Thursday, January 29, 2015

Can't Think of a Title for This One

It is official, my home computer  my office away from the office, social media outlet, filing system, photo process and editing system, home-school adviser and records system, connection to the outside world where the sane people live, and everything else computer is DEAD. The hard drive is no more. The crazy thing was only a year old . . . but it was overworked and apparently under a great deal of stress keeping up with me and all of my adventures. It was under warranty and YES, I have a backup, Praise the Lord. RIP M6700 #1, hopefully #2 will be able to stand up to what I put it through.

 * * * * * * * * * *

We started our school day a bit late this morning. Home chores and getting together seemed to get into our way. We finally arrived to our Office building classroom and school began immediately. Grandma stopped by to drop of some things for the boys to be artsy with . . . paper towel and toilet paper rolls, PLUS duct tape. I can't wait to see what they come up with. 

Ryan twisted his ankle by simply walking. I tried to tell him to tie his shoes, but he claims they won't stay tied. So, he leaves them untied and loose on his feet. He was walking, his foot turned to the side and he fell. His foot was quite sore, but swelling was minimal. I wrapped it for him and he said it felt better being wrapped. I instructed him to keep it up while he worked on his studies. I am sure he sprained it and hopefully it will heal quickly.

Katelyn headed off to her classes today but called me as she was arriving. Her back was really hurting in the area she bruised badly a few weeks ago. I advised her to call the chiropractor to see if he could get her in, he did. The bruise had begun fading, but when I looked at it today, it was deep purple in some areas. The area was knotted and really painful. She emailed her professors and they wished her well and told her to basically rest and let it heal. She rested the remainder of the day. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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I was intrigued by these:

O.k football fans . . . Here is the scoop on the win!

This one made me laugh, watch and enjoy.

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