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Friday, March 27, 2015


The house is quiet and I can hear clocks ticking methodically. There is something about a clock that I am drawn to, and it relaxes me. I love falling asleep listening as the rhythm carries me away. 

If you were to enter my home and look around, you would notice clocks of different shapes, sizes, and color carefully placed throughout my home. 

Clocks to remind us of the time . . .

Time to get out of bed
Time to get ready for the day 
Time to eat a meal
Time to study
Time to work
Time for a favorite television program
Time for an appointment
Time for a nap
Time for this and
Time for That
The list is never ending

We always seem to be pushing toward that next minute in Time.
Often, we WISH away our Present Time in anticipation of something new, a change, something exciting.

What about THIS second, THIS minute, THIS hour, THIS day?

Time has a way of catching up with us and before we know it 
Time has gotten away from us, Time we always thought we had.

The clock is ticking . . .

Time does not change, there will always be

24 hours in a day
1,440 minutes in a day
86,400 seconds in a day

Each second, minute, hour, day, month, and year that passes is gone forever. We cannot wish them back, so use them wisely.

Take time to:

 Talk to God
Study His Word
Talk with your spouse
Spend time with your spouse
Talk with your children
Spend time with your children

Take the time to talk to your Grandparents, Parents, 
Siblings, and extended family.

Let them know they are SPECIAL and that you LOVE them.

Time has a way of getting away from us, Time that is lost forever.

Use the Precious Time God has given you Making Memories with your Loved Ones and Friends.

We never know what Life has in store for us, 
Live Life with Purpose and Love.

Make each tic toc of the clock count.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Tonight, my boys reminded me they are now 9, 10, 11, and 12 years old. 

This guy had a great day Celebrating! 
He stayed in bed a little extra long this morning and then headed to the main floor for breakfast.

He was surprised by Grandma . . . She tried out the boys' Spooner board and didn't even fall. Way to go Grandma!

Grandma brought Cody's Birthday gifts along.

Two awesome shirts, a hidden word puzzle book and Moola!
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma.

Katelyn made caramel corn yesterday . . .
Cody loves it!

Time to start on the Skittles Cake!

Separate the colors

Of course they needed taste tested along the way for quality control purposes . . .  just in case you were wondering.

After separating, 3/4 of each color was melted in 1/4 cup of water.

The other 1/4 of each color was ground into Skittles sugar.

Turning solids into liquid . . .
turning solids into powder . . .
turning Skittles into a cake.

The Colors of the Rainbow - Skittles cake.
If I were to make it again, I would have added a little food coloring to each powder of the rainbow to make the Skittle Sugar stand out a little brighter in color. Cody loved it just the way it was.

Cody requested Tacos for dinner.

Everyone approved.

It was finally time for cake! 

The cake had "Skittle Juice" poured into holes poked into the cake.
The icing was lemon butter cream - Cody's choice.

During after dinner clean up, Cody waited for us in the family room. We took care of the dishes from making the cake, frosting, and dinner. When we were finished, we were surprised to find our Birthday boy had fallen asleep! Poor Fella slept TWO hours.

When he woke, he opened his gifts . . .



and . . . you guessed it, more Lego.

Thank you all for sharing in Cody's Special Day.
Thank you for the Wonderful Birthday Wishes!

There Is A BIRTHDAY in Our House!

Today, our youngest son Cody turns NINE years old! Where has time gone?

Photos of photos - not so digital 9 years ago!

Our precious baby . . . a few days old.

I am fairly certain he is not going to love this photo 
when he is older, but I always will.

Always loved bath time!

Another favorite of mine . . .
wish it was digital!!

 On to the digital pictures:

Mess maker by nature.
 He learned to swim with Daddy holding on.

Easter - One of my favorites!

Helping Mommy!

Our own little cookie monster!

Hangin' with the brothers.

Watering plants

What is a ball game without food?
Our little cowboy is teaching Mia the ropes.


Listening to Grandpa's version of Happy Birthday!

I swallowed a bug . . .

He is growing up quickly.
Love those eyes!

He is full of energy, destruction, noise, big words, adventure . . .
and love.

He loves to hang out with Daddy!

He loves to build Lego.

He can fall asleep anywhere!

I can't imagine life without our Cody!



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