Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Adventures of the Furry Babies in Photos

This is the 1,609 post on this little blog, and it seems almost impossible!

While the boys were studying, I had my camera busy catching furry baby photos.

Knox and the corduroy monkey.

Beckett is keeping her eyes on things. 

Seeley Booth and Beckett 

Our Old Girl Emma 

Wanna Play, huh, huh, huh? 

Beckett seems to be posing, and squinching her nose up! lol

Beckett and Knox playing. 

 Flaggy happy tail.

Knox swiped Seeley's toy fox.

Back to the monkey. 

I love it when he makes his eyes so big. 

Knox, you DO want to share that toy, right? 

Psych! I took the fox instead!

Wow, Beckett . . . your hair!

Life is certainly not dull with the furry babies!
We Love Them!

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