Monday, February 2, 2015

Knox plays in the snow

The wind is horrible tonight and snow is blowing all around. Our area continues with a Winter Watch tonight following the Winter Warning earlier today.

The boys played outside a bit on Saturday and Sunday as the temperatures were in the 30's. Tonight, however the temperature will plummet to 8 degrees F by morning. Right now the windchill makes it feel like -1 degree. Black ice has formed on roadways and travel is dangerous.

A few photos:

The snow began a little after 1 a.m.

It was so quiet and peaceful outside.

This morning was beautiful.

This is little Knox's first snow (at least that he explored in).

His hair is so long you almost can't tell which end is his head. (Right end - he is sniffing the snow.)

He has little puppy boots on . . .
his feet were dry, but he rolled around in the snow and the rest of him was covered in snow. He was only outside about five minutes!

Knox was standing on his hind legs while playing.

He is so funny!

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