Monday, January 12, 2015

Busy - G'night/Morning and Be Careful!

Dearest Family of Mine . . .

Thank you for all of the hard work each of you put in these past weeks in cleaning, organizing, purging and donating. I seriously appreciate your help as I could not have possibly accomplished on my own. We have a few areas we have not gone through, but time has gotten away from us, not enough hours in the day, weekend or vacation time.

These past weeks have found us busy "finding things" we had forgotten about. It is always funny to hear someone say, "I totally forgot I had that!" Through this process, we have had fun, frustration and tired bodies, and each of you have expressed that you are glad we have it done. 

We have:

  • Gone through bedrooms of four boys
  • Gone through the basement Family room, Hockey table room, and hallway
  • Thoroughly gone through the laundry room, cabinets, closet
  • Cleaned through the laundry room bathroom drawers, under cabinet, etc. 
  • Cleaned through five of six mud room locker/cubbies
  • Cleaned through the other main floor half bath - drawers, under cabinet, etc.
This past weekend we tackled:
  • Wiping the wooden stairway
  • Cleaned the main floor wooden floors and the hard tile floors
  • Tidied the pantry - again
  • Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
  • Beckett's Bath, Blow Dry and Comb out
  • Knox's Bath, Blow Dry and Comb out
  • Washed Cabinet fronts in kitchen
  • Hauled more bags of items to be donated
  • Built Lego Birds
  • The Boys built from their imagination
  • Replaced light bulbs that had burned out - still a few to go. Why is it they all tend to go at once? We had like 890 to replace - give or take a few.
  • Naps for a few of us
  • Slumber party 
  • A few windows were washed inside
  • A few new canvas arts were made on Shutterfly - can't wait to see them.
The weekend was busy, everyone but me and the dogs are in bed. In fact, I was just getting ready to head to bed and two of my girls needed to go outside. Let me be the first to tell you that at 2:30 a.m. this morning snow was gently falling and it is mounting up. If it weren't so cold outside, I could sit out there and enjoy the quiet for hours! Instead, I stayed inside and read today's Bible reading and am now ready to head to bed.

G'night/Morning all . . . the snow will mount up a few inches - remember there is ice under the snow, so take it slow and easy!

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