Monday, January 19, 2015

Theory . . . The Game

Tonight after a yummy Avanti's dinner, we played a new game in our house . . . Theories and we had a blast!

Reading the directions - it is ALWAYS a Good Thing!

Waiting to play.

Draw a card from the top of the deck and read the card. The card has a tiny bit of information on it and multiple choices to choose from A, B, C, D. Choose your answer and lay the A, B, C, D card face down on the table. The "Reader of the Theory" now chooses to tell you the correct answer or bluff. The other players can call him out on the bluff and if they are correct, they roll a dice to see how many points they get and the "Reader" loses. However, if the player that called the Bluff is incorrect, he rolls the dice to see how many points he/she loses.

Oh Dear . . .

Daddy is trying hard to make us guess if he was telling the truth.

He was NOT bluffing - even though I thought he was. 

Cameron's turn . . . I think he is going to try to bluff!
That smile looks like we are in for it!

He was not bluffing - he does have the best Poker face.

Everyone thinks they know when this eight year old is bluffing.
(He tends to giggle.)

 Katelyn was sharing game totals . . . Ryan and I were at the bottom of the list - we lose! Remember that eight year old? Can you believe HE won? 

 This is one of the Game cards . . . Can you choose the right answer?

The game comes in a tin box and is neatly organized.

Now, the question . . .

Did you answer the question above correctly?

If you guess A, you are correct!

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