Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beautiful Day In March, Photos Galore!

Wednesday was such a beautiful day, don't you think?

The boys finished up their schooling in great time today, so they were able to burn off some energy outside before and after dinner.

Speaking of dinner . . .

We enjoyed breakfast for dinner tonight. While I was cooking up enough to feed an army, I had a few spectators in the kitchen with me.

Emma and lil' Knox

and Mia too!

First, I cooked up the sausage . . .
THREE lbs of it.

Scrambled TWO DOZEN eggs.

and this boy made up two sheet pans of biscuits!

Oh My Goodness Gracious . . .

 Would you believe ONLY 3/4 tray of biscuits remained?

Not exaggerating!

Those boys can put food away like they have hollow legs!

After dinner and clean-up, we all headed outside to enjoy watching the ducks, dogs and kids play (the first time of the year).

Finnigan, Twizzler and Gwen

Stop showing off Finnigan (says Gwen).

Beckett is enjoying herself.

Finnigan and Gwen are watching Knox's every move!

Knox is running with "his" boy Ryan.

 Their feet hardly touch the ground! They are a blur.


Finnigan isn't happy that "C" our neighbor boy tried to pick up Twizzler. He is telling "C" off.

Cameron and Finnigan

Ryan and Knox

Finnigan is loving on Cameron

Bath time . . . Hurry up Finnigan!

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Leslie said...

The boys are growing up so much. Ryan looks more like a man these days. They look happy. I love these happy, joyful nights as a family simply enjoying each other and the beautiful weather. I hope this weather lasts a bit longer. Much love to you all!

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