Friday, February 13, 2015

Great New Diabetic Testing Supplies Case and Meter

If you have diabetes, are you looking for a cute bag to put it all in? I had been looking for a while since every time I opened my little black testing supplies and meter bag the contents tried to escape.

I finally found one and I love it!

I am THRILLED with this bag. It has a place for everything including a few extras to take along. Little zippered bags and elastic supply holders keep everything in its place.

BTW, check out that cute little meter by Bayer. It is a Bayer Contour Next and it is amazing. 

I found mine on Amazon . . . if you order, make sure you get the test strips. Mine looks a little finger printed, sorry for the icky picture. This little baby hooks up to the computer by a built in USB and gives you a little report graph to show your readings. Report printing is also an option.

I also recommend the little Microlet2 "vampire". I barely feel its needle prick when testing. Yay!

There you have it . . . a little diabetic testing supplies LOVE. Since you HAVE to do it, why not do it in STYLE!

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