Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Last Twenty Hours

The last twenty hours in our house would make a petri dish cringe. 

The stomach flu hit quick and hard, beginning with our youngest and then hitting all but two of us. I was asked if I thought it was food poisoning, I don't think so. I truly believe our beautiful breakfast we enjoyed on Friday had been in the midst of someone ill. Six of us went to breakfast and five of us were struck down within minutes to hours of one another. 

Randy was a trooper and was nurse maid to the masses. I was up and down with the kids besides dealing with my own stomach bug. I don't think we have ever had a bug hit so hard and be sick from both ends for about 12 hours.

Although two of us continue to visit the bathroom, the vomiting has ceased. Praise the Lord! We do continue with body aches and headache, but we are looking forward to being rid of those soon as well.

Blankets, sleeping bags and towels are washing/drying. OnGuard is in the diffusers running on the highest setting.

Randy had been tiling, painting and laying new flooring in one of our main floor 1/2 baths. Of course, the inevitable happened when we only had one potty on the main floor and five people needed it. So, we tried to spread them out - Randy had two upstairs, I had Cody, Katelyn and myself on the main floor. Katelyn eventually went to her room - she has her own bathroom connected to her room.

Poor Seeley Booth didn't quite know what to think - he went to the basement and hid there until this morning. Smart Guy!

Beckett stayed snuggled with me most of the night. Knox stayed upstairs with Ryan - the only one of our Friday Breakfast Outing that did not get sick and I hope he doesn't.

Well, that is as much update as I have. Everyone stay well.

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