Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tuesday has come and almost gone . . . my family is 100% grumpy at this point. The slightest thing can will cause irritation for sure. Even a few of the furries were sharing the grumpy.

The brightest point in the day . . . our delivery from Amazon. Yes, we know how to rock our day! The ugly brown cardboard boxes came with granola bars (Tanabars from Vermont Nut Free), paper plates, shaving supplies, dog food and bath oil. 

Everyone seems to be getting better, albeit very slowly. Two of the boys have begun arguing ~ a sure sign health is returning. 

Eating has been strange. We have been ultra careful about what everyone "thought" they wanted to eat. Although eating has been very limited, by everyone's choice, it is resuming slowly. It is really crazy what a person craves after being sick. 

A few of the "cravings":

  • baked potato
  • toast (sugar)
  • cereal (Cheerios, Life)
  • soup (chicken noodle)
  • saltines 
  • Cheetos (crunchy)
  • Potato chips (Pringles)
  • Gatorade (blue)
Hopefully, everyone will be back to *ahem* normal, soon. Not that anyone ever accused us of being normal! 

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