Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Fall Apart, Disaster Cloud and Furry Babes Had a Check up

Do you ever have a feeling that you are being stalked by some sort of dark disaster cloud? Yeah, me too. We have been having the "if it hasn't broke, look out because it's coming" issues lately. 

Here is a little list . . .

  1. a door knob to one of our inside/outside doors
  2. the dishwasher
  3. one of the garbage cans cracked
  4. light bulbs burned out - throughout the house
  5. the carbon monoxide detector battery died
  6. one of my desk drawers lost the two screws that hold the back of the drawer - wooden. How does that happen?
  7. our small produce refrigerator seems to be dripping water - Randy needs to figure out that one.
  8. a door wouldn't close and lock - Randy fixed that one pretty easily, thank goodness
  9. Ryan's computer - needed windows reloaded
  10. I have been trying to resolve a few problems on my work/home laptop for over a month now. Tonight it crashed. It was bad. I was irritated and now I give up - the computer guys will be receiving it tomorrow. Not sure if it can be raised from the dead or not. Seems like we must be very hard on "things"!

At least the dogs are doing great. Vet checks for four of them today and everyone is healthy!

Emma, our Lhasa Apso is 12 and doing well. She weighed in today at a hefty 24.8 lbs. 

Mia our oldest Mi-Ki, age 8 escaped a vet appointment as she wasn't due for hers. She did tag along though and we weighed her too. She weighed 7.6 lbs.

Beckett is up next at 3 3/4 years of age . . .  Little Miss totally surprised me today. She weighed in at a hefty 4.4 lbs. She gained a pound since last year's annual check up. She was definitely too skinny (I called her my skinny squirrel) and needed to add a little weight. She is petite for a Mi-Ki.

Seeley Booth weighed in at 40.2 lbs of lean muscle. Seeley will turn three this year. He was quite the "baby" today and really wasn't into the whole VET visit.

Baby Knox is 5 months old and doing great. My little home scale weighed him at 2 lbs 6.4 ounces the last time we weighed him. The little guy eats all the time! lol The nurse weighed him on the big floor scale and it bounced a bit between 2.4 and 2.6. Little Mr. Knox is scheduled to be neutered in one month.

This mama was thrilled that all fur babies are doing well.

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