Friday, March 13, 2015

The Look, Not Me, Ida Know, Who Me . . .

Thursday was an unusual day for us . . .

While laying in bed Wednesday night, I was thinking about Thursday's school day and decided we would change things up a bit. The boys have been cooped up all winter and we have all been struggling with cabin fever, it was time to bring on some outdoor school. I let the boys sleep until they woke instead of waking them ~ it was utterly beautiful! The kids dressed and had breakfast prior to grabbing their laptops to begin their online classes with Abeka Academy, when I spoke up and said, How about listening to your classes outside in the sunshine today!? Not really a question, but a great suggestion for them to think on. Immediately I knew they approved of my suggestion and it wasn't long before they were outside on the deck at the table placing their headphones on their ears. After a few minor glitches ~ Kidswatch subscription (online security to allow them only to access what we want them to) had expired and wouldn't let them access anything and needing to charge their laptop, they were busy learning and gaining a little vitamin D too. I love multi-tasking!

After their classes were completed, they decided it would be great fun to play football with the next door neighbor boys. Did I mention that I love, love, love having neighbors with boys? Back to football . . . we hear yelling, cheering and the normal boy noises that go along with football, it truly made this mamma smile. Soon, the boys were called in for dinner and we noticed one of the boys had a ripped shirt. Maybe I should rephrase that . . . the entire collar ring of the t-shirt my son was wearing had been ripped off of his shirt. He looked like he had lost the battle. I asked him what happened . . . and soon it was clear . . . Martians had landed in our backyard and tried to capture one of our boys. In the fight to remain on this earth, my son fought with all his mind and escaped capture but in all the chaos ripped his shirt. 

Now you and I both know the Martian story is made up and just to be honest with you, I made it up. I guess I have grown tired of "Not Me, Ida Know, Who Me" and all the other excuses I have been told over the years. 

There is also "The Look" that may appear if Not Me, Ida Know, Who Me doesn't  appear. I am sure you have been privileged to SEE The Look a time or two . . .

Once again, I asked #2 son what happened to his shirt and why he didn't come in to tell me his shirt had been ripped. The explanation began rather slow . . . "I . . . a . . . Ryan . . ." Apparently, #1 son tried to tackle #2 son, but couldn't grab him so he grabbed the poor innocent shirt instead. According to #2 son, the first grab resulted ONLY in a small tear and he really didn't think he needed to mention that his shirt had been ripped at that moment. Football won first place instead. More football + more grabbing = bigger non-repairable rips and shirt hanging off #2 son. (I have been sewing up smaller rips in pants regularly for #2 son and I don't think he appreciates my *ahem* sewing skills.) 

I am sure #2 tried to come up with a few good explanations on his way inside. He knew that I (mom) would NOTICE his shirt immediately ~ of course it would have been hard to miss even for Dad. 

Needless to say the old stand by, "Money does not grow on trees" came to our lips. The boys, both #1 and #2 also heard:

  • Grabbing another player's shirt is not necessary!
  • There are no excuses.
  • You are smart boys, you know better.
  • We are not buying new shirts.
  • You are both responsible for this.
  • One rip is an accident, destroying the shirt is another thing.
Teachable moments seem to dominate our days, but I am thankful. 

I am thankful:
  • My boys are active.
  • My boys are healthy.
  • My boys enjoy the outside.
  • All four were together, playing a game with neighbor boys and loving every minute.
  • There were no injuries ~ hey, it is football and they are ALL boys!
I am also thankful they are mine and I wouldn't trade being their mom for anything!

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