

I am certain, my job description/titles will get longer as the day does.


Last evening our #1 son was not feeling well at all, so I took him to the Urgent Care. After 2 1/2 hours, we finally were done. The doc diagnosed him with Influenza, but did not do the nasal swab test. We left the Urgent Care and headed to the pharmacy where I dropped off the prescription and then headed home with my sick child.

Hubs went to pick up the prescription about an hour later . . . NO go . . . the pharmacy would not fill the prescription without the authorization of the pediatrician. WHAT? WHY NOT? We have never had this problem.

This morning, I called the doctor's office this morning and talked to our favorite nurse . . . she had no idea of the why to the pharmacy not filling son #1's prescription. After some questions and a call to the pharmacy, the answer was a bit more clear - Tamiflu is in short supply in our area. So, son #1 needed to go in for a nasal swab to verify the doctor from urgent cares diagnosis.

THIS JUST IN . . . the nasal swab test POSITIVE for INFLUENZA!!! Shocker!

The Doc said he is seeing so many cases of INFLUENZA that it is at epidemic levels . . . he said, he has never seen so many. NO SCHOOL UNTIL MONDAY. So, back to the pharmacy with the prescription!

The docs office said there are three EPIDEMICS going around in our area . . . yippee for us.When the other kids start progressing with symptoms, call in to the docs office. BACK TO THE PHARMACY . . . they are checking to see if they even have any . . . nope, this pharmacy is out ~~~ head to the other across town, they are supposed to have it in stock. We shall see!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here we are at the beginning of another week . . . It begins again. This week the kids will be having school pictures taken. Does anyone else feel that school pictures are kind of a thing of the past? I take so many pictures of my kids that I like so much better than what they come up with the school portraits. Plus they charge you an arm and a leg for them. This year, I ordered the lowest possible package for each of my four that attend school . . . that was still $26.00 per child. This week also includes report card day. My kiddos do pretty well in school, so that is always a fun day.

The kids never cease to amaze me with what they know. This weekend my oldest son, now 7, told me all about sentence structure. I didn't even think he listened! Wow, I am impressed.

My youngest, age 3 also intrigues me. He has quite the imagination. The other day he asked me to build him a windmill out of his blocks. I told him that it would be nice if I had a picture of what he wanted me to build. He said, Mommy . . . use your magination! Well, then . . . let me try.

My second son had the blonde comment of the week . . . We were driving to school and I said, Look guys the geese aren't in the fields eating. My first son interjected, Mom more than one goose is geese, but only one is a goose. I replied, that is right. (just a note: We watched Fly Away home the other night about the geese.) My second son, age 6 said . . . in that movie the other night I know which ONE was the GOOSE. I stopped for a second and said, Son . . . they were ALL geese but if there is one goose alone, it is called a goose. He said, I know . . . I know which one was the goose! (I couldn't get him to "get it!") I just shook my head.

The I can't believe it moment came from our third son, age 5. I was in my bathroom doing my hair before we left for the orchard. The kids were all finishing up making their beds and things were moving along smoothly. My son came to the bathroom door and said, "Mommy, YOU are doing your hair!" I looked at him and said, No I am not . . . I am mowing the yard! He stopped and really thought hard and said, NO, Mommy really . . . you ARE doing your hair! Again, I shake my head in disbelief at the comments made that really catch me off guard.

We baked little pies in tart pans and served them for dessert the other night. Everyone enjoyed them and remarked that they were yummy. Our third son said, I really liked that cake (he is the one that calls fish ~ chicken.) I told him the dessert was pie, not cake. Our fourth son popped up . . . IT IS CAKE PIE! Oh Dear . . . I give up!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Another dreary Friday here in my little area of the world. It is VERY hard to get moving with it being so yucky outside.

I am sure you have viewed the news footage of six year old Falcon's disappearance yesterday and you may even have your own thoughts of the actual reason for this happening. I cannot imagine the sinking feeling the parents had . . . what if that would have been my child? how would I react to the accusations? how would I react to my child once he was found? I watched the interview with Falcon's Father and Meredith Viera on Fox News. The father was angry at the accusations of the entire ordeal being a hoax. Toward the end of the interview, the father was definitely reliving the ordeal and was almost overcome. I must say, I felt bad for him.

Where is our compassion? our empathy? Why is it people are more interested in tragedy and judgement? What would you have done differently?

As many of you know from reading my blogs, I have four little boys . . . four very active, imaginative and inventive little boys. No matter how many times my boys are told to be careful, don't to this or that, etc. they always seem to do the opposite ~~~ I believe little boys are wired to be challenging, inventive and high strung. Little Falcon had probably been told hundreds of times to stay away from the weather balloon. He had probably been told hundreds of times not to get into the basket of the balloon. The balloon somehow got loose and it probably freaked out Falcon . . . it would have my boys.

Praise God Falcon was safe . . .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The hour is late and I am listening to the FlyLady on podcast. Why am I up late? Well, I took some of this:

I prefer to give my children natural medications and Similason has a good one. I ordered it from (free shipping) here is the description:

Multi-Symptom Cough, loosens mucus, fever Chest and head congestion. Dye free and 100% natural active ingredients. Naturally sweet.
At Similasan, we understand you want your child to feel better. We created Similasan Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Expectorant to stimulate the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of the common cold.
Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Expectorant makes it easier for your child to cough up mucus with less irritation.
100% natural active ingredients, sugar free, alcohol free, dye free, chemical free, no artificial flavoring, safe for diabetics

Notice . . . this product is for children ages 2-12. I decided to give it a try . . . (I had used Mucinex before bed last night and just about ripped my throat out through the night by coughing so hard) The Similason said it was for mucus relief and was an expectorant so I took the recommended maximum dosage for 12 +. I sat down to watch a little television with my hubs and daughter . . . well, I have to say I know what we were watching when I sat down, BUT it was nighty night ~~~ see ya next Thursday! I felt almost immediate relief of the throat tickle and within 15 minutes the mucus congestion and rattling was gone. When I woke, my daughter said . . . "Wow Mom you didn't cough at all after you took that stuff!" I noticed a HUGE difference! I am amazed at how wonderful it worked and I was able to get some rest. I have been coughing horribly over the past few days and that simply wipes me out ~~~ especially when it keeps you up through the night. I whole heatedly recommend this product! Am I going to take it after I am finished with this post? YES!!! and then I am going to go to bed and SLEEP!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was listening to the fly lady on a podcast. I have been trying to keep up with the things in my house by following her "plan"and made my own control journal for scheduling my week and the chores of the kids. I hear you ask . . . "does it work?" The answer to that . . . it does if you follow the plan you set up. There is no doubt of what my day is going to entail, the kids can easily see what their chores for the day are AND everyone working together makes chores go quickly. O.k. so I tweaked the FlyLady process a bit. With a house of seven people and three dogs, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. The control journal puts the house into zones, the chores into days and then my little tweaks added mini control journals with the kids chores as well. If anything were to happen that I would be away, one look into the control journal would allow my family to know what was to be done . . . that is IF they took it off of my desk, opened it and read what the journal said.

The Fly Lady has some definite MUST dos that I don't necessarily follow . . . (Please don't report me to the flylady police)
  • I don't wear tennis (lace up) shoes in my home. I have a pair of crocs that I wear, but I really don't like to wear shoes in my home that I wear out and about. I like my shoes to be clean when I wear them throughout my house, I truly can't understand why you would be attempting to keep your house clean all the while wearing shoes that you go out and about in ~~~ this is totally a matter of my preference.
  • I don't get out of bed each and every day and put my makeup on and style my hair. I know, I know . . . you are thinking I am a slob or something. Really, I am not . . . I just can't see getting all together from makeup, hair and shoes to simply clean the house, do the laundry or chase my three year old. Now don't take me wrong . . . when I know I have things to do outside the house I get myself together in the morning ~~~ makeup, hair, jewelry, etc.
  • I don't do quick/emergency tidy ups in which I throw everything in a box or basket and hide it in the shower because my Mom or Mother - in - law is stopping by. We live in our home and living can be messy ~~~ having children is messy because kids play and make messes. The hubs makes messes, the dogs make messes . . . there are times that WE make messes. Messes Happen.

Why do I LIKE Flylady?

  • Flylady is a great coach . . . she encourages you to not obsess, simply do the job, stay on task and get it done
  • Flylady has great ideas
  • Flylady has a system for keeping the home in order
  • According to Flylady . . . I will never have to spring clean again
  • the kids love Flylady's idea of the 15 minute timer and actually race to beat the timer when doing their chores
  • Flylady's approach isn't overwhelming once you understand it
  • Baby steps . . . anyone can make a change for the better in 15 minutes

What did you ask? Oh . . . you want to know if my house is spotless? all the time? hmmmm ~ in the spirit of "KEEPING IT REAL" I am going to answer that question . . .

No, my house is not spotless all the time. However, it doesn't take long each day to tidy up and have things back under control and looking presentable. THAT is what Flylady is all about. Flylady isn't about being obsessive about your home. Flylady isn't a quick fix. Flylady isn't about cleaning top to bottom each and every day. Flylady IS about making progress toward your goal of being able to stay on top, knowing what there is to do each day AND not taking all day to do it. Flylady is about being organized and eliminating chaos in your home.

What works for you?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


How is the temperature where you live? We woke this morning to 38 degrees and tonight we have a freeze warning. Hmmm I guess I must have blinked and missed Fall . . . the leaves on our trees haven't even changed color yet!

The males in our house have been very noisy this morning . . . the females in our house are not happy that the males could not have been a little more polite while we tried to sleep in. What is with that?

We were to go to the orchard two days in a row but it rained. The skies are sunny today, but I feel lousy and don't want to go. Monday would be a better day and maybe I will be up to the journey, the drive and the kids.

I don't recall if I have mentioned this on this blog or not . . . for the past year and four months our home has undergone an addition plus remodel. We have lived here for 11 years and three of those years were spent planning the things we wanted to change in our home. The house is 99% complete~~~ some of the little things remain and are being completed slowly. Anyway, during the remodel we had to empty out almost every room in our home. We stored things until we could bring them back home and found that we had accumulated a lot of stuff. So, now we are in the purging stage . . . we are going through things tote by tote. I am deciding what stays and what goes. The goes items have been much more than the keep items ~~~ yippee! What have I been doing with it? I heard you ask and will be happy to tell you . . . Ebay! I have been listing items for about three weeks now . . . I started off small and am picking up speed. As of this moment I have 84 auctions running and several will end today. I will surpass the $500.00 mark today in sales. I will re-list the items that don't sell and list more. I figure at the rate I am going I should be able to get a 100 items listed each week until spring. We definitely accumulated a lot of "stuff" in 27 years of marriage! I get excited at each bid and look forward to what I can list next!

Now I can hear you asking . . . Why are you selling on Ebay? Why not a garage sale? The answer is simple - I CANNOT handle garage sales - they stress me out!!! Ebay I can do!

Why am I purging? Well, I want my home nice and clutter free . . . I want to know what I have and not have things stored up because I will use them "someday." If we haven't used the item in a year, chances are we won't use it. So . . . I am listing items on Ebay ~~~ and most of the time the item will bring more money on Ebay than a garage sale.

What am I purging? Well, so far I have gone through VHS videos, DVDs, Books, a few remaining baby things, and a few miscellaneous items. In the spring I am going to list a jogging stroller and a Bugaboo stroller because I should be able to get more money out of it then rather than in the fall. I will also be listing out grown children's clothing, outgrown toys, kitchen items, nick knacks . . . to make it simple just about anything that a family can collect in 27 years time. BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

What is your clutter level?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


O.k. I have to ask . . . Have any of you been out in public with your little kids and someone called you GRANDMA? As you probably are already thinking, that is what happened to me today.

Here is the story:

Originally, I was taking the kids . . . all five . . . to the apple orchard for a day of fun and lunch. Well, it rained cats and dogs today so we had to alter our plans. I took the kids to Bob Evans for lunch and then off to the theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Well, while I was paying for our lunch, the kids went to the bathroom with K (age 16.) They didn't take long and actually were back out before I had the payment taken care of. The gentleman behind me (which was between age 45 and 50) said, "hey boys . . . you should ask grandma for some candy." I immediately said, "Mom" to which he replied . . . "excuse me" again I said, "Mom . . . I am their Mom." The man immediately said, "Opened my mouth and inserted my foot." To which I added, Yes you did. Out the door we went. As life goes . . . his car was parked right next to ours. Now, I am not sure how he was able to check out so quickly, but he was right behind me. He said, "Fine looking boys you have there." I replied, "Thank you" and then he said . . . "they need to get some mowing jobs." My response was, "Well maybe When They Get Older." Finally, we were inside the car with the doors closed . . . no more comments from someone that wasn't trying to mess up my day, but somehow managed to bother me with just a few words . . . "hey boys . . . you should ask grandma for some candy."

In my defense, if I had my way about it, we would have had all of our children early in our marriage, BUT God had different plans for us. I was 29 when our daughter was born and she is now 16. I was 38 with our first son, now 7; 41 with our 2nd and 3rd sons, now 6 & 5 and 42 with our youngest, now 3. I must say, I wouldn't change my age or when my children entered our family . . . God has a plan and His plan is perfect.

All of that said, I don't think I look like a grandma, BUT technically at 45 I guess I could be regardless if I want to fess up to it or not. Then this tidbit . . . if I were a Grandma, that would make my Mom a Great Grandma and she is DEFINITELY NOT old enough for that! So I guess if Mom isn't old enough to be a great grandma then I am not old enough to be a grandma.

End of story.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Everyone is going to school today. R felt a bit better by mid morning and then was running around last night.

Tomorrow we are off to the orchard for pictures and fun. So excited! There are two really nice orchards in our area and I am thinking about going to both . . . one on Thursday and possibly the other on Friday. The kids are pretty excited too.

E our fourth child has a kindergarten field trip today. The class does this particular field trip every year. They will go to a local park and hunt for leaves and other nature type items. Lunch will be in the park and then they will return to school to work on an art project from their finds.

Today I will be engulfed in finishing my laundry! So exciting I know that you think I have all of the fun!

This is gonna crack you up . . .


Take a look!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have never really attempted a product review on my blog, but I have found a few really cool, interesting and innovate products recently.

Over the past two months I have had three different handbags. I wanted a new bag to replace my beautiful Coach bag that was patterned python and was blue. So, I searched . . . I found a gorgeous Juicy Couture bag at Bloomingdales . . . the handle started coming apart within two weeks of use. So, I returned the purse and opted to get a refund. I then found another bag that I liked . . . Rebecca Minkoff studded hobo . . . this bag was extremely heavy prior to filling it. I tried to use it anyway and found myself simply leaving the handbag home and carrying my wallet; I had never done that before. So, I returned it as well. I decided to go back to my favorite brand . . . Coach. I looked and found several that I liked and was excited to place the order when a little voice told me to check Ebay first. I did a search on Ebay and found the exact same purse for much less. To say I was excited is an understatement! I checked over the handbag, comparing pictures from the Ebay and the Coach websites. They were identical in every way. This particular seller also guaranteed it to be Authentic Coach and offered a 2 times money back for assurance. After checking over the description and photos I felt comfortable in purchasing the bag. I received the bag quickly and it was authenic Coach!!! Yippee

Now on to the accessories for my beautiful new bag. I came across a website that had purse hooks . . . you know the kind that you clip onto the table and hang your handbag from so it doesn't sit on the floor getting nasty or an easy target for theft. The FUMI . . . it can be used as a purse hook, purse accessory or bracelet. Check it out~

The second Really Awesome Productis hanging from my bag . . . The Scarlett. The Scarlett is a really beautiful product and handbag accessory. Who doesn't need something to clean your sunglasses or eyeglasses from time to time? Then there is that cell phone screen . . . the Scarlett can be used to unsmear it too!

Here is a close up . . .

The third product I am super excited about it for kids and adults . . . FIND IT! The find it is a Game in a tube filled with little plastic confetti and hidden objects within the confetti. There are different themes for each FIND IT. There are little game papers to mark off the little shapes as you find them. Example: The Zoo Find It . . . look for an elephant, monkey, giraffe, eagle, hippo, whale, gazelle, zebra, butterfly and much more . . . 40 items to find in the Zoo FIND IT. Everyone that has seen the FIND IT can't put it down!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


ATTENTION!!! O.k. Troops our we have plenty to do . . . We Must have ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!

Our weekend was full to over flowing . . . but we accomplished a ton!

Saturday we had a plan of attack . . . everyone to the basement!!! Everyone and his uncle had trapezed through our basement . . . Nice, huh? Anyway, more videos were put away in their little drawers, dusting was done, the kids' art was finally hung, the bathrooms was cleaned, the basement entry was cleaned, the floor was vacuumed and mopped! Then everyone sat down for a movie and McDonald's for dinner! Yippee

Today we began the whole regimen again! The main floor was tackled . . . again, with people in and out finishing up the house, things can get out of control pretty quickly. So, we dusted, vacuumed, mopped and tidied and bathrooms were cleaned. The house looks great.

I set a timer for the boys to clean up their rooms . . . the reward . . . . Yes, I bribed them, but HEY it WORKED!!! Then I set the timer again for them to dust. Katelyn tackled the high areas, but the boys took care of what they could reach.

I still have the Master to tackle, but I should have that done within an hour.

Laundry has been running and Katelyn is making Jana's Zucchini bread.

I am ready for a relaxing evening!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today marks OUR 27 Anniversary . . . yes, I was 10 when we married! Anyway, in honor of our 27 years I have decided to make a list of 27 reasons that I love my hubs. The list includes serious, funny, "even though" and romantic reasons.
  1. I love him because he is a Born Again Christian
  2. I love him because I prayed for him even before God brought us together
  3. our first "outing" together was with me in my lime green McDonald's uniform AND him driving his beautiful blue dune buggy. He drove me to work and he was not embarrassed at my uniform color or the fact that I was holding my McDonald's hat on my head.
  4. he has always told me . . . "I knew I would marry you and knew you were the one right away"
  5. he even loved me when I had the most awful perm . . . it really was horrendous!
  6. I love him, even though he wore short shorts during the time we dated and first years of our marriage. Pockets from Levi cut offs should not be visible.
  7. he endured my "learning to cook phase" - it was really the ultimate sacrifice in our early marriage
  8. love that he loves to snuggle
  9. I love him, even though he rubs his feet on mine . . . and I hate having my feet touched.
  10. I love that he makes me coffee and brings it to me in the evenings
  11. because he hasn't taken away my credit card! lol
  12. I love him because he is a great dad to our children
  13. because he tells me I am beautiful
  14. he works hard to support our family
  15. he helps around the house
  16. he supports my sometimes hair brained ideas
  17. I love him, even though . . . he leaves his clothes on the floor beside the bed
  18. he is patient
  19. I love him, even though he has a cell phone in his ear 80% of the time
  20. I love our special times alone
  21. he is romantic when he wants to be
  22. he takes care of bath duty for the boys EVERY night ~~~ do you know how wonderful that is?
  23. he doesn't mind cooking once in a while
  24. he loves my family
  25. I love to watch him play with the boys
  26. I love that when he was feeding our children when they were babies that he would open his mouth when he put the spoon up to their mouth - each and every bite
  27. I love him for simply being him


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Kelly from Kelly's Korner is having a SHOW US YOUR LIFE - BABY PRODUCTS. I think this should be fun . . .
Having five kids has given us quite the opportunity to try many baby products. Here are a few of our favorites . . .
  • Britax car seats
  • Land's end Do-It-All Diaper bag
  • Land's end Little Tripper
  • Bumbo
  • the Fisher Price Aquarium Swing

and more . . .

Sophie the Giraffe - so cute and soft and great for baby to play with or chew on. We still have Sophie after 3 1/2 years.

Pinxav the best thing in the world for baby bottoms! Prevent or heal diaper rash or other skin irritations.

Diapees and Wipees - great to help keep your diaper bag organized or simply grab it and go - diapers and wipes fit together inside! Adorable colors and patterns too!

Hanna Andersson Jammies - 100% cotton and so cuddly!

Graco AngelCare Movement Sensor w/Nursery Monitor - assists in SIDS Prevention. This mat slips under the mattress of a bassinet and baby crib. The alarm sounds if no movement was detected for 20 seconds. Totally amazing.

The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket - so nice and great size. Organic too! My three year old is still sleeping with his "lovie!"

Bugaboo Chameleon - we used our Bugaboo as a baby bed for the first several months inside. It was so easy to move around to each room of our main floor as needed. It is also great while on the go. The Bugaboo is easy to put down and set up again.

There are so many great items out there that really do help new parents!

Wow . . . What is that Smell?

Wow . . . What is that Smell?
The weather is dreary and it resembles Fall . . . the smell ~~~ JuJu is baking (JuJu is my nickname) chocolate chip cookies!!! Yummy!

I have a whole list of things I want to bake . . . I wonder how long I will last? I have just put in the third and fourth tray to bake and am tasting one of the first batches . . .

Take a look at the beauty of this cookie . . .

still warm


melt in your mouth goodness

just the right amount of sweet

just the right amount of milk chocolate chips

just the right amount of Marva's Hearthside Coffee mix . . .

YUMMY!!! SO DELICIOUS ~~~ there are no packaged chocolate chip cookies that can compare! My family will devour these!

What better thing to come home to than a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?


I recently began using the FLYLADY way of keeping order in my home. It really does work and starts with baby steps and making little changes into habits along the way. Yesterday, the new habit to make deals with paper clutter.

How many of you struggle with this?

Do I struggle with ANY of these? Lets See:

1. Piles of newspapers. ~~ each morning these are thrown out
2. Baskets of unread Magazines ~~I have one area in my desk with a magazine holder for my unread magazines
3. Junk mail ~~ goes right into the can
4. Boxes of old school papers (from college or kids papers) ~~ I have a Pendaflex folder with "special" papers in it, but dispose of most after I look at them.
5. Recipes ~~ I store recipes on my computer
6. Paperback books. ~~ our home library
7. Piles of unopened mail ~~ don't have this problem
8. Tax papers ~~ stored in a special file box for that year
9. medical records ~~ don't really have any except for bills and those I file with my insurance papers for tax reasons
10. Paid bills receipts ~~ each of our paid bill receipts go into a file box with lid for that specific year
11. Old Phone books ~~ thrown out
12. Catalogs ~~ unless I am going to purchase something immediately they are thrown out
13. Bank statements ~~ we keep all of these in our file box for that year
14. File Cabinets full of who knows what! ~~ don't have
15. Family pictures ~~ thanks to digital cameras all of our photos are on the computer or external hard drive. I choose my favorite pics and make them into shutterfly books.
16. Birth Certificates ~~ generally this are only personal copies . . . the actual copies are in a fire proof safe
17. Purses full of STUFF ~~ I loathe a messy purse, so I keep mine pretty organized
18. Maps ~~ we don't keep maps
19. Travel Brochures ~~ we don't keep travel brochures
20. Organizational Books ~~ if we do have one or two they are in the library
21. Computer printouts from FlyLady email and other websites ~~ I generally don't print out
22. 3X5 cards ~~ nope
23. Other office supplies we are addicted to. File folders, dividers.I could go on and on. You know that I am right about what is in your boxes, piles and drawers. ~~ all office supplies are in my desk

Lets look at each area of clutter one at a time! FLYLADY'S RECOMMENDATIONS:

1. Piles of newspapers. Did you know that by the time you get around to reading a day old newspaper that you would have heard most of it on the radio or TV. Instead of holding on to them so you can read when you get a chance, discard every day when the next paper comes. If you go two or three days without reading, save yourself some money discontinue these newspapers. You will be rid of the clutter and the guilt from not reading what you have paid good money for. Try reading on-line or listening to the public Radio. You will be surprised at how much news you pick up without even having to concentrate. I never read a newspaper, except to see if I have been quoted correctly. Robert tells me to check and see what Cilley Says. LOL Now for those coupons that come in the newspapers. If you haven't used them then why buy the paper. For SHEs Coupons are a challenge. But once you get organized, you will use your Wednesday desk day to clip and save, while you make out your grocery list. For now, set the aside or give them to someone you know that will use them. The guilt you feel when you see these unused coupons or go to the grocery without them is not worth a dime. I want you happy not guilt ridden.

2. Baskets of unread Magazines: This is a biggy for every SHE I know and love. We hate to part with our beloved magazines. We might actually need something we have seen or we might miss a good article. Bolognie! If we have seen something in a magazine, just go and try to find it again. You can see it in your minds eye, but there is no way you are ever going to find the magazine you saw it in. Without a Readers Guide, you are hopelessly lost. So why waste hours seaching for a picture, when you can go online and find your answer if you really need. it. If you receive magazines in the mail and you never open and read, then rethink this money you are spending each year on the subscription. If you have a basket of magazines that you hate to part with, it is easier if you do it on a weekly basis. This is why I purge magazines each week. I put them in my car and as I go about my week, I drop them off in different places that I go to.Meetings, Doctor's offices, car services centers, court houses,offices. Just think about having to wait in a waiting room with 5 year old magazines. How about getting your car worked on and there are only men's magazines. This is why I take the opportunity to get them out of my home and put them where they will be appreciated. Also If I have not read them, I take the time to do this before I leave them in the waiting rooms. LOL One other thing I do, I have an exacto knife by my chair and a notebook with lots of sheet protectors. If I see an article that I want to keep or a picture for my want book, then I cut it out right then and there. It is my magazine. No one will miss it if I give it away. I have my book of my "likes and keeps" without having to spend hours searching for a certain magazine. Now that our kitchen is almost finished, I can throw away my kitchen want book. LOL I have completed that dream. No need to hold on to it any more. I have a garden book too.

3. Junk mail: Throw it away as soon as it comes in the house. It does not even deserve the right to enter your home. Throw it away,shred them or burn them. Be careful with those credit card applications we get daily in the mail. Tear out the name and numbers.I throw them in my fireplace.
4. Boxes of old school papers(from college or kids papers):Do you still have a box full of papers from High school or college? Get rid of this stuff. It was another life. You are not going to need this stuff, the books or the papers with those grades. We had rather not remember. Now for your children's papers. These are hard to part with, but let your children decide. If your children are grown, Give them back to them. Or save only a special one from each year for their scrapbook.Not every paper is a keepsake, believe it or not. If you save everything, that diminishes the value of those special ones. They get lost in the clutter.
5. Recipes: We SHEs are addicted to cookbooks and recipes. But how often do we use them. We dream of being this wonderful cook, but the truth is we cook the same ole things all the time. What happens when you want to find a recipe you saw in some magazine or some cookbook in your library or drawer of recipes. You can't find it! I have reduced the number of cookbooks that I have. Only the ones I love have I kept. Also my Sweet Darling is a wonderful cookie baker. He has his very own cookbooks. I had to be very careful when decluttered our cookbooks. I accidentally took his favorite cookie cookbook with adjustments for years of testing to the truck to be given away. I was lucky, he missed it and I had not taken them to the Humane Society Thrift Shop.LOL So as you clear this clutter, make sure they are yours to give away.

6. Paperback books. If you have read them, pass them on to someone else. Give them to the library.

7. Piles of unopened mail: If you have not opened it in three months, then it is probably trash any way. Open the newest mail firstand toss the old bills. Sometimes you can just look at the date and toss. Sort it over a trash can.

8. Tax papers: Do you have tax papers from 20 years ago? If so there is no need to keep these things. Our tax papers fit in one manilla envelope. Our copies of the tax returnes and receipts, and directions for the schedules are all in this envelope. This takes noroom at all. We also have a file for receipts that effect the cost basis of our home. This is all that we keep. We do have 20 years worth, but they only take up 5 inches in a file drawer. Each envelope is labeled. We don't keep every cancelled check, beside now days it costs money to get your cancelled checks. We keep our check registers. Our Check registers tell our history if needed. IRS says keep tax records that back up your taxes for 7 years and if you cheat on your taxes they can go back forever.

9. medical records: Children's shot records are needed until they start college and sometime up until the girls become wives and mothers, to prove that they have had the rebella shot. Health dept. have been know to purge records without contacting you. This happened to me and I had to have another shot. Not fun. I don't like them.

10. Paid bills receipts. We only keep insurance receipts and tax deductible cancelled checks. All the others I have a check to prove that I have paid them. All of the other receipts go in the trash and get burned in the fireplace.

11. Old Phone books. Get rid of these. I keep one old one in my car for when I need a phone number or address.

12. CATALOGS: We all have these. We love to look at them. They keep coming every day. Get rid of them. If you want to order something then do it and toss the catalog. There are many online catalogs. Don't hold on to these.

13. Bank statements: We balance them and toss them. Keeping only the checks we need for tax purposes and our house cost basis. The rest are burned. Don't email me complaining about this. It works for us.

14. File Cabinets full of who knows what! We need to go through these files, and toss. There is hardly anything that we really need to file. I have two crates that I started 4 years ago when I became a county commissioner. I have not looked in these files for a year and a half. This tells me, that I didn't need to waste my time filing this stuff. So now I read my memos and file in the trash can. The Trash canis my favorite filing cabinet. If I need something, I have a clerkthat keeps a copy of every memo. All I have to do is pick up the phone and ask her to look up something for me. I no longer fill up my home with tons of papers that I will ever look at again.

15. Family pictures: This is a problem we all have. Some people have drawers full of pictures that are unlabeled. We have all seen old pictures in our mother's homes that we could not identify. This is so sad. My Mom did one thing that was very nice. She had a scrapbook for each of our family members. With our history in it. Newspaper pictures, snapshots, school picture and report cards. Don't start doing this until all your clutter is under control. You will get sidetracked. You will have time for pleasure when the clutter is gone. I promise.

16. Birth Certificates/Marriage Cerificate/Passports/Death Certificates/Divorce papers/adoption papers. These all need to be protected in a fire proof safe or a bank lock box. Make copies to keep at home, so you will have them when you need them, but keep the orginals in a safe place. A place to keep them at home: In a notebook with sheet protector or in a file labeled Important FamilyRecords. Also savings bonds need to be keep in a lock box too.

17. Purses full of STUFF: Each week clean out your purse. Most of what is in there is trash. You might even find some money. I clean out my purse on Fridays.

18. Maps: You have old maps in your car that are from the 80's. Did you know that they are just about ready to fall apart. Get rid of them. Buy you a new one for your state. Or go to your local county commissioners office and get a copy of your states latest DOT map.

19. Travel Brochures: We have all these places we want to go, but the brochures are 10 years old. Get rid of them the prices are outdated as well as the phone numbers. Make a list of the place you would like to see and look them up on the internet.

20. Organizational Books: This is one of your first homework assignments. Put your Organizational books away. There is no way you can follow several programs at one time. Pick one and stick to it. If you choose my messages then put the other things away, even the 3X5 card files that Pam and Peggy developed in the 70's. Even their messages have evolved into routines, zones, and a basic weekly plan. They endorse my way of teaching their system. We are so blessed to have them as mentors. A hound dog can not catch 8 rabbits at one time, she has to pick one and stay focused.

21. Computer printouts from FlyLady email and other websites: Don't print, file it in the computer. Delete all my emails, the basic messages are on the website. Besides I recycle them all the time.

22. 3X5 cards: If you have old card files, throw them away. They seem to lay a big guilt trip on us for setting them up and not doing them. Purge these from your home. Set up your routines with them andtoss them. This is what I did. Sorted and put them in doing order.Then they were history.

23. Other office supplies we are addicted to. File folders, dividers.We all have lots of this stuff. I have one drawer for my office supplies. This takes up part of one of my empty drawers in my filing cabinet.You all have been asking for Paperwork clutter problem solutions. I hope I have touched on this subject. Keep in mind that these problems are not going to get fixed over night, but you can stop themfrom piling up, by dealing with your mail as soon as it comes intoyour home, throwing away the trash and only keeping what you willneed. Toss the rest. Watch your back for Paper Clutter, He attacks all the time,FlyLady

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