Friday, February 20, 2015

Early Morning, Neuter, Blood Work and Bob Evans Breakfast

I had an early start to my morning . . . I seriously do not like my alarm going off prior to 7 a.m. Yes, I know I am spoiled . . . most likely spoiled rotten if I were to be totally truthful about it.

This little guy had an early morning appointment to have his *ahem* de-manly surgery.

After dropping little mister off, I headed to my doc's office to have my yearly blood work. I was in and out of there pretty quickly, to which I was very surprised! So, I invited my kiddos to breakfast! I made a quick call home to let them know I would pick them up. Ten or so minutes later we were on our way to Bob Evans.

We were waited on promptly and our order was on our table within fifteen minutes. The boys were "starving" near to death and dug right in! Caution - never put your arm, hand or fingers anywhere in the vicinity of their mouth when they are eating!

Nice big omelets, biscuits, hash browns and juice.

My almost teenager was still trying to "wake up" as he is certainly not a morning person! He wasn't in a bad mood, only working on getting started for the morning.

Hotcakes, sausage and eggs.

Our girl is feeling more herself . . .
and this mama is feeling pretty good about that!

We were enjoying ourselves and eating an amazing breakfast. This little girl was at home singing the blues . . .

Poor baby!

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