Sunday, August 30, 2009

Indiana Jones

My girl completed this drawing today for a friend at school . . . Yes, it is who it appears to be: Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Uppercase Living Project Done!

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Yesterday I was able to mark off one more thing on my list of extras that I wanted to complete. I finished one of the Uppercase Living Projects . . . but, I am no going to post a photo yet ~~~ hubs is going to make a frame for it first! He loved it! I am so excited because it will be perfect above the fireplace mantle in our piano room. Here are a few details of the project:
  • I purchased a white artist canvas size 30 x 30
  • chose three colors of acrylic artists paint
  • a few different paint brushes
  • my uppecase living items - two step process
  • clear coat spray

I laid out newspaper to protect my table and began my fun. I began with black - painted over the entire canvas ~~~ I felt like a true painter! lol After the black dried, which was rather quick, I applied brush sweeps of gold and bronze . . . no particular method just random strokes. Again, I waited for it to dry and then K applied the spray clear coat protectant. The finished project is now waiting for my hubs to custom make the frame. If he doesn't get to it this week, I will take it to Hobby Lobby for the frame. I have to say, I loved making this project . . . it was fun and relaxing. I will post a photo when the frame has been installed around the canvas.

Friday, August 28, 2009


A gloomy Friday . . . that is what we have in my little space of the world. Our yard is saturated with all of the rain we have had. Can you believe that it is almost September already? My oldest son turns 7 in September. I can still remember when I first saw him . . . I think that sight has been engraved upon my brain. Such sweet memories! I need to figure out what to get him for his birthday ~~~~ it gets harder each year.

Tonight Grandma and Grandpa are coming over to watch the kids while hubs and I go to dinner. We wanted to see a movie too, but nothing good is showing. Oh well . . . out we go to try and relax. I wonder if we will wonder what the kids are doing.

Do you ever get that afternoon lull and feel like you want to take a nap? Well, that is where I am right now . . . I could just fall asleep.

I have almost finished the laundry . . . I have a load drying and then have two more to dry. I need to run the vacuum . . . it seems that is an everyday occurance.

Well sitting here with headphones on writing on my blog isn't getting the floor vacuumed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Another day has almost gone . . . life is busy. My office laptop that I work from home with is slowly dying, so last week we bit the bullet and ordered a new laptop. I have my Mac that I love to use wireless, but absolutely required a great working unit for my office work that I log onto from home. Today has been full of moving all of the important documents, files, itunes, photos, etc. from one to the other. It has been an all day event. Tonight I am up and running and hope to be back in full swing with paperwork tomorrow morning once my office computer has been rebooted.

K is babysitting a little fella tonight. She has never watched this little guy but was excited to do so.

Tomorrow night we, hubs and I are going out on a date. We are so excited! It has been a very long time since we have been out by ourselves. Mom and Dad are coming to watch them and we are going to dinner and a movie! Yippee!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vege Beef Soup and Laundry

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of the side of beef we purchased. A Rump Roast was put into the oven to slowly roast all afternoon . . . let me tell you, the smells coming from the kitchen as that roast cooked was almost too much to handle. You know you are going to have a great meal when the males in the house are sitting at the table BEFORE they are called. The roast was VERY yummy and was eaten it its entirety! I planned ahead though and put on two rump roasts for another meal . . . vegetable beef soup. I had other things in mind, but I wanted to put something in the crock pot today so that I wouldn't have to tend it much. Let me tell you, I love crock pot meals . . . twenty minutes and the dinner is on to simmer for the day!

Here is how I made it . . .
  • I shred one rump roast and put it in the crock pot
  • added two cans of diced tomatoes
  • onions and mushrooms were simmered and added to the pot
  • frozen mixed veges added in
  • a few potatoes chopped and added in
  • broth also added
  • salt and pepper for seasoning
All of the above are in the crock pot and will cook together all afternoon. Tonight we will enjoy a nice home made soup that is such a great comfort food!

Laundry is the name of the game for my day. How about you?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today will be a productive day in our house . . . the kids are already starting house chores as I write. R is outside washing out grandma's freezer and I am preparing to conquer our almost 7 year old's room and our 5 & 6 year old's closet.

The breeze is beautiful and cool . . . our windows are open welcoming the breezes in. The air feels like fall and is my favorite temperature.

Trusting each of you have wonderful days in whatever you do.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I am going to warn you ahead . . . this post is probably going to be B.O.R.I.N.G. I hope to spice it up, but not so sure I can.

We received a call two days ago that our side of beef was ready to pick up at the butcher/packing plant. Yippee . . . we have NEVER purchased a side of beef, but have wanted to for a long time. Well, we decided this was the year. We had two upright freezers . . . one that we purchased and one that was given to us when my grandma passed away many years ago. We decided this year to purchase a commercial upright model. With five kids, hubs and I thought it best to purchase a beef to fill one up. Anyway our commercial freezer arrived late last week and was delivered. Today, hubs decided to go and pick up the side of beef, so off he went with his boxes to get the meat. Not knowing how much space we would need, we thought a side of beef would be a tremendous amount of beef. He arrived home with the beef and began unloading it . . . I was a little shocked that they could get an entire side of beef into four boxes. Yes . . . four boxes. That being said, we have some wonderful cuts of meat in our freezer now and I will be thawing some of that wonderful meat out for lunch and dinner tomorrow. The side of beef didn't take up as much space as I thought - in fact, next time the freezer is empty we might go for an entire cow!

After I loaded the beef into the freezer, I began unloading grandma's freezer of its frozen goods. Tomorrow, I will take the empty freezer outside to the drive to give it a good cleaning BEFORE it goes to my Mom and Dad's house.

Today while driving home from taking the kids to school C (age 3) was excited and asked me when we were going to go and get the hamburger. I smiled and told him that Daddy, he and I were going to go and get it. C was very happy and said, "I WANT A CHEEEESE BURGER!" He totally thought we were going to McDonald's to get our beef! I laughed and laughed!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I am changing my post up a bit . . . I thought it would be fun to give definition to what Twitter is. Personally I do not use Twitter, but more and more people or doing so. I looked Twitter up on Wikipedia . . . a free internet encyclopedia and this is basically what it said:

  • twitter is a social network
  • twitter is a mini blog
  • tweets are text based mmessages of 140 characters or less
  • on twitter you have a circle of friends or can choose open access
  • friends are known as peeps
  • twitter was created in 2006
  • twitter is the 3rd most social network
  • 6 million unique monthly visitors
  • 55 million visitors
  • 40% of twitter messages are constituted as pointless babble

So, there you have it . . . I only have one question that I didn't see addressed on Wikipedia . . . If a message is a tweet then what is the person called? A tweeter or a TWIT?

Hmmmm we may never know!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The day is growing to a close already . . . where did it go? The school schedule has hit our home in full swing and the kids are adjusting well. Mornings come early as the alarms go off at 6:40 a.m - the first morning I had it set for 6:20 but my hubs requested I set it for a little later. The time works just fine and we have plenty of time in the mornings to get everyone together for school. Daddy takes K to school since she likes to be there a bit early and wants to be on the year book committee again this year. C and I take the boys to school and leave about 8:10. The mornings are going smoothly since we have a more structured morning now. Clothes are laid out the night before and lunches are made before bed as well. The mornings are filled with getting the kids dressed, serving breakfast, hair combed, teeth brushed, shoes on and out the door.

The days have been busy around the house, but keeping up by redoing the same things each day has slowed a bit. C and I have breakfast together and then start up any laundry that we have. Tomorrow we should have three or four loads . . . four were done today as well. When the kids get home, they put away their own laundry. The kids chill out a bit and then we get to home work and chores.

Dinner was fabulous tonight . . . everyone loved it. K and I got busy in the kitchen and whipped up chicken & vegetables with noodles and a side dish of sweet potatoes. Everyone loved it . . . even the hubs which does not like peas. The smell of everything cooking together lofted throughout the house. Hubs went up to the bedroom to lay down a few minutes before dinner . . . that was until he smelled the yummy onions and mushrooms cooking, the chicken cooking together with the veges and noodles. A PLUS - leftovers are plentiful!

Please pray for our Niece and her family . . . they had to have their cat put down because he was very sick. They are grieving the loss of their first pet and my great niece is especially heart broken.

Another prayer request . . . a Dear Friend of our Family just found a lump in her breast and must have a mastectomy soon. This friend had just been cleared of cancer a few months prior.

Praise . . . Praise God that the strong storms that came through just as school was getting out didn't cause too many problems in the area.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today has been super busy . . . I took the kids to school and came home and made my morning call to my Mom. We had an enjoyable conversation - over an hour - but I love my time in the morning with Mom.

I began my work in the kitchen this morning. I cannot believe how dusty things get in only a day! I can hear your wheels turning . . . what did you get done? anything on your extra list? Well, not anything on my extra list yet today, but I did clean my coffee machine . . . the inside of the machine.

and here is my Yes I got it Done list:
  • I tidied the kitchen - with five kids and a hubs this job never stays done for long. My breakfast bar seems to catch it all. I now have a basket with a lid that I put little things in that get left on my breakfast bar. When the kids look for it, I know where it is and will direct them to the basket.
  • Wiped the kitchen counters and used the granite spray
  • Cleaned out the medicine cabinet - yikes, there were a lot of expired meds in there
  • Cleaned through the vitamins as well - not so many expired
  • Tidied the pantry
  • Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher
  • Murphy soaped my table and chairs
  • Laundry - yes, it is a daily challenge at my house (sorting, washing, drying and folding)
  • vacuum the kitchen, eating area
  • mopped the kitchen, eating area
  • took out garbage
  • scoured two kitchen sinks
  • tidied the laundry room
  • cleaned 1/2 bath by laundry room
  • vacuumed and mopped the laundry room
  • vacuumed and mopped the mud room
  • dusted the laundry room
  • dusted the mud room
Each of the kids seemed to have a good day at school. I was amazed that it was time for the kids to arrive home so soon. Randy chose to pick up the kids which was a great help because I was teaching Cody his Preschool as today was day one. Cody seemed to enjoy it as did I.

I look forward to everything being done for the day and getting dinner together. Chicken and noodles for dinner . . .

Have a great night!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Everyone had a pretty good day at school . . . even if it was a half day! Tomorrow begins a full day of school!

I get to check off one of my "extra" things to get done . . . the Porch! Cob webs are down, it has been swept, rinsed off, door dusted and windows washed. It feels good to get it done!

The new porch railing was installed today and we love it! I took some photos and wanted to take more but nightfall came quickly!

My day was busy, even with the kids at school . . .

  • wrapped Grandpa's birthday gift
  • made our bed
  • dust mopped the master bedroom
  • washed dishes in the a.m. kitchen
  • made a staples order
  • made a dog food order
  • picked the kids up from school
  • visited with Grandpa for his Birthday (it was yesterday)
  • researched a new Dell computer for my office at home - mine is wearing out - keys don't all work, dvd drive has gone capute and it has a few issues like - running out of memory
  • washed my automobile
  • took care of the remainder of what K needed for school - you know those little add ons to the school list
  • snapped a few photos
  • stepped on a rock on the drive and hurt my foot - just call me gracie!
  • wrote a note to a teacher for tomorrow
  • snuck in a little nap
It was a busy day! Here are a few photos:

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am tired . . . tired of all of the yelling, fussing, fighting and disobedience. Yes, that has been my weekend. I don't know the why of it all . . . it is what it is.

Tomorrow will be a better day . . . a much better day! School resumes tomorrow . . . the days of structure are returning! Everything and everyone operate better under structure. I will have my youngest home . . . due to lack of being potty trained ~~~ oh how they know that you cannot make them poop or pee! We will see if we can get that conquered after the other kids go back to school.

I have a few items on my to do list . . . I am going to list them here and ask you all to hold me accountable . . .
  • clean the porch - sweep, wash, clean the windows and the front door
  • stain the porch furniture - the furniture has weathered and the stain needs re applied
  • clean out totes in the garage
  • transfer frozen food from grandma's freezer to the new freezer
  • clean grandma's freezer
  • uppercase living project x 2
  • stain deck furniture
The to do list isn't in any order, just a list that I want to get done before winter.

I am also planning to begin teaching my youngest son Preschool for three year old. I am awaiting the three year old curriculum from Abeka. Prayerfully it will be delivered this week. Wish me luck on that!

I am also scheduling my daily activities for simplicity of my week . . . so far, I am ahead for the week. Tomorrow should be an easy day to start the week.

The kids are all in bed now . . . K just headed to her room. We are now on school schedule . . . I have two alarms set for me for the morning 6:20 and 6:40 a.m. I am NOT a morning person and am not looking forward to that alarm sounding . . . a few cups of coffee into the morning I will be fine!

R removed cobwebs from the lights over the columns of the deck. Those nasty little spider creatures have been terribly busy. I am so thankful for his help around the house and with the kids . . . what would I do without him?

The kids are very excited about returning to school in the morning. They cannot wait to catch up with friends and teachers. It will be nice to have their brains learning new things and to be able to come home and flood me with their new knowledge . . . that time of day is incredible.

I need to take care of a few things online . . . ta ta for now!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Instead of Months or Weeks, we are down to Days . . . TWO . . . TWO DAYS . . . TWO DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL RESUMES!!!

My children have been out of school since MID MAY . . . EXACTLY THREE MONTHS! Everyone is so excited that school begins on Monday!

  • Backpacks are packed . . .
  • school supplies are in the packs
  • shoes are in the packs
  • letters to teachers about each child are in the packs
  • physical forms are in the packs
  • snacks are in the packs
Needless to say, the packs are heavier than the kids! I can just see them toppling over backwards!


In other news:

Today K and I went to see Julie and Julia and it was a wonderful movie! Except for the time when the unacceptable for any reason word was said, one time. The movie was charming and we learned a few things about Julia Child that we never knew.

Our sod was laid today and looks tremendous! I want to get out and get some photos, but that may wait until tomorrow. The sod is soggy from the sprinkler and it is really hot out there today.

Our new freezer arrived today . . . it now awaits our beef. We should be getting a call from the butcher soon.

My Daddy's Birthday is tomorrow . . . Happy Birthday Dad! We hope to be able to come up on Sunday to see you, but if not we can do it Monday. Not sure what the day will bring.

My Father in laws Birthday is Monday . . . Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is also a Birthday party for our Great Niece . . . I hope all are behaving around my house so we can go.

Well, not much has gotten done around here today so I better close and get to it.



An AFTERNOON out with my beautiful daughter!!! Movie first . . .

I will catch up with everyone tonight! Have a great day!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today has been a long but lovely day. My Mom stopped by today for a visit . . . we absolutely loved every minute. The kids were as excited as I was to see her and all had a lot to say.

More landscaping was completed today . . . more plantings were put in today as well as lighting. Tomorrow . . . SOD in the back yard! Yippee!

Tonight we enjoyed this:

The hubs and I started up a nice fire . . . we had a very rickety outside rocker that we purchased from Cracker Barrell many years ago that the kids and I broke apart this afternoon that burned beautifully. The crackling and smell of wood burning was so relaxing as we sat and listened to the Back to School song that plays nightly by the locust. We first heard the locust singing two weeks ago and had to smile . . . it is back to school time. From the time I was young, the locust sound was my signal that school was starting soon . . . even now it makes me smile.
The boys played outside a good long time this afternoon and tonight. They should sleep well tonight!
I brought the pictures in of the fire tonight and loaded them on my computer. K said, Wow . . . isn't it amazing that now they have see and smell photos. She was being silly . . . she was viewing the photos and smelling me . . . I was the fire stirrer and smelled of burning wood/smoke.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The landscaping is ALMOST finished . . . I want to post a few PRETTY pictures . . . more to come soon.

And a little K Art. This is her newest drawing . . .

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have a headache . . . I have taken Tylenol, but I still have a headache. Could be that no one in my house wants to be obedient today ~~~ everyone wants to "do their own thing" regardless of what Mom says.

I had my day planned out . . . however, a computer problem at the office sent my plans for the day out the window. The good news . . . the computer guy arrived shortly after I did and found the problem. He weeded out some programs on the server hard drive that we no longer use and tidied that up a bit and then worked on the other computer problems we were having. The not so good news . . . we are outgrowing our server but we have decided to wait until next spring to get a larger one. I told S to simply tidy up the hard drive of the server and see if he can make enough "space" in the C drive to allow the accounting program to operate properly. He said he could.

I came home to find quite a few plantings in the ground . . . not ready for photos yet, but should be soon! It is FINALLY all coming together! It makes me smile!

Tomorrow I had a big day planned doctor appointments, lunch and then goofy golf. However the boys leave me no choice but to cancel our fun for tomorrow. Disobedience and lying will not be rewarded. Each of them have pushed the Mommy & Daddy buttons for the day. Although allowed the chance to tell the truth, two of the four decided lies would be better. Not a good choice! All four have chosen to do as they pleased today, regardless of the rules of our home. Instead of spending the money to go out to lunch and goofy golf games, Katelyn and I will go out to lunch or dinner on Saturday and go to a movie Saturday night. Randy and I will take a night out in a week or so.

Tonight I took the time to tidy up my blogs. I don't know about you, but I have found that I had a lot of blogs that I was following that had not been updated in a long time or that I was no longer interested in. I stopped following several.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Pretty Great Day!

K and I had a lovely lunch with my Mom, Sisters and Nieces today. The lunch was very relaxed and fun. The lady seated us at the back corner of the restaurant which was great for us to be able to chat and giggle. Everyone had a blast! We don't get together near enough!

Upon returning home to rescue Daddy from the boys, we began tackling a few things around here.
  • kitchen counters were wiped down
  • breakfast bar wiped down
  • cabinets all washed with Murphy's Oil soap
  • kitchen floors vacuumed
  • kitchen floor hand washed
  • Mud room cabinets were washed with Murphy's
  • Mud room floor vacuumed
  • Mud room floor mopped
  • pantry counter wiped down
  • pantry floor vacuumed
  • pantry floor mopped
  • pantry tidied
  • hallway vacuumed
  • hallway dusted
  • hallway mopped
I found out today that my work computer's hard drive crashed. Dell is to overnight one so that our computer service guy can replace it. That leaves me without a computer to log into from home. I guess that means my bookwork will have to wait until mid-week.

School begins one week from today. I am excited and I think the kids are too! C still resists the potty training fully. The preschool teacher said she is willing to work with him, however I am just not certain he is ready to go emotional. Maybe it is just me that is not ready . . . my last baby in preschool. After all, he is only three. We didn't start R until he was four.

Daddy has started bath time, quiet time is coming soon. Hopefully we will watch a movie.

Have a great night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


In our home EVERYTHING must be purchased in the GIANT ECONOMY SIZE. I have to laugh . . . people with small families don't realize . . . small doesn't work for large families. Example: small ketchup bottle will last approximately three meals before it runs out - o.k. so my kids LOVE ketchup! ;-) Lets move on . . . toilet paper . . . NEVER EVER under any circumstance simply buy the four pack ~~~ Always purchase the giant economy pack of BIG ROLL toilet paper - preferably Charmin, because if you don't you are consistently running out of paper on the roll AND running out! Cereal . . . the largest box available of your favorite kind or the one time you want it . . . you guessed it ~ IT'S GONE . . . kids ate it in one day! Bread ~~~ try seven or eight loaves a week during the school year. Toys are generally purchased in four's . . . one for each boy. Toys are then marked with each child's letter . . . to distinguish one child's toy from the other three ~~~ a must for sanity purposes. Grocery Store visits are amazing in themselves . . . a typical grocery outing consists of a multiple page list and ends with three or four overflowing carts of groceries. People do tend to take a second glance and at times, we get comments from others. Once I had a woman stop to tell me that she was having a panic attack just imagining what our grocery bill would be with all of those carts. I think you get the picture about buying for a large family . . . this topic could go on for hours.

People often ask me "How do you do it with FIVE children?" The truth is, each day takes care of its own. There are days that everyone and everything simply goes through the day without effort ~~~ however, those days are in the minority. Then there are the normal days . . . we get out of bed like everyone else and that is where the similarities end. Breakfast begins with hungry noisy boys that challenge one another at just about everything. During the summer chores come right after breakfast and then play time. Each child has their own chores to complete. The school year changes things up a bit, but the children still have their chores to do after school. We limit the after school activities . . . which works well for now since they are young. Homework is to be done after chores and before dinner although most nights K has homework after dinner as well. A reasonable schedule is the only way to retain any sanity during the school year . . . otherwise chaos breaks out. I find that my day goes much better when I have spent time alone with God . . . I love to listen to audio sermons . . . devotion time on my deck and/or radio.

If you were to visit my home on any given summer day upon entering my home you would find: noisy, rambunctious, creative and loving little boys . . . four of them. One charming, intelligent and loving daughter attempts to balance things out. Add to that mix three dogs . . . a Sheltie, Lhasa Apso and Mi-Ki and three gold fish. Upon entering beware of boy toys . . . those legos and hot wheels cars can be hard on the feet. Little boys will be heard throughout the house and their imaginations never cease to amaze me!

Although we have a large family, it isn't as large as some. I must say, I love to watch movies of large families . . . especially the old movies. Yours, Mine and Ours from 1968 is one of my favorites. Here is the trailer from 1968: (turn the blog music off by going down the right side and pressing pause prior to watching the trailer) ENJOY!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is my 100th post on this blog! Hurray! I love milestones!

Today was a lovely laid back day. Hubs took the kids outside to the pool and they swam for a few hours. K and I were able to chill out and watch a movie . . . or two.

Hubs made dinner . . . brats on the grill and fresh corn on the cob from the farmer's market.

I helped K with her blog . . . she needed it to be updated with a little color. It is now black and white with a little turqoise! She wanted her art drawings placed on her blog in a slideshow, so I did that for her as well. She was so excited!

The temps outside reached into the 90's today and we had a heat advisory for possible heat indeces of 105 degrees. The hot temps didn't stop the landscaping guys . . . they were here early this morning and worked until around 4:00 p.m. on laying the pavers for our drive. It is going to look incredible! There were many drive by onlookers throughout the day. I continue to joke that we should charge drive by admission for the front of the house and the back from the lake. The lake usually has a lot of traffic from the jet skis, pontoon and other boats.

K took a few photos of the drive - the sun put a pretty good glare on the photo - sorry.

and the walkway to the house from the drive.

Mrs. S's last day here with the boys was last Thursday . . . we will miss seeing her three days a week. Although when school starts, one of my boys will have her as a teacher each day. She is awesome ~ we couldn't love her more!

K and I want to go and see the new movie Julie and Julia. It will probably be some evening after the boys go to bed and R is relaxing.

Closing for tonight - have a great evening.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Day Out in Africa and a Rainy Day Today

Good Friday morning all . . . Wow, what a day we had yesterday! We went to the Zoo yesterday and they had an incredible exhibit . . . AFRICA. To say it was amazing was an understatement! It really didn't take much effort to actually imagine that you were in Africa. Check this out:

The landscape was very interesting, fun and well done.

a few of the animals:

Yesterday I did post a lot of photos in a slideshow . . . you can check those out if you want to see more.

The rains are once again falling. It looks like evening out as I write. The boys are cleaning up puzzles and K is helping Mrs. S prepare for kindergarten. We have already had lunch and are preparing for rest time.

My day has gotten away from me . . . although I did get the refrigerator cleaned out. That is a chore sometimes!
We are ready to begin the weekend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I know I have said this before . . . my children really need to go back to school. REALLY!!! Just when I think the boys are playing so nicely ~~~ screaming, yelling and chasing erupts. MOMMY is yelled continually throughout these occasions. My children seem to have misplaced their ability to love, respect and value on another . . . maybe it is from too much time together, what do you think?

The boys have been VERY inventive with their time though . . .
  • t-peeing the main floor with toilet paper - no one has confessed to that one yet
  • talking one another into doing things they know they are not to do
  • one child painted his own toe nails - hmmm not a boy thing - even when his aunts have tried and succeeded once when he was a baby
  • pushing tampons out of the applicators (yes, they unwrapped them ~ wonder what they thought they were?)
  • maxi pads ~~ those have them baffled as well
  • spitting from the top bunk onto the child in the bottom bunk
  • one child cut chunks of hair out of the top of his head and then proceeded to tell the hair stylist his hair just grows that way - hmmmm don't think so - yes, he was made to call and apologize
  • putting lovies (blankies) in the freezer - they wanted them cold
  • played in the dvds - guess it was fun to mix them up - wrong dvd to case
  • one child p'eed on his bedroom floor and decorative pillow - NASTY - we do have two bathrooms upstairs
  • one child hid his p'eed undies in his bed - NASTY ~~ not the same child
  • one or more children have put their fingers in my melted scency wax - therefore covering their fingertips in wax and then proceeding to peel it off all over my master bedroom and another time all over our piano room
  • sucking toothpaste out of the tube (children's)
  • learning to use the telephone (without permission)
  • aggravating our dogs - all three of them
  • together, the boys have made an intelligent, hardworking kindergarten teacher question her teaching and overseeing/babysitting ability
  • hiding of wrappers in their toy bins instead of throwing them in the garbage
  • throwing chewed gum into toy bins instead of disposing in the garbage - no more gum!
  • beating up fish with their fishing poles
  • trying to run each other over with their bicycles
  • they tried to run me over as well ~~~ didn't set well with Mommy though
The boy talk around our house this summer involved but wasn't limited to:
  • that is MINE
  • Give it to ME NOW
  • what did you do?
  • why did you do that?
  • don't go in that room, I was just in there and it stinks really bad (the bathroom)
  • it is all your fault
  • stop touching MY stuff
  • M O M
  • it wasn't me
  • I didn't do it
  • so and so (insert name here) did it
  • I don't have anything to do
  • mommy can I help you? (this was a favorite of mine)
  • what IS that stink?
  • wieners - yes, anyone with boys know that body parts are mentioned often with boys
  • you are the bad guy
  • me/I am the good guy
  • don't take that
  • WHY ????? - asked numerous times a day by my children to me
  • I am hungry - (we ate a 1/2 hour ago)
  • I want a snack
  • what is for desert?
  • volcanoes
  • can we watch a movie?
  • I don't want to go to bed . . . I am not tired

The other day I purchase some of those new Diva Cups - I was curious about them . . . they will save $$$ and are supposed to be safer than tampons. I asked my six year old to take them up to my bathroom . . . he asked what they were and I told them they were for Mommy. Well, he came back downstairs and said, "I know what those things are . . . CUPS!" Well, he really did think they were cups - he put them in my a.m./morning kitchen! Yikes!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tidbits from the Weekend

As I write tonight, my 3 year old came downstairs - (he was to be in bed) - he came down because he wanted to see my belly button! I think not little man! He giggled and persisted, but I finally won!

K and I are excited that Melissa won The Next Food Network Star! Yippee for Melissa - Mom to four beautiful little girls!


We can't wait for your new show!

The boys went fishing Friday and Saturday night . . . what a blast we all had! The fish were ravenous and each time one of the boys cast their line into the water - zingo . . . a fish! I am not kidding!!! As you can all imagine, it was quite the circus . . . four little boys and one momma out there on our dock fishing poles in hand, plus two boxes of wiggly night crawlers. If I wasn't rebaiting a hook, I was taking a fish off of a hook, chasing down a fish that got dropped, trying to keep the boys separated for safety purposes and making sure I wasn't their next big catch!!! All in all, we went through almost two boxes of night crawlers (2 dozen), lost several hooks, weights and bobbers, several feet of line and nastied my manicure!!! Praise the Lord I have a nail appointment on Wednesday - she is going to ask . . . Girl, What HAVE You Been Doing?!!! Anyway, the boys pulled in more fish than I could keep up with - in estimation I would say that 30 would be a good number . . . no kidding! Then there was the big one . . . Our 6 year old got a little too close to our 5 year old and I hear a scream . . . I went running and was yelling = STAND STILL, DON'T MOVE, I AM COMING!!! I was horrified at the thought of a child with a hook in his body somewhere! Our 6 year old went to cast and somehow caught our 5 year old on the inside of his bottom lip. When I finally got a look, the lip was sticking out much like a pout with a hook and line attached while the 6 year old was hanging on to the line. I took the pole from him and led our 5 year old to the edge of the yard where I set him down so I could take a look. While I was doing this, Daddy was on his way out to us with cutters in the event we needed to cut the hook. I pulled his bottom lip out further and found that the hook had barely pricked the surface of the lip . . . it was just enough to get a pin dot of blood. I gently removed it and then took a good look . . . Praise God it wasn't worse . . . barely a pin prick! I think our 6 year old felt worse for the wear than the injured party! Our 5 year old was quite the trooper though - it was back to fishing for him - alone on his side of the dock!

Tickles and chinchies were the course of the day! The boys love it when we chinchie (small pinchies to their hiney and tickles to their arm pits) and request chinchie butts. The laugh so hard we have to let them catch their breath and also remind them to go potty BEFORE it is too late!

Last night we sat out on our deck singing Bible songs . . . the boys loved it! We also read two stories . . . the mosguitoes came out, so we had one of those little lanterns that ward them off. It worked really well!

The Playset/Playscape was a huge hit in its new location. Here are a few photos of the set being moved:

and its New Place in Our Yard

Our back yard is nearing completion. Irrigation is next, followed by final grading, plantings and sod! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait to post completed pictures!


Our weekend has been pretty o.k. Yesterday was rainy and so the kids played on the deck for a long time with their blocks - I have posted a slide show below this post for you to view.

We enjoyed our day yesterday by simply watching the kids play. It was wonderful to simply sit back and watch them. They built houses, ships, airplanes and buildings. They played pretty well by themselves. We then had lunch on the deck, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Later in the day, we watched Nanny McPhee . . . the kids really like that movie! Our evening was calm and everyone seemed to have a great day!

Dinner last night was Applebee's - I enjoyed a lovely steak, baked potato and salad. Everyone had their own Favorite!

Today everyone slept in . . . a very rare occasion!

We pretty much have everyone ready for school to begin. Backpacks are loaded with school supplies - everything is so shiny and new. Don't you just love it?

I am so totally ready for this:


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