Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-Locating Decor, Pretties from Mom, Bathroom Photos

 I am thrilled to welcome beautiful weather! It seems that I am more productive when it is beautiful outside!

My sister Janeie made me these beautiful bottles that spell HOME.
I LOVE them!

Mom stopped by last week with a tote filled with owls that she had used in our house when we were kids.
I picked out some of them and added them to my home.
They make me smile.

This little owl is a sugar bowl . . .
I have the set - the other owl, a creamer, is in the cabinet.

My loves . . .

I am in love with touches of RED.

Clocks, Candles, Stones and Wine Corks . . .
who doesn't love them?

 This is the only cabinet in our kitchen that does not go to the ceiling. I love that I can put lovelies on it.

If you remember, Randy remodeled one of our main floor 1/2 baths. It is Finally ready to show off.

What you see as you walk in.

Above the potty.

I love the Message Stone . . .
Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear!

I have always wanted a lamp on the counter in one of my bathrooms, but wanted it to be cordless for safety. This morning, I had an idea and, it worked beautifully!

I had asked Randy about making a lamp about a month ago, and he found this great shade. I already had this bottle with the stones in it . . . it was previously paired with a smaller one.
I thought the shade and jar looked amazing together.
I love battery operated candles and found one in another room that worked fabulously! (In this make-over, I relocated the tall candle, a shorter candle and a jar with rock.) Using a little museum putty, which is as strong as nails, I attached the shade center frame to the bottle and the candle atop the bottle and shade center frame.

I think it came out beautiful!
Sometimes relocating items and using your imagination is just as fun as a shopping spree!

I love the glow through the cutouts in the lamp shade.

I am thrilled with the remodel and thankful for a Handy Husband!

Thanks Babe!


Nancy R. said...

Okay, it's official now. I'm ready to move into your gorgeous house! Love it! And you have room for the several dogs that will come with me. :)

Julie said...

Nancy ~ sounds great! lol

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