Sunday, January 18, 2015

Movies, Puppies, Lego, Kiddos . . . My World

Saturday found us cozy under warm blankets enjoying movies today. We have watched them before, but love both the movie and the message of them . . .

We HIGHLY recommend them!

After the movies, we ate a yummy dinner of Tuna Noodle Casserole and found it is a favorite among my crew. Second helpings were requested from each of the boys! A+ in my book!

The boys worked on the Lego Detective Building today . . . such concentration!

Everyone joined in at one time or another . . . we all love Lego.

Later this evening we watched the puppies play. I was able to preserve a few of the moments in photo, some of them make me laugh.

Knox is either all or nothing! Cameron was "getting" him.

The flower toy is almost bigger than little Knox.

He has such sweet little lips!
His hair is very wavy and soft. It doesn't tangle, but looks messy  15 minutes after grooming. 

He has a sweet little face.

Seeley is 100% ready to play 90% of the time.
He is gorgeous and such a sweet boy.

Princess Beckett snatched the flower away from Knox.

Seeley Booth and Beckett are watching Cameron
play with the flower toy, they both love it.

Baby Knox found it . . .

and Beckett snatched it . . .

Time to escape!

Our tiny beauties!

Emma watches to see what is going on.
Mia HATES having her picture taken and is hiding.

Seeley is loving on his best buddy.

Seeley and Cameron are pretty close.

At 12, Emma doesn't play much anymore.

Beckett and Knox wear each other out playing.

Our house is never dull and rarely quiet. The boys are loud and rambunctious . . . Randy told me today, "You are a Saint! Those boys did nothing but argue while they were out with me. How do you do it every day?" I smiled and then chuckled . . . Welcome to MY World.

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