Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Out

Happy Valentine's Day!

We began our morning at the oral surgeon's office to have Katelyn's four wisdom teeth out. Katelyn was very talkative, (even more than usual) so I knew she was nervous.

We arrived a little early, but were taken right in. A quick pre-surgery consult and off she went. While Katelyn was off on her adventure, I enjoyed coffee, magazine reading on my ipad and people watching.

Within an hour, she was done and in the recovery area. The sweet nurse came and asked me to come back. Sis was sitting and looked a little drugged. She was given IV anesthesia, had four wisdom teeth out, one of which gave the surgeon a bit of a hard time. One did have an infection under it which was a bit of a surprise. He also repaired a tear in her front gum which occurred several years ago during an orthodontic visit with our former orthodontist.

Katelyn was a little sad that she didn't act loopy, as was I. I was a bit surprised that she was testy and grumpy as that is so unlike her. 

Here are a few photos:

In the Recovery room.

Once at home, she settled in on the couch.
I am thinking she resembled a chipmunk, so much swelling.

Little Brother Cody and the furries were pretty concerned at Katelyn's condition.

After sleeping for the afternoon, the swelling of her face has gone down. She is enjoying her pain meds and has informed me that her right side doesn't really hurt, but the left side hurts a lot.

We are both excited to see how her gum looks, but she hurts to much and there is gum swelling so we cannot take a peek.

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Leslie said...

Praying for that sweet girl! Wisdom teeth out is no fun.

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