Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beauty day

The alarm sounded at 6:50 a.m. and again at 7:00 and again at 7:10 ~ it was then I decided to turn it off and just lay there for a minute or two . . . o.k. truth be told it was 40 minutes. I had an eight o'clock hair appointment. No, eight o'clock was not my idea, but I love my hair stylist, so I went with it.

Leaving early for the salon, I left Katelyn, the boys and the dogs home together. Katelyn takes on the roll as a drill sergeant is a tremendous big sister that handles her brothers beautifully. The boys were up and moving, taking care of a few chores and out the door in record time. First stop, drop off the furry ones at the doggie beauty salon and then to the office to begin school in our little classroom.

It wasn't long before the cell phhone rang. It was from my beautiful daughter and I knew immediately one of the boys were challenging their sister. Can I tell you, I am usually correct on the child with the attitude of the day?  After hearing the reason for the call, I immediately put a call into Grandpa. Grandpa works at the office too and is awesome with his grandsons. I explained the situation and asked if he could have a little one on one with "the boy". Grandpa has a special way of getting his point across with my boys without even raising his voice.

Once my salon visit of beautification (well, as good as it gets) was over, I headed into the office and found each of the boys studying hard as Katelyn was drawing. Whew . . . all was well and I was a happy mama.

Little Knox had his first visit to the doggie beauty salon. Our favorite groomer worked her "magic" and we were thrilled to see our little furball's eyes!

Our little 2lb wonder had a fabulous but exhausting first day of beauty! Thank you Dawn for all of your hard work!

This was Knox and Beckett yesterday . . .

Beckett LOVES "the baby" Knox. They play and play together all the time. 

The boys had haircuts today too . . . I wish I had taken their pictures.

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