Thursday, February 12, 2015

Challenges and Teaching moments

I am in awe tomorrow is Friday once again. The weeks seem to pass quickly, but there are times the days tend to drag.  I fully believe we are suffering from cabin fever. 

Home-school tends to be easier when the boys can get outside and run until they can run no more. They love working on their studies in the sunshine and it really helps with attitude.

For now, we continue to change it up every few days or so. Some days we stay at home to school and other days we head into our classroom at my office. 

I look forward to the weekends so we can actually accomplish something on our To Do list. It always feels so good to mark a little task off the list.

This past month I have struggled with my home/work computer. Did I mention that my one year old computer's hard drive had to be replaced? I sent it off to the computer guy and was without it a few weeks. I decided to order a new one then I would have a back up computer once the computer with the new hard drive was returned. My new home/office computer was promptly delivered and I have been using it for exactly nine days now. When it first arrived, I started it up and it had an error . . . I suppose that should have been my first clue. I noted the error and went on about my day. Several times now I have encountered the error - Windows unexpectedly shut down. Tonight I decided to put the computer through a few hardware checks with the company I purchased it from. Once the diagnostic checks were complete, I received a report. The new computer's hard drive has a glitch, a new hard drive is being sent out and a technician will be contacting me to install it. 

Nice!?  Grrrrrrrrrr

I suppose I should be thankful this problem was detected nine days in and not six months from now. I suppose I should be thankful a computer technician will be installing the hard drive. However, I am not thrilled that once again I will be installing software and updating files. Did I mention that I will be the one installing the Windows and other software that came with my computer? That is where the Grrrrrrrrr comes in. I also made sure to have a back up of my files, plus I took pictures of the application page so I can verify each software that needs to be installed.

All in all, it could be worse. . . I am thankful it isn't. 

There have been challenges this week . . .

  • 8 year old antics
  • 10 year old cheating on Spelling Test
  • Lack of studying for tests 10 and 11 year old
There have also been teaching moments . . .
  • teaching my boys that cheating is never acceptable
  • teaching one of my boys that just because something appears free, it often comes with a cost
  • studying for quizzes and tests is a must . . . no excuses
  • it is much easier to take a dog potty outside than to clean up the results inside
  • be careful where you step if you have NOT taken the dogs out to go potty
  • The dogs ALWAYS need to go outside every few hours to potty.
  • Mom still has eyes in the back of her head and always will
  • Mom also has spidey senses
  • every action has a reaction
  • be careful when running through the house, there may or may not be a hedgehog out roaming the main floor (she wasn't stepped on, but it was close)
  • one should always use toilet paper after using the potty for #2, even if you are a boy
  • if you choose not to use potty paper you should be prepared for someone to notice, wrinkle up their nose, and say, "something stinks"!
  • Always use potty paper after #2
  • Always wash your hands after using the potty 
  • Always use the necessary courtesy spray after #2
The kids are now heading to bed, the house is quieting and it is time for this mama to relax.

G'night all

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