Monday, January 5, 2015


Everyone is snug in their beds as the wind is howling outside and the temperature is 7 degrees F, add in the windchill and it feels like -9 degrees F. By 7:00 a.m. the actual temp will be 3 and who knows what the wind chill will be by then.

We were going to head into the classroom tomorrow, however we are staying at home and can do all our schooling here. I generally like to head into the classroom as it gives us a variety as the kids go about their school work. This week is going to be MEGA cold, so we just may be in several days theis week.

Our three ducks are all safe and warm inside their cozy duck house. Katelyn tried to let them run around a bit, but after two minutes they decided they had run around long enough and headed back inside their house. They are pretty smart ducks!

The crazy internet is playing games - in and out, on and off. Tired of losing connection . . . good night all.

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